my crush episode 140

©Sir Zach


*Shopping mall*

Glancing at the watch, Erik sighed and said “let’s go and buy.”

“Yeah,” Andy said and entered into the babies store

“Oh my god, they are too cute.” Lucas excitedly said while looking at a cute toys and kid’s clothes.

“They will look more cute on my babies.” Andy smiled and said

“Excuse me, sir, can I help you?” The manager rushed towards them and asked.

“I want every toy and every dress of this store for twins,” Andy said

“Girls or boys?” The manager asked

“Two girls.” Andy proudly said

“Dude, Amy will kill you if you won’t buy for son,” Erik whispered

Andy sighed and said “I will buy one dress and one toy. Isn’t it enough for that monster?”

Erik chuckled and said “You are unbelievable.”

*Francis mansion*

“So, how is your health?” Amy sighed and said

“Yeah, everything is normal and I am under some medications too.” Jenni smiled and said

“Don’t worry Jenni, your reports are normal last week and baby is growing healthily.” Nina patted her hand and said.

Lisa pouted her lips and said “Everyone is becoming pregnant but what about me?”

Amy chuckled and said “You should discuss this with your hubby.”

“I wish I could but that man always give me ‘it will happen honey and you shouldn’t worry’ shit.” Lisa frowned and said

Amy sighed and said “Yeah, Ryan was right, it will happen when time comes.”

“But—” Lisa covered her mouth and rushed towards washroom when she felt puckish

“Babe,” Amy shouted and about to rush towards her Nina stopped her

“You can’t rush babe,” Nina said and gestured Jenni to check Lisa out

After few minutes, Lisa came out of the washroom wiping her pale face.

“Did you eat something weird?” Amy asked

“No, I just fell weird at stomach.” Lisa sighed and said

“Here, drink this lukewarm water,” Amy said before giving her water.

“I don’t want to drink honey.” Lisa sighed and said

“Babe, what happen? Are you okay?” Nina asked

“I don’t know.” Lisa pouted her lips and said

“Babe, when was the last time you had your periods?” Nina asked

“I skipped it last month and this month- Is it because of I am pregnant?” Lisa nervously asked

“Oh my god, Am I pregnant?” Lisa jumped in excitement

“Why don’t you take the test?” Amy suggested

“But I don’t know how to.” Lisa pouted her lips and said

“Don’t worry babe, I have this Prego instrument,” Jenni said before taking it out from her handbag .

“Babe, you just have to pee and see the colour of lines.” Nina sighed and said

When Lisa nodded her head, Nina chuckled and said “Don’t worry babe, everything is going to be normal.”

“Yeah, I hope,” Lisa said before taking a deep breath

“All the best babe,” Amy said

“I hope it is positive,” Lisa said and walked towards the washroom

*One hour later*

“Why did she is taking such a long time to pee and test?” Amy frowned while glancing at the watch

“Is she scared of result?” Nina worriedly asked

“Oh god, it getting into my nerves,” Jenni said

“I think we should go and check on her. What if it is negative and she is crying?” Amy sighed and said

“Yeah babe, let’s check on her,” Nina said

“Lisa, Are you okay?” Amy asked while knocking the door

When they haven’t heard any sound, Nina panicked and said “Babe it’s okay if it is negative.”

“Yeah babe, please open the door, honey,” Amy said before banging the door

Just then Lisa opened the door and came out. Amy and others panicked when they saw her tear-stained face.

Assuming the result is negative, Amy sighed and patted her shoulder “It’s okay babe, you can always try—”

“It’s positive,” Lisa murmured

“What?” Amy nervously asked

“It’s positive.” Lisa beamed

Covering her mouth with her hands, Amy jumped in excitement and hugged her best friend.

“Oh my god, I am so happy for you.” Nina excitedly said

“I am so happy for myself too.” Lisa smiled and said

“But why did you lock yourself for one hour?” Amy asked

“I was shocked and overwhelmed honey.” Lisa sighed and said

Amy helplessly shook her head and said “we worried a lot.”

“I am sorry.” Lisa pouted her lips and said

“I think I have to visit Ryan and inform him this news.” Lisa excitedly said

“Yeah, you should do that.” Nina sighed and said

*Erica and Oliver apartment*

It’s been two hours since Oliver went outside with frustration and he hasn’t called or messaged her. Erica did try calling him but it is switched off which made her more tensed. She wanted to call Aunt Melli for help but she thought it won’t look appropriate if she takes her help every time they fight.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to try calling him for one last time when someone knocked the door.

Assuming it was Oliver, Erica rushed to open the door.

“I tried calling you-” Erica stopped saying when she saw Jason instead of Oliver at her doorstep

“You? Why the hell you came here?” Erica shouted

Jason shrugged his shoulders and said “I just wanted to see you. Is it a crime?”

Erica frowned and about to bang the door shut but Jason stopped her.

“How can you bang the door on me, honey?” Jason said

Erica frowned and snapped “I already told you that I am not your baby, honey. Don’t you get that?”

“Look Jason, I don’t want to meet you and make my Oli sad and frustrated okay. I don’t want to fuck my relation with him.” Erica started showing her disinterest in Jason

“So, oil knows about us?” Jason asked

“What do you mean by-”

Jason quickly hugged her and said “it’s okay babe, we will talk to Oliver about us.”

Erica frowned deeper and pushed him away, “What the hell-”

“It’s okay babe, you don’t have to lose hope about us,” Jason said

Not understanding what he is trying to do, Erica was about to lash him out when she looked at Oliver near the elevator.

“Oli—” Erica murmured before rushing towards him

“Oli, He is—”

Cutting her off, Oliver frowned and shouted “Enough of your shit Erica.”

“Oli, please try to understand—”

“What I should understand? Tell me, what I have to understand?” Oliver shouted

Erica pursued her lips when tears started flowing down her cheeks. She doesn’t know how Jason ended up ruining her relationship. She doesn’t know whether Oliver would trust her or not. She doesn’t know how she fucked up everything.

Oliver smirked and said “I thought it was a misunderstanding and decided to talk to you but here you are busy discussing your lovely plans with your ex-boyfriend. No, let me correct it, your present boyfriend right?”

Erica vigorously shook her head and said “No, you are getting wrong idea honey. let me explain—”

“There is nothing to explain and there is nothing to listen to Erica. I heard your conversation and –”

Taking deep breath, He said “I won’t stop you if you want to live with him.”

Erica vigorously shook her head and held his hands “Whatever you heard isn’t a truth Oliver, nothing is going on between Jason and me.”

Pausing for a while, she said “Yes, I met him in sets but I never tried to cheat on you. I clearly told him that I love you and only you have the right to love me. I never met him purposely; he was the one who tried to cling onto me. I always maintained a respectable distance with him. I always loved you; you are the only man in my life.”

“Stop trying to convince me, Erica,” Oliver shouted before pushing her away

Pausing for a while, he said “I hate you for cheating on me.”

“I never cheated—” before Erica could say anything Oliver ignored her walked inside the apartment before banging the door shut on her face

“Oli,” Erica shouted before knocking the door

Tears started flowing down her cheeks when Oliver didn’t open the door. She is feeling heartbroken, sad and guilty for everything. She started cursing herself for talking with Jason. Left with no other choice, she decided to go to Shelton mansion and talk with Oliver tomorrow morning.

*Night at Lisa and Ryan’s apartment*

Placing all the dishes on the table, Lisa smiled in satisfaction before looking towards the main door. At first, Lisa decided to meet him in the office but when she got to know that he is busy in a meeting, she changed her plan. She cooked all his favourite dishes and wants to surprise him.

Just then Ryan entered the apartment with big frown in her face.

“How can you be so careless?” Ryan shouted at someone on the phone

“I want you to revise everything and present it tomorrow.” Ryan declared before hanging the call

“What happen honey?” Lisa asked before walking towards him

“It’s office tensions.” Ryan sighed and said

“Go and freshen up. I prepared all your favourites.” Lisa said while giving a peck on his lips

Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her closer and said “I could see my wifey’s mood is on.”

“Stop fooling around and take bath.” Lisa chuckled and said

“One round while taking bath doesn’t harm right?” Ryan asked before lifting her up

“Stop being clingy.” Lisa slammed his chest

“Please honey,” Ryan said before trailing kisses down her neck

“Ry, you are distracting me.” Lisa frowned and said

“One kiss and I will take bath singly.” Ryan sighed and said

“Stop being a five-year kid.” Lisa snapped before pushing him

“Wives are big bullies,” Ryan said entered the washroom

*Ten minutes later*

“I could see my favourite dishes on the table.” Ryan excitedly said before peeping into the dishes

“Yeah, I made your favourites.” Lisa smiled and said

“I love you, baby,” Ryan said before serving himself

Lisa took a deep breath and sat beside him before poking his arms.

“Don’t divert me, honey, I am busy eating my beef steak,” Ryan said

“Baby wants dada to feed his mommy.” Lisa pouted her lips and said

“Say to him that dada is –”

“Wait, what did you say honey?” Ryan nervously asked

Lisa quickly sat on his lap and gave a peck on his lips “I am pregnant.”

“You are what?” Ryan asked again

Flicking his forehead, Lisa chuckled and said “You are going to become father.”

“Me? Father? Oh my god, I am so excited.” Ryan jumped in excitement before kissing her all over the face

“Thank you for making me father honey.” Ryan smiled and said

“Are you happy?” Lisa asked

“I am more than happy honey,” Ryan said before kissing her forehead

“Ahh, now, I can finally say that my sperms are working.” Ryan proudly said

Lisa chuckled and asked “Did you thought your sperms are inactive?”

“No, I mean—” pouting his lips, Ryan hugged her “I was scared okay.”

“I love you,” Lisa said before giving a peck on her lips

“Ah, let me tell this to Andy and Erik,” Ryan said before calling his best friends

“Hey dude, what’s up?” Andy asked

“Lisa is pregnant man.” Ryan beamed

“Woah, congrats man,” Erik said

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that your sperms got worked.” Andy chuckled and said

“That’s true man.” Erik helplessly shook his head and said

“Hey, I am going to become a dad and you can’t bully me unnecessarily.” Ryan frowned and said

“You know what, we can bully you no matter how much old you grow.” Andy sighed and said

“Did Lisa go for checking?” Erik asked

“I don’t know man,” Ryan said

“Wait, did you guys done with shopping?” Ryan asked

“Yeah, we are on the way to the mansion,” Andy stated

“I missed shopping man.” Ryan sighed and said

“Don’t worry; I still have some products to buy. I will accompany you after two months.” Andy said

“Seriously An? You already bought entire store?” Erik frowned and said

“But they are less dude,” Andy said

“Hey, I reached mansion, I will call you back.”

Andy said before hanging the call