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July 30, 2021


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My daughter’s crazy nanny batch 2

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Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)

Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚




🍆 KYLE 🍆
Immediately my Bella and iron lady left my phone rang and I checked the caller ID, and it was my mum.

Oh god now am sure she has seen the video and she, wants to laugh at me.

I ignored the call, for a little while when I saw she didn’t want to give up I had to pick up the call.

📲“ Hey mum, how are you doing?” 📲

📲“ Am good son and your wound.” 📲

📲“ mum you called me to laugh at me go ahead.” 📲

📲“ Anyway am going to come over next week to see the lovely lady that helped me teach my son some manners.” 📲

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And immediately she hang up, my daughter and her nanny came in and my jaw dropped.

What’s this lady teaching my daughter, immediately they came in the so called nanny I mean iron lady.

Dropped my credit card on the table, I wanted to talk but the look she gave me, that made me shut my mouth.

I looked at Bella and she gave me a look that says, dad your scrued.

After we took breakfast i and Bella started talking about lot of things.

We heard a car horn and a lady wearing a skimpy outfits, walked in , immediately she saw me she came to my direction.

“ Hey Bella baby how are you doing?” she asked but Bella just hissed at her and face the TV.

“ And hey you, you must be the new nanny am actually Kyle fiancee so know your boundaries.” She said and i pretended like she was talking to me.

The truth is I want her to do something stupid so I and Bella will give her the beating of her life.

Is actually a plan between Bella and I.
She told me a lot about her, so she had to post our picture on Instagram and put that caption.

Bella said she was going to come to the house to look for my trouble so Kyle will fire me.

Immediately i ignored her a hot slap landed on my cheek, and guess our plans went well.

I angrily stood up from my chair and landed a hot slap on her cheek.

The slap made her loose balance and she fell flat on the floor.

“ Bella baby get me the mixed flour.” I said and she rushed into the kitchen, actually is a mixture of flour and egg.

I ropped it all over her body while bella sat down laughing, immediately i looked up I saw Kyle sitting on the sofa, videoing us with his phone.

And I had to make his video more fun.
So I asked Bella to go get me my bag of weapons.

When she brought the bag and I brought out a razor blade and used it on her hair.

I gave her a very beautiful hair cut.
She was busy crying her eye out, when I was done I carried her on my shoulder to her car.

“ Hey Mr are you her driver.” I asked him.

“ Yes any problem pretty Miss.”

“ No not at all, can you help me take her home.”

“ Yes why not.”

I took her inside the car cause she was already, unconscious.
I close the door of the car and the driver zoomed off.

I smiled at myself and said.




🍆 KYLE 🍆
Immediately Molly’s driver drove off I knew dad was going to call any moment from now.

He always thinks he can boss me around, everything I have today is my struggle.

Me and my father has never been in good terms, ever since he married my elder sister off to the son of one of his business partners.

The bastard beat up my pregnant sister to the point of death, he watched her bleed and yet he did nothing.

When i got there I saw my sister half dead, so I rushed her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed she lost the baby, and she had to undergo surgery.

My sister reviewed that he has been maltreating her ever since they got married and she has been telling dad about.

Unfortunately for me, she died on the surgery desk. And since then my late sister’s husband and my dad has been my rivals.

I even filed my baby sister Kate to England to stay away from my dad, when he couldn’t reach my sister he came to me saying he wants me to get married to his best friend’s daughter.

I started dating Milly, Milly is actually Molly’s twin sister. I fell in love with her and she loved me too.

But I noticed Molly was never in support of our relationship, but her sister didn’t care.

Not until that faithful day she was coming to see me cause I wanted to introduce her to my daughter Bella.

She was attacked by some gun men, and she was shot dead. After another person i cared so much for died like that, I stopped believing in love.

I became a playboy and I love it, after a month Milly dead father said Molly was going to replace her and I refused. So am sure she’s dating my dad not me.

I have been looking for someone to deal with Molly for me, god I thank you for bringing iron lady into my life.

I clicked on the video again, and it started playing Bella ran to my chair and we watched the video together laughing our ass out.

“Dad why don’t you send the video to aunty Kate, you know how much she wants to see someone beat Molly.” I winkled at her and she let out a shy smile.

I immediately sent the video to Kate via WhatsApp, after a little while a text message came into my phone.

🗨️❣️“ Lol big brother, you made my day. So is true crazy Bunny is Bella’s new nanny.”💌

🗨️💝“ Yes Kate and I swear that lady is crazy indeed she actually gave me the beating of my life this morning.”😢💌

🗨️❣️“ Lol Kyle your something else, please I want to come visit you next week please.🙏”💌

🗨️💝“ Okay sure lil sis bye.”💌

🗨️❣️“ Thanks Kyle your the best, bye.”💌

I logged into my Instagram account and posted the video, with a caption.




Immediately i posted it in less than 2 minutes, I had more than two million views.

And a million comment.

I clicked on the comment section and people were saying things like.

👥“ Lol!!!! That serves her right.😂”

👥“ Thanks crazy Bunny, we love you.❣️”

👥“ I so much hate Molly she so proud and arrogant.😒”

I was busy enjoying myself when my dad called, I picked up the call and placed the phone on my left ear.

📲“ what’s the meaning of that nonsense Kyle?”📲

📲“ what nonsense are you talking about dad cos, I do lot of nonsense like f**king, eating pu**y and lot more. So which of them are you talking about?” 📲

I looked up only to see my daughter’s nanny laughing her ass out.

📲“ Kyle what did your daughter’s stupid nanny do to my daughter in-law.” 📲

📲“ Oh I always knew you Mr Fred to be a womanizer, I don’t even know what my lovely mum saw in a heartless man like you. Oh so you have a son else where you married Molly to, cos if the son your talking about is me then, your mistaking because I can never married someone as ugly as Molly. Come on dad that girl looks like an idiot.” 📲

📲“ Kyle as your father am ordering you to fire that your daughter’s stupid nanny, I will personally hire a new nanny for her.” 📲

📲“ Am sorry to disappoint you Mr Fred, this is my house not your I make orders here not you, I say who get fired and who will be hired, so am not firing no body, come on Mr Fred I have actually seen someone who will help me take good care of Bella and Molly too, so bye Mr Fred.” 📲

I said and hang up.
“ what nonsense, this heartless man is trying to order me around in my own house he must be out of his mind.”

☕️ MR FRED ☕️
I was still talking with Fred on the phone when he hang up the phone on me.


What is this boy turning into?

“ Emily! Emily! ” I called my wife.

Actually my wife I use to be the love of her life, everything I have today without her, we wouldn’t have it. But the lovely wife I got married to, died the very day my first child Ella died.

She changed over me and doesn’t even care if am human or not.

I know my daughter’s death is partially my fault, she never stop telling me about the abuse she gets from Patrick, but I needed the contact so much that I let my daughter die.

I have never seen Kate my last child for the past 5 years now, and I must say am hurt.

Is not that am happy am forcing my son to marry Molly but am feeling guilty of Milly’s death what if is one of my enemies that killed her.

That’s the only way I can compensate my best friend for the loss of his daughter.

“What is it Mike am trying to get some sleep.” my wife said sounding annoyed.

“Have you seen the video Kyle posted on Instagram, huh? That boy is getting out of hand.” I said and she just hissed and brought out her phone.

Immediately she started laughing.

“ Emily what’s funny?” I asked her.

“ This is the best comedy show I have watched in years. Oh god I need to follow her on Instagram.” she said walk inside the bedroom.

“ I think I will have to follow her too, cos I won’t lie i laughed when I was watching it .”😝😝



What happened to me today has never happened before, no one has ever disgraced me like this before.

How can I let someone beat me to this exact, just look at my hair.

I pretended to be unconscious so she will leave me and it worked.

Who does she think she is?

Kyle is mine and know one, I repeat know one will take him away from me.

I think I need to call my spy, she needs to help me get ride of Bunny.

So I took my phone and dialed Lisa’s number, she picked up at the first ring.

📲 Hello Lisa I need you to do me a little Favour, do maids serve food to Bella’s new nanny? 📲

📲 Yes ma’am, we do serve her food it an order from sir Kyle. 📲

📲 Good I want you to help me get ride of that stupid nanny and I want the job done to night, because am coming for a condolences visit tomorrow. Is that understood? 📲

📲 Yes ma’am, but you haven’t sent my payment for the month. I really need the money. 📲

📲 Immediately i hang up this call you will see the alert, am actually doubling your money so make sure you do a good and clean job. 📲

📲 Okay ma’am bye. 📲

📲 Bye 📲

I said and hang up.
I let out an evil smile, get ready Molly tomorrow your going for a condolences visit.

I heard someone clapping and when I looked up it was my mom.

Oh my god!!

Hope she wasn’t here all this while I was making the call.

“Nice work Molly, just know one thing I know you kill my daughter, so you could marry her fiancée and it worked for you.”

“I just pray this person your trying to kill this time to be your dome.” She said I walked out.

And I swear I because very scared, if mother knows i killed Milly then she’s actually an obstacle to my success in making Kyle to be mine.

As much as it pains me to do this I need to take mum out of the way.

So I took my phone and dialed one of my gun men, he picked up after a little while.

📲 I need you to help me kill someone. 📲

📲 That’s what I do, so who is it this time Miss Molly. 📲

📲 I will send you every detail about here okay. 📲

📲 Then bye for now. 📲

📲 Okay bye 📲

Am sorry mum, but you have to go.

I was at Lisa’s door when she made the call with her so called boss.

I went straight to Kyle’s room and he was on call . Actually he was arranging for the bitch he’s going to f**k to night.

He has lucks that I have Lisa to deal with tonight if not he and the so called bitch his f**king tonight will see house wat part 2.

“Hello fuckboy you have a spy in your house and your here arranging for a bitch to fuck, Mr Kyle Fred who does that?” I yelled at him.

He just looked at me and smiled seductively, “so if I don’t arrange for who to fuck will you let me fuck you then” is this guy crazy.

I kicked him in the forbidden zoon am he screamed in pain.
“Are you nuts? Fuck who? Me?”

“Let me see what you will use to fuck the bitch your ordered for tonight?”

I said and left his room leaving him in pain.
Actually he has lucks i have better things to do, if not he would have been a dead chicken ready to be slaughtered.

IDOT !!!!!


I woke up looking happy, because I have someone to deal with today.

I took my phone and played my favorite music and that was PRESS by cardi b.

That rapper gat the vibes.

I catwalked into the bathroom and striped off my clothes and stepped into the shower.

I enjoyed the feeling of the cold water running down my body.

After that I wrapped a towel around my body and stepped out of the bathroom.

I applied my body lotion and dress up in a very big long hand clothes and wore a bum short.

I went downstairs and sat down on the dinning table, waiting for my pray after a little while she came with my food I guess.

“Ma’am your food is ready.”

” Okay are you the one who prepared this food?”

“Yes ma’am any problem.”

” No not at all but please can you thirst this food?”




She shouted and I smiled at her.

M…m.. ma’am but the food is yours” she stammered.

I know the food is mine but, I didn’t ask you to eat all the food you I said just thirst the food is that a big deal?” I said with a smile plasted on my face.

She immediately got on her knees and started begging me with tears in her eyes.

“Please ma’am don’t send me to jail, everything am doing is because of my small brother.”

“Our parents died long time ago, leaving me with my small brother I had to do everything I could so we could survive, of cause except killing someone.”

“Not until three years ago when my brother started suffering from leucemia, the doctor said he has to be sent aboard for surgery but I didn’t have any money with me.”

“So I had to do this spying for Miss Molly.” And I must say I felt pity for her, I was about saying something when I was interrupted by Kyle.

” Lisa that’s your name right.” Kyle asked.

“Y…..yes sir.”

“I want you to do me a favor?”

“I will do anything sir.”

“I want you to send back all the money Molly has given to you, right now don’t worry about your brother’s surgery fees will pay. In less than few minutes my private driver is going to take you to the hospital where your brother is, you get him and then go straight to the airport.”

“Now do as I have said .” he said

She immediately ran into her room in the maids quoter to get her phone.

And after a while she came back and sent back the money to her, Kyle too her phone and smashed it on the ground and gave her a new phone.

She was so happy and I was too.
I just felt like giving this he-goat a kiss right now.

After a little while the driver drove into the compound and Kyle and Lisa started moving out of the sitting room.

“Hey Lisa. Is Molly coming here today because I really did someone to deal with.”

“Yes ma’am she is, around 5 o’clock.”

“Thanks Lisa but please enough of the ma’am, just call me Bunny.”

“Okay ma’am….I mean Bunny.”

“That’s preferable, save trip.” I said and they drove off.

After a while it was already time to go bring Bella back from school.

So I called the driver and we drove off to Bella’s school.

I swear today is going to be fun…😋😋
🍆 KYLE 🍆
After what iron lady did to me last night, I couldn’t f**k because my d**k was on fire I had to use ice on it.

Image the almighty Kyle Fred couldn’t f**k last night because I had a disfigured d**k.

This morning, I remembered what iron lady told me last night about Molly putting a spy in my house.

That lady but be nuts to think I won’t find, of cause if not for iron lady I won’t have known I have a spy in my house.

I took my phone and went downstairs to have another comedy series, but I felt pity for the Lisa girl. The poor girl has been through a lot.

So I had to render a helping hand.
When we got to the hospital, I payed for her remaining balance and took her 13 years old brother to the car and we drove straight to the airport.

Lisa and her brother went into one of my private jet, I had to ask John my best friend to go with them and he agreed without hesitation.

I knew he has always had eye on Lisa.
The jet took of and then, I drove back home.

I wanted to go to work today, but since iron lady has a comedy show to who am I to miss it.
🍓 KATE 🍓
Today I woke up happy.
But I actually don’t know the reason why am so happy today god knows.

You guys may not know me so a little introduction will do.

Am Kate Fred, 23 years old.
Am the last daughter of Mr Fred the popular business tycoon….

Kyle is actually my elder brother and he actually pampers me like an egg.

Molly and Milly her twin sister and I use to be friends in highschool.

But Molly was more close to me than Milly, Milly always told how much of a bad person her twin sister is but I never believed her.

Not until that faithful day, I went to visit my boyfriend Jude and saw him and Molly on the bed having sex.

That day was the worst day of my life, and from that day Molly because my rivals.

I was happy when my brother was betrothed to Milly and not Molly, and I also know she has as hand in her sister’s death.

Anyway let me live that story for another day.

I borded a flight going to Las Vegas and after few hours we arrived, how I so much miss this place.

I called my brother to send a driver to come pick me up and after a while the driver arrived and we took off.

Crazy Bunny here I come!!!!!
I was dressed since 2 o’clock waiting for it to get to 5 o’clock to reach so I can go for the condolences visit.

I wore a red short gawn that barely covered my ass.
Am not as sexy as the stupid nanny nor my twin sister or even Kate my sister in-law.

So I had to go for a plastic surgery and it worked for me at least am a little sexy now.

My hair refused to grow since, that stupid nanny attacked me so am actually wearing an artificial hair [weg ].

🌳 Story by Victoria Peter🌳

I looked at the clock and saw it was already 5 o’clock so I took my car keys and left the house and actually driving today.

Kyle baby am on my way!!!



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