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My dear Caleb batch 4

))))) stephanie’s pov continues (((((
I laid still on my bed still tears, it passed dinner time and I know my mom would be worried
Few minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door
“honey are you eating dinner ” my mom said
I didn’t reply instead I cried more, my mom opened the door and entered..
She walk up to my bed and found me sitted on my bed with my Hands hugging my knee
“honey are you okay” my mom said rubbing my back
“no am not mom and tired, everybody hates me am a bad friend” I said crying
“no no honey nobody hates you, it’s okay just tell me what’s wrong ”
“I can’t mom it’s too much to say ” I cried out
“oh I u if you don’t want to talk about it but please eat something ”
“I don’t want to am not hungry ” I said
“please just eat something please, you’re already slim and I don’t more of that”
“I don’t want to eat mom don’t you get it ” I yelled at my mom for the first time
She stood up in shook and looked at me with anger, tears gushed out of my eyes seeing my mom look
“am sorry mom” I said stood up and hugged her crying on her shoulders
“please don’t get mad at me ” I pleaded
“am not mad, okay just rest while you can” she said kissed my forehead and left..
I laid on my bed again crying..
*******fast forward *******
Monday came again, that morning I didn’t even feel like going to school but my mom begged and I hate seeing my mom begging or even sad angry or crying
So I hurried to school alone, i missed our morning chat between me, Michael and Jane, none of them came to call me that morning and I expected none would …
I got to class that morning, Jane didn’t come but Michael came …
I got to my seat ,sat down and sighed, “good morning ” Michael greeted
I pretended I didn’t hear and I laid my head on the desk ready to cry once more when, someone tapped me, I looked up and met Caleb’s gaze, as his face glowed in the morning sun
“hi good morning ” Caleb greeted
“hi” I said weakly
“is everything okay… You look.. Down have you been crying you have dark eyes and puffed upper eye lid” he said coming closer
“Am just tired” I said sighing
“well you can come to sit with me, incase we are called to bring out our project and since Jane’s not in school ”
Caleb said smiling
“S… Sure ” I managed to say
As I carried my bag he greeted Michael but Michael responded weakly
We got to his seat and sat down
“are you sure you are okay” he asked looking worried and sweet
“I am fine b.. ”
“but what ”
“can I ask you something caleb”
“go on”
“I mean I saw Vicky in your drawer the both of you sorry for invading your privacy but she looks so much like me” I said
“yeah you guys are damn identical ” caleb snarled
“where is she now” I asked leaving Caleb stunned
“please be honest” I continued
“she’s de… She’s just not around here for the main time” he said with bitterness in his words
“I would like to meet her someday cause she’s strange ” I said
“yeah” Caleb muttered out
“Stephanie ” he called
I turned to him and his eyes were firmly fixed on me..
“”yes””I answered nervously
“would you um..should…we… I mean will you be my girlfriend ”
I was surprised by his words… “but aren’t you dating vicky” I said with my eyes turning like a spiral line…
“don’t you get it she’s my ex” he mutterd slowly
I began to think about, everything, if I say eyes then he’ll be my boyfriend, I would cry in his arms when am down, I will enjoy his flirt and sweet talks, I ll share part of my secret with him, he’ll console me and make me the happiest girl on earth
I put a real thought in all this and muttered out
“oh thanks so much I can’t believe this ” he hugged me and looked at my lips and I know he was going in for a kiss
“no not here we are in the class” I muttered to my self
“I don’t care” he said and brushed his lips against mine kissing me passionately and for once I forgotten my sorrow.
Me submitted our project and got an A1, we were both happy, Caleb introduce me to Michael playfully as his girlfriend and Michael does not look happy
That day I got home smiling from ear to ear, while eating dinner I asked
“mom I saw a girl ”
And what happened ” she asked
“she looks so much like me” I said and drank my water. ”
“funny though ” my mom said laughing
“no ma’ this is serious, we’re identical her name is vicky”
My mom spoon fell from her hand and she suddenly looked scared…
[][][][][][][] Stephanie’s POV continues [][]
“what’s wrong” I asked my mom as she suddenly dropped her spoon
“nothing just a little noxious ” she replied
“but honey how do you get to know this girl vicky” my mom asked
“I know a boy who knew her, though I haven’t meet her before, I’ve only seen her picture but mom she is me” I said with a serious look ..
“whats the boy’s name”
“how does he know this Vicky you speak of”
She asked
“she’S he’s ex girlfriend ” I said sarcastically
“and very soon I’ll make sure he takes me to her house and I can see her, and my face on hers and maybe, I can have a glimpse of her mom too because how can someone who didn’t came out of you looks like me” I said jokingly, while my mom fisted her palm and hit the table then stood up
“you have to avoid that Caleb or so” my mom yelled
“mom is everything okay why the sudden… ”
“quiet am your mother and I know what’s right for you so don’t question me and don’t ever see, or talk to that Caleb again, understood” she yelled again
“mom what’s all this about you can’t tell me who to see and talk to” I said standing
I can because am your mother”
“well too bad because Caleb and I are dating” i said
“what” my mom snarled
“yes we are, do you can’t stop me from seeing him”
“oh really” my mom said angrily
“yeah” I replied waiting for the worst
“you’re leaving your school and trust me you’re going to a school very far away from caleb” she saiD
“mom why are you doing this” I said with a shaky voice
“am doing this for your own good okay, trust me am doing this for us” my mom sounded as if she wanted to cry but never did
“what good please mom I love my school” I cried out
“no… Don’t beg me I know what am doing, tomorrow am going to make a transfer document , and next tomorrow you are going to start a new school “east high”
“mom why are you doing this you are not the mom I knew”
“shut up Stephanie I said am doing this for your good” my shouted causing a huge chaos
“I hate you mom I hate you” I said, crying and I ran up stairs
I locked my room door and laid on the bed quietly ..
*why is mom like this
*why did she just flare up when I called the name vicky
*or is there something she’s not telling me
I asked my self this questions as I wept quietly, “oh heavens, let me pass through this days of tears”
******fast forward******
The next day I got ready for school sadly, i went downstairs, I didnt even bother to greet my mom *cause she made me real mad* ,as I made for the door I heard a “StOP” it was my mom
I slowly turned and found my mom’s gaze
“what ” I said angrily
“won’t you eat something ” she said
“NO” I muttered out loud and left, I didn’t intend to behave that way to my mommy am a good girl, and I love my mom but she made me mad I just couldn’t control it how can she just decide to transfer me all in the name of Caleb who she hasn’t see, who just became my boyfriend, my heart beater and my everyday smile…
As I got to class that morning,I got to my seat I didn’t notice anybody, I was lost in thought, I cant leave this school how am I going to make new friends were am I going to see another boyfriend
I felt a touch on my shoulder and found my head swinging to Michael’s direction
“huh” I said
“um your bag is on my book” he said
“sorry” I said calmly and removed my bag
He could have removed the bag himself but he just wanted to talk to me
Jane came that day but didn’t even dare to look at me, i tried talking to her but she just ignored me… So I stopped trying
During break me caleb and Michael who caleb forced to sit with us, sat down with us, we started talking and he talked about old school how he was popular with Vicky..
I remembered my mom and I sighed I decided to tell him about my transfer and I did and he wasn’t happy about it..
Michael too was thrilled
“which school are you transferring to ”
He asked
“East High” I replied
“oh… My…oh no I mean that’s great” he said nervously
**fast forward **
The next day I I was forced by mom to go to my new school put on their amazing uniform which i pretended to hate …
I ate breakfast *pleadings from my mom*
As I got to my new school the principal looked at me surprisingly, then offered a teacher to take me to my class, i was sad depressed angry excited, nervous anxious and scared
As I walk in the class with my hair swinging at my back…
the teacher smiled at me strangely and left the class..
I stared at everybody as they smiled at me
Immediately three girls ran up to me and hugged me calling me “vicky”
[] [] [] Stephanie’s Pov continues [] [] []
“W… What” I said slowly moving back a bit as the three girls hugged,
They disengage their bodies from mine and they just couldn’t stop smiling
“oh vicky we missed you so much” one if them said with red hair
“yeah you just suddenly disappeared after the school camp ” another one said with a brownish blond hair
*its like this is Caleb’s and Vicky’s school* I thought
“um look guys am… not ” I scratch my head not completing my words how can I tell them am not Vicky
“wait where’s our friendship bracelets, why did you take yours of” the one red hair said
I looked at their wrist and found identical pink bracelets lying there…
“looks guys am not vicky” I said immediately
“huh” one with thick short black hair said..
“are you okay “you’re not Vicky what does that mean” the one with black hair said…
“please where can I seat first ” I said with a smirk
“in your seat over there ” the one with red hair said and pointed to a seat behind the window close to an empty seat..
“thanks” I said and they looked at me strangely and I could tell what’s up
I walk up to the chair and I sat down… Smling, the three girls came to meet me again and said
“Vicky are you sure you are okay”
“am fine ” I said cheerfully
“please what’s your names so I won’t get confused” I said smiling
“do you have amnesia” the one with brownish blond hair
“you know like forgetting your memory” she continued
“am fine and am Stephanie by name” I said trying to make them understand
“hmm but.. Anyway incase you have amnesia am kalina ” the one with brownish blond hair said
“am Mavis” the one with black hair said
“and am jisoo” the one with red hair said
“okay Kalina Mavis and jisoo got it,and I don’t have amnesia am Stephanie I know who you guys are talking about vicky she looks just lik3 me and she’s Caleb’s ex” I said bogglely
“aren’t you the vicky” Kalina said
“am not” I replied
“then how did you know about Caleb ” jisoo asked
while Mavis and Kalina nodded in agreement
“because he’s attending my school, my formal school” I said and the three of them looked at eachother strangely
“you’re freaking me out ” jisoo said and walked away .. And then Kalina and Mavis walked away too..
*goodness what a day who’ll believe me, when i look so much like Vicky, everyone would think have gone crazy **thanks to you mom***
I listened and paid attention to every subject taught and the school was damn disciplined, I could see some teachers smiling at me, Vicky must be very popular, I thought, one particular teacher Mrs Browns told me to help her carry the class books to her office..
I did and as I got to her office, I dropped it and said
“I’ll be taking my leave now”
“vicky” she called
I didn’t answer because I didn’t want anyone to address me with that..
“Vicky ” she called again with my face still down
“ma’am my name’s Stephanie please for god’s sake am not vicky” I said almost in tears
“how can you say that are you throwing away your identity” she said
“no Mrs Browns you won’t understand but please can I leave”
“you can, you are scaring me” she said and I left in tears, I was cleaning my eyes when I entered the class and I ran to my seat bent my head and started to cry **vicky who are you*where are you **
I felt a slight touch on my shoulder, I slowly raised my head and found, Kalina, jisoo and Mavis..
“aren’t you going out for bre… Oh my gosh have you been crying ” jissoo said trying to clean my tears
“Vicky are you sure everything is going smoothly ” Mavis said
“for god’s sake am not vicky” I yelled covering my ears
and crying louder
“bu…but” before Kalina could complete her words jisoo shunned her and said
“there’s only one way to find out” she brought out my hands, moved my uniform sleeves up and examined my wrists
“she’s not Vicky guys ” she said surprisingly
“what!! ” Kalina and Mavis said and examined my wrists too..
“it can be ” then who are you ” Kalina asked
“am Stephanie ” I said cutely and sniffed the air cleaning my tears..
“but this is impossible ” jisoo said…
“well I kind of believe because you don’t have a fire burnt mark on your wrist and your hairs longer, Vicky never wanted her hair long it stopped at her shoulder and yours is nearly at your waist ” Mavis said….
They took me to the cafeteria and I explained all to them how Caleb came to our school how I knew him, he told me about Vicky and how I was shocked she looked so much like me,
they kind of believe but “where is Vicky ” they asked Me and I told them I didn’t know because I didn’t..
School was boring and toture because ever keeps calling me Vicky,, as the bell strike it was closing, everyone stood up paking their backpacks, I took my bag and moved my gaze at the door, then in slow motion Caleb walked in, in my former school uniform looking good
As he got in the class went chaos, everyone started screaming..


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