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July 23, 2021


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My crazy house help Episode 11 & 12

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👰🎻My Crazy

House Help🎻👰

🎤(She defiled me)🎤

Episode 11

By. Humble Smith



Bryan’s POV

She chuckled as my arm wrapped, she even rested her body so well over my body freely…

My eyes widened as I got to myself,


I quickly pulled her off my body still confused how it was possible for me to even touch her..

All the student couldn’t just stop staring at us surprised, their expression was showing they were contemplating on what was going on between me and Rose…

Aaahhh..I never thought of the reaction it would stir up before holding her body that way…

“Rose, please give me some space??” I sighed not knowing what to even say as she was even staring at me, I quickly started heading to the class ignoring the press student who couldn’t stop asking me some silly questions about Rose…

“Who is she to you?”

“You both are seen together? you like her?”

“What do you feel about her?..”

You just hugged her!!

Different questions from the student as they followed me behind without touching me…

Well, they knew better than ever touching me, many student had found their a**s outside the school for touching me…

Their questions filled my ear but I couldn’t give a reply to any of them, I really needed to clear their view but I don’t know the reply to give them, it is clear I don’t love Rose, I can’t love her but what other description can I give, how can I explain that I hate her as a commoner, how can I tell them she is totally nothing to me when the student saw us together….

She was the only student that had got into my private house without being expelled, how was it even possible that I couldn’t expel her for coming into that restricted area…

Very soon, the shots gotten by the student would be over the internet, I was holding her waist with her head resting on my shoulder, I was just trying to shield myself from the cameras but….it doesn’t seem like one..

Oh gawd!!

What I’m I going to do now?..I need to reply the press before they fabricate the story themselves…

I don’t know the explanation to give, I’m confused!!

I got to the class and what I saw left me stunned, the students were all watching the picture from every corner…

“I think he is falling for that new girl..”

“Look at his hand over her waist”

“It even seem like they wanna kiss, oh my..”

“It was said that they were both coming out from his private apartment!”

I stood transfixed in confusion as I heard every comment, oh God!!..things are really turning to another thing all together, how can fall in love with a commoner??..a pizza attendant!

“Bryan is all that pictures real or fake?” Jace asked from behind.

I just shrugged and sat on my seat while all the student stared at me,

“I asked you a question man??..hope you aren’t snubbing me!” He half yelled

“These student are the most dumb creature I had ever seen, so after using her body to shield myself from their flashes of light from cameras, this is what it turned out to!..shit!!” I cursed rolling my eyes..

“But you were really holding her waist and your body was…too close, the Bryan I knew wouldn’t dare to stay that way with any lady, no matter how many flash of light that fell on him..” He stated folding his hands as he stared at me..

“Really?? I should turn blind from those lights??..” I asked trying to make myself believe it was for that reason that I held her.

“No oo, don’t turn blind dude, keep on using her body to help yourself” he giggled and went to his seat..

What is he talking about?..using her body to help myself???

“Bryan is it true you…that…”

“Say one more word from that awful mouth and you will end up outside this!!” I snorted in disgust to the female student who had came to ask me question.

The others quickly became wise enough to keep their mouths shut.

I took a deep breath and buried my face into my palm, just a day with her in this school, a lot is already happening, I wonder what it would all turn into when she stays for a year..

I glanced at the door again expecting her to walk in but she wasn’t there, I wonder whee she had gone to?

What I’m I even doing?..if she doesn’t come into the class, it isn’t my concern, I don’t have to be wondering where she is…


Rose’s POV

“What is going on between you and Bryan!!” The strange girl asked and I gawped at her..

I was really trying to even look fearless because the girl looked so rich and classsy, two student was even flanking her…

“What does it look like?” I asked with an arched brow..

“You are a newbie right??…a scholarship student right??” She smirked and I flinched

“, I..” My voice was hitched with a lump in my throat..

“You claim to be from a rich family but yet you looks so low class, nothing in your body looks rich, take a look at her and tell me what shows she is a daughter of a politician” she sneered and the other girls shook their head in disgust..

I looked around wishing someone would just take me out of here…

“Guess you don’t know me right?” She asked

“I’m new here so I don’t know you so please can i go to my class?” I asked and she chuckled

“Not so soon..”


“Follow us to the cabin, we need to talk..” she ordered walking away..

I was already afraid seeing that she is already suspecting me of being a commoner, I couldn’t decline her order..

Ohh, why didn’t I followed Bryan to the class immediately, I never thought someone like this would come to meet me..

Shit!!!.. I just pray she doesn’t find out I am a poor girl…

We finally got to the so called cabin, it was a beautiful room used for practicing both singing and dancing…

They all sat down while I was left standing…

“What is your name?” She asked


“My name is Anna dad is among the founding pillar of this school, he has a share here, that makes me to have full right here so…I can equally send your a**s out of here you know?” She taunted,

“Did I wrong you?” I asked and she shrugged

” i had been the lady who badly wants Bryan but do you know why I couldn’t get him?.. Sophia was all over him, he loved her alone and couldn’t notice me a bit, I was overwhelmed with joy when she broke up with him, it was my chance..although Bryan became cold and seclusive but I still believed I’d get him one day… ” she paused and stared straight at me…

Why is she even telling me all this??

“You just came today and…I’m already being afraid of him being mine” she seethed

“Really??..why?” I asked and she scoffed

“What is this?” She asked showing me the picture of Bryan holding me closely.

I sighed and shrugged without saying anything..

“I know you are lying of being the daughter of a politician!” She smirked

“No..I’m not!!..I just don’t like spending money, that’s why I’m this way” I snapped

“And you want me to believe that the same way all the student in class believed?” She chuckled

“I don’t care if you believe or not, I just said the truth, you can suit yourself!” I stated not knowing where the sudden courage came from..

“Really??..” She smirked and nodded her head…

“I’ll find out myself and I swear, your days here would be hell when i finds out the real truth, I can see it clearly, you are a poor brat..” She laughed and stood up walking closer to me.

“You are getting some lucks sitting with Bryan and being friend with jace, two cutest and rich guy, two celebrities, wow!! feel like bursting in joy right??” She laughed sarcastically before teasing my cheeks..

“It would all turn into a nightmare when Bryan and other students gets to know you are nothing but a poverty made creature” she scorned

“Bryan would totally hate you when he finds out you are a commoner!!..I’ll prove that to him later, obsessed fool;” she gritted and walked away bumping my shoulder.

I stood still without moving..should I become afraid??

I don’t even know what I am feeling??.. Is this a threat or what?..she just hates me because Bryan used my body to shield himself from cameras…

Rose get ready, she must not know who you truly are..


Episode 12



Bryan’s POV

Some kind of happiness seeped into me as she walked into the class…

Woah..was I some kind of missing her or what??..

Bryan, what is going on with you?..I turned my gaze to her and saw she was really troubled, bee face was drawn and she wasn’t even glancing at me, it even looked like she was avoiding me..

She walked to jace and sat beside him..what is wrong with her??..doesn’t she know her seat which is beside me, but why does it even disturb me that she didn’t seat beside me..

Wait..Bryan..are you alright?? hated ladies so much because Sophia left you…you vowed to make life a hell for the scholarship student, what is happening now???


I can’t believe this…

My head turned to where she sat with jace and something irked me, Jace was holding her palm whispering something to her which was making her smile..

I quickly averted my gaze from them and faced the board…how can I feel all this way for a commoner??..a nothing, she is a pizza attendant for crying out loud!!

Just then, I heard her laugh softly to whatever jace was saying, that was when I found out that I was no longer in control of my head because before I could know it I was already gazing at them with a deep frown.

I don’t even know where the impulse can from, before I could know what was happening, I was already standing in front them with my hands deepened into my pocket..

“Hey Bryan what’s up??” Jace greeted with a bright smile which seemed to taunt me some way..

“Rose can I talk to you just a minute!” I snapped and she arched her brow, jace was equally shocked to hear me say that..

What they didn’t know is that I myself is more shock than them..

The words rushed out before I could even hold it back.

“Bryan are you the one saying that?” Jace asked leaving me more confused..

“Is there anything wrong with taking to her?” I asked and he chuckled

“It isn’t wrong but i swear, those words aren’t for your lips, or..are you liking her??” He asked and my heart flipped.

“Does it means that when a guy wants to talk to girl, it only insinuates that he loves her??” I asked with an arched brow.

“It isn’t, but…huh??..this is Bryan and no other are aware she is a scholarship student, what do you really wants to talk to her that I shouldn’t hear?” He asked wrapping his arm around her neck…

A frown crossed my face, I quickly covered it with a forced smile, he mustn’t know I am having a strange feeling for this girl who i knew fully well how common she is…

Rose carefully removed his arm round her neck and that gave me some sparks of Joy, I really love what she did..

She stood up and held my hand with a smile,

“Let’s go” she winked and glanced at Anna who had been glaring at her for a while.

She poked her tongue at her before leaving with me, I wonder what is going on between them..

The eyes of the student popped out with their jaw dropped as they all watched us in dismay while we walked out of the class, some even follows us through the hallway to be sure it was hallucinations..

Well, I am just doing what my heart urged me to do, it looked so stupid but I don’t have an option, maybe I am becoming more crazier than her..

I took her out of the class and head to the school garden, why??..I don’t even know..

The school garden is known as lovers zone, the cameras there records lover and shares it to the school press..

“You are taking me to the school garden??..does it…”

“Shh” I hushed her with my finger placed on her lips..

“I need a cool place to talk to you..” I muttered and she nodded holding my hand tight..

“Do you know that no lady had held me that way for a while” I shrugged

“I guess I am something to you, I am someone special to your heart, maybe you have feelings for me!” She muffled..

“I don’t think so..” I shrugged and pauses without entering the garden…

“Can I ask you for a favour??”

“What is it?..I’m ready for any task!” Shesqueaked with a funny smile..

“Help me bring back Sophia to me, she would be back from the trip soon, please help make her love me again” I pleaded staring into her eyes which was already wet..

“Sophia is coming back?..” She asked blinking continuously..

“Yeah, please I want her back, yeah, you are the only friend I can rely on, please help me” I pleaded with a deep breath..

“Why did she broke up with you?” She asked

“Nothing, just nothing… I did nothing to her, if I did I don’t know because she didn’t tell me..” I sighed and she chuckled

“Its funny…do you even how many night I woke up just to think of you…Bryan I can’t help you get another woman when I’m here craving for you…” She shrugged and giggled

“Its normal to crave for me, like..every lady does it, I’m even more closer to you than other girls, please just help me so I’ll stop crying” i sighed

“Is this what you brought me here to say?..” She asked with a scoff..

“Oh yeah..” I replied slowly not even sure if that was really the reason..

“Okay…let watch and see” she breathed and walked away immediately..



Rose’s POV

Okay….now I’m going kinda crazy…

The school bell for closure had rang and I am still finding a way to leave the school without any trace, people like Anna shouldn’t see me walk to my slum which I called house..

Now that Anna has her eyes on me, I have to be careful..

Bryan wasn’t anywhere close by..he must have either went home or could probably be in his private house..

I looked around for jace but still couldn’t see him anywhere closely..

Where had my two saviour went to??..gosh!!

I think I need to go check Bryan in that house..

I packed my bag and made to leave when Anna walked in through the door with her two bodyguard (female student)

I acted like I saw no one and made to leave the class but she held me immediately and drew me back..

“You can’t find jace or Bryan…no one to save your a**s???” She laughed…

“Get your hand off me, I need to go home right away!!” I blurted..

“We are here to accompany you home, we want to see where the politician daughter live…” She smirked and my heart sank into chest…



I’m in trouble!!!!




To be continued…

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