My cute crush episode 7 – 9



She sigh and looked at me. ” Lastly be careful”. She looked really serious.

“Why? Is something wrong?”. I asks. Damn! I felt so nervous Instantly as I hand fan myself.

“Because all his previous personal maids didn’t last long at all”. She says. I g@sped.

“Huh?.” I looked at her with wi-de-ned eyes.

“I mean, he s£nt each of them away at any little mistakes”. Monica says.

Oh! I thought it was something else.

“Oh…. OK.” I say having nothing to reply.

“Yeah so this is his room” she says pointing at the door in front of us.

She continued. “Anyway it’s locked and that’s because he isn’t back yet. Only the young master has the key to his room. He’ll be around today”. She says.

“Uhm okay Monica, thanks a lot “. I say. She nodded and left.

I can’t believe am a personal maid to a guy who gets annoyed at little mistake. Gosh am troublesome. I hope he gets use to me………



Finally am home!, I got sick of Mom calls. Yeah she thinks am not gonna make it.

Immediately I packed in, two dumb maids walked towards me.

“Welcome young master, we all have being expecting you Sir”. The first one says. I don’t even know her, they are so many maids in this house. Gosh I can’t even stand any of them.

“Yeah whatever”. I say, I threw my car key at the other one who has been blu-shing ha-rd . Fool

“Bring in my luggage and be fast about it”. I say and walked away.

Hmm, Dad really did a lot on this house, it looks more fabulous than before.

I got inside, I couldn’t sp©t Mom or Dad. Who cares! They might be at their various work place. I nee-d to take a quic-k bath and rest. Am home anyways.

Mr Williams


I and my wife Rose got home late and was welcomed by all the maids. Henry……, he should be home by now.

I have no idea why he doesn’t want to take over my companies , he is the only heir to my properties. He is just so reluctant. I can’t even control him as a father anymore.

Am Williams Ricardo, my father was a wealthy and a successful business man. I just have to convince Henry some how so he can take over some of my companies, he is so stubborn. I just want the best for him, nothing else.

No matter what happens, I nee-d to make my son change his bad behaviors. His attitude is becoming worst everyday….


The bright morning sun woke me up from my sleep, it’s Saturday. I can’t believe I sle-pt long, I didn’t get to eat dinner, I guess I still can’t believe am actually at home. I stood up from my be-d and went to downstairs. Am not sure Mom and Dad knows am around.

I heard laughter as I was climbing the staircase, Mom’s at it again!. She laughs at every little jokes. Dad is pretty good at ma-king her laugh.

I stood still and watched them from the stairs. The laugher died down immediately they felt my pres£nce.

I sigh and placed my hands in my pocket and went closer to the dinning table.

“Good morning mom”. I sat down opposite dad. I sigh and looked at him. “And Dad”. I say

“Morning son. How was your night?”. Mom says with a warm smile.

Dad looks really mad, yeah I didn’t inform them I was around yesterday.

I got interrupted by dad as I wanted to give mom a reply. “And why didn’t you inform us when you got home?”. Dad says. He sipped his wine expecting a reply.

“Because I didn’t felt like”. I shrug as I avoided his gaze on me.

Am really not in the mood for any argument. I mean what’s the big deal if I decided not to inform them, at least they knew I was coming home since they f0rç£d me to.

Mom sighed and t©uçhed dad’s hands. “It’s fine dear. plea-se…., he is home now”. She smiled and faced me.

“Welcome honey, we’ve missed you son”.

“Yeah. Don’t care”. I replied rudely.

Dad shakes his head sideways clearly annoyed with the way I spoke to mom. But who cares?.

“We’ve got you a personal maid. Learn how to live a normal life”. Dad says.

I almost choked on my meal. WTF!!? A personal maid?? Not again! They’ve got to be kidding me.


I woke up early today cause I don’t wanna be late. I did my normal routine, brushed my teeth, took my bath and wore a peach straight go-wn.

I looked at my left and found the white sandals Sophie gave me on my 18th birthday. I miss her a lot.

Minutes later. I and mom got re-ady to go, we took a cab and got there in time. The Williams Mansion.

We both went to the dressing room and changed our normal outfits.

“Are you okay Ella?, you have been quiet since we got here”. Mom says. She looks worried. Yeah am nervous. I haven’t even seen the young master yet.

“Am fine mom”. I say.

“If you say so. I’ll be in the kitchen. The young master should be around”. Mom says. She k!$$£d my forehead and left.


I sigh and sp©tted Monica coming towards me. “Hey…!”. I waved at her.

“Hi Ella. I have been looking for you. The family nee-ds your attention”. She says.


“Yeah. You know they haven’t even seen the maid they got for their son”.


Monica looked at me and smiled warmly. “Nervous huh?”.

“Yeah”. I nod and bit my lowerl-ip.

She chuckles and leads me to the dinning room.

“Sir, ma’am. She is here”. Monica says. She nudges my shoulder with an as-suring smile.

“You can leave”. Mr William says to Monica. She bows and leaves.

The man who I as-sume to be the young master didn’t even bother to look at my direction. He looks pretty young, I expected him to be at his early thirties. I swallowed to nothing and greets them.

“Good morning sir and ma’am”. I say. I looked closely at my boss’s wife, she looks familiar.

Mr William smiled. He was about to say something when he got interrupted by his wife. “Hey, are you the beautiful lady who saved my life from that crazy man?”. She says .

Oh now I remember. I nod and smiled.

When the word ‘beautiful’ was mentioned, the young master raised his head up and looked at me from head to toe and frowns. He kept staring at me like he is trying to recollect something.

Gosh!. I know him! He is that cute angel I met at the club. Oh no! But he seems he has not know who I am yet.

“Mrs Rachael really did a wonderful job in bringing you here”. Mrs Williams says.

“Uhm.., she’s my Mom”.

She looked perplexed and happy. She stood up and hvgged me. That was unexpected…..

“Henry, son, she is Ella your personal maid. Be nice to her and you ain’t firing her no matter what happens”. Mrs William says.

Wait what?

“Nice meeting you dear. My wife told me how br@ve you were “. Mr William says.

OK They both look happy except Henry.

Henry scoffs and stood up. He hasn’t even finished his meal. He turned to them and looked at me with an evil sm-irk.

“Nice meeting you maid….., hope you last”. He says and climbe-d the stairs.

I hope he doesn’t remember me cause if he does. I really can’t tell what is gonna happen.

Mrs William smiled and tapped me. “He’ll get use to you. Trust me dear.”

I faked a smile and nod.




The beach looks lovely today, too bad he’s not here with me. I sigh and watched other couples having fun together.

“Hey girl. Are you thinking about your ex”. Adele asks.

“Yeah….., I still love him a lot”. Valerie hissed loud and looked at me.

“What about Ray? Don’t you love him?”.

“Forget about him okay….. For now.” I say getting mad. Why would she bring up Ray’s matter?!.

“Just chill babe”. Adele says. She hands over a cigarette to me. I took it and light it. Gosh I’ve missed smoking.

Am Clara Grande. Daughter of a s£nator, my dad is damn rich. He spoils me a lot, am worth it anyway. My mom left my dad and i when I was little, so to me my mom is dead. I hate her so much!!

Am beautiful and any guy who sets his eyes on me will not be able to resist me. Am tall, blonde haired, pointy nose and have a nice S-xy b©dy.

Adele and Valerie are my friends, their parents are rich but not compared to my dad. I love them a lot. They both keep me alive.

Memories about how I cheated on Henry flashed to me. He loved me so much, we were both in high school then. He caught me having S-x with Ray my ex . It wasn’t my fault, Ray was damn h0t.

I broke his heart. Anyways I’ll get him back no matter what happens. Henry Williams is mine and mine alone forever.

“Let’s have fun babe”. Adele squealed in excitement


Just wait for me Henry, I’ll be back.


I lost my appetite immediately I saw that filthy maid. Can’t believe mom and dad still brou-ght me a personal maid. I wonder when they’ll know am no more a kid. Although that maid looks familiar, its like I’ve met her somewhere. I don’t care anyways!.

I miss my friends, I’ll probably hang out with them later.

I heard a faint knock on my door. What does mom want now??!

I opened the door to see those big ugly eyes staring at me. How dare her!

“What do you want!?”. I snarled

“I….I uhm, am here to clean your room.” She says. She looks scared. So stupid.

“Says who?”.

“No one. It’s my duty sir.”

I sigh and thought of what mom said that I mustn’t fire her no matter what happens.fu-ck, this is torture!.

“Come in. Be quic-k”. I say. She nods and began tidying up my room

I walked out of my room cause I can’t stand ladies talk less of a common maid.


Immediately master Henry left, I re-leased the long breathe I have been holding. I was kinda scared, i wonder why am always scared whenever I sight him.

The way hisl-ips moved when he was talking to me was really cute. His cologne is worth to die for.

“Snap out of it Ella!.” My inner voice tells me.

I look around his room, wow his room is really cool and boyish. Everything is expensive here, I’d better be careful not to break anything.

I moved over to his king sized be-d, arranged his pillows and duvet well. I sp©tted a picture beside his be-d.

Curiosity made me to pick it up.

I stare at the lady with blonde hair in the picture. She is beautiful and clas-sy with the way she dressed.

I was about placing the pic back when the door knob twisted. It opened and it’s young master. Oh no!

He pocket his hands and moved closer to me.

“Why were you staring at that pic?.” He asks with a calm voice.

“I……, I was about….” He cuts me off.

“Dispose it. I don’t nee-d it anyway.” He says.

“What?”. I asks.

He frowns and pushed his hair backwards. “Are you questioning me?.”

“No sir. Am sorry. I’ll do as you say.” I bow and leave his room.

Phew!!. That was close. Why would he tell me to do away with this pic?? I wonder who the lady in this picture is to him.


Mr Williams

“Why?? Why didn’t you find them like you promised me?!.” He says.

“I tried brother, am sorry.” I cried.

“How could you? I loved you so much but you betrayed me!. Your doom is near Williams.”

“No don’t shoot me! plea-se!.” I begged.

I screamed and j£rked up sweating furiously. Rose waked up and sat straight.

“Williams what is it?.” She asks looking worried.

“Its just a nightmare. Am fine.”

“Just a nightmare???? This isn’t the first time. You have been having this same nightmare. All you do is to plead in your dreams. What is really going on Williams?.” She says.

“Am fine. Believe it or not!.”

Rose nods and goes back to sleep.

I cleaned the sweat on my forehead with the back of my hands.

Doom?? What does Smith mean??
Its just a nightmare anyways. I thought and went back to sleep.