*caleb’s pov continued *

Jane walked up to me after leaving Michael and “Stephanie” I

looked at Stephanie one more time as her thick black hair fall

elegantly on her shoulder reaching her back “Vicky Vicky vicky”

that was what my mind kept saying I was lost in thought until I


“hey “k” ” I turned and saw Jane hi smiled forcefully and she

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sat down… She started talking about what I didn’t know Jane

is a real talkative I wasn’t paying any attention to what she

was saying I was just in my thinking state..

I turned my face to look at stephnie’s direction and I caught

her staring at me, her cute big and round eyes gave me cold

shivers down my spine, her little pink lips made me remember

my first kiss with Vicky

She shyly removed her eyes from my stare… “Vicky am sorry ”

I said didn’t know I said it out loud

“who’s vicky” Jane asked

“no one just.. never mind” I said and Chloe shrugged…

I turned and looked at Stephanie one more time

*Stephanie’s pov*

Caleb was really acting strange I decided to glance at him,but

caught him staring at me, he looked disturbed i quickly

removed my glance at him

Why was he staring at me does he have anything against me ”

i thought and bit my lips

“you okay” Michael said bringing me back from my thoughts

“why are you asking” I asked

“no you seem nervous, and I’ve been noticing anytime you

seem scared, nervous or worried you bite your lips or you sick

it” Michael explained

“am not scared worried or nervous am just curious about

something ” I said

“what are you curious about ” michael asked

“do you have to know everything or do I have to tell you

everything ” I said and pulled his cheek he laughed and said

“don’t worry I will find out soon enough ”

I bet you will” I added

We were taught that morning, about three teachers came in

that morning before going out for break

As usual me Michael said Jane would always eat together

But Jane came and said “Steph…can you follow me to

um..lets just go i have to show you something ”

“what is it ” I asked

“just come with me please ” Jane pleaded..

“but I thought we would all go to the cafeteria ” Michael sais

“shut up Mike I really have to show Stephanie something,

come on Steph let’s go ”

Jane dragged my hands and I said “sorry Michael looks like

you are eating alone today”

Jane smiled and we both left

*caleb’s pov*

I sat alone in wonders thought about Stephanie and Vicky.. I

looked over her seat but was surprised to see only Michael. I

was kind of relieved.. I decided to hang out with him since

he’s alone and he’s nice and cheerful and fun

.i walked up to him greeted him and we shook hands..

“hey bro why you alone” i asked

“my girlfriends left me that’s why ” I said

And we both laughed we both head to the cafeteria and sat

together it was my first time in the cafeteria.. We ate and talk

and he was really fun

Just then he turned to look at some one I turned to and was

surprised to see Stephanie “hey Stephanie over here” Michael

called her and waved , she smiled and started coming close

to us the way she walks is just like vicky’S her eyes nose lips

hair height everything is just like my Vicky’s..

I could feel my heart beating fast “why” I thought


*Caleb’s pov continued *
Stephanie came closer to me and Michael and she sat down
shyly I didn’t dare to look at her face..
“where’s Jane ” Michael asked
“Jane is with um a guy” she said softly
“oh so that’s the guy she was trying to impress ” Michael said
and laughed
I managed to look at Stephanie and I saw her smiling .. She
met my gaze and we both stared at each other lustfully
Michael noticed and he said “aren’t you two going to eat”
I realised my self and stephanie said “oh am not eating am not
hungry ”
She said sounding like vicky
This Vicky stuff is really getting me so I needed confirmation
to know if Stephanie was Vicky .. Vicky had a burnt mark on
her wrist.. She got burnt when she was three playing with fire..
I called softly “Stephanie”
She turned to surprisingly giving me a strange look “yes” she
managed to answer… I looked at her wrist she was wearing a
watch.. I was glad she wore it on her right hand because Vicky
burnt her right hand
I slowly took her by the hand and her body shook, Michael too
gave a surprised look he didn’t understand what I was doing
and so did Stephanie her body was shaking real bad as she
managed to talk I quickly look at her wrist then at her watch
And I was so glad there was no mark..
“thanks I wanted to check the time” I said in a friendly tone
Michael and Stephanie seemed calm and Stephanie stylishly
smiled ..
I was so relieved I smiled truthfully and happily that moment
*stephanie’s pov”
I thought Caleb wanted to do something crazy but instead he
checked the time and began to smile revealing his amazing
dimples.. “what a guy he’s too handsome and cute” I thought
am not really into guys like jane but Caleb made my heart
Jane later walked up to us and hugged caleb
“so am invisible ” Michael said
“what” Jane scoffed
“you hugged Caleb but didn’t hug me” Michael said teasingly
“instead of giving you a hug I’ll give you a kiss then” Jane said
“am OK now” Michael said and we all laughed.. Caleb kind of
forced his laugh.. And I thought he was liking us and accepting
us as his B. F. F.s
We later went to class, we did art and it was soooooo boring
am bad in drawing and so as Jane but Michael’s perfect he
the best artist I’ve known
After biology and aggressive English class school dismissed
and every one went home willingly to come to school
tomorrow like me
Finally the next morning I got ready for school, ate and went in
my room to take my bag when Michael walked in..
*****Michael’s pov*******
That morning after getting ready for school I decided to go
and call Stephanie before Jane.. Cause if Me and Jane are
alone sometimes she can act a bit crazy and sometimes like
a sl*t [didn’t mean to use that word on her]
As I went to stephnie’s house I met her mom in the living
room. I greeted her and she smiled and told me Stephanie
was in her room ..
I walked in Stephanie’s room and saw her packing her books
inside her bag.. I greeted her and she smiled and greeted me
back “she is just cute with her big round eyes”
She hung her bag at her back and stood in front of her wall
“Mike do you think am getting skinny every day
i luked at her and smiled “yes” I replied
She frowned and say I hate skinny girls.
“but I love your stature it’s nice ” I said and she smiled and
said shyly “thanks” no matter how close you and Stephanie
have been she will sometimes acts shy around you..
She looked at her self in the mirror one more time,, then
walked up to her drawer opened it, took out a rubber band
“what do you want to use that for ” I asked
“I hate leaving my hair like this I want it in ponytail ” .. Stephnie
said and began to pack her hair, up, she seemed to be not
getting it right so she said “Mike could you help me ”
“with what” I said
“you hold the rubber while I hold my hair and then you fixed
the rubber in ok” she said
“huh” i said not getting a hint if what she is saying
“could you just come here and hold my hair up” she said
While i stood up and do so
As i held her hair while she fixed and doubled the rubber I
looked at her neck it was like the first time seeing it, it was
smooth and seemed soft I had this urge to kiss it and I did
“Michael what have you done ” I thought..


By Ruthie Lee
***michael’s pov continued****
“michael what did you do that for” stephanie said sounding a little disappointed.
I stood still,still holding her hair and not knowing what to say ..
“am sorry” i said softly
“please dont try that again ok it made me scared” stephanie said softly and shyly
“i just didnt know wat was wrong with me” I said while she smiled packed her hair turned stood up and hugged me, “thanks mike” she said grabbed her bag pack and we both went together to Jane’s house
Getting to Jane’s house, we met her coming out ..
She smiled and ran to meet us “why the pony tail ” jane said while Stephanie replied “just want to try out new things ” ..
They both continue to talk while we head to school but I didn’t say anything I was rethinking what I did back then in Stephanie’s house
Jane noticed my quietness and said “Michael are you okay” jane asked
“why asking ” I backfired
“you seem quiet today” Jane continued
“i just wanna be quiet today” I said while me Stephanie looked at each other..
łłłłłł Jane pov łłłłłłł
I knew Michael and Stephanie were keeping something from me.. And I felt cheated we’ve all been best of friends but it looks like they are leaving me out now..

I stared at both of them one more time and frowned, I looked at Michael and he met my gaze he smiled while I removed my face feeling a bit disappointed I mean what are friends for and even Stephanie cute sweet innocent Stephanie is keeping something from me.. I just let it slide and we all went to school

**Stephanie’s pov***

We got to class and Jane went to her seat while me and Michael sat down, and I opened my bag brought out my drawing book and started to do my art assignment “drawing a man jogging” even though I didn’t have a clue of what to draw I decided to try my best..

I tried so hard but ended up erasing it ..i wanted to ask Michael but I was shy and didn’t know why, he noticed my stress and said “d..do…you..want..me….to help you”

“oh… yes please ” I handed it over to him and smiled he gradually collected it and started drawing he was already done before art teacher came Mrs Kimberly and collected her assignment and I was so glad michael helped me “thank you” I said while he smiled
During break, me and Michael decided to go and meet Jane so we could all eat together at the cafeteria and maybe invite Caleb…

But getting there Jane didn’t want to come with us she said she’d rather stay with Caleb but Jane was thrilled to hear Caleb saying he’s coming with us .. Jane frowned and threw her face away “you guys can go without me..

“Jane please ” I begged her and Michael did too but Caleb stood alone watching us
“you guys can go I’ll talk to her ” I said calmly while Caleb and Michael left..
“what do you want” Jane yelled at me
“come on Jane don’t be like this tell me what’s wrong ” I said sitting beside her
“look just join the others and leave me alone” Jane said while I held her hands and smiled “Jane c’mon we’re besties you can tell me any thing ” I said

“I can tell you anything right but you can’t tell me you and Michael are definitely keeping something from me” Jane bluntly said
I thought of what we might be keeping from her and I remembered and said

“okay look something happened between me and Michael this morning ”
“what” Jane curiously said
“he kissed my neck this morning while packing my hair ” i continued

Jane gasped and frown
“can I tell you a little secret” Jane said looking desperate
“go on” i encouragly said
I like Michael.. No I love Michael” Jane said while my mouth dropped open
“tell me you won’t tell anybody promise me” Jane said
“I promise I won’t ” I said, Jane glared at me and said promise and I replied “yes”

“even mike dont tell me I can see you guys are closer than ever ” Jane said while I smiled..
We stood up and walked to the cafeteria holding Hands to join the boys
Is this a dream I thought “Jane of all people falling for Michael her best friend
***stephanie pov continues ****

As we got to the cafeteria and joined Caleb and Michael I could see how Caleb stared at me strangely
“so Jane what made you change your mind about coming huh” Michael said while Jane stylishly eyed him and said “you don’t need to know okay ”
“okay suit yourself ”

Michael said and started eating
Jane looked at me then leaned closer to my ear and said “why is Caleb staring at you like that”

I looked at Caleb and he was sure staring at me, we made eye contact and he removed his eyes and started at his food
Jane stood up and went to the cafeteria counter and purchased 2 friendly smoothie for the both us …

I collected it and start to drink shyly,, everyone was absolutely quiet until Jane stood up and walked away angrily and we were all surprised “what’s wrong with her ” we all thought

Caleb and Michael smiled after looking at each other, then Caleb turned to me and Michael said “Steph… do you by any chance know a girl called Vicky ”
Vicky… I don’t why asking ”

“no Caleb said y… ” michael hasn’t finish talking when Caleb interrupted him
“no you just look like someone I know ”
“oh okay” I said shyly and bent my head

“but do you perhaps have any sister, cousin or any relation at all bearing vicky”
Caleb said
“am an only child and I don’t have any relation only my cousin he’s a boy and he’s just twelve years old ” I said while caleb nod his head and smiled

break was over and we went to class, but we didnt see Jane Austen “where the hell did she went too I thought
after everyone settled down Jane Walked in cat walking, she approached me and Michael and turned me “hey Steph can I talk to you about something ”

“sure” I said and stood
“hmm you have started keeping things from me right ” Michael said
“shushh you don’t need to know about it it’s girls stuff” Jane said and dragged my hand and we both walked out of the class

I leaned on the wall outside while Jane stood erect opposite me “okay what is it talk to me” I said
jane sighed and said “can you do me a favor ”

“anything for you ” I said sweetly while she smiled “can you seat with Caleb while and sit with Michael pleaaaasssse ” Jane said leaving me surprise
“sure” I said so I won’t get her angry cause I know how Jane can be sometimes

“o m g see you serious for real oh thank you so much” she said and hugged
“don’t worry I’ll make it up to you ” Jane said as we were heading back to class “don’t worry ” I said and “thanks it’s just for only today just this friday”..

we walked up to my seat and Michael gave us a playful look,, “hmm gossip girls ” he said while I replied “shut up ”
“Steph I can’t believe you of all people is keeping a secret from me” he said while Jane Laffed

“Jane is going to sit here for today while am going to sit with Caleb ” I quickly said while Michel immediately stood up

**łłł. Michael’s POV łłł***

when Stephanie said was sitting with me I became angry but didn’t show it “why” I asked “please just for today and also am getting real sick sitting with you anyway” Stephanie said making me sad, I frowned and sat down slowly

Stephanie came closer to me and said with pleading eyes “am sorry Michael for what I just said it came out wrong ”
“it’s okay” I said feeling better at her kind gesture and sweet voice

I like Stephanie she corrects her mistakes and ask for forgiveness,, unlike Jane “the opposite”
I finally agreed for Jane to sit, I watched as she walked up to Caleb seat and sat down beside him.. I felt something new in me something I havent felt before “Jealousy ”

*********stephanie’s POV*******

as I sat down beside Caleb he looked at me surprisingly and asked “what of jane” she is sitting on my seat she begged to do so” I replied while he shrugged “hmm ok” he said and smiled revealing his dimples “oh God he is so cute ” I thought and bit my lips staring at him lustfully… until he said “is anything on my face”

“what no” I replied realising my self
“then why were you staring at me like that” he said
“sorry ” I said lowly and calmly
“no it’s okay” he said and smile

a teacher walked in our class Mrs Kimberly our art subject teacher, she said we should group our self in two according the way we sat down, she gave us different project and me and Caleb were partners and I was so happy our project were making a sky scraper out of toothpicks
while Jane and Michael who became partners their project was making and publishing a big historical novel
as everyone Walked to the gate as school closed Caleb who was with me and Michael turned to me
“so how are we going to do it should I come to your house or will you come to mine” he said while I said “I’ll come to yours instead tomorrow right, ” I said while he smiled and said ok”

I didn’t want him to come to my house because we are having visitors tomorrow my mom book club mee6and I don’t want any disturbance for me and my dear Caleb
oops did I say dear..
we exchanged numbers and Caleb said he’d text me his address and Michael does not look happy “why” I thought..
))))))Stephanie pov continues(((((((

I woke up the next morning feeling lively and energic i always feel that way on a Saturday..
Caleb image flashed In my head and i smiled i stopped day dreaming and I quickly took my bath, brushed put on some wears and head downstairs to eat breakfast.. I could hear the aroma from the living room it was spaghetti and meatballs my favorite

I entered the kitchen and hugged my mom from behind “good morning mom” I said resting my head on her shoulder..
“good morning baby ” she said and wiggled body for me to get off so she wouldn’t spill the spaghetti sauce she was spilling on the spaghetti.

I helped her set the table and I waited gently for my beautiful mom to put the food
My mom was indeed beautiful some people still doubt that it was my mom that gave birth to me because she looks so young and we kind of don’t look alike, my mom said I looked like my dad but I didn’t know him, my mom ‘said they divorced when I was three years but she didn’t tell Me the reason I didn’t hate my dad for that but loved him because he brought me to this world with the help of mom
I will like to meet him one day I always thought

After eating i told my mom am going to a friend’s house
“Michael, Jain or another friend ,” my mom asked and I replied
“another friend”
“boy or girl ” she asked curiously

“boy ” I replied truthfully
“to do whaaaat” she said giving me a strange look
“don’t jump into conclusions mom its for a class project I got partnerd up with him”

“hmm be careful okay” my mom said while I smiled
Just then my phone blinked I unlocked it and opened the message and it was from an unknown number but I knew it was from Caleb and it says

# # stephanie am ready you can come over
I live in No. 14 folks street off elmney road..
Be fast,, faster than flash##
It’s still me “K”aleb

I smiled seeing his message I quickly ran to my room and changed my clothes ..i took my purse and ran downstairs
“honey what’s wrong with the other one” my mom said from behind referring to my clothes.

“can’t explain mom gotta hurry” I said and swing the door open running outside i bumped into Michael
“whoa whoa Steph.. What’s with the rush where are you heading to this morning ” Michael said dipping his hand in his pocket ..

“to Caleb’s house ” I said swinging my hair back because it covered my face
“to do what ” Michael asked sarcastically
“for the project remember ” I replied demonstrating with my hands
“dressed like this ” he said giving me a full fledged look

“what’s wrong with it” I said sacredly
“it’s like you are going on a date ”
“oh Mike you and your funny attitudes” I said smiling
“should I come with you ” he asked schooling me

“no way you wanna ruin the moment with me and Ca…i mean don’t you have a project to do with Jane ” I said we while he frowned
“look am sorry okay but don’t worry I promise to make it up to you” I said and hugged him

…..i don’t like upsetting my friends it’s not just who I am…..
I waved to Michael and he waved back at me as I was about to take a step he stopped me and say
“you like him don’t you ”

“me.. Like who” I said pretending not to know
“I know you know what am talking about ” he said and smiled
“bye Michael am delayed by you ” I said and walked away to Caleb’s house taking a bus..’

Few minutes later I found my self in front of a big house painted with green and yellow and decorated with trimmed green little bushes in front of it the gate reads “no. 14 folks street ”

I opened the gate and entered the main compound I got to the main door and pressed the door bell
And waited for a few seconds before a little girl came out ‘Caleb’s sister I thought

Vicky! ” the girl said and hugged me tight she was about ten or eleven
“excuse me ” I said confusingly
“come on come on Caleb’s inside ” she said and dragged me inside.

“it’s been so long since you came here vicki I missed u ” she said as we headed to their enormous living room
“who’s vicky” I managed to ask the little girl as we got to the living room.

“you are” she said looking at me strangely
“no am Stephanie little girl ” I said making it clear to her
“are you joking with me Vicky and don’t you know my name it’s me Lilian ” the girl said.

” am sorry you are mistaking ” I said smiling to her but she was confused
She ran inside and later came. out with Caleb “there she is” Lilian said pointing at me.

“oh Steph you are here” Caleb said and smiled
“Stephanie but that’s vicky” Lilian screamed
Caleb got closed to her and said “Lily she is just some one who looks like Vicky but not Vicky okay ”

“but.. How can they look so much alike” Lilian said
“just go to your room I ll explain later” Caleb said and kisses her
“mom’s gonna hear about this joke” lilian said and stormed off.

“sorry for that” Caleb said “no problem ” I said and smiled… Minutes later me and Caleb were on his bed doing our hard project.

Then i asked “who is Vicky any way”
He looked at me and smiled “my ex girlfriend ” he replied “she looked so much like yu , you both have everything in common
He continued
“and where is she now” I asked while he frowned



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