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July 24, 2021


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My daughter’s crazy nanny batch 1

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🍨 My
Daughter’s 🍨
Crazy nanny🍨
(🍦The playboy
has a daughter🍦)

Wr̃ittën ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚

Genre: comedy and romance

🍹 Prologue


She is beautiful !

She is hot !

She is clumsy!

She is crazy !

She loves baby sitting !

Who is she? 🤔

Meet Bunny Andrew, a 22 years old lady who lives in a street in Las Vegas…

She is known in the whole Street because of how troublesome and crazy she is.

Even her dressing will tell you how crazy she really is.

She a girl who was trained by her single mother, a widow who lost her husband two days before Bunny was born.

He is handsome !

He is hot !

He is grumpy !

He is a playboy !

Meet Kyle Fred, one of the youngest billionaire in Las Vegas……

He is handsome and has one of the biggest companies in Las Vegas, called KYLE FRED EMPIRE.

He is every lady’s dream man..

What happens when the grumpy billionaire playboy, mistakenly splash mud water on crazy Bunny and receives the beating of his life.

What happens when his daughter new nanny becomes, the crazy Bunny the first lady to give him the beating of his life.

And he is determined to get his revenge.

Will Bunny’s stay in the house be fun?

Or will it be miserable like Kyle want?

Only one way to find out…




I was enjoying my beauty sleep when I heard a familiar sound…

I decided to forget about it and continue with my lovely sleep but to surprise the stupid sound even got louder, than before.

I forcefully opened my eyes to see the nonsense disturbing me from my lovely sleep.
And to my surprise it was an alarm.

God just kill me already.
Am 100% sure I didn’t set this alarm.

I swear my mum is the most annoying person on planet earth.
How can she set my alarm when I told her not to.

I angrily took the alarm and hit it on the wall and throw it away from the window.

I clapped my hands together dramatically, showing job done I smiled in satisfaction.

I was about lying back, when I heard mum shouting my name the truth is my mum is as crazy as I am. but as the saying goes the Apple never falls far from it trees.

To avoid any of mum’s madness stood up from the comfort of my lovely bed.
I went to the birthroom to take am bath.

Introduction time.

I’m Bunny Andrew, and am 22 year old I finished highschool last two years and my poor mother couldn’t afford the money to sponsor me through college.

But guess what i love it.
I don’t even like the idea of going to school am a very smart girl, am even more intelligent than my teachers back then in highschool.

Am a good definition of beautiful + clumsiness + craziness + hotness =🤔🤔

I think I will leave you guys to solve Bunny’s arithmetics.

I prefer not going to college and getting a decent job.
And guess what my own view of decent job is?

Babysitting 😋😋 I love that so much.
I just applied for a nanny job online for a 5 years old kid.

And I hope I get hired.

For now am working in a restaurant not so far from my house.

I took my bath and stepped out from the birthroom, took my hair dryer and dried up my hair.

And packing my hair two sided, according to the colours.
Yeah I actually dyed my hair blue and pink and packing it two sided makes me look like trouble itself.

After that I opened my closet to pick a cloth to wear.
After a while I settled for a blue long hand crop top and blue pants.

After putting on the cloth, I wasn’t satisfied so I picked a pink short hand crop top and pink short sport skirt.

I wore the skirt on making it a long pant trouser and a short sport skirt, funny right.

I wore the short hand pink crop top on top of the long hand crop top.

I wore a white snickers and a white whist bags.

I smiled at my reflection on the mirror and said to myself ” Bunny your good to go”

And I walked at of my room and snicked out of the house to avoid mum’s nagging.

🍆 KYLE 🍆
I opened my eyes to see the bitch I f**Ked last night still on the bed and that got me really angry.

I looked at the time and saw it was already 7 o’clock in the morning, she even passed out last night while I was still f**king her.

I got more angry at the thought of that.
I tapped her.

“Hey bitch, will you get your sluty self out of my bed you bitch.” Immediately she woke up she put on her clothes quickly and then said to me.

“Mr Kyle my money?”

“Oh you want money huh? When you couldn’t even take me up to an hour.” I said looking at her disgustingly.

“Anyway go to John he will give you your money.” I said and she left.

I rushed to the birthroom to take by bath because I was already late for walk.

After talking my bath, I dressed up in a red sult too my car keys I went downstairs.

I saw my daughter Annabella, and immediately i knew I was in for trouble.

“Dad when is my new nanny coming .” She asked calmly.

I guess she is in a good mood today.

“Today princess.”

I got inside my Benz and drove off.

I’m Kyle Fred the youngest billionaire in the whole of Las Vegas.
I’m grumpy and rude.

I am actually a man whore, I don’t think I can survive a day without sex.

I have a beautiful daughter called Annabella.

I accidentally splashed mud water on a very crazy looking lady, she rushed to me and said.

“Mr what the meaning of this?” She said looking at me angry.

And before I could say a word she gave me a slap that made me blind and deef for 5 minutes.

She dragged me out of the car and gave me the beating of my life.

How can a lady’s hand be so hard like an iron.
After she beat me to her satisfaction, she smiled and said.

” Hello Mr grumpy, heavens saved you I just received a test that I got a job and need to come now if not I would have given you more beaten.”

“So next time when you see trouble you run.”

She kicked me in the forbidden zoon, I groaned in pain she just flagged down a cab and left.

“I swear I will deal with you.” I shouted while she just stock out her tongue for me and the cab zoom off.



After giving the grumpy stranger the beating of his life, I flagged down a cab and went back home.

I heard Mr grumpy saying he was going to deal with me.

Deal with who? Crazy Bunny?
He don’t know his playing with fire, and you most know what happens to a person that trys to play with fire right.

He just ruined my perfect outfit.😒😒
When the cab stopped in front of our house I payed the cab man and came down from the cab.

Oh god please don’t let mum be at home.
Am just not ready for any problems now.

I opened the front door and I saw mum sitting down on the sofa in the living room, watching the news.

Immediately she saw me, she angrily stood up for her sit and pulled my ear.

Yes my mum loves seeing me screaming my lungs out.

“Mum what did I do this time huh? Please mum let go of my ears it hurts like f**k.” I cried.

“Oh Bunny it hurts huh? Why did you beat up that cute innocent gentle man?” She said squeezing my ears the more.

“But mum he ruined my dress.”

“What dress? Bunny Andrew you actually call this thing your wearing a dress.” She let go of my ears and held her head like someone having a headache.

“Mum let forget about that stupid jerk, guess what mum you know I applied for a nanny job online.” I said and she nodded her head smiling.

“They asked me to come now for the interview, so I need to go and change my clothes and start going.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get going you idiot.”

I ran upstairs to my room, went straight to the birthroom took a quick shower.

After that I wrapped my body with a towel and came out of the birthroom.

I opened my closet and picked a pink transparent leggings, and a pink transparent long hand crop top.

I picked another blue baggy short, and a blue baggy top.
I wore the transparent leggings on and then wore the baggy short on top.

After then, i wore the transparent long hand crop top and the baggy top on top of it.

I wore the white snickers and whist bags.

I took my phone and left the house, thank god mum was busy in the kitchen so I used that opportunity to sneak out.

I ordered my ride to the address, I saw in the job description the cab stopped in a very beautiful mansion.

Oh my god!!!!!

The house was paradise on earth.

I immediately payed the cab man and walked majestically into the house.

The gate man was a man in his late fifties.
He looked at me from head to toe and gave me a lovely smile.

“Young lady I guess your here for the job.” He said and I nodded smiling.

“Okay then you have to enter the line.” I thanked him and entered the line, I guess today is going to be a long day.


🍆 KYLE 🍆
After the iron lady left, I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. After a while of trying I stood up and walk gently to the car.

I got a notification from my Instagram page, and when I unlocked it, it was a video of iron lady beating the hell out of me.


How is it possible?
I saw no one videoing the incident, so how come?

I promise am going to deal with that lady, but I most confess she extremely beautiful and hot.

And am sure she’s going to thirst well in bed.
Am just imagining myself f**king her doggy style.

I licked my lips at the thought of that.
Please god I never wonna come across iron lady in my life.

I took my phone and called John my personal assistant and best friend.

And told him to come take me home.
After a while he arrived and immediately he saw me he started laughing his lungs out.

“What’s so funny John?” I asked him looking angry.

“Sorry dude but you really need to watch that video, it actually the best comedy video I have seen in months.”

“Guess what i even followed her on Instagram, she very hot and pretty.” He said.

“Just take me home.” I said.

The journey home was actually a boring one John never stop picking on me.

When I got home immediately my crazy daughter saw me, she started laughing. Some times I wonder if she’s actually 5 years old or 25 years old.

I just left her and went upstairs to my room.
After talking my bath, I changed into a causal wear and came downstairs for the interview.

My daughter was sitting close to me, while I did the interview. after a while it was time to interview the last person.

I was already looking frustrated because Bella kept regretting, the ladies saying what they wore was too short.

Or that they winkled at me, which is true anyway.
Immediately the last person came in, I nearly fell from my chair.

“Hi pretty Miss, your the lady that beat up my dad right?” Annabella my daughter asked her smiling.

“Yes baby, and I guess your happy about it?” Iron lady replied.

” Yes nanny, what?” Bella asked, but wait a minute don’t tell me she has already chosen iron lady as her nanny.😳😳😭

“Nanny Bunny.” Iron lady replied.

“Nanny I want to start dressing like you.” Bella said smiling shyly.

All this while they behaved like I wasn’t there.

“Okay baby, why don’t we go shopping.” Iron lady said.

My daughter shouted, iron lady took he hand and they began walking out of my office.

Immediately they got to the door, iron lady stop and then turned to look at me smiling.

“Nice to meet you AGAIN Mr grumpy.” She said and they left.

God please save me in the hands of this lady.



I know you guys may not know me so I need to introduce myself.
I am Annabella Fred and am 5 years old.

Am the daughter of the city sweetheart and playboy Kyle Fred, sometimes I wonder if he is truly my dad because our characters are very different.

I have asked dad countless times who my mum is, he will just hiss and say to me “Bella baby let’s not talk about your mum she’s dead and she a bitch.”

The first time he said that to me, I cried my eyes out so I had to ask grandma and she said my mum was one of dad’s flex and she died while delivering.

And guess what i just don’t care.
I wasn’t in the mood to talk to dad this morning because I was actually angry with him.

He brought a lady home last night and am not angry he brought a lady home and just angry they don’t mind there business.

They are always trying to get my attention, maybe make me like them so my dad can get married to them.

Over my dead body will I let my dad marry a prostitute. The worst of them all is my dad’s so called fiancee.

She’s always wearing skimpy outfits and throwing herself to my dad, but guess what dad hates her so much and I like it.

A notification came into my phone and when I clicked on it, it was on my Instagram page.

Surprised right, yeah I actually have an Instagram account with over 2 million followers.

So when I clicked on it, it was a video of my dad being beaten up by a pretty lady and I nearly laughed my ass out.

Immediately i fell in love with this lady.

I was so happy when she came for the nanny interview, I told her I love the way she dress and she offered to take me shopping.

We actually took dad’s credit card, I know you guys maybe wondering how we did it, nanny Bunny is actually a genius.

Where has she been all my life, i have always wanted someone to help me prank dad, all the maid in this house are so stupid and am sure dad has slept with all of them.

Nanny Bunny took me to the mall and she bought lost of clothes like hers, including whest bags and lot more.

After that she took me to a salon and they died my hair pink and blue, just like hers and also packed it two sided.

When we where done the driver took us to nanny Bunny’s house so she can get her clothes.

Immediately her mum saw me she ignored nanny and we started talking about cartoon series.

I was very surprised how a woman in her late fifties will know so much about cartoon series.

When nanny finished packing her clothes, she took me to her room and we to our bath in the bathroom.

We wore a corporate brown baggie joggas with a white crop top and brown jacket. A red canvas and red hair band and red whest bags.

Immediately we came downstairs nanny Bunny’s mum’s jaw dropped.

“ What the hell are you two wearing?”

“It a fashion outfits” I said , she just shacked her head and said.

“Two of you should just leave my house.” we ran out of the house laughing.

We got into the car and the driver on the car, and we zoomed off.

“Dad here I come.”

I was sitting on the sofa in my bedroom with a cigarette in between my fingers.

I love the feeling the smoke gives me.
I was enjoying myself when a call came into my phone.

I checked the caller ID and it was one of my spys in Kyle’s house, if I ignore every call not a call that connects my Kyle.

So I picked up the call and placed the phone on my ear.

📲“ Hello ma’am.” 📲

📲“ Speak up.” 📲

📲“ Okay ma’am, the nanny interview was today and Mr Kyle has already chosen a nanny for his daughter.” 📲

📲“ how is she? Is she pretty and hot?” 📲

📲“ I may not give you the type of reply you want ma’am, so I suggest you watch the viral video on the net, because she’s actually the lady that beat Sir Kyle up this morning.” 📲

📲“ Okay keep a close watch on the new nanny okay.” 📲

📲“ Okay ma’am bye for now.” 📲

📲“ bye.” 📲
I said and hang up.

I immediately went to the news net and clicked on the video and my jaw dropped.

Is she a human or a robot, she looks exactly like a Barbie doll.
How can someone be this pretty.

Oh my god, what if Kyle falls in love with her.
What if his already in love with her.

Immediately a notification came into my phone, I clicked on it and it was a post from Kyle’s daughter Bella.

It was a picture of her am her new nanny.
It had a caption saying.


Immediately i saw the post my anger rose, she even tagged her dad and nanny.

Why can’t she just tag me, huh?

It was a post she posted 5 minutes ago and she already has 500 thousand Likes and 109 thousand comment.

I clicked on the comments, and people were saying things like.

👥 Awww nice looks baby Bella❤️

👥Awww baby Bella so cute💖

👥 OMG is that not my craxy Bunny😱

👥My craxy Bunny are you sure your not baby Bella’s mom😍

I got more angry, so I clicked on the so called nanny’s Instagram page and my jaw dropped.

She has over 60 million followers while am
still struggling with 3 million followers.

Even Kyle has hit 700 million followers.

No this can’t be happening.
I need to pay my dear fiancee a visit.

Little introduction am Molly Johnson and am 23 years old……….
Am the fiance of the city sweetheart Kyle Fred and can do anything to have him.

I when I say anything I mean every bit of it.
Anyway enough of the introduction I need to pay my fiancee a little visit.😉😉



I think I already hate this Molly of a girl!!😒😒

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