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My crazy house help Episode 19 & 20

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👰🎻My Crazy

House Help🎻👰

🎤(She defiled me)🎤

Episode 19

By. Humble Smith



Bryan’s POV

The alarm in my room blared loudly waking me up from my sleep, I fluttered my eyes before finally opening it
Someone was sleeping beside me, it looked so unreal and queer, who could that be?

I can’t remember sharing my bed with any person,
I scrubbed my eyes and looked more carefully to find the person to be Rose..

I jumped off from the bed in shock…

Could it be that it wasn’t a dream?..i thought it was dream sleeping with Rose, what is this???

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I watched her as she slept calmly on my bed..
What the heck!

Seriously, things is getting out of hand, I allowed Rose sleep on my bed without stress, how can I do such a thing?..what if Sophia hears about would she feel?..spending the night with Rose a commoner, how was she able to convince me into allowing her stay here,

Is she even my house help?..where are those bossy attitude which I displays to the chef and maids, why on earth can’t I be stern and strict to those girl with a flower name!

I was about spanking her up when I heard a knock on the door..

It would probably be one of the maid, geez!!..what if she sees Rose lying on my bed??

Oh gosh!!

I hastily covered her with the duvet before opening the door..

“How can I help you?” I asked with a stern face

“Sir please don’t get offended, just wanna ask if you are aware of Rose’s whereabout, no on had seen her since yesterday!” She muttered with a bow

“Rose??..” I mumbled glancing at the bed….

I noticed the duvet move,

“Go and search for her more, she may be….” I couldn’t complete my statement as my gaze fell on the bed..

Rose was already sitting up,
“Rose!!!!” The maid screamed in shock and disbelief..

I sighed and walked away to the en-suit, she already saw her on my bed, what would she think right now..

Why would that stupid, clumsy Rose bring up her head at that moment..

She must even explain to me the charm she used because I don’t think I was with my real sense when I allowed her lie on my bed, my own bed??


I slowly took a thorough bath with different thought running through my mind..

I was so confused than ever before, at first I had been able to convince myself that I dislike ladies, I was able to hate them all but at this moment, I can’t boldly say that recalling the fact that Rose was a lady and I allowed her cuddle me all through the night..

I could remember she said she was feeling cold and we hugged each other tightly, how can I explain this??..did mg brain took a French leave??

Please someone should just explain this to me..Sophia is the only lady after heart, I had been able to love her even when she shattered my heart…

I could hate her because I loved her so deeply, I had hates all ladies because of what she did but…to my dismay, Rose changed everything, she was the only lady I forces my self to hate..


Sophia please return quickly so we can begin our romance all again, I miss those moment, I can’t wait to sing with you again after so many months,


I can’t really thank you less for realizing your feelings for me!!!

I stared at her picture handing on the wall of the bathroom, I couldn’t help the smile that came out, just the fact that I would see her again is enough to make me drown in joy..

After some minutes, I was done, I got out and couldn’t find Rose anywhere in the room..

She must have left to prepare for school..

I glanced at my bed and shrugged with a deep breath..
How on earth did I sleep with her…arggh..I don’t want to remember it at all…

I walked out of my room and met her already dressed waiting for me at the door post..

“I guess you aren’t waiting to drive to school with me??” I sneered and she kept mute gazing at the floor..

“You were really waiting for me right??..yuck!.do you have hope of being my girlfriend??” I asked with a short laughter

“You are hurting me with those words..but..I refuse to be angry” she laughed staring at me face..

“Don’t ever mention what happened last night to anyone, I was sleepy when it happened, I really got no idea you cuddled me” I lied with a pouted lips..

“Okay sir, I believe your lie” she bowed

“Whatever…” I mumbled and locked my door..

“You can wait to drive with me till eternity, I can’t keep repeating it…we aren’t in the same class!!” I snorted..

“Well..I dare not wait for my boss, you can drive to school while I trek, I’m used to it..” She shrugged walking away.

“That’s my girl, at least you gat to see me as your boss and respect me” I rolled my eyes

“I’m your house help…” She smiled out tears taking a heavy pace forward..

I shrugged before heading to the garage where my fleets of cars were arranged..

My driver quickly drove out my limousine which I hopped in before he zoomed off..

Rose don’t have to drive with me, she has done enough, how I’m I gonna explain things to myself, what would I tell Sophia when she returns..


But…I saw that tears, was I too rude?..did I hurt her feelings so well?..did I went too far with my words??

Geez..i shouldn’t have really say those hurtful words!!..but…she really deserve it after tricking me to lie on my bed..

But wasn’t I the one who allowed her stay, I should have sent her out!..I should have push her away but I couldn’t..


I really can’t tell..shit!!

Rose’s POV

Slowly, I trod with heavy step, I decided not to trouble Bryan so much this morning…

I guess I was really forcing myself so much, no matter what, he see me as a house help and long for Sophia’s return..

I wish he can see how my heart beats for him, last night would never leave my memory..

I cuddled Mr popular, my long time crush, it was enough to make me smile all days…

I was even afraid he may fire me after that, I should just trek, I’m a commoner!

Just as I walked slowly, a car stopped by, I paused my pace and stared at the car…

The door opened and that stupid Anne popped out her head..

“Hey commoner!!” She called out with those silly smirk..

I ignored her and head forward…

“You dare to ignore me?? dare you!!!” She seethed and rushed at me with a slap which I caught up the air..

“What??..would you release my hand now!!” She whined

“You are just too annoying, how would Bryan notice you, he isn’t aware of your existence and you are dying here..I never knew rich beautiful ladies like you could have zero level of sense…shit!” I spited before shoving her hand down..

I could see her cheek flush in shame..

“Watch and see, I will show you who I am..trashcan!!’ She cursed and turned to driver

“Go get her, she is a commoner, get her here, I need to slap those stupid face!!” I heard her order



I glanced back and the man was really coming, ohhhh..what sort of trouble is this??

Should I start running?..its useless, he would still catch me..

“Hey come with me quietly or I bundle you up!!” He growled as he draw closer

“I have no time for wretched driver” I hissed flaring him up..

“How dare you!!” He grunted and made to grab my hand when another car stopped by..

Who is this again??

“You are a commoner and poor b*** dare you say those words!!!” He yelled

“And who says she is a commoner??” I heard Bryan’s voice from behind. he was the one in the car??

“Bryan, can you just leave that poor thing, she doesn’t suit you!!!” Anne shouted in disgust

“Who is the poor thing??..” He asked

“ can you have anything to do with her, you hated ladies especially poor ones, what is going on with her?”

“I don’t have time to talk to you..” He shrugged and held my palm


“Why would you trek?..I was just joking, let’s go” he smiled


Bryan…is he..liking me..does he…oh no..I shouldn’t over think things.


We got to school and walked to the class with his grip on my palm, almost all the student rushed out to take a view, some were even taking a shot..

We got to the class and a loud road filled the hall..

They all stared at us in dismay, I kept glancing at Bryan wondering why he suddenly held my palm all this while..

“Bryan you had been holding me for a while now…” I muttered making him smile..

“I feels so good holding it..”

We both sat and waited for lecture..

Just then, Anna walked in with a deep frown, immediately her gaze fell on us, she fumed..

I smiled and winked at her making her grunt..

“Rose, do you hate Sophia?” Bryan suddenly asked


“You don’t seem to want her back, she is a nice girl, just a little bit bossy” he explained..

“You still want her as your girlfriend, I don’t think she is back for good” I sighed

“You won’t understand.. we are bonded, we are fated to…”

“Jace!!!!” I screamed as he walked Into the class making Bryan pause his words

I jumped up to hug him but Bryan quickly held my palm,

“What do you intend to do?” He asked

“Hug my boyfriend, what do you think?” I asked and he grimaced

“Boyfriend???..when did it started?” He asked

“Just now, I see you want Sophia, I’m just a house help right, well…its fine!” I shrugged

“You are not just a house help!” He snapped

Jace walked over and crossed his arm around my shoulder..

“Bryan what’s up?” He greeted


“We are commencing the band but Sophia isn’t back yet..” He sighed

“She would be back, wait for some days” Bryan replied slumping on the chair still gazing at jace arm..

“But we need to show the manager what we got, the competition is close by, don’t we have any other girl to sing with us!!” Jace whined

“You are talking trash dude!! other girl can sing like Sophia, those croaking voice can’t sing in my band!” Bryan snorted rolling his eyes..

I could see the females staring..

“The manager wants to see our performance..”

“He should go to hell!!..Sophia is coming back soon, let him wait or forget about the stupid band!!!” Bryan flared

“Hey man calm down!!..what is pissing you off??” Jace teased

“Get lost!!”

“I’m sorry for touching Rose your girlfriend..” He smiled and Bryan flinched staring at him with a squeezed face..

“What…what mean?” He stuttered

“I can’t believe you’d be angered because I held her, that means…”


I smiled seeing his expression, I sat beside him and wrapped my palm round his palm

“You are the one I love, say no to jealousy!!” I chuckled

Bryan’s POV

“What are you..saying??” I mumbled..

Seriously, they were both getting my thoughts correctly…I was truly jealous..


I can’t tell

“Let me sing with your band” Anna chipped in..

“Sing with who??..get lost!” I snorted without wasting time

“Bryan, wake up!!..that commoner is touching you!!” She seethed

“Get lost, you look like the commoner here!!..”

“Okay Bryan can I sing with your band?” Rose cooed with a sweet smile..

“Biggest dream!” Anna laughed mockingly

“I think the dream would be reality..

” what????” She raised her brow

“Rose can be part of my band!..let’s sing together!” I muttered leaving Anna totally dumb..


Episode 20


Bryan’s POV

“What??” Jace exclaimed while Rose gasped in surprise..

“Bryan had you gone nut!!..what the hell did you just said??!!!” Anna squealed shaking vigorously..

“Must you always shout like a deranged disgust me to the core” i spited with a shrug before facing the board..

“You all should give me a breathing space, I got no energy to talk anymore!” I snapped

“Bryan you are getting crazy without even knowing, do you know what you just said? just accepted her to sing in your band??..which voice would she sing with??.. Bryan!!” Anna shouted without control, it really got her mad!!

“Why are you disturbed?..are you the one to tell me what to do?” I asked making her chuckle

Rose’s POV

“Rose are you being happy?” Anna sneered at me seeing that Bryan wasn’t going back with his word..

“Should i be crying?..this is the greatest news for me!!” I squeaked making her laugh mockingly

“Please Rose, do you even know what a band is, a musical band??..” She asked sarcastically

“Yes I do!”

“Which voice would you use to sing in Bryan’s band, I can’t wait to laugh at you,gosh!!.it would be the greatest embarrassment to you..” She scoffed

“What if I got the voice?” I asked while she sneered

“It is impossible, your poverty is too much!” She spited walking back to her seat with heavy steps..

“Bryan do you mean you accepted….”

“Go to your seat and don’t mention any word about that, I was joking!!” He snapped without a single smile


“I don’t…” A teacher walked In just then cutting Jace off his words..
He walked back to his seat..

I exhaled heavily before settling down, Bryan wasn’t talking or smiling, his face was stern
I don’t know if he is sad or angry..

I glanced at his face again and could see pain and hurt, he was in deep thought.

“Bryan so it was just a joke?..agghr!..this is really painful!..Anna would definitely laugh at me when she realize” I mumbled looking straight to the teacher..

“You ever thought I was serious?!..why do you over think?..Sophia is the female to join the trio band” he muttered under his breath.

“Sophia?…Sophia?..ouch!.she would definitely shatter my dreams, why is she even coming back??..what about Austin?” I breathed swallowing the lump in my throat.

“Stop those impossible dreams, you are my friend and that’s all, Sophia is my…”

“Its okay!!!..I’ve heard enough..” I cut him off


I don’t want to hear about Sophia any longer before I gets sick..

Mara’s POV (Rose’s mother)

I took my drug slowly with my eyes closed, Clara was beside me on the bed..

She had came to spend time with me..

“So when is Anna coming back?” She asked after I was done..

“She was employed as a house help but would be visiting us at interval.. at least, she got the chance to stay with her crush!” I smiled

“She is really lucky..” Clara smiled

“Ma’am, the money Rose kept for you is used up..what are we gonna do?” She added

“Really?..then, we would need to get some more from her, I can’t even believe I am taking money from my daughter who I had always fed..wish this ailment never came!” I sighed laying on the bed..

“So…I should visit her in that school?” She asked

“I don’t think you should..i’d call her later, but..let me ask..why did she attend that school?’s a school for musicians right?” I asked sitting up

“Oh yes!!..Diamond musical school, they gave out scholarship so she applied..” she answered

“That’s no the Rose going there to sing???” I asked with my heart beating loudly suddenly, I can’t hide the fear written on my face..

“Ma’am, you look troubled..what is it?? it wrong for her to sing??”

“You would never understand!…ohh, I have made a mistake! hadn’t i checked about that school, I never knew it was for music! would I allow Rose to sing, what if he hears her voice..oh god!!” My heart kept accelerating as my mind flashed back to the past,

That past which I dreaded so much, I would never want it to happen again, no!!..please Rose don’t show your voice..

“You are getting me so confused!!!..what are you saying!!..who is the ‘He’ you are talking about?” Clara squealed with a raised brow

“You would be going to that school now!” I stated

“To do what??”

“Tell her about the money and also give her this message!” I spluttered bringing out a paper and pen..

Clara’s POV

I watched in confusion as she wrote something down on the paper before fixing it into am envelope..

“Give this to her after you tell her about the money, make sure she reads it..”

“You are scaring don’t want Rose to sing with those sweet voice?..Bryan her crush is a singer how….”

“No more talks…go!” She snapped

I took a deep breath before leaving with a heavy step..

What is actually happening??

I got into my room and got that great urge to read the message but I wasn’t trained that way, its so improper to pry into other people message..

I took a thorough bath before dressing up, without knowing the reason, I picked up the best gown I got..

Not like I was going to meet my boyfriend, I don’t know why I want to wear my best cloth.

I put it on and a wide smile escaped my lips, it really fitted me, I packed my hair In a pony tail before applying the last remain of the red lipstick..

I stated at the mirror and felt happy, I wasn’t bad.

But…why I’m I this keen about my appearance?..

I’m going to meet my crazy friend Rose!! one else!


My parent are out for work so I locked the door and hide the key under a rock with a letter…

That way, they would know where i went to if they comes back before I return.

I rushed out to Diamond musical school..

A school for idols, Rich brat!..spoilt boys and girls..

I don’t like having anything to do with them,
After some hours, I finally reached the magnificent school which left my lips agape..

After some clarification, I was directed to Rose class..

I was just given a map nothing else, if only they knew that I don’t know how to use this map..

I can’t even insult myself by telling them I can’t use it..
I was even smiling sheepishly when given the map, agghr!!..Clara sorry for you!!

Slowly I head to nowhere, heading straight without knowing where I was going to..

“Hey who do we have here??” I heard a hoarse voice sound through the hallway which I was passing..

I turned around and saw three cute and rich guys walking forward with their hands fixed into their pocket, they all had smirk on their faces..

I smiled and bowed a little making them laugh..

I don’t even know why they were laughing..
I joined them in the laughter, guess I’m funny.

“How did a rag doll sneak in here?” One of them growled leaving me shocked


“How did you came in here?? are even wearing am outdated gown, look at your messy bun, your pair of shoe even has eyes..” Another spited giving them a reason to scorn at me..

“what is wrong with you all?” I asked feeling a little bit hurt

“You picked that cloth from the dustbin so you would come here, why did the school management even gave out scholarship??..pigs are also applying!..what the heck!!” The one In the middle hurled the most painful insult..

I felt my heart shred into pieces, I had never been this embarrassed, is this what Rose is enduring??

I got infuriated and lashed a hot slap to the one in the middle, I was really fuming..I don’t care of his father is a president!

A deep smirk escaped his lips..

“Wow, the pig has gut..” He mumbled as they walked closer

The students moving through the hallway gave no attention, would I be beaten??

“I came to send a message, I’m not a scholarship student, let me go please!!” I begged moving backward.

“Silly trick!”

A slap landed on my cheek followed by a grip on my throat, I was pinned on the wall…


One of them spilled his water on me drenching my cloth..

“You dared to slap me??” He growled and raised his hand to slap me again but just then someone strange held his hand up the air…

Before he could understand what was happening, the strange guy punched him hardly…

The other two turned to him but picked their heel seeing who he was,

“How dare you hit a lady??” He howled

“She…she..” He ran immediately without completing his word..

I wonder who this guy is..

“Thanks for saving me” I muttered and raised my gaze up only for it to fall on an angel..

Oh yes…you have to write a 300 words debating essay to convince me that he isn’t an angel…

So cute and perfect!!

“You are welcome, what brought you here?..scholarship?” He asked

“No…I brought a mes..sage for..someone” I kept stuttering as his cuteness seemed to mesmerize me..

“Who??” He asked walking closer

Geez…I’m fainting, why is he coming closer?

“ is…”

“You look unease..what is it?” He asked looking straight to my face..

Heey, this guy won’t kill me, look at his eyes!!

“Its my nature” I laughed and he also laughed

“It can’t be your nature..I’m I affecting you?” He asked with a different smile

I swallowed hard before turning backward before I melt,

“I’m looking for Rose a scholarship student..her mother sent a message” I said

“What???..Rose??..I know her well…she is my classmate..I’ll take you to her, let’s go” he said and I nodded

He led the way while I followed from behind…

“What is your name?” He asked as we walked through…

“Clara…I’m Rose beat friend” I replied ignoring the peering eyes of the students..

“Why did you save me?..aren’t all rich student here a bully?..” I asked rolling my eyes

“Not all…at least I’m not, my name is Jace a friend of Rose also..” He smiled


That Rose has gotten a Rich and cute guy as friend..

“You are just her friend or boyfriend?” I asked recalling he wasn’t Bryan..

“All of the above…”

“What??? she couldn’t get Bryan..I knew she can’t make him like her” I muttered

“Can I ask you one more question?” I begged

“Go on..”

“All the movie I had watched, a guy would help a girl he loves when she is in trouble…why did you actually help me, o never heard of a student who helps a poor student out from trouble..” I asked glancing at his charming smile which adored his face..

He gave no reply…

“Why are you smiling?” I asked

“Hey Jace what are you doing with this girl???” I heard a feminine voice from behind..

We both turned, a young beautiful girl walked over, she was really beautiful and was even smiling at jace..

I felt that tingling emotion of jealousy especially when Jace smiled back..

Jace’s POV

“Evelyn what are you doing here?” I asked forcing out the smile..

“Are you throwing question to me when I also ask a question?” She seethed glaring at Clara who was looking at every corner of the hall..

Evelyn is my side chick, I don’t like her, she is head over heel In love with me, I had gotten a little intention of giving her a chance, at least she isn’t bad…

Well, right now, I feel like she should disappear, I don’t want Clara to think we had anything in common..

It was strange though…

“This girl here doesn’t look like a student, she can’t even be one, what are you them doing with her??” She asked still glaring

“She can’t be one??..what if I make one..please just leave here, you are annoying..” I shrugged and held Clara’s palm making her cringe in shock as she stared at my palm..

“Sir…you are holding my hand???” She spluttered blinking continuously..

“Yes…let’s go” I smiled and led her forward…

Her palm was even soft and tender..




To be continued…

I wonder what Rose mother was talking about??🤔🤔


Jace….I’m watching from the window.


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