My Colorless Rainbow – episode 10

Episode 10
By Amah

People filled up the hall way as I rush to pas-s, I was trying to manoeuvre my way to the front but the crowd leaving the cinema was not easy to pas-s by.
 I was pushing my way throu-gh. A lady who was walking and laughing beside her man almost fell down as I unknowingly pushed her, but her man caught her before she could get to the ground.
She was blocking my view as I try to rush throu-gh and got hit mistakenly.
 I quic-kly apologies to her that it was not intentional.
The Lady was not re-ady to take my apologies, she was even re-ady for a fight but her b©yfri£ndwas holding her and telling her to calm down.

“Can’t you see…are you blind? You almost pushed me down. What kind of human being are you…eeh?

I apologized again because I nee-ded to keep going. I did not have any time to waste with her. I was on a mission.

She was still raging when I turned and ran off for my target.
I did not see Richa-rd and the lady with him again. My eyes was traveling to every corner and car parks while searching for them but they were nowhere to be found.
I swear out angrily, throw a fist to the air. I was almost out of breath after all the running to catch up and all my effort was all in vain.
I was about turning to find my way out when I sighted Richa-rd .
He was standing beside a new car, I guess he changed his old car to something new.
Richa-rd was talking over the phone. He looks happy and laugh along with the conversation.
The lady was not with him. She probably went to the mall beside the cinema to buy something and Richa-rd decided to wait for her.

The lady was my main target and focus and I feel bad that I couldn’t get to know who she was.
 I drawled a rasped breath, looked at myself very well to make sure I was looking alright.
I began walking down to Richa-rd . Suddenly, the courage to proceed left me.
I stood at a distance staring at him for a while, hoping that the lady will come out from wherever she went to but it was taking forever.
I felt it was not necessary wasting my time here.
Whoever he chose to be with is none of my business.

I turned and took a cab home.
My mission was not accomplished, if I have kept my eyes focused on them without the sudden del@ythat occurred with the lady I mistakenly pushed, I could have known who she was and even followed her to wherever she was entering until I got the answer that I seek.
Her back view was just like my friend Jojo.
It was not possible for Jojo to be d@t!ngRicha-rd , she can’t possibly be the lady that Richa-rd was leaving me for. Jojo will not dare betray me like that.
She was my good friend and will never want to hurt me for any reason.

I try to wave it off and continue my usual weekly activities with less worries.

Melinda and my Dad called to tell me that my ring was really expensive and my man must have spent a fortune just to buy it for me.
They asked me when I will be bringing him because it was almost a month that I promised to come.
I told them that I will be coming soon, maybe the following week or next but I have things doing pres£ntly that will not enable me to come immediately but before two weeks runs out I will be around.

My Dad told me that Melinda’s husband to be was around over the weekend he is very entertaining and a fine gentleman.
They have even started with the whole wedding plan and a wedding d@t£ was fixed too.
My Dad wanted me to come anytime soon with my own man because they can’t wait to meet him.
Melinda asked me to s£nd my man’s picture so that she can see him and also show to my parents.
I told her to calm down that she will still meet my own man. Melinda did not give up from asking and I did not fall for her tricks or let her get to me.

Is almost two weeks that Ohio was gone, I have thought of calling him severally but waved it off.
What exactly will I say to him, what if another lady picks the call?
At the end I did not call him again.
 After two weeks Ohio was back.
 I felt happy that I was going to see him that Monday but he did not come that day.
It was on Tuesday he c@m£. When I saw him coming towards me, I almost leap up with joy. I felt like running to him and throwing my arms around him.
I wanted to do so many things but all I did was to smile and remain seated as he approached while smiling too.

g@sped out in self relief as he c@m£ closer and greeted me cheerfully asking me how I was doing.
I responded and even asked him how his journey went and he was kind enough to fill me in.
As he was talking, his eyes traveled down to my f!nger that has the engagement ring. I was trying to cover it up with my other hand but he still sight it.
He suddenly pause from talking and swallowed ha-rd , I can s-en-se his discomfort immediately he saw the ring.
I decided to ask him.

“Is there a problem…wha…what happened?

“Nothing serious Becca. I have not being seeing you with a ring, even after you told me that you are engaged. I thought you were trying to scare me off with that. After severally month or a year and I did not see you putting on a ring, I thought you weren’t serious. And now…I’m surprised to see you in one finally. I actually wanted to ask if you can do dinner this weekend with me in a cool restaurant…bu,t is fine. I will just leave you to concentrate… and congratulation…

He was still talking with worries in his eyes when his phone began to ring.
He picked up.

“Hey Lili, no…I will skipped lunch. I got some work. Yeah, dinner will be fine…I will drive down this evening. Chicken soup…not tonight. Something different…yeah….

He started walking away while still talking on phone. He later turned and waved at me before walking out of sight.

Ohio did not even give me a chance to explain myself. And the fact is I don’t know what to explain to him if I was given the chance to do so.
I wanted to pu-ll off the ring immediately but he may think that I re-moved it because of him.
After the close of work, I went home disappointed at the whole turn of event.
And throu-ghout that week I only saw him once and he was going out with my boss. My boss was doing all the talking while he was listening while walking down.

He looked towards my direction and I quic-kly looked away. Maybe is for the better to let him be. He has a woman alre-ady, this is the second time I will be hearing him mention Lili. She is probably the beautiful lady that used to come around with him.
Since he has a woman, why is he still showing interest in me and ma-king me to fall for his charms. It will be better I just zero my mind from him instead of getting myself hurt again.
Maybe I will give Jojo his contact so that she can leave me alone.

While at home that weekend thinking over my life and what I will do with the pressure my people was putting on me to bring my man for them to see. Jojo c@m£ over to visit.

I have sto-red a lot on my heart and was willing to talk to someone who could un-derstand me.

Jojo asked me about Mr Ohio, I planned giving her his contact but I later changed my mind and told her that he was not yet back and I don’t still have his contact details.

I was about sharing some of my burden with her when i remembered the lady with Richa-rd at the cinema.

I have not seen Jojo ever since then and seeing her now reminds me of that day.

I stylishly asked her what she has being upto recently and how she and her sugar spent their weekends and also preparing for their “happy ever after life”

She looked puzzled that I care to know every details of her movement with her man and she was eager as always to share.

“Sugar has being boring me with the wedding plans, he took me to his family house, took me out for shopping and even to the cinema and few other places. I told him I spent the whole wedding go-wn money and will be nee-ding another cash. Ri….Sugar was very angry, can you imagine that he was asking me what I spent the whole money on? I was not going to let him feel like he was doing me a favor with the marriage thing. I was even looking for opportunity to call it quit but I still have to pl@yalong due to all the benefits I get from him. I was angry with him for asking me such dumbest question… of what I spent the money he gave me on. He can be very annoying. I walked out on him and he drove down to beg me, he told me about the latest movie that was out in the cinema and asked to take me there. It was even a boring movie at the end and he saw that I was not still happy after the whole movie thing. Sugar asked me what I wanted that will make me happy, hmmm… i told him I nee-d money to get some jewelries in a fashion shop beside the cinema. He gave me his credit card after saying he doesn’t have any cash on him. I used his credit card to purchase everything I wanted while he was waiting for me. When I returned back I was beaming with smile. He was on a phone call, speaking to his friend who will be his best man during our wedding that may never happen. After he was done with the call and saw all the debit alert messages on his phone…hahahahaha. I watch as his face turned red. He wanted to say something mean to me but he end up saying…”honey…you know we have a wedding at hand, and we nee-d to spend wisely. plea-se, try to be an un-derstanding wife…blablabla. Well, I told him that I was not his wife yet, he said that in a matter of few weeks I will become his. I laughed at him in my mind because he doesn’t know my plans. He later transferred another wedding go-wn money to me after I refused to go with him to purchase it. I have alre-ady started spending the money again. I planned to get another car for myself and few weeks from now the car will be re-ady. So is unfortunate that Sugar is the only one planning for his wedding alone. He is engaged to himself and will be getting married to himself because I’m not interested in any so called wedding. My target is Ohio and I will keep waiting until he comes back from his travel. plea-se always upd@t£ me whenever he comes plea-se. I trust you will do that for me Becca. I also look forward to meeting your “honey” soon. I want to see the man that proposed to you. You are wearing an expensive ring Becca, which means your man must be a big fish. I wish you can introduce us…let me meet him to know the kind of man he is before you start proceeding. I want to look out for you so that your heart will not be broken again like Richie did….

I almost flew up and sl@p Jojo, I was burning angrily as I listened to her, laughing and talking about her dirty lifestyle with her sugar” who I just realize was actually Richa-rd .
So, it was truly Jojo all this while, she was the same person I saw with him at the cinema. She never knew that I saw them. How could she ever betray me this way?
How could Jojo be laughing to my face and stabbing me behind. She was the same person that told Richa-rd about me and my boss friend and it was her ear ring I saw at Richa-rd ’s place. But she lied against Anita. I’m glad I never took her word for it and accused Anita wrongly.
Now I un-derstand why she gave him a pet name “Richie” she was alre-ady d@t!ngRicha-rd even before he broke up with me.
Jojo was the person Richa-rd was claiming is better off than me and he plan to settle down with her. I was even advocating for him unknowingly, speaking to Jojo to st©p cheating on him. Is very funny how the table turned.
Now, I un-derstand why she did not want me to meet him or see what her man looks like. Jojo really pla-yed a smart game on me but nemesis has caught up with her and Richa-rd .
I’m so happy I never told her the story behind my engagement ring, I did not give her Mr Ohio’s contact to her.
As much as this hurt badly, hurting like fresh wound but I can’t help but laugh over how stupid both Jojo and Richa-rd are. Richa-rd is d@t!nga lady who is obviously tired of him, Jojo want a man who is not interested in her.
How wonderful and funny can this be?
I really want to keep laughing at both of them but getting betrayed by the people I hold close to my heart was another thing I can’t just laugh over.
It hurt so bad to think the lady I called my dear friend, I told my secrets, who I have being dining and drinking on the same table with is behind my sadness.
She even have the gut to want the same man that I was beginning to like.
I guess Anita knew all this while, she and Jojo quarreled over something and they have not being in good terms ever since. Since she knew why didn’t she tell me or warn me about the kind of person I called a friend.

After Jojo left that evening, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about everything I just discovered. It breaks my heart into pieces that I get the worst of everything in life and in humans. Even friends can’t be trusted anymore.

I cried into my pillow that night again and was up the following morning. I will pl@yalong with Jojo until her cu-p is full to the brim and I will pour it to her face.
I don’t have any business with Richa-rd because he is a confused man  to have chos£n a lady like Jojo over me. But I have a big business with Jojo and I will beat her to her own game.


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