My cute crush episode 10 & 11




It’s been a while have seen Ella, I miss her so much. Although am really busy with college stuff, i’ll visit her today.

I went to the kitchen to pick a bowl and a pack of cereal. Took a bottle of milk from the fridge, poured the milk on my cereal and munch on it.

I smiled as i sights mom. “Morning mom.”

She smiled and k!$$£d my forehead. She’s fully dressed re-ady for work.

“How was your night?.”

“Good. Not bad….” I say drawling the bad.

“Alright dear. Be good am off to work. Okay??.” She picked her purse from the couch and blew me a k!ss.

“Bye…” Mom went out. I stood up to shut the door close.

Mom is really ha-rd working, she made sure I got to college. She has never disclose who my dad is to me or anyone. I do wonder how dad looks like.

I love mom so much, she’s everything to me.

Am done with my breakfast and now it’s time to visit Ella. She’ll be at home, it’s Sunday anyways.


I got pretty mad when Ella t©uçhed my stuffs but my mood soften when it was Clara’s picture.

I had to tell her to do away with it cause I have nothing to do with that devil. She broke me really bad.



I smiled taking Clara hands in mine, I tucked her hair round her ear and k!$$£d herl-ips.

“I love you Clara”. She smiled.

“Love you more.”

She looks behind me and sm-irked. “Got to go to the restroom.”

“Sure don’t keep me waiting babe.”

Twenty minutes past, Clara isn’t back from the restroom. I got worried and stood up from the VIP chair I sat on.

I went to the ladies restroom and knocked. No one answered, I decided to barge in since she’s my girlfriend.

To my surprise I saw Clara with her ex ma-king out. They were both shocked when they noticed my pres£nce.

Tears slide down my cheeks, how could she!??

“Baby…., I…, it was…., i uhm.” She stammered.

“It’s over!.”


I dried my tears, had no idea I was crying. I’ll always despise ladies cause they ain’t trustworthy. I hate you Clara!
A call c@m£ in on my phone, I looked at the ID caller. Speak of the devil, it’s Clara.

“What do you want bit-ch?.” I ask with so much hatred.

“I still love you Henry. I want you back baby.” She cried.

I laughed. “Are you done talking?”. I ask and disconnect the call.


It’s Sunday. I woke up late cause all maids working for the Williams are always free on Sundays except the cook which is my mom. So mom’s at the Williams. Am home alone.

A text popped on my phone, its Sophie.

Sophie 📲 Hey! Am coming over. Missed you a lot, we can have girls time together!.”

I beamed with joy and replied. 📲 You just saved my as-s from boredom.

I heard knocks coming from the living room. Could that be her??. I went to get the door and it’s Sophie.

I g@sped and look at her like a ghost.
“How did you get here so fast???.”

“Is that a way of saying come in?.” She grinned.

I laughed and open the door wi-de open for her to enter.

“I miss you so much darling.” She hvgs me like a lost kid who just found her parents. I chuckle and hvgged her back.

“Miss you too”.

She sits down and drop her hand bag on the couch next to her. I smiled and sits beside her.

“Have you gotten a job?. Common tell me.” She asks really excited to know my response.


“Really…..?. What is it?.”

I bit my l!pand sigh. “A maid.” I paused and continue. “At the Williams mansion.”

“For real???. But I thought your mom doesn’t want you there cause you are….., you know… Troublesome.” She says.

“Yeah. She changed her mind.”

“Wow you are lucky.” She says.

“Lucky? How?.” I ask with a confused look.

“You’ll always get to see Henry Williams. Do you know how many girls who goes crazy just by sighting him?.” She says.

“Oh…, am his personal maid.” I added.

She wi-den her eyes and gr-abs me by my shoulder.

“Are you kidding me??!!.” She screamed.

“No. Take it easy Sophie.” I say.

“Whoa. I think I have to be a maid too Ella.” She says with a serious expression.

I look at her with a ‘are you serious?’ look. She bur-sts into laughter.

“Joking. Congrats babe.” She hvgs me. I smiled. Silly girl!

“So is he cute even if he doesn’t take his bath?.” She asks grinning ha-rd .

“Sophie! How am I supposed to answer that?!.”

“Yeah. At least he’ll get to know you have a crush on him soon.” She mutters.

“I heard that!.”

“Someone is in love…” She teases.


“Common let it out.”

“Fine! Maybe. I mean a crush.” I realize what I said and close my eyes.

“I said it! So he is your cute crush”. She chuckles.

“Yeah…” I breathe out.

Mrs Williams ( Rose)

Williams and I are at the dinning fully seated for breakfast. Mrs Rachael and some maids served us breakfast and took their leaves.

She is really a descent woman just like her daughter Ella. I nee-d to reward Ella for what she did the other day.

I smile and looked at Williams as he enjoys his meal.

“You know honey….”

“Yes dear?.” He asks wondering what am about to say.

“Don’t you think we should reward Ella in any way we can?.”

“In what way?.” He asks.

“We should ask her what she wants. And grant her request.” I suggests.

He becomes silent for a while and smiles.

“Consider it done. s£nd for her and her mom.”

“Thanks dear”.

Just then Henry comes to join us. He greets us and sits.


As I took my sit, there was an awkward silence. Mom seems happy. Wonder why.

Dad clears his throat finally breaking the silence.

“Henry.” He says


“Since I own a college, have decided you resume tomorrow.”

“K.” I say and concentrates on my meal.

“Lora!”. Mom calls.

“Yes ma’am?.” Lora answered and stood in front of us.

“Inform Mrs Rachael and her daughter Ella that I and my husband wants their attention.” Mom says.

“Yes ma’am”.


Ella’s Mom

I smiled as i watched Ella help me do the dishes. I sigh inwardly and thought of my late husband.

If Smith was alive, he would have want the best for Ella. She’s supposed to be in college studying not being a maid. It hurts a lot to see your only child being a maid for someone else. I hope things works out for good.

“Mom, are you alright?. Have been calling you.” Ella says. She looks worried, I don’t want her to feel that way.

I f0rç£d a smile. “Am fine dear” She nods and continued with the dishes.

Lora comes into the kitchen and hissed loud. What does she want now!

“What do you what Lora?”. I asks

“What would I want from you people. Anyways, ma’am wants to see both of you.” She glares at us and leaves.

“I have to teach that dog a lesson mom.” Ella says.

“Stay out of trouble Ella!. Let’s go.”

Weird. I wonder why they wants our attention.




~ Ella

I and mom stood in front of everyone, wondering why we were summoned. I stole a quic-k glance at Henry as our eyes met each other, I looked away quic-kly.

What was I thinking?.

Mr Williams clears his throat and speaks. “We called you both here because my wife suggests we should grant Ella your daughter, a request for saving my wife’s life”.

What? Really?

Mom and I faced ourselves simultaneously. Mom looks happy and shocked. I can’t believe my dreams of going to college is finally coming to reality.

“So what will that be Ella?.” Ma’am asks me.

Am speechless, I mean am super happy. “I…uhm..”. I looked at mom, she gave me a go ahead. Yeah we are both thinking of the same thing.

“I’ll be glad if my daughter gets into college”. Mom said after she noticed I am too shocked to speak.

“Is that what you want Ella?.” Mr Williams asks.

“Yes plea-se.” I said with so much excitement.

“Consider it done then. I own a college, you can resume as from tomorrow. Leave the rest to me.” Mr Williams says.

“Yeah, You both are gonna resume together. I mean you and Henry.” Ma’am says with a brief glance at young master.

What? Same college with Cutie?. I glimpsed at Henry, he is super pissed off.

He stood up as he hit the dinning table ha-rd with his fists. I flin-ched cause I didn’t see that coming.

“You guys arefu-cking me! First a personal maid now she’ll be attending the same college with me?. Are you guys doing this on purpose cause of my sins?.” Henry yells at his parents.

Whoa that was rude, how can he speak to his parents in such manner?.

Mr Williams looks furious, he wanted to take action on Henry but ma’am st©ps him from doing such.

“Its fine sir. plea-se don’t bother anymore.” I said feeling kinda guilty. It’s my fault they got into this argument.

“Don’t say that Ella, it’s my decision.” Ma’am turned to Henry and frowns.

“Apologize to your dad, right now!.”

“Why should i when you guys decided to help this miserable beings.” He said referring to us.

What!!?. Okay have had enough of this br@t! Am gonna teach him a lesson soon!.

“For what you just said, Ella and her mom will be living with us hence forth. So learn how to deal with that!.” Mr Williams said.

Henry eyes grew wi-de, he looked at me with so much hatred.

Mom looks surprised so am I. What is really going on here???.


“No.. Sir. Am okay if Ella makes it into college but we staying here is too much. Thank you so much. plea-se do not bother.” Mom says.

Mr Williams looked at Henry. “Have made my decision. Nothing can st©p me, mark my words son.”

He went upstairs alongside with ma’am who has a confused look.

“This isn’t over Ella. I have no idea of what you did to my parents but you are gonna regret this.” Henry snarled and left.

My heart skipped. I felt sad cause he hates me more.

“Mom, what’s just happened?”. I asks.

“Have no idea. Maybe Master Williams will gets to change his mind so let’s wait for them.”

I nod agreeing to what mom said.

Ma’am Rose

I locked our be-droom door once we got in. I looked at Williams and fold my hands.

“Honey why such decision?.” I ask. There is definitely a reason behind all what he said earlier.

He sighs as he moves closer to me. “Henry is very stubborn and rude but Ella is opposite. So I made that decision so Ella can change Henry’s attitude and that can only be possible if she lives here”. He explained.

“OK….that’s pretty smart”. I say nudging his shoulder.

“You married a smart man.” He said se-ductively.

I smiled. “But will it gonna go as planned?.”

He placed his two arms on my shoulder and looks straight into my eyes. “Trust me dear, we both want the best for Henry. So it’s gonna go as expected. Ella will have to live with us since her mom doesn’t like the idea of both of them living here. You are gonna inform them of our plans later, okay?.” He whispered.

“I’ll convince them.” I as-sured him…


Ella’s Mom

I really do not like the idea of I and my daughter living with them. I can’t just accept easily.

Ella noticed my change of mood and taps me.

“Mom are you okay?.” She asks.

“Yes dear.”

“Do they really mean what they said?.” She sounds excited.

We heard footsteps, it’s ma’am. She smiled as she approaches towards us.

“We are very sorry for ma-king master and young master get into a fight.” I said as we both lowered our head.

“Its fine. plea-se let’s have our seat”. She said.

I and Ella took our seats.

She sigh and looks at me. “You hate the idea of you and Ella living with us right?.” She asks. Ella looked at me wondering why she said that.

“Yes ma’am”.

“Just call me Rose plea-se.” She corrects. I nod. Am surprised.

“I nee-d a favor from you Mrs Rachael. I’ll be grateful if you accept.” She tells.

What??. A favor??. From me??.

I nod. “plea-se, go ahead.” I say.

She sighs again as she voiced out, “Can Ella live with us?.”

“Why exactly?.”

Am not gonna Leave Ella alone here, she nee-ds me. Am her mom.

“Henry’s attitude is getting worst. Am not even sure if we as his parents can control him any more.” She says emotionally.

I cleared my throat and asked again. “Why is Ella nee-ded here?.”

“Ella is a person with good manners so we believe she can change Henry.” She explains.

I looked at Ella. “What do you think?.” I ask.

“I don’t know ma’am. Will I and my mom still be maids here?.” Ella asks Rose.

“About that…., am gonna buy you and your mom a house. So Mrs Rachael you don’t have to be a maid anymore. And Ella you still have to be his personal maid cause in that case you guys will be close.” She says.

“What do you think Mrs Rachael?.”

“I’ll think about it ma’am.”

She frowns.

“I mean Rose.” I say as she smiles and stood up to hvg me.

“I’ll be happy if you help me. I’ll forever be grateful to you if you do.” She says in between the hvg. I withdrew and nod.

She hvgs Ella and pe-cked her cheeks.

“You both can go home, pack all your belongings cause by tomorrow you will be moving to your new home Mrs Rachael. I promise henceforth Ella becomes our responsibility. Nothing is gonna happen to her.” She said.

She faces Ella. “Ella by tomorrow you are gonna start college. So come early, okay?.”

“Yes ma’am.” Ella replied. She’s so happy.



Never knew they meant every single words they said. I was surprised that mom agreed to ma’am Rose’s request. I’d be glad to help them tho. My mind drifted to Henry’s statement

““This isn’t over Ella. I have no idea of what you did to my parents but you are gonna regret this.””

Gosh am nervous!. It’s not gonna be a easy task.

Right now, I and mom are packing our stuffs. Am packing my things to live with the Williams while mom moving to our new home given to us. I still can’t believe we were given a house.

Mom has been quiet ever since we got home.

“Mom….I’ll miss you.” I said breaking the long silence.

“I’ll miss you too dear. It’s for your college and for the best dear.”

I leaved my things and hvgged mom.

“Dear, dear, don’t cry. Big girls don’t cry.” Mom cooed.

I chuckled and dry my tears. ” you are right. Am a big girl!.”

“Promise me you’ll be good when you start living with them.”

“I promise mom. I’ll always visit you.”

“I know.”