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July 24, 2021


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My daughter’s crazy nanny final batch

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Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)

Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚




I was busy celebrating at home while my dad ran out of his bedroom like a mad man and I stood up immediately, looking very surprised because i have never seen my dad behave like that before.

” Dad this one you ran out of the bedroom like that is everything alright?” I asked him.
” No Molly there is actually a big problem, Kyle’s house is on fire with that lovely and beautiful nanny inside so I need to go.” he said and left.

I got really jealous, see the way my dad was praising that stupid nanny.
I can’t even remember the last time my dad praised me like that.

Am I really that ugly?
I can’t remember everytime I ask my mom this question she will always say am not ugly outside but inside.

Thank God she’s dead, same goes to the stupid nanny.
I really need to call Rita and tell her about my success so far. Am so so happy.

I will have to give Bunny’s death one week and then I kill Kate, no Lisa and then after another one week I kill Kate. Then go to Kyle’s house for a condolences visit give him a shoulder to cry on and then boom 💣💥 am the love of his life.

After a while I took the TV control and on the TV.
They were giving an important news do I had to listen, I guess is about the death of Bunny I giggled at the thought of that.

📻” This is Las Vegas world news and am Mrs Liliana mustapha and am your bro caster for today.
The popular billionaire and Instagram celebrity KYLE FRED popularly known as KYLE_HOT’s house was set ablaze by an unknown person with his daughter’s nanny and secret lover one Miss BUNNY ANDREW popularly known as CRAZY_BUNNY on Instagram.”📻

📻” How ever according to some reporters, the unknown person is really someone to be feared because he or she actually planned everything perfectly fine. The unknown terrorist actually stole the phone of MR KYLE’S secretary and sent him a fake email making him leave his daughter’s nanny, and lover alone at home giving the terrorist enough opportunity to attack.”📻

📻” However MR KYLE’S secretary being a life saver, called his boss and told him she was robbed of her phone so MR KYLE concluded the email was a fake one. But he was too late because his house was already on fire with his lover in it. But unfortunately the Las Vegas fire service answered the celebrity’s call for help on time. MR KYLE was very brave to go into the burning house to save his lover.”📻

📻”The fire service help in stopping the fire and our dear MISS BUNNY ANDREW was rushing to the hospital for medical treatment. The injury was a s bad one but due to the help of God and doctor Maxwell she was saved she is currently in coma and will wake up by tomorrow morning.”📻

📻” However there is good news. There is actually a way to track down the perpetrator of this hideous crime. Actually MR KYLE FRED being an intellige man has a hidden camera everywhere around his mansion. And the places where the hidden cameras are wasn’t burned. Now this is what the pained celebrity and multi billion has to say about the incident.” 📻

And immediately Kyle’s face popped out on the TV with lots of reporters around him with there recorders.

👥”Sir what do you have to say about the incident that took place at your house today?” The first reporter asked.

🎤” The truth is I don’t have much to say, but anyway am deeply pained.” He replied.

👥”Sir do you have anyone in mind that can do this to you knowing fully well your lover Miss Bunny was inside the building?” The second reporter asked and I saw an evil smirk appear on his face.

🎤”Yes I know the person who did this, and I also have a word of her.” He replied.

👥” Oh sir it actually a she, anyway we can see your really busy now so drop the words let’s wrap it up.” The third report said.

🎤”I know your listening to this, am coming for you Miss better start running because no one hurts what’s mine and go Scott free. You have done it before and I let you but not with this one. Miss plastic surgery watch your godamn back am coming.”

I picked up the remote control immediately and offed the TV. I have never seen Kyle this angry before. I remembered his blood shot eyes and that alone made shiver run down my spine.

I need to leave here it not safe anymore.
I went into my bedroom took some of my clothes and personal effects and left the house. I don’t think i will go with my car so I ordered a cab and it took me to one of the unpopular hotels in Las Vegas, I payed the cab driver and went into process my things with a fake name and lodged in.

Immediately i settled, I took my phone and called Rita my best friend and told her every thing that happened she asked where I am and I told her.

Oh god please serve me.
I really need someone that hates Kyle so much to work with but killing Kyle is clearly out of the picture, I will just use the person as a tool.

Yes I have just the perfect person for the job.
Patrick Kyle’s ex brother in-law, I hear they are die hard enemies.

I immediately went to the bathroom took my bath and dressed up on a black hoodie with black face cap.

I ordered a cab and went straight to his office, I just hope he agrees to work with me.
(Story by Victoria Peter ❤️📚)

I was in my office doing some work.
Yeah am Patrick Soul the ex in-law of the Fred’s family and actually a bad guy.

The guy you see here is just like a walking corps, I don’t think any woman will love me the way Emily did.

I was actually in a relationship when my father force me into marrying his business partners daughter and that was Emily. Everyone calls her Ella.

Even when she was carrying my child i did nothing but cause her pain immediately she die I realized I was nothing without her.

And guess what my so called girlfriend ran away with my money.

My secretary called me telling me i have a visitor, so I asked her to let the person in.

A weird looking lady came into my office.

“Okay Miss what’s your name and how may I help you?” I asked her.

“My name isn’t important but I want you to join hands with me so we can deal with your enemy.” She said confusing me the more.

” And who might that be?” I asked.

“Kyle Fred.” She replied smiling.

“Am sorry to disappoint you Miss Mr Kyle Fred is my brother in-law and am even about going to beg for his forgiveness for hurting his sister and my my lovely wife. If only I can turn the hands of time i would have treated her with love and care but I didn’t. I also hope you do the same before it too late so please Miss what ever your name is get the fuck out of my office before I throw you out.” I said angrily.

“Y….. Yo…. You want me to leave your office but….” I didn’t let her finish her statement before I called the security.

” Security throw this mad lady out of my office.” I said and immediately they dragged her out of my office.



Semi finals

🍉 LISA 🍉
It’s been two weeks since the incident to place, I mean since Kyle’s house was set on fire with Bunny in it.

We checked the CCTV camera and saw it was Molly that set the house on fire, and she also had everything planned out. At first her dad didn’t believe us so he wanted to be very sure it was Molly who did it.

He took all of us to his house, living Bella and Bunny’s mother who we later found out she was Kyle’s nanny at the hospital to stay with Bunny since she was still on coma.

According to Molly’s dad he has a hidden camera all over his house but he hardly checks it. The only one that knows about the hidden camera was his late wife.

When he played it to his surprise it was Molly that did it. not only did she set Kyle’s house on fire she also sent some men to kill her sister and also his wife, the man nearly had a heart attack.

Everyone was shocked except Kyle.

“Sir your wife isn’t dead she was saved by her younger brother who is an assassin.” Kyle said nonchalantly.

“What do you mean, you mean to tell my wife is alive huh?” Molly’s dad said with joy in his voice.

And that was how everything went Molly’s mum is back now, even Molly’s dad sent a special squad that is looking for Molly as we speak.

Everyone was doing something to find Molly but Kyle just kept quiet, he said he will do nothing until Bunny wakes up and guess what guy Bunny woke up last night.

And I most say she woke up with anger, I know Bunny to be a very stubborn and troublesome lady but I have never seen her this angry before.

Just hope she kills Molly.😋😋
(Written ɓƴ Victoria Peter📚)


I have been angry seen I woke up from coma.
What nonsense!

Who does she think she is am going to roast her like a chicken a Christmas chicken for that matter. Does she really know who I am.


I was still walking to and fro in my room angrily when Kyle came into my room and immediately my anger died down, I don’t know how this guy manage to make my anger come down.

He walked up to me, place his two hands on my waist and pulled me close to himself, making me land on this hard chest with my both hands on it.

“Why are you looking so angry iron lady?” He said calling me that name I love so much and I smiled.

I was about replying himvwhen I was interrupted by his phone he immediately pick the call after sitting on the bed and made me sit on his laps.

I gave him a sign to put the phone on speaker and he did.

📲: Hello scorpion any new updates about Molly?” 📲

📲: Yes sir she called our line for an operation, without knowing that our boss has resigned from the work so I agreed to do the job for her sir.” 📲

📲: Excellent, so what did she ask you to do?” 📲

📲:To kidnap Bella your daughter sir.” 📲

📲: Okay this is the plan you will go pick my daughter from school tell her all the details, she a smart girl she will understand don’t forget to update date me if anything goes wrong.” 📲

📲: Okay sir bye for now.” 📲 He said and Kyle hang up.

What’s actually wrong with that stupid lady.
(Written by Victoria Peter📚)


My life is just in a mess, after I was thrown out of Patrick’s office I lost all hopes and then the word happened. I was inside my room in the hotel room went they started giving an important news.

📻” Hello everyone your listening to Las Vegas news and am your bro caster for today.” 📻

📻” MR JOHNSON the popular business tycoon whom wife dead in a car explosion, came out to speak up. In the interview he said that is wife was ordered to be killed by his daughter MISS MOLLY JOHNSON the popular Instagram celebrity and the supposed fiancee of the popular billionaire KYLE FRED.” 📻

📻” He said he never knew his own daughter could be so crude to the extent of killing her own twin sister one MISS MOLLY JOHNSON(late) for her own selfish reasons.” 📻

📻” It was later revealed that she was the one that set her fiancée house on fire out of jealousy that her fiancée with was once her twin sister’s fiance and the reason she kill her, was already in love with his daughter’s nanny.” 📻

📻” The business tycoon place 2 million dollars to anyone who will bring his daughter to the station.” 📻

I immediately switch off the TV.
I really need to leave this country, maybe to Korea or even Arab Emirates.

I checked my account to see my dad has blocked all my accounts.

I called Rita to ask her for some money but she said she haven’t been payed.

I was still thinking when an idea came into my mind, I can actually kidnap Bella and you the opportunity to get money from Kyle.

And I will kill Bella later when the money is already in my account.

I called the men that normally does dirty jobs for me, but to my surprise they told me he has resigned and also traveled out with his family.

One of them told me he will do the job for me so am very happy. I can’t wait till tomorrow.



It really good to be encharge you know.
You get to give orders and live like a princess, with maids doing everything you want but now is different.

I wake up by myself do my laundry, go outside to buy for even take a cab to any destination I want to go.

But from today onwards it going to be different, am going to place Bella on a ransom of 30 billion dollars and after i receive the alert am still going to kill the little witch.


When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so happy very soon I will be one of the richest ladies in the world. I quickly went to the bathroom took my bath and wrapped my body in the old hotel white towel.

Very soon all this crap will be over and I will start living like a princess again, but this time not like a mummy and daddy’s little princess but like a queen in my own kingdom.


So I sat down on the hotel make up table and brought out my body lotion, I applied the body lotion all over my body and left the table. I went to my bag where I kept the little clothes I came with and brought out my underdress.

I brought out a pair of lace black pant and lace black bra, after wearing them I wore a pink huddie with white snickers and I sat down waiting for the scorpion guy to call me.

After about two hours a call came into my phone and when I checked the caller it was the scorpion guy, and I most say I felt very happy.

📲” Hello scorpion is the job done, like do you have the girl?” 📲

📲”Yes I do have the girl, you can start coming now we are actually at the gang warehouse.” 📲

📲” Oka just give me few minutes I will be there.” 📲

📲”Okay Miss Molly am waiting.” 📲

📲” Okay bye.” 📲

After ending the call I went out of the hotel ordered a cab and drove straight to the warehouse.

When we got there I payed the cab driver and walked inside the warehouse. There i saw the scorpion guy with Bella tied up on a child crying like a baby that she is.

” Who do we have here? My stupid fiance’s talkative daughter huh?” I said smiling at her mockingly.

” Please aunty Molly the witch don’t kill me, I have a crush at school that told me yesterday he likes me please?” She replied crying the more and i most say I got more angry, did she just called me a witch huh?

” I don’t really have your time little devil, scorpion please give me the phone so I can call my dear fiancee.” I said and he handed the phone over to me.

I dialed Kyle’s line and after few rings he picked up.

📲” Hello this is Kyle Fred on the line how may I help you?” 📲

📲” Hello dear fiancee, how are you doing? Of course you should know who you are speaking with.” 📲

📲” Mollyyyyyy!!!!” 📲

📲” Yes Love, and guess who I have here?” 📲 I said pulling Bella’s hair making her to cry louder.

📲” Please Molly don’t hurt my daughter…” 📲

That was all I heard before the door opened and Bunny and Kyle walked in smiling while Bella that has been crying all this while started laughing.

What’s going on don’t tell me I have been tricked.
Oh Lord is this the end of the road for me? Now I believe in the word karma.

Karma is really a bitch.
(Written by Victoria Peter📚)

I have been waiting patiently for this day to come, the day when I get to deal with this stupid lady that thinks she can force love.

Even to the extent of killing her own blood sister and ordering for the death of her own mother, a woman that carried her inside her womb for 9 motherfucking months and gave birth to her.

Immediately she saw us I saw the fear in her eyes, exactly what I need. Kyle wanted us to come with the police but I refuse because if we come immediately with the police they won’t let me deal with her the way I want so I told him immediately we get here his free to call them. And he has already done that.

I came close to her while she kept moving backwards, she tried to run out of the room but I was quick to pull her backwards and landed a hot slap on her cheek that made her loose balance and she fell flat on the hard ground.

” Please Bunny don’t do this everything I did was the hand work of the devil.” She said and I got more angry, why most everything people do they blame it on the devil huh?

” Molly let me ask you a question, and if you don’t answer me correctly you will have yourself to blame.” I said and she nodded.

” Good! When you killed your twin sister was she begging you to spare her life?” I asked.

” Yes she did.”

” Okay. Please scorpion can I get a bucket of cold water?” I said and he nodded and let.

” Bunny what are you going to use a bucket of water for huh? You witch!” She shouted.

After a while scorpion came back with a bucket of water just like I asked for. Am going to make her beg for life just like the rest of the people she killed begged for life.

I forced her head inside the bucket of water and she started struggling for breath. After a while I brought her head out of the water and she started coughing out water crying.

I forced her head back inside the water and and this time she was even struggling more than before.
I brought her head out I was about doing it again when Kyle stopped me and immediately the door opened and a lady and the police came in.

Immediately Molly saw the lady are face lit up.

” Rita thank God you are here please help me?” Molly said.

” Am sorry Molly, I am detective Rita Ben and your under arrest for the murder of Miss Milly Johnson and attempt murder of Mrs comfort Johnson and Miss Bunny Andrew you have every right to remain silent now men take her away.” She said and some police men handcuffed her covered her face and took her into the police van.
(Written ɓƴ Victoria Peter📚)

Lots of things has happened.
Molly was changed to court and was sentenced to death by hanging.

Molly’s mum was really sad because she doesn’t have a child anymore, but later they found out that Lisa is the daughter of Mr Johnson’s best friend.

Mrs Johnson adopted Lisa and Rio her brother as her children, Lisa got married to John. It was actually a court marriage since it was a tradition in John’s family for them to engage in court marriage.

Kate and Jude also got married in a church, Bunny was actually her maid of honor while Kyle Jude’s best man. The wedding was actually a blast.

Mr Fred gave his daughter three estates and a free trip to any country of there Choice for there honeymoon.

Kyle and Bunny got married too.
And the marriage was really a blast people all over the world came for there marriage.

“Austin! Austin! Where is that little rascal of mine.”

“Yes mummy am here come get me.” He said.

This is the problem I have been facing since my son turned two years this month.

” Daddy !”

“Yes big guy, how are you doing?” Kyle said carrying him on his arm.

I have a troublesome son, a lovely and caring husband , a mother and father in-law that loves me so much.

A crazy mother i love so much.
A sister in-law and a friend that cares about me.

What else do a crazy woman like me ask for😊😊




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