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My dear Caleb batch 3

<<<<<stephnie’s POV continues>>>>>>
When i asked caleb where Vicky was he failed to answer me, and he kept on frowning and I didn’t bother to ask him again
“she’s pretty right” I said opening the glue for the project
“I said she looked just like you and yes you are pret… I mean she’s pretty ”
I giggled hearing caleb said that he just officially indirectly told me I was pretty
“she must be a nice girl also” I said
“please can we just quit talking about her for a while
“okay ” I said and we both continued our project…
<<<<<Michael’s POV >>>>>>>>
Seeing Jane ran off to Caleb’s house pissed me off I mean I came to see her but she just doesn’t want to see me..
Why is this feeling coming to me why am I always feeling so emotional around Stephanie , I thought.
As I head home Jane called me , I hesitated first but later picked up
Michael : what’s up
Jane: our project
Michael: oh yeah right I almost forgot so what should we do
Jane:should I come over to your house so we can talk about it
Michael : no need am going to come to yours instead
Jane: okay me is expecting Michael Inna minutes
Jane said sounding funny but I didn’t laugh because I was passing through emotional trauma
I walked out my door feeling down “Stephanie I miss you” I muttered under my breath and walked briskly to Jane’s house
Getting there I greeted Jane mom and her little brother Scott about 13 hugged me and said Jane was in her
I walked up to Jane’s room, I knocked and she said coming knowing it was me
I got in and was surprised to see Jane in a very short bum short and a crop top singlet showing her flat tummy and exposing her cleavage [upper part of her bre*st]
“Jane what’s the meaning of this ” I asked in confusion
She saw me smiled and ran to hugg me
“so glad you are here”
“I asked what’s the meaning of this” i said with anger and pulled her off my body.
“Mike why are you angry all of a sudden” she said with full wide eyes looking deep in my eyes
“why are you dressed like that” I said
“it’s not that bad” she said seductively
“why are you so immature sometimes Stephanie can’t do such a.. ” before I could finish my statement she interrupted with shaky crying voice
“Stephanie Stephanie all you see and say is Stephanie.. Don’t you look at me am I not beautiful enough, you haven’t for once talk about me, glance at me or even miss me Michael, what else can I do to make you see me what what *screamed* just tell me what
“I don’t know what you mean but would you please put on your clothes… And I talk about Stephanie slot because she is beautiful nice sweet sensitive mature loving and full of forgiveness not a whore like you”

O My God I just used that word on her, I just let out my deepest anger on her by calling her a whore and I know this is the End
“did you just call me a whore” Jane said with tears her eyes
” L… Lo..look Jane I didn’t mean.. T..
“GET OUT!! ” she screamed
“Jane please ju..
“just get out.. Out of my life OUT!!
She said crying,screaming and throwing pillows at him
“Jane please ” I pleaded
“what is going on in here”
A voice called out from behind and it was Jane’s mom
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee
****michael’s POV continues*****
Um… Mrs Austen I.. Um” I said not knowing what say
“Michael what is going on, i heard screams, Jane baby what is going on” Mrs Austen said looking confused
“mom you better tell this good for nothing backstabber neutralized fool to get out of my room before I kill him” Jane yelled with tears in her eyes
” Michael I ordered what in the name is going on in here can someone please tell me” Jane’s mom said
“mom mic.. mich..michael **sobs** called me a “”whore”””
Goodness Michael is it true ” Mrs Austen said
“am sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to she was ac….”
“shut up, you called my daughter a whore your best friend.. And what does that make you huh”
Am sorry ma’am” I said
“just get out get out ” Jane screamed behind her mom with her hair all glued to her sweat and tears,
“just leave while am asking nicely and trust me young man Eric and Martha would love to hear about this ”

Eric and Martha are my parents
“but please I didn’t..
“just leave”
Jane’s mom said and I turned and made a move with an angry mood boiling in me
I hurried downstairs and walked home sadly and angrily,
<><><><><> Stephanie’s POV <><><><><>
Me and Caleb were almost done when I got up feeling exhausted, “wow am tired like so much” I said stretching my body
“yeah this is way too tiring, but let’s not give up we’re almost done ” Caleb said with a flashing smile
“c’mon let’s just rest a bit okay please am so tired all my hands are aching grabbing all those little toothpicks ” I said with a wide pleading eyes
“fine” He said and moved the uncompleted toothpicks sky scraper near the window to dry more..
“okay now am feeling more bored without doing anything” Caleb mused
“let’s talk about something” I said
“something like what”
“anything like what” Caleb said releasing a smirk at the edge of his lips..
And I could feel my heart beating so I said as an excuse
“could you please get me a drink my throat’s so dry ”
“no problem ” Caleb said and walked out his room
I looked around the room one more time and it seems so guyly with everything blue and black
I moved to his drawer , on top of it I saw a picture of him, his mom dad and little sista , then I saw another picture of only him, I decided to open the drawer “temptation” I opened it and saw a picture facing down, I picked it up and turned it only to find Caleb and me…
“oh wait this is Vicky ” I gasped covering my mouth, she looks so much like me, I thought Caleb meant she looks like me by my character or just nose mouth or eyes…
But I was wrong she looks just like me,,, I mean hello I’ve looked at my self in the mirror and it looks as if am looking at my reflection
In the picture the both of them seems happy smiling with Caleb’s hand around her neck .. I smiled but the picture looks weird how can someone who I don’t even know looks so much like me
I heard footsteps, oh m g Caleb is coming I quickly pushed back the picture closed the drawer and went back sitting at the edge of the bed ..
Caleb walked in with two glasses of orange juice
“come help me take yours ” Caleb said
I nervously stood up and walked to him with my hands shaking, thinking about vicky
My hands continued shaking making me feel more nervous I collected the glass but with my shaky hands it spilled on Caleb’s white T shirt and the glass fell and it broke into pieces
“oh my god am so sorry am so clumsy ” I said trying to wipe it off
“clumsy like Vicky” he muttered under his breath
“it’s okay I’ll wipe it off my self” he said and forced out a smile
“o…oh.. Okay.. ” I said and moved back
He removed his shirt in front of me and Gosh his manly body made my ghost flew out of my body
His chest alone could make a saint sin , his six amazing packs were complete ..
I buried my face in my palms not wanting to see this amazing body…
“did God created him or was it Lucia that made him to make girls go gaga” I asked my self
I heard him laugh as my face laid in my palms
“you are funny you know ” he said and laughed
“raise your head he up am done ” he said and I slowly did only to find him in a new shirt
“you know it would have been Vicky seeing Me like that she would have hug m… ” he stopped talking and frowned
We later continue the project and before we knew it we were done ” “Aye” well done mate, ye’ the best lass partner ever ” Caleb said in a freaking British accent..
“you speak British ” I said
“just learned it from one of my weird cousin ” he said and we both laughed
“I’ll be on my way then” I said and and carried my bag
“okay” he said and stood up with me
As i was about going he called back and I stopped, turned and met his gaze with a flashy smile.
“anything else ” I asked.
While he moved closer to me, “Very Close” I could hear my heart beat, that I started counting every beats

He held my waist and firmly and my body vibrated, his breath alone I could feel on my lips
then I realized he was going for it he’s about to kiss me, what have been waiting for finally I could taste his pink tempting lips
He moved his head forward and my heart beat increased, I closed my eyes tight and he went for it..
And Gosh it was magical…
Just then the door flung open and Lilian walked in and immediately we separated…
Lilian looked at us strangely “haven’t you heard if the word knocking ” Caleb said
“well just came to tell you mom will be back any minutes now
” i wI’ll be taking my leave now” i said gaining their attention
“okay take care ” Caleb said
***fast forward**;
I got home greeted My mom and walked to My room happily i touched my lips happily remembering celebs kiss
I opened my door and entered my room.. I was about to switch on the light when some one pulled me by my waist and kissed me
<><><><><>>> Stephanie’s POV continues <><><><><>>
I managed to push the pervert who grabbed me kissing me.. I move back breathing heavily, I turned on the light and was surprised to see Michael with sadness in his eyes…
“Michael o my goodness it was you” I yelled admit in tears
“yell at scream at me scold me I don’t care… I don’t “” Michael yelled
“I did what I’ve been wanting to do”
“Michael how can you say such a thing ” I screamed
“look Stephanie am not sorry for what I just did… Because… Because I love you Stephanie soo much ”
“what” I said narrowing my eyes
“yes it’s true” Michael said leaving me perplexed
I didn’t know what to do what to say how to react..
Michael eyes was wet with tears as he said..
” I thought I’d never fall for you, I thought so but I was wrong and before I knew it I was developing feelings for you, I became fond of you, I miss you every minutes, I put your names in all my sentences, I compared you to Jane, I feel jealous seeing you with Caleb don’t get me wrong Steph.. I love you so much , but I see you only see me as your friend.. I can see the happiness in you anytime you are beside Caleb, I know I can’t give you that happiness that specialty, but I just want to let you know, I love you I can’t let it stay and burn in my heart alone”
Michael tears finally released and He forced out a painful smile at staring at me
I sighed with different types of emotions filled in me “sadness anger, pity, furious, mad, happiness,
“leave now please ” I ordered
He didn’t hesitate he just stood up and walked out
I collapsed on my bed feeling my heart beating and my eyes filled with tears
“what’s all this” I asked my self..
I quietly cried in my pillow
all this is just too much to carry in my head, Michael, Jane, and here comes Caleb and then seeing a strange girl who looked so much like me
“oh heavens hear my cry” I said gazing out the window
&&&&&&&& Michael’s POV &&&&&&&&&
I didn’t feel sorry for what I did But it was as if I carried a big burden in my heart
As i walked in, my mom stopped me at the stairs
“stop there young man” she said with a strict mom~ish voice
I halted and she walked close to me
“Mrs Austen just called me, saying you called Jane a whore is that true Mick ”
“look mom I don’t want to talk about it ”
“oh you will talk about it right now” my mom said seriously
“okay fine… I did I did call her a whore … There I said it now would you let Me pass” I said feeling more angrier
“why would you ever call your best friend that ” my mom snarled
“she deser…i mean it just came out of my mouth am sorry ” I said calmly
My mom sighed and said “you are not telling me sorry, you’re telling Jane, okay”
Mom I tried buy she just wouldn’t listen to me ” I shouted
“just go to your room , you’ll still do some strict explanation when your dad comes home”
I angrily walked to my room feeling irritated and exhausted , thinking about Stephanie ”s reaction and all I fell asleep
<><<>><<><<><<> Stephanie’s pov <<><<>><<>><<>
I laid on my bed, tucked in my white blanket looking like a depressed marshmallow
“I love you Stephanie ” the word ringed in my head, then I remember Vicky…
All this were too much for me, so I needed to share some part with my friend “jane” I decided to tell her about Vicky
I picked my phone and placed a call and the first call she picked up
Me: hi jane
Jane : you witch you basterd witch <yelled>
Me: what did I do
Jane: what did you do <started crying > you stole Michael from me, you only made him turn to you and call you when you clearly know I have feelings for him… When you know <screamed>
Me: no Jane I didn’t.. I don’t even know what you’re talking about, he just came to my house now telling me he loves me but I don’t please Jane listen to me I don’t even…
Jane: he confessed his love to you
Me : yes but listen I don’t even like him i could never hurt y…
Jane: <screaming and crying > I hate you Stephanie I hate you, you always steal my spotlight… Don’t talk to me dont look at me and don’t even breathe the same air with me, you disgust me, backstabber..
She said painfully and furiously like a roaring lion and she hung up
Me: hello J.. Jane are you still..
I could feel my body started shaking my eyes became hot and tears gushed out immediately “god why do you hate me so much” I said in my cries…


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