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My days at crown school episode 28

(Yewande Joseph)✅✅



That night, I chatted with Victoria, and Kunmi. I knew Victoria would pass the news to others.

It was not like I haven’t been to Lagos before. But staying with someone else except from my parents, I haven’t done it in my life. The holidays was always spent at home, reading or doing lessons. The only place I know in Lagos was the way to my school. I was very sure I would get lost if I tried to go back to school alone as much as I thought I know the way very well.
If Dad couldn’t take me, Mom would. In school though, it was a life without mom and dad, but I wasn’t just free. It was a lot different when I got to my sister’s place, close to her school. Lagos State University. I felt really comfortable and it was as if I was at home.
It was a lot different from home because there was no too much plates to wash or clothes to iron. No one to remind me or wake me up from sleep to go to school. I tried my best to always take care of the house. Once I’ve taken my bath, dress up, and get myself what to eat, I would sit, and watch TV until the light is taken, when I feel like eating, I would take out of her provisions and eat.
When I first saw my sister’s provisions, I couldn’t believe she was keeping all that, not touching any of it.
I would take to my satisfaction that I almost finished it. I wasn’t worried because she has enough to buy another set if she wish to.
I informed the girls about my arrival, and they said they couldn’t wait to see me. Temi had promised to send her home address, and I just couldn’t wait either.
I was on my sister’s bed watching my favorite channel on Gotv
And also sat on my laps was a cup with cornflakes inside. Sister Blessing walked in, and the right place she could turn to was towards her small cupboard where she put her provisions.


Her scream almost blocked my ears. My sister was too tush for that scream. How could she scream like that? She doesn’t shout that way except when she’s laughing.
“You’re going to block my two ears with that scream.”
“Exactly!” She shot back at me angrily. “You’ve finished my Cornflakes, Golden morn, and my milk, including my Milo in just a week. What kind of stomach takes that?”


I could not laugh.

“But sister Blessing, I only took small.”

She carried my cup. “Suzy this is small? If this is how I eat, will you be able to have met all these?” She returned the remaining back inside her cupboard.

“But sister Blessing, I just took small,” I tried to say to calm her down.

“Small!” She fired back

Wait.. Why did I even talk

She turned to me. “By destroying all my provisions and consuming everything. Every set. The Cornflakes. Golden morn, milk, sugar, my… Suzy just don’t touch my things again!”
Sweats was already forming on her forehead.
She doesn’t even know what’s she was saying
The Golden morn..

The Cornflakes..

My.. Just don’t touch my things again.

I could not laugh well, but I felt like provoking her more.

“But is small o..”

“You’re not okay..” She spat.

I knew she would talk.
“Is it a crime to eat now?”
“You cannot ask your stomach?” She shot back again.
Suzy if sister Blessing catch you ehnn!
“But sister Ble-”
“If you should mention my name again!” She cut me off and I quickly kept quiet.
“After Mercy’s birthday, by next week, you will be gone,” she reminded me.
I just laughed..
“What’s funny?” She asked annoyed. I laughed again to annoy her more. That’s how she annoys someone too.
My phone beeped. It was sitting beside sister Blessing, so she picked it up, and opened the message.


who is Temi from Lekki?” She asked.

“Do you know the place?” I quickly asked, because she was the only one to take me. “So you can take me there.”
She gave me a pity look before she opened her mouth. “Take you where?”
I smiled at her. “Take me to Lekki.”
She was back to her usual self again, and burst out laughter. “After you’ve finished all provisions. You still want me to take you to Lekki?”
I couldn’t help laughing also. She was using style to call me a glutton. Haven’t I done well helping her consumed it instead of leaving it for decoration in her cupboard. I knew she doesn’t take things like that, and the cover of the Cornflakes, including the Golden morn, were already changing colour.

“If I get lost, where will you tell Dad I am?”

She laughed, and picked up her phone. “Nice idea. Your dad will be the one to take you to Lekki then.”


I jumped up.

“Sister Blessing you can’t tell Dad. I was just joking now.”
I knew I’ve given her the pleasure. She laughed so hard that she almost fell.

Why did I even mention Dad now?”

“Sister Blessing..” My voice had already changed into one innocent girl. “You know I’m just joking. I even have some money with me. We will buy another Golden morn and Cornflakes.”
Her laughter was every where in the room.
Wait.. Why did I even take her Cornflakes now?
“You can eat very well now,” she said. I knew she was trying to let me talk. But I wasn’t going to.
But wait..
Why didn’t I think about that before?
Mercy will take me.
I could feel the happy smile on my face.
Sister Blessing should just keep quiet like that.
“You better go and finish the remaining, because no food tonight,” she said, not knowing, the angels have told me who will take me to Lekki.
I stood up.
Carried a clean cup.
Pour hot water.
Brought out the remaining bread I ate in the morning, and pushed out the Milo I just cut.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked, amazed about my new reaction. “Don’t tell me you want to take tea again.”

“Even with bread,” I said, smiling to myself. As I went back to my position, “come and join me,” I said intentionally.
She could say I’m stingy again.

I only know I like food


When I got to Mercy’s place at Aja, everyone was treating me like a visitor. My mom’s younger sister was very happy to see me, including her husband.

“Mercy, are you not going to take Suzy out?”

“Mercy, you guys should go to the cinema.”

“No Suzy, don’t wash,”

“What! Suzy Leave the plates.”

” Suzy take chinchin,”

“Suzy take cake,”

“Take this, take that.”

Haha… If not that my pastor at the church had preached, and told me how paradise really look like, I would think I’ve gotten to one. Where we won’t wash plates, wash clothes, iron Dad’s clothes. Except from eating all day.
Seriously, if this was the kind of life Mercy lives here, then she definitely won’t be able to cook an ordinary indomie. I’ve been there for three days, and my hands never touched water, except from my bathing water, and the things I could remember my hand was carrying was either a bottle of coke, cake, ice cream, meat pie, chicken, and soft drink.

The day I arrived, I tried to carry the plate I was given food in, but immediately Aunty saw me, she quickly stopped me. “No, Suzy drop it. Nana come come,” she called their maid, who came rushing to the dinning and packed all the dirty plates. But I could see the girl was taken care of, because some of the clothes she put on were quite expensive. But the work she does in a day..

Anything, Nana.

Sweeping, Nana.

Spoon, Nana

TV remote, Nana.

Water, Nana.

Bag, Nana.

Everything, Nana.

If it was possible for someone to feed them, it would be Nana.
They have a woman who cook in the house. There was also a woman who is always there every day to clean the surroundings, and clean the toilets and bathrooms.
It was fun being around. Mercy and I barely stayed at home. We were both going out, and buying different things to prepare for her sixteenth birthday. I met some of her friends as well.
And guess what?
They all knew I was a student of Crown school, and the whole time we were together, they were asking me all sort of questions.

“The boys are fine shey?”

Only Victor.

I could only answer that to myself.

“I heard the girls are proud,” someone else asked.

“Why won’t they be, don’t you know how much they are paying?” They were answering themselves already. They went on and on, until I signal to Mercy that I needed to escape


of them called Bukky, was throwing me questions as if she works for the press.

“So they make you guys salad?”

Aunty Bukky wetin!

Wetin! Una wan kill person!

But to be sincere, it was fun. After four days of staying with Mercy, I wish Dad would call and say, ‘let Suzy start living there’.
Mercy and her family treated me so well, and I was so happy to have spent some time with them.
I wasn’t expecting so much enjoyment, because some aunties, and uncles will only take advantage that you’re around, and began giving you the work they can’t send their children.

√On the day of Mercy’s birthday, I actually thought she was getting married. That morning, plenty gifts from her family woke us up. Very early that morning, The make up artist that was hired came, and painted her face including mine. From eyebrow, to concealer, foundation, and contour, contouring our faces. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was doubting if I was a Nigerian or not, because of how fair had become. My faces was on fleek.

The cake itself was as if the whole people living in Lagos were invited. It was so big, and beautiful, in her best colour, white. Her friends came around and showered her with gifts. It was as if have never seen someone celebrated birthday before. Camera man came and took many personal pictures of her. She took with me, and also with her friends.
Where I sat down, battling with my cake, I heard a pretty voice of a girl beside me.

“Hey are you Suzy? Mercy’s cousin?” I raised my head up only to be staring at a slim, tall, dark guy.
“Sorry, your sister just left?” I asked to be sure it was a girl’s voice I heard.
“Sister?” He raised his brow, confused. “No. Besides, I don’t have a sister. I’m from a family of boys.”
He was supposed to come as a girl. Somehow, he
went to resemble a boy.

His voice sounded like that of a girl.

“Nice voice,” I said.

He smiled, then opened his mouth widely at me, showing me his white teeth. I already knew it could either be close up or oral B.
So bros, why the teeth?
“I’m Segxy. Nice meeting you.”
Segun or Oluwasegun?

All these boys are just porting names from nowhere.

✒From Daniel to Kiss Daniel because he has one dimple✔.

✒From innocent Idibia to 2face when he has just one face.

✒From Ayo Balogun to Wizkid. Is he a child?
There is God o…

“Hey Segx you’re here?” A guy walked towards us. “We should leave now,” he said, then he saw me. He looked at my face again. I knew it was the make up he was looking at. The make up was deceiving him, thinking he just saw a pretty girl.
Then he spoke. “You’re beautiful. I’m DJ Lee,” he introduced himself, and I could not laugh, so I just smiled.


about you?” He asked me.

“Make up artist,” I replied with a smile. He looked at me somehow.

“I mean your real name,” he said again. At one corner, I could see Segxy laughing quietly. Guess he understood what I did in return.

That’s my name,” I said with a smile.

“Oh!” Guess his friend had already signal him. “Sorry about that. I’m Lekan by name.”

I could not laugh, so I just smiled as usual. “Suzy is the name.”
He shook his head, and smile. “Was just trying to be tush and let you know what I’m into.”
“Same here.”
Common powder, Suzy you don’t have.

At least I have brain.

The two left but Segxy came back for my number, and I gave him.

The party was finally over and I could happily rest on the bed. Mercy and I shared a room together because I insisted on staying with her. That night, she was tired, but we gisted as usual, and I took the opportunity to tell her about going to Lekki to see Temi and others, and how I needed her to take me. She gladly accepted to take me, and also informed their driver to arrive early the next day.

That night, I chatted with Temi, and Victoria that my cousin and I would visit the next day.

Every cell in my body was excited to meet them.


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