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July 30, 2021


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My crazy house help Episode 13 & 14

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👰🎻My Crazy

House Help🎻👰

🎤(She defiled me)🎤

Episode 13

By. Humble Smith



Rose’s POV

“Hey what do you even mean??..are you out of your mind??” I scoffed

“Oh yes, word would stop me from accompany you today, your lies would be expose!!” She laughed with her stupid friends or maid..I don’t even know..

“What if I decline your offer, like..I don’t want you to follow me home, I don’t even want to show you my house??” I sneered

“That’s nonsense, we are waiting patiently, when you are set to go home, we move…” She chuckled making me took a deep sigh..

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“What is even wrong with you??..are you doing all this because of your crush on Bryan?.. I’m I the one you would pick up on when you are obsessed with him!” I snorted

“You are a poor commoner!!..even if It is hidden in your lies but I can clearly see would you walk to school, why would you cloth look some way outdated…you can’t fool me girl..” She shook her head

“If all this is true then how does it troubles you??” I sneered

“Oh yes!!..if I finds out it is true, I’ll make you would be treated as a trash by all the student including Bryan who you thinks is your hubby..” She smirked

“Okay, after it all then what next..what do you want to achieve from it??” I bawled

“Bryan…I’ll achieve Bryan..” She said with a lopsided smile..

“Woah..biggest dream, like how on earth would you think all that would make him notice you??..can you even see how he detest you??” I shrugged and she squeezed her face in shame..

“Say all you want but I’m not leaving, I’d definitely pay you back when I finally finds your true identity” she said with a short laughter which left me troubled..

I looked around again and couldn’t still find jace or Bryan, other student are already leaving, only few still stay to watch what would happen..

“Okay let’s make a deal!” I stated with a straight gaze

“Hmm, what is it then?” I asked

“If you come with me and finds out that in not what you think, then, I would have to slap you thrice and never would you cross my path!!” I gritted with my heart beating fast and loud as I prayed she would disagree so I’d have the chance to go home without her following me…

“Wow!!..that’s a nice stunt, well I’m in, but…if it turns out that you are a commoner, I would shatter your life I swear!!” She blurted and I swallowed hard before picking my bag.

I just pray for miracle now, why on earth would jace not appear this moment..

I walked out of the class and they followed immediately with their gaze on me as they chuckle.

What is all this for Christ sake!!

We got out of the gate and I started heading home while they followed leaving their car behind, wow!! this how desperate this girls are..

My heart was really beating fast and loud, just then, an idea crept into my mind..

These girls are rich and spoilt and overfed girls who can’t run for a long time, I’d run home, I’m sure they can’t keep pace with me and their car is in the school garage..

I paused my step and turned to them..

“What Is it??..keep going” she smirked..

“I can’t change how I go home because of you girls, anytime I heads home, I runs so you girls can follow me and see my mansion if only you can also run like me” I said with a shrug while she sneered at me.

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Let’s go!!” I sneaked and ran off like a whirlwind.

They tried running with me but couldn’t even run up to 10metres because halting breathing heavily.

“Wait let’s bring our car from school!!” One of them screamed and I laughed at their laziness as I ran more speedily..

I was really good in running so they couldn’t come anywhere closer before I reached home..

Wow!!!..that was really close!!

“Rose!!..this run is scary, what is it?” My mother asked and I laughed it off heading to my room..

I dare not tell her why or I’d end up not going to that school again…


Bryan’s POV

“Bryan are you really falling in love with that Rose??..” Jace asked making me sneer at him

How can he ask such a silly question, it is impossible for me to love any other lady other than Sophia..

“Let me ask..does Rose look like Sophia in any way?” I asked and he arched his brow

“The fact that she isn’t Sophia makes her nothing to me, I want Sophia alone, no other person!!” I blurted

“Okay…then can I date her?” He asked and I felt my heart skip beat..


As much as I wanted to scream a yes, I also don’t want him to come near her…

“Why do you want to date her?” I end up asking

“Because I find her attractive, she is my type of woman” he replied with a huge smile.

“She is your type?..when did you find out, it hasn’t been long you met her, how then do you concluded she is your type??” I scoffed

“Bryan you are leaving me seemed you don’t want me to be with her, does it means you have something for her in your heart??” He asked and I shrugged with a deep breath..

This is getting me befuddled, i love Sophia but I don’t really understand what I feel for that crazy Rose flower, she just kept making me laugh…

I always feel happy staying beside her, maybe because she is funny..

“Jace, my girlfriend is Sophia, I don’t care about what you and Rose..” I paused and breathed..

“well just that I begged her a favour which is to bring Sophia back to me when she comes back..” I sighed

“That makes you a dumba**s..don’t you know Rose loves you??” He sneered

“I don’t care, she isn’t my class, she isn’t anywhere my type!!” I growled

“How did you even think she would help make Sophia love you when she wants you to herself..Bryan wake up from your dream before your joy is gone!!” He snapped and rushed out heading to the class maybe to take Rose home…

We had been here talking without thinking about Rose who might be waiting for us…

I hopped into my car to head home when jace returned back in a rush..

“Bryan, Rose is in trouble!!” He squealed and I found myself rushing out of the car abruptly


” I went to class and couldn’t find her only for some student to tell me she went home with Anna accompanying her” he said and my eyes popped out..


“They said she was suspecting her to be a commoner so she wanted to know her house, that was why she was bent on following her home!!” He explained and I felt my heart grow heavy..

We shouldn’t have left her alone in the class to come here and talk nonsense..

What if she has find out that Rose is a real commoner???


“Bryan you feel so much concerned??? she your girlfriend?” Jace asked peering at me

I shrugged and shuffled my hair..

“It isn’t wrong feeling concern about someone??”

“Not for you Bryan…you dislike woman, any lady who is not Sophia you detest her, what is happening???” He asked and I became dumb..


I hopped into my car and zoomed off heading home with the thought of Anna finding Rose identity filling my mind..

Why would that b***h even want to know about her??..why is she troubling her??

Oh gosh!!..I can’t believe I’m thinking of Rose instead of Sophia..

I got home and found my parent all dressed with their travelling bags..

” where are you both heading to??” I asked immediately

“We are going on a business trip, so you have the house to your self son!” My dad smiled and I shrugged

“So where are you going to and when would you both return?” I ask

“We are heading to California and would be returning in a year later, it isn’t a little issue son, we are about to open another branch and….”

“Spare me all that business things…you can go, at least I’d have enough space” I waved my hand and hugged them before heading to my room..

“One more thing…” My mother stated

“What is it??..” I asked turning to her…

“I found a maid for you….” She said and I gritted my teeth

“Don’t try it!!..I hate them all, I hate ladies, all I want is Sophia mom..bring her to me and I’d be grateful forever!” I bawled

“Do you know the name of this girl?? was jace who said something about her…”

“What are you even talking about??” I asked

“Her name is Rose, she would be your house help till we come back…” She said and I felt my heart skip beat..

I felt like smiling, I don’t even know why, but I just feels some kind of happiness..


“How did you know of her??” I asked trying hard to keep my frown face which was becoming a smile…

“Jace told me something interesting about her..I think she suits you” she said making me shrug..

I scurried to my room trying not to smile, trying to tell myself that she is a commoner, I tried making myself angry that she wasn’t Sophia but…I found myself jumping in glee and happiness at the thought of living here with her…

Wow!!..Bryan I think you are becoming crazy like her!..well, I can’t wait for her to come here..she is just too funny…

I grinned widely as I lay on my bed..

Rose my house help….hmm


To be continued..

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Episode 14


Rose’s POV

A tap from my mother woke me up from my sleep, I opened my eyes and quickly jolted up from the bed seeing that the day had broke meaning that it is another day to go to school, another day to meet my Bryan…

My gaze fell on his picture on the wall and a huge smile crossed my lips, I felt like kissing it there, the smile was soo charming, I can’t believe that the very man I had longed to meet is now in the same class with me, I had also touched his soft skin which seemed like something that had never felt the heat of the sun,

I just love looking at him, it makes my day, every expression he displays are always so sexy and great, when he Is angry and frowns his face, his cuteness would still be there..

I just wish he can be my boyfriend and forget about that so-called Sophia..

Who is even that Sophia that he loves, the worst is that he even pleaded I help him make her love him again…I’m I stupid???

I would even make her hate him more deeply so I can get along with him, I guess he isn’t aware of how much I drool and crave for him, who wouldn’t want such a rich and charming guy like him, he is just so perfect in everywhere.

I got out of the bed and stretched my body with a short yawn..

“There Is no food…” My mother mumbled sitting on the bed heavily.

“Really??..i had even been fired and the income for the other job isn’t enough..

I raised the pillow and brought out all the money there..

” this won’t be so much for us but I know it would be enough for you, use it and feed yourself, I would eat in school ” I said with a short laughter


“I have friends there that would feed me especially jace, I would make him feed me on break time” I grinned walking out of the room..

Immediately I stepped out, I bumped into someone who was about coming in, we both hit our head together and laughed as we fondled the part..

Yes, it was my best friend Clara…

“Where are you even rushing to??” I laughed

“Hey, gist me, how was the school?..did they bullied you?..did you meet Bryan?? was the student there?.. Is there any other rich cute guy like Bryan??” She kept asking curiously making me sneer at her..

“I don’t have any answer for you, just bring your a**s in there so you can get the answer to you question…” I shrugged with a lopsided smile

“Rose are you actually enjoying your stay there??” She asked with a raised brow

“Why won’t I??..I already touched Bryan, you can’t tell how soft and tender his skin is, not those strong rigid skin that the men here ate carrying up and down, I don’t think the sun had ever fell on him” I smiled dreamily as I imagined him.

“What about the student??..don’t they knew you are a commoner??” She asked and I chuckled

“I had to lie so they won’t beat me, I said I’m a politician daughter who hates spending money..” I shrugged and her jaw dropped

“Rose why!!!..the truth would be found one day and you would be disgraced…omg!!..rose you are risking your self just to be there!!” She screamed

“So you expect me to tell them I am a poor commoner so they would start bullying me in front of my Bryan, oh gosh!!..i can never, guess what???..I even shouted at them” I laughed as I recalled my words with Anna..


“Rose I’m…”

“Its okay, let me get prepared, you can go and tend my mother, I dropped some money for her, help her get something” I stated and rushed to bath and dress up..

I wonder when I would get a school uniform, very soon, the student would wonder why I won’t wear a uniform, who knows that may be their beginning of suspecting me especially that stupid Anna…

I took out my best clothes which i had gotten from the woman I was working for as a cleaner, yes…that’s just my luck.

She is rich but not so much so her daughter’s already worn clothes is what she gives to me as compensation.

I dressed up and bade my mother and Clara before leaving not after I had warned Clara never to tell my mother of my lie..

I got to the roadside and kept walking faster with the urge to see Bryan filling my head…

Just then, I sighted someone ahead…

Gosh!!! was Anna and her gang, I quickly diverted to another route and sneak away..

This girl won’t leave me alone for goodness sake..yuck!!

I hate her desperation, we are both craving for Bryan, let her make him love her and not fight me as I try my own best to get Bryan,

Finally I got to the school, I wiped the little dust on my legs and cloth before heading in, as usual, different eyes fell on my through the cars window.

Any car that passes, the student must poke their head to stared at me as I walked to the class through the walkway which seemed to be for me alone, no other student walks to school,

I increased my pace and ended up running, the eyes is getting much.

I reached the class and the first place my eyes went to was Bryan seat which was empty..


He must be in his private house, should I even go there??

Why??..I’m I his girlfriend?..he is gonna call the security again, who knows I may not escape this one.

I entered and the student gazed at me like I was an alien..

Anna must still be around my area looking for my house….stupid girl!!!

I sat beside jace who was all smiles..

“How was your day pretty?” He asked

“Please who is Anna in this school??…” I asked with a frown

“Her father is one of the share holder” he replied

“So she can send me away from this school really??” I asked with a deep sigh.

“Send who?? can’t try way, her father has the smallest share” he shrugged

“But he still have some, she has a say in this school.” I hissed

“Don’t ever get afraid, my dad has the next biggest after Bryan father, she can’t send my princess away” he teased and I sneered at him

“Who is your princess??” I asked with a chuckle.

“You…everything about you is just unique, I really like you that’s why I hadn’t did to you what I does to other scholarship student” he cracked facing the board

“What do you do to them??..beat them?” I ask

“I makes life miserable for them, they becomes my slave, you know what? are just so different, Bryan also seem to like you” he said and I flinched

“Really?????” My eyes popped out

“It isn’t clear but…what reason do he have for not making the truth known, the Bryan I know won’t hesitate to tell the class that you are a commoner, he won’t wait to tell them you lied about your identity..but he never did!” He shrugged and I scratched my temple trying to think on what really made Bryan hide it with me, is he waiting for the right time??

“So Bryan likes me???” I grinned from ear to ear.

“Well, I don’t actually know but there Is one thing I know….” He muttered making me turn to him sharply..

“What is it????” I asked abruptly

“I… you..” I stuttered scratching his head while I stared at him.

I opened my mouth to say something but couldn’t when that annoying Anna walked in with her girls.


I bend my head yo avoid her gaze but it seemed like i was the one she came for..

“Hey commoner!!!!!” She screamed and everyone turned to me.

Jace was also stunned..

“What do you mean???” I and jace chorused and she dragged me up

“Everyone listen!!!!” She said aloud and the student waited in anticipation..

“Anna had you gone nut!!!’ Jace yelled trying to stop her..

” who would have known that this little b***h here is a poor trash, she lives in the slum with her mother who is even ill, no money for treatment, she lied about get identity!!!” She stated and everyone screamed in shock..

“Omg!!!…how dare her!!” One of the student shouted and picked a bottle of water

“Don’t you dare touch her!!!!” Jace growled but they won’t listen..

“You aren’t the one who formed this so you have no right to stop it, commoners from scholarship had to be treated like the trashcan which they are!!!” They all growled in anger and I could see jace bend his head in despondency..

Just then, someone slapped me so hardly, it was one of the student, a female..

With anger, I grabbed her neck and pushed her so hardly that she fell on her butt, others took different water can, raw eggs and made to pour on me before someone came in and they all halted…

I looked up and my gaze fell on my Bryan..

He looked so cute and his presence has an aura that could be felt, they all stopped as he frowned at them.

He walked up to me and held my jaw peering to my cheek..

“Who slapped you??” He asked and I pointed at the girl who was also holding an egg to throw at me..

“You slapped her??” Bryan asked with a deep frown

“She is a commoner but lied, she doesn’t deserve to be here!!” She whined.

“Really???..what is your name?” He asked

“Jane..” She replied

“At this moment, get your a**s out of this school, you are expelled!!” He growled and held my palm..

“She is not a commoner so don’t you all dare to touch her or you would be expelled like this stupid girl here…” He said aloud and everywhere went silent..

“It isn’t true, I found her mother today, I found her house this morning..she is very poor and wretched!!” Anna spited

“You made a wrong research because she is living with me” he smiled and shuddered.

He took my hand and led me out to the school garden…

I felt like melting, the peering eyes of the student made me feel like a queen, I was holding the school Greek god, the most wealthy and handsome…

We got to the garden and I met a woman who looked like Bryan sitting there..

Is this his mother??

“Wow!! are Rose right??” She asked with a huge smile..

I nodded fidgeting as I saw how classy she looked, there were even guard around her..

“Okay, take this, it’s an employment letter, you are being employed as a house help in Bryan’s mansion from today…” She said and I flinched as my jaw dropped..

I’m I dreaming!!!!!!

I felt like I would faint..omg!!!!

Is this real!!!

Oh god!!!..someone should wake me up!!



To be continued..

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