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My dear Caleb batch 5

[] [] [] stephanie’s pov continues [] [] []
As the class went chaos as Caleb walkled in some guys quickly ran to him and gave him a hug , some girls screamed his name including Kalina Mavis and jisoo, … After the greetings from all his classmates, he slowly walked up to me… With Kalina, Mavis and jisoo behind him
“hey” he said as he got closer to me
“hi” i said smiling
“how was your first day here, I didn’t mention to you it was my former school but I did mention that I am popular” he said and a little closer to me
I stood erect as we gaze as each other…
“I seriously hate your new school” I said play fully but meant it
“sorry ” he laughed playfully and held my hands..
just then someone’S hand hugged my shoulders, I turned and saw a guy with full hair and a girl’s eyes let’s just say he’s pretty…
“so glad to have you back V” he said
“W.. who the hell are you ” I asked looking at him and then at Caleb..
“um nathan your hands of her” caleb said and he immediately removed his hands from my shoulder
“hey why are you being protective all of a sudden I thought you guys broke up” Nathan said
” no we just started dating ” I said and Nathan mouth dropped open ..
“but you guys broke up before the school camp” Nathan said
“I know this sounds crazy man but she’s.. she’s.. n.. not vicky” Caleb whispered
“what!! Dude are you kidding me ” Nathan uttered
“trust us he’s not” Kalina jisoo and Mavis said the same time
“S.. so wait you’re telling me that Vicky is not vicky”…
“yes he his” jisoo said with a smile
“look Stephanie let’s just head home I came to see you any way, I missed you already ” Caleb said while my lips curved with a smile
I stretched my hands forward and he grabbed it “Stephanie.. Gosh you guys are crazy ” Nathan said and ran off..
As we got out of class jisoo, quickly grabbed me and said “K please just wants to have a word with her” ..
“what” I said as we got away from Caleb
“please Stephanie… If you get to see Vicky again tell her I miss her so much, she was my favourite person I love her, I miss her we all do ”
“I haven’t seen her before,, but if I do I will” I said and grabbed my hand from her grip
I walk up to Caleb “what’s wrong” he asked “just missing vicky” I said and he understood and we walk to the gate , we were so close to the gate when a girl flew around Caleb and hugged him making me jealous and irritated
“Oh K we missed you I missed you so much” the cranky annoying girl said
Caleb pushed her off his body “you’ll never change Lisa” he S AI d angrily
“I won’t and so is my heart” she said and smiled
she noticed me and smiled a devilish smile then gave me a dreadful glare “hmm Vicky poor innocent Vicky I can’t believe you’re finally back with your innocent pretence and friendly attitude well guess what you are now stealing anyone on my watch and trust me I will make your days if recovery miserable, no one knew where you disappeared to after school camp but just know you’re going to go through hell” Lisa said then she smiled
Caleb wanted to talk back on my behalf but I stopped him “hey look sugar queen am no Vicky and I don’t take rubbish okay and get your tiny ass off my boyfriend you don’t worth him” I said and intentionally pushed her with my shoulder causing her to fall and I passed her, “Caleb please help me” she said stretching her hand for caleb to help her up…
“sorry Lisa but I think the ground suits you better ” he said and walk up to me
“Wow I didn’t know you have that spirit in you ” caleb said as we were out of the gate,I Laughed softly and we both walked home slowly.. Without uttering another words to each other
Finally it was the place where we would finally depart and go to our various houses..
We stopped stood still and opposite each other he held my hands and I smiled, we both stared at each other and he Said “so this is it”
“yeah it’s goodbye for today” I said in a whispering tone..
before Caleb could utter another word I shut his mouth with a kiss and he immediately responded ***so glad he’s my boyfriend***
I got home that after I managed to greet my mom and she was happy, “so honey how was school today”
“it was horrible everyone kept calling me v… ” I paused
“it was fine” I continued..
I didn’t feel like telling my mom about Vicky again..
“um.. Stephanie MI.. Michael is waiting for you upstairs”
“huh” I said and I ran to my room.
I opened my door and was thrilled to see Michael in my room standing beside the window ..
“Michael what are you doing here” I said as I closed the door,
“I came to see you what else” he said and laughed nervously
“okay seriously why are you here” I said
“okay look Steph.. Am really sorry for what I did.. You know please am sorry don’t let out years of friendship go to waist just because of a silly thing I said and did.. Please ” he said with pleading eyes
“Mike do I look that bad or wicked to you” I asked
“no” he replied
“why all the pleading I could have forgive you with just a sorry” I said and his face glowed with smile..
“let’s hug it out ” I said and we hugged
“can I make it up to you ” he asked
“sure” I said smiling
” let’s go to the mini mart down town and have fun” he said
“hmm okay” I said
Me and Michael got ready and heard to the mini mart down town to get things and have fun..
We took a bus , as we got there we bought many things and played many games took selfies and all and I was happy to have Michael back,
The day grew darker and we decided to go home as we pack our stuff inside a polythene bag, me and Michael head outta there smiling laughing and talking, I got distracted by a pink huge ready bear staring at me it was so magical I remembered when I was a kid, I was lost and mistakenly hited a woman and her bag and fruits fell down,
am so sorry, I said she was ready to yell at me but she looked at me and screamed..
She muttered something I didn’t know if it was nicky or Vicky that I heard…
T. B. C
Sorry for postin late.
[] [] [] Stephanie’s POV continues [] [] []
“ma’am are you okay” Michael said helping the woman pick her stuffs ,
“what’s your name ” she asked me
“a.. m Stephanie ” I said stammering
“oh holy crap you’ve all grown up” she said leaving me surprised
“here you go ma’am” Michael said handing her bag.. she collected it and turned to Michael “oh and you must be michael” she said in happy smiles ..
who is this pretty woman and how does she know us. I thought
“do you know me ma’am” … “how could I not know you Michael what about Jane”
Me and michael looked at each other.. “am sorry ma’am but i don’t think we know you” I said
“oh you guys wouldn’t know me am your mom’s old friend kind of ” she said as she smiled weakly
“can I get your number ” she said
“why ” I replied
“just to keep in touch with you and your mom I guess but especially you” she continued smiling
she handed me her phone and I stored my phone number I peeked and was surprised she saved it as “VICKY 2”
“okay then I’ll be going but don’t speak to your mom about meeting me okay” she said and I nod my head positively but still confused
“please ma what’s your name ” I asked
“am Genevieve ” she said and left..
“that woman is strange” I said to Michael as we hurried home..
“yeah but she looks so familiar but I don’t know where” Michael said
“yes she looks so familiar ”
“you know she knows us, hmm I would like to tell my mom about her maybe she can help me out in this riddle if a strange familiar woman ” I said and and Michael gaps
“but she said you shouldn’t tell your mom”michael concluded
“oh yeah you are right, nice one Michael Jackson” I said jokingly and we both laughed
“but why” I asked Michael
“I donna know” Michael replied and we became silent till we got to my house..
“okay then see tomorrow, ” I said about to walk inside but Michael’S lips curved with a smirk, his eyebrows up,
“what” I asked
“I don’t know but maybe you’re forgetting something” he said and spread our his arms
“silly ass” I said and hugged him
then walked inside getting inside I saw my mom watching TV “oh honey you’re back” she said
“yes I am” I replied sarcastically
“hmm you and Michael seemed some how not connected again is everything okay ” she asked
“yess” I replied putting a stress on my words
“okay there’s food in the kitchen, spaghetti tacos” she said
“no mom it’s okay am filled already” I said and head upstairs, as I lazily laid on my bed, my phone ringed, I checked the caller “unknown number ” I had a suspect but I picked up anyway
Me: hello who’s this
Genevieve : it’s me Genevieve
Me :oh good evening ma’am I didn’t realize it was you
Gene: it’s okay how are you doing did you get home safely
Me : yes ma I did
Gene: okay good just wanted to hear from you sweet dreams
Me: thanks Mrs Genevieve
Gene:you’re welcome nic…i mean Stephanie
** hunged up**
Why does she suddenly cares about me, is she my mother, why does she want to know about my whereabouts
I asked my self all this questions and I slept off
There I was pushed by Caleb and I fell down from a high mountain and I died but I saw my self crying for my dead self
I quickly woke up panting like someone who was asked to say under a water for a whole day
“what can of dream is this… oh almighty save me” I said to my self and I later slept off..
The next day I got up with tears in my eyes, I knew I had another bad dream but couldn’t recall the details
I showered and dressed up ready for school, I ate breakfast and head to school alone..
I got to school that morning I was still quiet thinking about my dream trying to recall what I dreamt last after that dream Caleb pushed me off a high mountain..
then I heard “Stephanie” behind me, I turned following my hair,,,, I saw jisoo with her red hair in ponytail she was smiling seriously
“hi” I said
“hello” she said and sat down beside me while I adjusted a little
We talked alot and I could say jisoo was fun, she was pretty indeed she showed me pictures of her,kalina Mavis and Vicky and vicky looked damn like me but the only difference is that her hair is a bit short it stopped right at her shoulder while mine is nearly at my waist…
During break time jisoo went to meet Mavis and Kalina, while I went to the cafeteria Alone
Just then some pulled my hair, while I was ordering for my food and it hurts so much..
I turned and was surprised to see Lisa…
“hey bitch”
T. B. C
Hey guys we’re close to the end so tighten in your seat belts and get ready
“hey bitch” Lisa said as she pulled my hair
“what’s your problem lisa” I asked
“don’t talk to me in a nice way because I hate you and am gonna make your life miserable ” she said being all evil..
“you don’t scare me.. ” I said smiling and it’s true she don’t scare me at all Jane’s more scarier than her..
I walked up to my table and she followed me..
“good you want to keep me company while I eat” I said smiling
“you’ve changed” she said bluntly and angrily
“what so I seem different” I said in a friendly tone
her mood changed and she said “you know what i dont have time for you”
“kay then bye.. You’re welcome anytime ” I said smiling
“uhh you disgust me” she said and left
I ate my snack In peace, I remembered my old school everyone I Missed Michael, Caleb and Jane even though Jane hates me now, but I miss Caleb the most..
[] [] [] Caleb’s POV. [] [] []
I sat down alone missing Stephanie somehow but at the same time missing Vicky, I started to think about all the trouble I’ll get in when everyone later finds out Stephanie’s not Vicky
I was lost but Michael brought me back “hey mahn” he said and we shook hands
“what yo thinking” Michael said jokingly but I didn’t laugh
“just missing someone” I said and Jane sighed and rolled her eyes
“hmm Stephanie right ” michael said and Jane hissed and walk away angrily
“what’s wrong with her” I asked
“oh she and Stephanie are not in good terms” Michael said
“let’s go and eat” I said and we both hurried to the cafeteria…
While we were eating I felt like telling Michael my deep and darkest secret that haunted me down for months, he seemed trusted enough to tell and he’s a great guy, I decided to tell him so I won’t be the only one to have this heavy burden…
“Michael can I tell you something ” I said as he drank his smoothie
“sure go on man” he said
“actually it’s a secret a deep one” I said
“oh really” he said and dropped down his drink, leaned his head forward and was ready to hear..
“you know my ex girlfriend Vicky ”
I asked
He smiled and replied “the one you said who looks like Vicky ”
“yeah they both looked damn identical ” I said scratching my head
“okay but they can’t be that identical ” Michael scorned…
I smirked I didn’t wanna talk to much so I unlocked my phone and showed him me and Vicky’s photos
“shit! Bro are you fu*cking kidding me, is this not stephanie” he said surprisingly
“is Stephanie’s hair that short” I asked
“ohh geez..this is incredible ” he said and laughed
“whoa I would love to meet Vicky.. I mean guy what’s the difference between Vicky and Stephanie, why break up with Vicky and date Stephanie.. Oh boy I would love to meet vicky” Michael conned rubbing his palms together
“yeah about that” I said
“what do you mean” Michael asked
“vi…vi..Vickys d… dead” I said swallowing hard
“what!!!!” Michael almost screamed but I calmed him down..
“dude what happened to her how did she die” Michael said with curiosity in his eyes
I sighed and started my story and I could feel my throat tighten up…
“it all started in a school camp, beside the Town’s hill, two days after me and Vicky broke up.. We did camping activities and all, me and Vicky still didn’t talk to each other though…
We were about to do one last activity before going home and me and vicky became partners, Vicky was completely mad but I was angry, the both of us were told to gather the biggest heaps of firewood we can find an me and Vicky went searching, our teacher’s son carlos decided to come with us because he had a crush on Vicky but lied he wanted to watch out for us…
As we went down deep in the woods that evening, me Vicky and Carlos..
I spotted two broken fire woods from afar and I told both of them to wait while I get it..
I got the fire wood and later went to meet them only to find them kissing,
“Vicky” I called angrily
“what” she said and she pulled away from the kiss
I was pretty mad I felt like ripping Carlos apart, Vicky saw the anger in me and turned fully to Me
“wait are you going to scold me for kissing carlos” Vicky said folding her hands..
before I could speak or Carlos could speak he was called and he left leaving me and Vicky alone..
“look I didn’t know you were this cheap Vick ” I said to her and she slapped me
“you were the one who broke up with me remember so don’t act like you care okay” she said and started walking to the edge of the hill
“Vick get back here you had the gut to slap me” I said chasing after her, she got to the clif and edge of the tall hill and stopped
“look Caleb we broke up and just stay away from me okay” she yelled at me
“am not leaving you alone ” I said angrily at her
“just get lost okay” she screamed
I was deadly angry that moment
“Oh I won’t be the one getting lost you will” I said and purposely pushed her of the “mountain or hill” I breathed angrily just then I heard a great crash and thud
I quickly peeped down the clif and deep down I saw Vicky lying there with blood around her something like a stake stabbed her in her stomach
I was scared, I quickly ran to our teacher and told her I couldn’t find Vicky…
.and they believed me they searched for her but didn’t see her, I felt guilty and sad, they told their parent and they took over the search, few weeks later I went there to see Vicky’s body but was thrilled it was gone…
As I said all this stuff Michael whispered
“dude you’re a murderer”
[] [] [] Stephanie’s pov [] []
School that day was outrageously stupid, no bestie no Michael and no Caleb…
I got home and took my shower and went downstairs to meet my mom preparing dinner..
I walked to the living room and laid on the couch later my mom joined me
“how was school”
“okay food would be ready in a minute ” she said,,,, my phone started ringing and it was Mrs Genevieve..
I groaned and ignored it..
“why who was that” my mom asked
“no body ” I lied
She raised her eyebrows up and I decided not to keep it a secret she’s my mom
“mom” I called
“yes” she answered smiling
“do you by any chance have an old friend called “Genevieve ” hearing the name my mom mood changed but she tried to hide it..
“hmm ye..yes.. ” she said stammering
I narrated how me and Michael saw her and she recalled she knew us and I passed my number to her..
“so she was the one calling” my mom asked
“yes” I replied
“honey I have to tell you something ‘ just please ignore her calls okay”
“why” I asked
“please” she said and dashed into the kitchen
Just then Michael came in
“hey steph” he said
“hi” I replied
Suddenly we heard this and crashing from the kitchen, my heart jumped out of my chest..
Me and Michael ran to the kitchen and lo i saw my mom on the floor she wasn’t breathing
“mom” I screamed..


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