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My crazy house help Episode 49 &50

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👰🎻My Crazy

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Episode 48



Bryan’s POV..

My mouth went wide open in total surprise, my breath went faster,

I’m sure I haven’t start having illusion…the girl in front of the class is Rose…

“Bryan…” She called in that soft tone that leaves me enchanted…

“Rose!!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice and running up to her laughing so hard….

I quickly swaddled her into my arm and swiveled in joy leaving her giggling hardly…

“Rose you here for real!!..I’m getting gaga!!!” I breathing heavily leaving her smiling more widely..

I stared into her beautiful eyes and couldn’t hold my emotions, my eyes went wet…

It was real, Rose is finally back to me…

The whole class went crazy seeing the display…

I dropped her down gently and held her waist softly drawing her closer to me…

“Bryan how had you been all this while?” She asked softly caressing my cheek as she peered into my eyes..

“Do you think I’d be alright?? you think my life would go well without you??…oh Rose, I was shattered, do you even know how I felt when I was tricked into believing you are dead??? was so painful!!” I muttered amidst smiles..

Tears of joy rolled down and she wiped it with the back of her palm making me blush hardly..

I swear, Rose looks more matured and charming now, it just seemed like I’m falling head over heel in love with her again..

“I thought you would have married Sophia before I comes back!” She sighed..

“Outside Rose, there is no other lady that can get my heart, Rose don’t ever doubt the dept of my love….I’m going gaga now seeing you stand in front of me…” I squeaked with a short laughter as I held her cheeks..

“Everyone knows you are the one I love, I was so stupid then to allow you suffer….I hope you would forgive me..” I pleaded and went down to my knee…

Rose’s POV..

I gasped in shock seeing him kneel for real!!!

The whole class screamed in awe, they were very shocked but not as shocked as me…

“Rose I failed you!!..I feel ashamed to call you my girlfriend when I couldn’t save you!” He breathed leaving me more surprised…

I blinked my eyes continuously as I stared at Bryan of all people, everyone couldn’t believe it, I myself couldn’t believe it….

Yes, I knew Bryan loves me so well, but…I think I wasn’t aware of how deep it was…
Right now, he just showed me..

Bryan knelt down and looked into my face with a little smile..

“I put you into the pains, you went through all that because of me, punish me for not saving you, I must have been so heartless!!” He muttered and held my palm..

I couldn’t say any word, my heart was just pounding like it would break off from the ribs, tears filled it..

I don’t even know why I was shedding tears, this was just too surprising…

I felt so overwhelmed..
“Bryan!!!..I was never angry with you, please stand up!!!..I should be the one kneeling!!!” I squealed and drew him up..

“Bryan have you forgotten who you are??..have you forgotten who I am??..I don’t deserve all this please…” I breathed making him smile sweetly..

“I would never allow anyone hurt you again..” He muttered and kissed me abruptly..

My eyes widened in shock, I never saw it coming, and we are in front of all the students..

Oh, God!!
My legs are melting under me right now..

The whole student went crazy, some started clapping while others screamed in emotions.

He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes..

“Rose I love you!!” He mumbled breathing fast..

“I know…I also love you Bryan…” I replied and he hugged me tightly…

“You will never leave me again, nobody would take you away from me!!” He whispered into my ear making me shiver in joy..

“Come and sit, you shouldn’t stand for a long time” he cooed and held my palm softly leading me to his seat gently..

I felt like a princess..
Bryan even helped me to sit carefully before sitting beside me closely….

All the student won’t just stop gazing, I could see Sophia and Anne glancing…

“Rose, so you were that girl I ran after when there was fire in that estate right??” Bryan asked and I arched my brow..

“Were you that guy who was staring at me from the elevator?” I asked and he nodded..

“Do you know I fell in love with you at first sight without your real face, Rose what should I do for you now, just tell me!!” He cooed and held my palm..

“We should just fight our enemy to the last, I’m back for real, we won’t allow him to use us!” I stated and he smiled and stared at me without saying any word..

“What???…why the stare?” I asked smiling back..

“Rose…it was my carelessness that caused all that happened to you, I would not allow it happen again…someone saved me from that marriage with Sophia, I could have married her if he didn’t send that videotape..” He said and I recalled the person was Fred..

“His location is untraceable, do you know how we can find him?…this is the message and video he sent to me..” Jace added and handed his phone to me..

“Why and how did he became concerned about this affairs suddenly?..Did he tell his reason for the help?” I asked smiling inwardly as Sophia walked over to us..

“I think he did tell indirectly, some days after he sent the video, he messaged Sophia and promised to protect her, I guess Sophia was the reason why he offered help….” Bryan replied thoughtfully making Sophia smile a little..

“He messaged you?” I asked with a teasing smile facing Sophia..

“Yes he did, he said he is one of my fan…I don’t even know how to meet him” she shrugged and sat with us..

“Do you want to meet him??” I asked and she turned to me sharply…

“I badly wants to meet him and thank him for saving my life from that bondage, he really deserves the best!!” She breathed..

“Rose you sound like you know him??” Bryan asked with an arched brow making me smile….

“Sophia, he is waiting to meet you, after the message you requested meeting him right?” I smirked..

“Rose what are you hiding!! know him??…” Clara chipped in with her eyes glistening..

“Yeah, I know him..his name is Fred and you know what???..he took those risk for Sophia, he wants to meet her and tell her to her face how he loves her so much..” I blurted making them scream in emotion…

“So where is he??” Sophia asked immediately.

“Check your email, he must have sent a message to you..” I smiles and she hastily checked her phone, her eyes was exuding some kind of passion as she searched through…

“How did you met the strange man who was able to hack through those camera..?” Jace asked.

“I met him in the place Xavier sent me to, he offered to help me get back to Bryan so he would have hope of getting chance with Sophia..” I shrugged and glanced at Sophia who was gazing at her phone…

Sophia’s POV..

My heart was pounding seriously and I don’t know why, I don’t just know why it would be this fast and loud all because Rose said he had sent me a message…

I kept going through the tons of messages anxiously waiting to see his own, Rose said he is waiting to meet me,

I just wonder how this computer guru looks like..
I searched and searched without getting tired..

Finally, I found it!!

“I’ve seen it!!!!” My voice squealed before I could even hold it…

They all stare at me like I had gone nut, why did I even shout like that??

I was just too happy seeing it..
My fingers muscle twitched as I hover around the open button..

Why I’m I suddenly nervous..

I took a deep breath before clicking it..

📜Can we meet in the school garden please, I know I got no right to beckon on you as a commoner which I am..please pardon me..📜

📜You can decline if you wish, I know I don’t even worth you a bit, but at least, I saved you….

I read the message slowly feeling his sincere word getting into me..
I could sense the innocence in the message…

I inhaled and exhaled heavily before closing my eyes bracing up to meet him- my saviour…

“What did he send??” Jace asked and I smiled..

“He is waiting in the school garden..” I replied and stood up…

“Oh, right…we are all going to meet him!!!” Clara spoke out leaving a frown on my face..

“He never called you all!!..I’m going alone first, I would ask him when he wants to meet you all…” I countered immediately..

“But….can’t we see….” Jace tried insisting..

“He said I should come alone!!” I snapped and walked away quickly ignoring Rose who was all smiles as she seemed to understand what was on my mind…

“Why doesn’t she want us to meet him now?” I overheard Bryan ask..

“Do you want to spoil their first love sight moment…” Rose replied leaving a little smile on my face..

I was right, she understood my mind, I don’t know if it is love truly…
I just want to meet him in private and express my gratitude, he had always longed to see me but couldn’t because of the class difference..

I would be giving him the full chance today..

In a slow but steady steps, I head to the school garden, the male students would always pause all they are doing to stare at me…

Different murmurs filled every area as I stepped into the garden…
My tons of male crush won’t just stop taking shots of me…

👥Who is she looking for here??

👥She came alone??

👥 she here for me??..can i even talk with her?..

Different murmurs from the crowds as I walked in looking around for him..

They all stared anxiously…

I kept searching till I saw someone sitting separately from the other, he was sitting at the far end, the same place I and Austin spends time when we comes to the garden….

I took a quick step and reached the young man who had his head bowed to the ground making his curled hair cover his forehead..

“Hey, are you Fred?” I asked and could see him flinch as he slowly raised his head and stood up quickly…

He was looking so calm and innocent to be a computer genius, his face was very innocent to be able to hack any system…

“I am Fred and… are…Sophia??” He stuttered with his hands clutched together as he blink his eyes continuously trying hard to look at my eyes which seemed hard for him…

“Wow!!!.. Fred!! are the one who got that message and saved me from that bondage of a marriage??” I breathed heavily and held his hand..

He quickly stared at me breathing heavily..

“Sophia…should you be holding me??…I..don’t worth your touch, I just called you here to see you, I’m sorry for disturbing you..” He stammered looking at our hands clutched together….

“Fred…you may not know what you really did for saved my life!!! deserve everything you desire…just look at me, forget the personality..!!” I stated and he raised his gaze to my face slowly…

“Sophia thanks for coming..I’m very happy to see you this close” he mumbled and smiled for the first time..

Wow!!..he looked more cute with that.

“Why won’t I come?? worth it!! Fred, let’s sit…” I said happily and we both sat closely..

“You took that risk for me..aren’t you afraid Xavier might find out and..track you down??” I asked and his eyes went dim as he took a deep breath..

“For a very long time, I crush on you, I long for you, i dream of having you, you voice and beauty captured my heart but how would I even talk to you when you dad is against it, I was sure he would kill me if he ever notice my feelings for you…he made me do what shredded my heart, I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t afraid of death!!..I..shouldn’t have even commit those treacherous acts…” He paused and looked into my face..

“What connection do you have with Xavier?” I asked..

“I was once one of his men, specialised in computer technology…” He replied and I arched my brow..

“Explain to me all that happened?” I requested and he sighed before telling his story which really touched my heart that it got my eyes wet.

“My dad did all that to you??” I asked and held his cheeks which had streak of tears on it..

“I want to kill Xavier for hurting you, no one has the right to make you cry!” He stated strongly clenching his fist..

“You said he forced you to poison a woman, who is that??” I asked and more tears rolled off his eyes..

“I’ll sorry..I did it unconsciously…please forgive me, the woman was your….mother, Xavier killed her because she threatened to expose him..” He explained and my heart shredded..

“Fred how dare you!!!!!” I bawled and jolted up in a rush with anger filling me up..

“You have the right to get raged, you have the right to punish me, you have the right to hate and detest me…the pain of that act lingers in my heart day and night, I am out here this moment to fight to death, Xavier made me kill your mother, I want to destroy him to salve my conscience, I already know I don’t deserve you at all, it’s fine to hate and stay away from me, I would bear the burden alone, I don’t mind dying alongside Xavier, at least I would be able to free you from his bondage so you would be happy and smile always, you can’t tell how regretful I felt that day when she fell dead…my world shattered, it was the reason I threatened to expose Xavier if he don’t let me go…” He breathed in hurt as he dried his eyes..

I stared at him with mixes feelings, how would he even kill my mother..

“Xavier didn’t erase your memory, how?..and why??..or are you still working for him?” I asked with a sneer..

“I couldn’t have recall anything now if someone didn’t change the ampoule that night, I didn’t see the face but saw the figure, that person changed the chemical to the one with temporal effect..” He muttered and I cringed at his word…

Is he the man I saw In the dungeon that night???

He was the man I saved??
I don’t know why I felt that impulse to save the young man who would lose his memory that night…

I had gotten a similar chemical with temporal effect from my scientist friend, my deep pity and concern had made me took the risk of changing the ampoule…

So he is the one??

“Fred, I was the one who changed it that night..” I spoke out and his eyes widened…

“You???…Sophia…you saved my memory?? saved my made me still be the computer genuine I saved your image and memories in me!!!” He screamed and held my palm..

“Sophia I owe you my life!!!..thank you for that!!!” He added with a breath of joy and hugged me…

At first, I wanted to push him away but…I found out that I couldn’t.

The hug seemed so different, it was just sending some strange sensation through me…

I found myself loving the hug and craving for more..

“Sophia, please forgive me for killing your mother under you dad order, I would surely pay for it but please don’t hate me…I had always want you” he whispered and I felt my heart melt..

I felt it deep in me, a feeling more intense than what I felt for Bryan or Austin..

I’m I loving him??
Those last word made me smile as I hugged him more closely…

“I can’t hate you even I want to hate you…thanks for also saving me this time around..” I muttered under my breath hearing his heart beat with mine at the same time…

What was that feelings I felt just now??



Episode 49

Sophia’s POV..

He made a deep sigh of relief hearing my words..

I guess he didn’t expect me to forgive him so easily and faster, just happened that way because I couldn’t hurt him a bit…

I don’t want him to be sad, my heart won’t even allow me to hate and detest him…

“Thank you for pardoning my heinous act!” He muttered bowing a little after breaking the hug…

I nodded and stared into his cute eyes, there is something different about it..there were some deep emotion right there…

“Fine, let’s forget about that, so…I came to meet you, I came for you to see me as much as you want..” I smiled and sat on the chair there..

He flashed a little smile before sitting beside me..

“I promised to protect you from Xavier, that was why I took that risk, even right now, I’m risking my life to come out here and see you without covering my face..” He sighed looking down to the ground..

“Xavier is in the cell now, you don’t have to be afraid..” I soothed and held his soft palm..

He flinched a little and stared at our palms clutched together..

“I have different videos of the evil act by Xavier, it would do well in destroying his fame, the world would know of his devilish nature!” I stated..

“Wow!!! what are we waiting for!!..let’s go and meet Bryan and the other, all those video should be published so he would be persecuted once and for all!!!” She squeaked..

“Xavier is your father, I..I don’t want him to hurt him after killing you mother…” He said and I sneered at him..

“Hey, please don’t call him my father, he isn’t!!!..I was abducted by him, and…also know that the woman you killed is my foster mother, she took care of me since childhood, I had always seen her as a mother to me, just recently…Xavier made me know I was an orphan picked from the orphanage home!” I blurted out leaving him stunned as he stared at me..

“Are you…telling me the truth?” He stuttered and I nodded with my heart growing heavy as tears warmed up in my eyes..

That day my mother died was terrible, that day Xavier told me I was abducted was more painful, he was using me as a tool to get his dream..I just feel so sad about my life…

“So Xavier was just using you as a pawn??” He exclaimed making me cry out
He quickly placed my head on his chest and cuddled me..

Who would know that all my life had been under Xavier..

Who would know that I don’t have the right to do what I want, he would always threaten me with death…

He never care about my feelings..

“Sophia I’m sorry…I really came late, for so many years, you had hidden your pain to the world having it in heart..just know that I would stop it for you, I need those smiles to stay on your face forever…it gives me joy” he cooed..

“I can’t forget that day I had s*x with Bryan under influence, he was been drugged and lost his mind, yet, I had s*x with him…do you know how desperate it look??.. I felt too hurt to look at his face after that..please Fred save me from Xavier…” I whimpered making him pat me the more.

“I’m here…be rest assured!” He breathed and I sat up in haste..

“Can I ask a favour from you?” I said and he smiled..

“Please Sophia, I’m at your service, I have no right to say no…” He said.

“Okay, can you hack into a camera system for me??..I want to watch Austin from here, he is my boyfriend…he hadn’t been calling lately, please let me see his face again, I miss him so much!” I said and his eyes went dim as he brought his head down..

My words seemed to hurt him even though he tried hard to hide it, but, I saw it..

“Fred, are you…..”

“Yes I am..” His voice went a little higher..

“I would do it soon…” He added and shut his eyes..

“Are you sad that I called Austin my boyfriend?” I asked and he turned to me sharply blinking continuously..

“Can I…be sad about it??..I have no right to be sad, it is clear we can’t pair, Austin is your class not me…I had been over thinking…” He breathed and swallowed hard hiding his face..

“Do you want me to be your girlfriend?” I asked and he shivered..

He turned his gaze to me, I could see his eyes brightens up..

He stared at me without saying any word..

“You want me to be your girlfriend, that was why you took all that risk for me, you loved me so much right??” I questioned and he nodded slowly..

“Austin had been my lover since I left Bryan…we are even arranging a new love song this month, do I have to betray his love and trust?..he would be broken to hear I jilted him for nothing..” I shrugged.

“Do you still love him?” He asked and I nodded..

“Fine, I saw it coming, yes..I knew it from the beginning that I can’t have you for myself, I can’t date a popular singer like you..I..was..just trying do my best, I thought I would get a little chance but…it’s clear you..” He paused and dried his eyes…

“I would keep my promise…I would do all I can to bring Xavier down so yes I would be free from his oppression, I would also hack into the system you requested.. I’ll do all that” He paused and stood up.

“Sorry for taking much of your time, I should be leaving now…” He breathed..

Fred’s POV..

No word can explain how my heart feels now, no words can ever make him understood.

All I feels is pain, I was close to tears, even when I knew I got no chance, I still have myself hopes…

Sophia isn’t my class, the difference is too vast, I can’t sing, no one knows me out there in the world..

What was I even thinking??

I can’t get her to be my girlfriend, I’m a commoner!!!!

A drop of tears fell off as I turned to leave, the fact that she did nothing really pained me more, it seemed like she didn’t notice the hurt in my tone..

Just now, I thought she had feelings for me not knowing it was just gratitude for helping her, her heart was with Austin…

Right now, I said I’m leaving and she could only nod…
I should be going now but my legs were too heavy to lift up…

I sighed very deeply before lifting my legs finally..

Sophia can never be mine!!

“Fred!!!!” Sophia screamed as I moved away, I paused my pace but didn’t turn to her..

Did she just called me back??

“Won’t you meet Bryan and the other?” She asked and anger swept through me,

She called just for that and I thought she wants to tell me she doesn’t feel for Austin as much as she feels for me..

“I’m not meeting them today, I just came to meet you…” I replied still backing her..

“You came to meet only me?” She asked.

“My real face shouldn’t be seen by the surveillance camera, here is away from the cameras so I chooses to meet you here!” I answered breathing heavily..

“Okay, should I call them to meet you here??”

“Don’t do anything for me!!..I would do it my own way, just forget!” I snapped and notice her stand up and walked closer to me..

My heart beat increases as I felt my legs quivered..

Each pace she took resounds In my heart…
Just then, her arm wrapped my body as she rested her head on my shoulder…

She hugged me from behind..

“Do you think I wants you to walk away?? you think I have no feelings, I don’t want you to go away…please stay…” She purred and hugged me more closely..

“Are you being serious??..Sophia, I had always love and wanted you, do I have hope to make you mine?” I asked under my breath..

“Don’t think I don’t love you, after saving me from that marriage, I began to crush on you, i wished to meet you so I can thank you so well, I came here to thank you but ended up harbouring a deep feeling, please follow me back to the class…” she begged and I felt joy surge into me..

“Don’t think you don’t worth me, we had helped each other even before we met, don’t you think we would always need each other’s help in this life?” She asked and my smile went wider..

“What about Austin?” I asked..

“Anyone who can save me from Xavier would take my heart, even though I loved him, I still wants you beside me than him, we are just meeting and I feels like we should never depart!” She stated and held my palm carefully..

“Let’s go back to the class..” She gestured..

“We???..holding hand??..won’t??…”

“Shhh..” She hushed me..

“I don’t mind telling everyone that you are my boyfriend..” She stated and dragged me off chuckling..

We finally got out to the school field and everything paused, every student paused all they were doing and mopped at me then to my hand which was held by Sophia..

“Sophia I feels nervous..” I mumbled and she giggled.

“Just behave well, you are my boyfriend now!” She laughed and I laughed too.

“Sophia…you love me??” I asked and she grinned facing me..

“I love you!!!” She spoke out in a lively tone leaving me gasping..

I stared at her stunned…

“Hey Fred, they are watching…let’s go!” She chirped and made to grasp my hand but I wriggled it off and carried her into my arm in a bridal style leaving everyone in surprise…

She giggled and hit my chest playfully making me laugh at her small punch which was more like a touch..

Many student gathered around with staring in amazement..

👥Who Is he??

👥They are really in love?? did he get her??

👥Oh, so I got no chance!!..he is really lucky!!

Different side talk from the male student who stared with their eyes wet in emotions..

I couldn’t help my lopsided smiles as I walked to the class with the student staring and taking shots with their phones…

We got to the hallways and I brought her down…

“Why did you do that?” She asked with a teasing smile..

“I was just too happy, I need to make them know you are my girlfriend!!” I squeaked and held her soft tender palm…

“Very soon, you would be stormed by the school press, be ready to answer questions…” She chuckled.

“I’m ready…can’t even wait for that headline…A CUTE GUY NAMED FRED FINALLY GOT SOPHIA’S HEART!!!” I squeaked leaving her laughing so hard..

“Look at your mouth…thank your stars that I changed that ampoule that night, if not…you should be learning how to read and write now…” She deadpanned making me burst into laughter too.

“Who would be learning how to read and write??..I’ll cut your tongue today!” I said amidst laughter and chased her while she ran off laughing too..

She ran speedily and dashed into a room, I must have forgot we are in school…

I ran after her into the room and got shocked to see it was a classroom..

My eyes fluttered as she stood at the other side laughing as she breath heavily from the run..

I looked around with the student staring at me from head to toe..

My sight fell on Rose who was chuckling with Bryan sitting beside her..

I forced out a smile and waved to the students who kept mopping..

I glanced at Sophia who joined the crew into staring at me..

“What are you doing here?” Someone from the class finally asked and I smiled forcefully before scratching my head..

I pointed at Sophia…


“Who are you???” Another asked cutting my words..

“He must be a worker here!!” Someone suggested and they all believed..

“He was chasing Sophia?? dare him come near our crush!” Another male student snorted and they all growled..

I glanced at Sophia again but she looked away..

“Hey, you all should calm name is all might not know me but she is my girlfriend” I said gesturing Sophia who smiled at my words..

They all turned to her to know if I was saying the truth..

“Sophia…what is he saying!” One of the students asked in anger and walked over to me..

“Do you think you can have her??..stop daydreaming!!..who is your father??..what is your net worth, what is your family net worth..get out!!” He growled and I could see he was really dying for Sophia and wants to show his obsession..

“Dude, calm down..” I smiled and walked over to Sophia.

“So you brought me here thinking they would save you from me??..I must take that tongue!!” I chirped and held her cheeks softly and carefully..

“What??…” She stuttered as I brought my head closer..

“They don’t believe I can be your boyfriend, those dying crush are really desperate..let’s show them you are already taken by me. ” I whispered and she grinned from ear to ear..

“I never expect you to be this brave..” She muffled..

“You made me this way…”

“Hey Fred or whatever!!..what are you doing!!” Another dying crush yelled in jealousy..

Oh, poor boy!!

I pecked her lips before holding her hand as we walked to the front of the class..

“Sophia who is he???” They asked in chorus..

I could sight Rose laughing with Bryan and the other, they all understood it all..

“If you had touched him, I would send your a**s out of this school!” Sophia said to the guy who had walked over to me….

“He is my boyfriend!” She stated and winked at me…

I felt on top of the world, even my cheeks flushed red as I blushed at her words..

My long time dream is coming to reality, Rose really made me took that step which made this happen…


“You all heard that, so…you boys should let her be..” I rolled my eyes before holding her waist as we head to her seat..

All eyes was on me, they were just too shocked to say a word..

Sophia was all smiles and it did well in making me very happy, I wants her to smile every seconds of her life..

We got to where Bryan and the other sat..

“Here comes the new lovers in town!!” Rose screamed making me cover my face shyly..

“You are that Fred the genius..” Bryan said with a cool smile as we shook hand..

“Fred, thanks so much for that video, it saved a lot!!” Jace added and shook my hand too..

“Living with Rose made me realize a lot…Bryan I’m sorry for crushing on your Rose at first sight, I thought I could never get Sophia in my lifetime…” I chuckled..

“Silly boy!” Sophia giggled..

“Rose, do you know Sophia is the person that saved my memory..I feel like loving her loving the hell out of her!!!” I said making them laugh…

Xavier’s POV..

It has been three days I had been in the confined building, I was kept here for the moment as the cops carries out some investigation to know why I wanted Sophia to marry Bryan at all cost..

I had told them it wasn’t something special but they insisted and won’t let me out till they find out the truth…

Bryan had told them a lot of evil about me but who would believe such without proof..

I was certain of leaving here soon because the charge was too weak to hold me down, that video can be marked as a fake one because the sender isn’t found..

I just feels so insulted and disgraced to be brought so low, my god name is also at stake, the news might have went wild, all I can think of now is vengeance.. At first, it was the press who insist on taking pics and record after I had told them to leave, next was the cops who were dragging me and now the cell guard who would always gossip about me..they all brought me down to nothing..just a matter of time…death would take them away..

None of them knew about the devil in me, I have gotten the information that my men are coming to ambush this station…

They would be burning it down..
My other men had also went to clear off all trace..

The camera would stop working till I disappear…

“Hey Mr man…I thought you are a philanthropist, so it was just to cover your wicked heart..” One of the guard scorned as he walked to and fro..

“If you say a single word now, I will kill you without delay!!” I growled standing up..

I wasn’t cuffed as it was still an uncertain fact that I did all that..

“You can still…..” His words hitched with my heavy blow which sent him sprawling..

I sat on in belly in rage and punched his face countlessly, blood filled his face and my fist but I never cared..

My anger was too much to care if he would die..
Just as expected, he stopped breathing..

I fumed and stood up.
“Next time, in your next world, don’t play with me..!” I spited and took out his pistol…

“What is happening in there… Greg!” A voice called with someone walking in..

I quickly shot a bullet to his forehead..

The sound made a fuss but another bullet sound from a another room diverted their attention..

Just few seconds later, the whole place filled up with the sound of bullet…

I sat calmly with a gloating smile..

My men are here already!

It took few hours for me to be taken away including all the able bodied prisoners..

After we drove off, the place caught fire…

“Are you sure all the trace was cleared?” I asked..

“Yes, we even tampered with their satellite connection making it impossible to make a call..the camera system was also broken..” Kip my computer operator replied making me remember Fred my first computer guru…

He was the one who taught Kip how to break into satellites…well..he is gone now….
Without any memory, he is useless, at least he shouldn’t haven’t threatened me..

Time to avenge them all!!!
No one can stop me!!

“Hey Kip!!” I called..


“This incident wouldn’t be able be uploaded to the internet due to the tampered satellite and camera right?..” I asked and he nodded..

“For how long would it stay?” I asked..

“I can only hold the connection for half an hour..” He replied and I nodded..

“Bryan and his crew won’t be aware that I had escaped from the cell…hey!!” I called the driver…


“Drive this car to George’s house, we would kill him first, that would make Bryan know I am not here for child play..” I ordered and he nodded and swerves the car to another route…

I couldn’t help the gloat in my face…
His death would be a big blow to Bryan, less would he even know it is just the beginning..

Fred’s POV..

We were done eating..

I was sitting with Sophia who had her head on my shoulder, Jace was sitting with Clara while Bryan had Rose with him..

I couldn’t help the smile watching the pairs..

School today was interesting, I was raised from nothing to a celebrity you have to see how every student stared at me in awe…

The school press had already uploaded our pics,


That was the headline…
The content was really interesting…

“Why can’t I log into the internet again…” Rose whined..

“How???…isn’t there any network?” Bryan asked sipping his wine..

“I don’t know, it look strange, it keeps telling me that they are working on it…” That reply got my attention and I sprang up and quickly snatched the phone from her…

My eyes widened at what I saw…
Xavier is at something!!!

Kip had tampered with the satellite, this means something happened or is about to happen..

I quickly took out my laptop and plugged in my drive…

“What????!!!” I screamed in shock..

“What is it!!!” They all asked in unison..

“Xavier had set the station on fire and escape with some prisoner, he don’t want us to know of it so he held the connection..” I explained before clicking on a part of the live streaming…

“Why?? did it even happen??” Bryan asked gritting his teeth…

“Oh no!!!” I cringed as I overheard his conversation with Kip…

“Bryan!!..they are heading to kill your father!!” I said and his eyes widened..

“What!!!!!” He cried and made to run off..

“Hey calm down, I planned for that ahead of time, your dad is safe with Lisa…we should take this opportunity and strike Xavier, he would never expect it…” I said and he sighed in relief…

“Yes!!” Rose chirp..

“Bryan, send as many cops as you can…they should ambush him immediately he entered the house…” I ordered and he nodded with a wide smile before making a call to the security agents…

Xavier would never expect this coming….

I closed my system and turned only for Sophia to hug me tightly..

“Without you, I must have died…” She mumbled.

“You are worth this sacrifice..” I smiled and she looked up to my face…

“I…love you wanted to see me every second of your life right???..I would make your dream come true!!” She squeaked and before I could see it coming…

She kissed me deeply…




To be continued…

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