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My crazy house help Episode 23 & 24

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👰🎻My Crazy

House Help🎻👰

🎤(She defiled me)🎤

Episode 23

By. Humble Smith




Bryan’s POV

My eyes dilated as I stared dumbly at them, the view was really eating me up, I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked away trying to head back to the class but found out I couldn’t..

I don’t know why I am so much affected by this. Jace in love with her?..are they in love???

It can’t be!!

With a slow step, I walked closer to where they are, Rose was laughing loudly as they splashed water to each other, their play seemed to become more intense the moment they noticed my presence..

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Jace even carried her out of the water in a bridal style making the student there smile sheepishly..

Like seriously???..

“Jace!!!” I called out in anger making him drop her down before turning to me..

I fumed in anger and jealousy, why would he treat her so special when she isn’t his girlfriend?

“You called me??” He said seeing I wasn’t saying anything..

“Oh yes!!..I..” My voice spluttered as I glanced at the pretty Rose standing beside him, this is the same girl who had brightened my heart when I was gloomy and saddened by Sophia, the swimsuit made her look so gorgeous, her wet hair really adorned her face that i couldn’t help staring at her..

It was just like I hadn’t seen her before, I swear she looks more stunning and sexy right now, don’t know if I had noticed it before..

“Why are you staring at me when you should be talking with Jace?” She asked with an arched brow.

I took a deep breath before walking closer to her, I can’t control it anymore, she mustn’t leave me or else I’d become that gloomy Bryan again..

“Rose you are still so angry at me..I’m sorry please…” I muttered trying to hold her hand which she pushed to her back..

“Who said I was angry at you, oh, no I’m not!!..I care for you that’s why i wanna stop disturbing you..” She shrugged

“And who said you were disturbing me??..please it isn’t a disturbance at all, I love it!!” I said with a deep sigh making her let out a short laughter..

“When is Sophia coming back?..I can’t wait to meet her!!” She squeaked in a sarcastic tone making a deep groan escape my lips,

At that moment, I regret ever meeting Sophia before Rose…

“Next week..” I mumbled under my breath

“Then what exactly do you want from me??” She asked with a deep frown which wasn’t there before,

“We are friends, I…”

“Bryan please stop those baseless talk…Rose you must be feeling cold, let’s go change over!” Jace chipped in with a little smile which she returned before giving him her palm to hold..

I gnashed my teeth and ruffled my hair, this is getting me more jealous of Jace, he seem to be the one she truly loves…

What the fuck!

The school bell rang for break over so I head back to the class with heavy steps, I was feeling so sad about Rose, it was clear she would forget me soon..

I am so angry now, I’m angry for Sophia, why would she shatter my relationship with Rose, I don’t know when this particular anger seeped in, all of a sudden I’m hating her returning…

She could have wait a little longer, the scene of Rose and Jace was so clear in my memory and was haunting me down, each touch and smiles irks me, any time i sees that scene where he carried her and she laugh, I wouldn’t help but grunt bitterly..

I was angry at Jace but was ashamed to show it to him, Rose isn’t my girlfriend, she is my house help so I got no reason to be angry at him..

I entered the class and sat down gently, they aren’t in class yet, I’m sure they must be enjoying time together, gosh!!!

Not long after, they walked in holding hand..

Can he just walk alone without holding her hand???

The whole class gazed at them with smiles,

“She really matched with Jace than Bryan!” I heard a student say making my heart skip beat..

“Are you both dating??” Another student asked and the other student turned to hear their reply..

“Oh..yes..” Jace replied and I glanced at Rose waiting for her to frown and either shun him or shook her head but none of that happened..

She even smiled…


“What about Bryan??” A female asked and she arched her brow

“I’ve never dated him before, we were once friend then..but right now..I don’t think so!” She shrugged leaving my mouth agape as a sudden sweat covered my forehead..

Was she joking??

“I think he likes you..” A female student chipped in..

“That was what I thought then but hell no!..he doesn’t, he still loves Sophia so dearly” she replied and they chuckled glancing at me..

“Sophia is returning back to him after shattering his heart!” Jace said and they all chorused a “woah”

I buried my head into my palm trying to push all that to the back of my mind, I closed my eyes trying to think of Sophia and the moment we shared only for the face of Rose to fill my memory..the more I tried to push it away telling myself that she is a commoner, the more it soared higher and deeper, from the moment we first met, that day she pecked my cheek secretly..

She had tricked me that day just to steal a kiss, she even ran away after that…the scene replayed and I let out a short laughter,

Oh god!!..why do I think of her so much at this time..

Different lesson went on and finally, the school bell rang for closure..

Today is just the worst day for me, I wish it would end today, Rose can’t leave me..

I glanced at where she sat and Jace wasn’t there anymore, she was packing her books looking as beautiful as ever, those eyes flashing to and fro

What a beauty..

I found myself lost in some past memories with her, that day we lay on the same bed, that feelings when she touched me,

Wow!!..I think I love this girl..

My phone beeped that moment disrupting my sweet memories, I growled and brought out my phone only to see Sophia again..

I unconsciously hissed loudly and made to click on the green button but my eyes caught with Rose who just glanced at me making my hand shiver..

Her eyes was shimmering with those pure emotions..

I swallowed hard as she stood up and took some step to where I sat,
What?? she coming to me?

I totally forget about the call from Sophia as I stared in anticipation waiting for her to come closer and talk to me, I really long for her say something to me..

She smiled at me and I smiled back sheepishly totally mesmerized…

Just when I thought she would talk to me as she had already came closer, the odd happened..

She wasn’t coming for me or was smiling at me, it didn’t even seemed like she noticed me…

All this while, Jace had been behind me and he was the one she was walking to and had smiled at…

What the hell???

“You are set to go home right?” Jace asked and she nodded smiling..

“Rose…what…” I paused as she turned to me sharply,

“Jace just notified me that he needed a house help so I considered resigning, this is my letter” she whispered with a lopsided smile..

I stared at her transfixed totally dumbed
She dropped it on the desk and turned to leave..

“Rose…the letter Clara brought to you is in my back bag you know?” I muttered and she paused her pace and turned sharply..

“Oh yeah!..forgot that, can I have it?” She asked stretching out her hand…

“You can come and take it in my house!” I stated walking away..

This is my only way to get her home, I need to talk to her about my feelings, maybe I’d confess my love, it must be love that I feels for her, nothing else should make me this jealous..

What about Sophia??

I don’t understand my feelings for her now till she comes back!!

Rose’s POV

I and Jace burst into laughter as he walked away,

“Ohh geez!..Rose I never knew you are so great in acting! looked so mean, wow!” Jace exclaimed amidst laughter..

“I need to check his feelings for me, I hope I didn’t went too far, it looked like my baby wanted to cry!!” I whined with a sheepish smile..

“I saw it too, he is so restless and sad, do you notice those jealousy??” He asked

“Jace you are even a bad boy!..why did you carry me in your arm when you know he is watching??” I asked and he laughed.

“It really pained him!”

“He wants you to come him because he knew you would go with me after meeting your mother for the money so he pulled that trick..hmm, Bryan the lover boy..” He laughed and brought out a pieces of paper..

“What is that?” I asked

“Clara’s number, I can’t miss calling her right away” he smiled

“I would show you her house when I find out you are serious..” I rolled my eyes playfully before heading to the garage..

“Take me to my Bryan’s house, I need to get that letter and read it, I feels like there is some creepy thing in there, my mom rarely writes letter to me, it must be a secret” I shrugged and he nodded..

After some minutes of drive, we reached the mansion..
He drove back while I head in with a crazy smile..

Bryan really loves me, I saw it clearly in his eyes even when he isn’t saying it..

Well, if he wants me to stay, he would block Sophia’s number, sign me into his band, and also tell me he loves me and wants me to be his girlfriend..

Rose, you are such a lucky girl, Bryan of all people!


I really forced myself to act like I doesn’t care about him anymore, I would act rashly at him and still pray in my mind that he doesn’t move on..

You can’t tell how happy I am now seeing that he also couldn’t do without me!!

I changed my countenance to the stern one as stepped into the gate which opened by itself…

I walked over to the porch and made to knock before someone hugged me closely from behind..

I flinched at first but became calm as I perceived the cologne of Bryan..

He was the one, Bryan hugged me…


Episode 24



Rose’s POV

My eyes blinked repeatedly as his body wrapped around mine, I felt shiver run through my body…

My mean face contorted into a wide smile immediately, my heart melted, the hug gave me that sweet sensation that left my cheeks flushing red..

I was shocked and happy at the same time, It was really unexpected and strange for Bryan to hug me, I can’t really believe it is happening, only one thing could cause this..

He really love me…

I feel like bursting right now but i need to bottle my emotions,

“Why are you hugging me?” I asked with a deep sigh praying he won’t break the hug which is really making me blush and warmth..

“Thank you for coming, I thought you won’t come even when I held the letter back” he breathed hugging me more closely..

I could feel his hot breath on my neck giving me pleasure..

“Is that why you are hugging me?..I came to take the that a reason to hug a commoner like me?” I asked and he shook his head vigorously..

“Do you still think you are a commoner?..I don’t see you as one anymore!” He stated before breaking the hug slowly and carefully…

I kept backing him because I can’t bear looking into those cute face and sparkling eyes..

“Rose I’m very sorry for the way I had treated you..please I just got to realize myself..” He sniffed making me turn sharply..

My eyes widened as I saw his eyes wet with streak of tears on his cheeks..

My mouth went agape as I stared in shock,

Is Bryan really crying???

“Just a day without you, I felt empty and lonely with sadness clouded all over my heart, I tried to clear my mind and ignore you but…it was so impossible, my heart kept aching, especially when I recall those moment you spent with Jace…it was so painful!” He breathed and another tears dropped..


My heart went heavy seeing Bryan cry, it was too shocking that I couldn’t move, I never expected this to hurt him so much,

I thought I was nothing to him, he kept talking about Sophia and I thought of leaving him and watch his reaction, this is what I least expected…

“Bryan but…I’m confused here, I expected you to be all happy and glad right now, I just gave you the chance to spend time with your girlfriend Sophia who would be returning to you soon.” I said with an arched brow and he sighed deeply with his head bowed a little..

“I should be happy but I’m not!!!..I’m as sad as the day when Sophia broke my heart, when you stayed away from my today, I felt another heartbreak which was more painful…” He breathed..

“But…I’m your house there any other feeling you have for me??..are you in love with me?” I asked peering into his glistening eyes..

” If you had asked me this question before today, I would have said no..what I went through today made me understand one truth…I am actually in love with you…” He mumbled and held my palm softly..

Oh God…I hope I am not dreaming..

“It sounds strange right??..I myself couldn’t even admit it not until you left me for Jace, it seemed like my world had crashed!” He purred leaving me gasping as my heart pound very fast..

“Rose, I just have one question for you, please tell me the truth..” He paused and breathed deeply..

“Go on..” I muttered feeling my legs melt under me..

“I had never thought of any strong relationship between you and Jace but today, all of a sudden, you both became so close, so close that I cried seeing it, you spent time with him, you played in the pool with him, he even carried you in his arm…please tell me all that was nothing..please tell me you have no feelings for him..” He pleaded with his eyes blinking with glimmer of fear…

I can’t help but smile, my joy is too much now and I may burst in no distant time, Bryan is making me go gaga with this words…

“Bryan..i don’t have any feeling for him, he is just a common friend like he is to you, I was just pulling your legs all this while, I’m sorry for causing you pain but I did that to know if you love me” I said and a bright smile appeared on his face…

He shut his eyes tightly still smiling…

“So it was just a prank and you got me” he breathed with a short laughter covering his cute face ..

“I was thinking I’m nothing, you keep calling me a house help and commoner so..I decided to give you space even when I was also pained by it..” I said with a smile

“I am so sorry, was just too confused to tell you my feelings, every moment I shared with you was so unique, I wanted you, I harbored deep feelings for you but got no courage to tell you because of Sophia..” He said and I rolled my eyes

“You still love Sophia right?” I asked with my hands akimbo..

“Huh??..please can you remind me who Sophia is??” He asked with a funny look that made me burst into laughter..

“She is your girl….”

“Shhhh…” He hushed me with his index finger across my lips…

“If you say that word, I would be force to kiss it out!” He deadpanned and I sneered at him..

“You would kiss it out??…how??” I asked

“I’d explain that later, can we go in, I can’t believe we had stood here for almost an hour..” He smiled and held my palm carefully..

Has he accepted me as his girlfriend???

“Bryan!!” I called abruptly and paused my pace..


“I had signed into a music band after you choose Sophia..should I tell you the name?” I asked making him chuckle..

“Look at your had signed a music band…” He mimicked and rolled his eyes..

“What??” I asked and he laughed..

“Who had even choose Sophia, don’t let me kiss you before you bring your self into my band, how can my girlfriend be in different band with me…” He chirped fluttering his eyes..

I can’t hold the gasp..

“What about Sophia??” I asked and he chuckled..

“I forgot what you replied then..who is Sophia please remind me again” he said and I felt the urge to burst into a hysteric laughter,

“Bryan I feel like would faint right now, thank you for accepting me even when I am a…”

“Don’t call your self a commoner or house help, just know this, you are now my girlfriend” he said shyly and held my palm leading me into his mansion.

“But what would happen when Sophia comes back..?” I asked.

“When she comes back, nothing would change, I don’t think I love her anymore, if she could leave me for Austin, she can probably leave me again for another guy..I can’t keep being a fool!” He shrugged leaving smiles on my face..

“Bryan is becoming thoughtful, thank God yo realize the truth” I muttered

“And thanks to you for helping me realize it!” He smiled and suddenly carried me into his arm in a bridal style, I can’t help but laugh uncontrollable forgetting about the letter,

We got to the sitting room and he placed me carefully on the couch…

“I need to treat you specially today, I thought today was my worst day but…you just did well in giving me happiness” he smiled and pecked my cheek making it turn pure red…

I blushed so badly, his lips is so soft and sensual…
I can’t help but wonder how it would feel kiss it…

Aghrrr…I would surely float in the air!!

What??.. Rose, where is your home training??

How can you think of kissing, I can’t believe I’m becoming corrupt, Bryan has corrupt me..😊😊

Jace’s POV

Oh God…
This is the thirteenth times now that I had been trying out Clara’s number but she isn’t answering,

What is it???

I badly wants to hear her voice, I really wants to hear it, she is too funny and I love….

“Hey Jace!! just met her today!!!!” My sub conscious mind screamed at me..

Oh yes, she had stolen my heart, the heart of Jace had been looted…

With frustration, I flung my phone on the bed,
Why won’t she at least answer me for a second..

I sighed before turning to my cloth rack..

Just then, my phone rang,
What??..she must be calling back!!!!!!

I sprang on the bed like a mad man only to see it was Bryan calling,

I hissed before clicking on the green button…

“So dude, it was all play and my heart had sank into my belly” I heard his voice making me laugh immediately…

“So you don’t want me take her, why do you treat her like she meant nothing to you?” I asked

“That’s is a history now, Rose is my girlfriend now, just called you to inform you, you know quite well that I’m a jealous type, don’t be too close to her ” he said leaving me chuckling..

“I’ve heard you, lover boy!!” I laughed

“You can’t believe what I’m feeling for this girl, she is really affecting me, you won’t believe I just ignored Sophia’s calls because of her” he said making me smiled wider..

Rose must be so happy now!!!

“Okay, do me a favour, tell Rose to send Clara’s address to me as a token of thanks” I said before cutting the call..

I waited all the day but got no message from Rose..

Later at night, her message popped in…


I opened it and could only grunt seeing it wasn’t the address..

📜Remember my words then, she would come visiting me in school, show her your love then..

I read and swallowed hard…

Oh yeah, why I’m I being too fast??

Jace, are you falling in love after many years of being that single cute guy who ladies drool for..

I can’t believe I’m not being mindful of her being a commoner, I have even forgot she is poor, I can’t wait to see her again.

Anna’s POV

Slumping on my bed in my room, all I could feel is shame, I kept staring at Rose picture in my phone trying really hard to compare our beauty,

I can’t tell if I am more pretty than her, I just wish I am, her lips are without any makeup, she even have a long lashes, her dimple is always showing itself,

She is really beautiful but she can’t be more than me, it can’t be!!!

I was just wondering how she got to capture Bryan and Jace heart, just today, Bryan had been treating her so nicely and Bryan was being jealous…

That means they both love her,

I was even thinking of having Jace at least, but that Rose friend is also getting closer,

What is all this!!!
I hate that Rose….

Just then, an idea crossed my mind…

I would make Bryan hate Rose and the only way is to get her raped by group of boys..

Why haven’t I thought of it all this while…

How would Bryan still date someone who had been used, I would make the videos, wow!!!

It is very easy, kidnap Rose mother then order Rose to come over,

Even if Bryan follows her, he would be knocked out, Rose would be raped and the video trend all over the internet…

Wow!!.. Anna you are very smart!!!

To be continued…

Thank y’all for your comment yesterday, I was really happy after reading it..😘😘

What is Anna even saying??🙄🙄😂😂

Bryan so like play, you are in love with our Rose flower,🌷

Hey you Jace be calming down..😎😎



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