My chicken b©yfri£ndEpisode 9 & 10

short story
♠ MY
Episode 9
Lina’s pov
I walked towards the pastor and handed Lawrence to him,
Halleluyah……. Daughters of zion praise the lord…..
children of God praise the lord….
i shouted smiling like a clown. I noticed confusion written all over Lovet
as i marched back to my seat.
Pastor pastor… i called out after the service, we were on our way out when i excused myself from my friends faking that i wanted to receive counsel from the pastor
even though i knew they would’nt believe me,
“Ah!! great daughter of zion,” he said grinning from ear to ear
why you no go grin as you don see chicken to chop…
i just ¢v-m tell u say… i no dash you dat chicken…
i just give you that time to avoid embarrasment..
so… we-tin i dey even talk… i immediately bent down lazily and picked Lawrence up as he was placed in a local basket beside the
pastor’s seat.
“my chikd you did’nt dash me the chicken… you donated in fact you sowed a seed.. ” he was still taking when i hissed abd walked out on him
i know i was’nt a strong christian, a church girl but i could sp©t a deceiver a false prophet when i see one… and i tell you dat is obviously one
“ah!!! Lina baby… you get mind ooh u go collect your chicken friend back” Nancy tea-sed me
“come whats this between you and Lovet?” Betty asked as i hissed
No mind this Aka…mu.. i sais put lots of stress on the Akamu
na.. me she wan pl@yprank on…
“hahaha… ¢v-m see heavy deliverance… kakatatarara… on t©p my head” Nancy said
on t©p my head oh… i echoed
just because of this Pap..
“abeg… e don do.. na dat small thing i do you wey you make me giv that fake prophet 50k?” she asked really angry
i believe say by now i din turn celeb… becoz those fine boys no money guys just dey video me..
“but na pl@yi been dey pl@ywith you” she said
hmmm me too na pl@yna… but make i warn you if you use my chicken pl@y… dat day this country no go fit contain me nd u…
i warned sternly…
“but wait ooh so Lovey you get dat kind money and you allow us dey hustle” Nancy said
as Lovet rolled her eyes.
i la-id down on my be-d as i cried out my eyes… remincing how i and Lawrence usually pl@yhow he would cudd-leme when i cry
and get angry easily how he made me laugh and cry… how i pla-yed the ha-rd to get chick when he was toasting me
and how he spoilt me when i finally agreed… to be his now and forever
i never thought i would go this far with Lawrence at first when we started…
i thought it was for fun
so i never allowed him into my paradise… i know i might seem wi-de.. and lost in life but i dey use my head
no one would believe if i tell them am still a vir-gin..
From the day i found out i was meant for Lawrence
and he for me i vowed to keep my vir-ginity for him and him alone.
not until he started getting mocked and tea-sed by his friends to l@yme
thats when he started pestering me for S-x… i never gave in
and that did’nt st©p our relationsh!p…
i might act all strong outside but this pain is eating me de-ep…
the pain of waking uo one day to find out my Love is now a chicken
if only feelings could be measured
i would have measured how heartbroken i am.
I wept the more when i peeked and found my Law a chicken slee-ping…
my heart shattered…
i really wish there’s a solution going to a church only to meet that fake pastor
i can’t take this any more..
Lawrence’s pov
I immediately closed my eyes when i noticed she was gonna look at me..
i’ve been watching her since, each tears that falls from does golden eyes that st©pped me from bring a pla-yboy
broke my heart… every tears she sheds breaks my heart into million piece…
she’s always warned me about my curiosity
if only i’d not pester her for S-x
this would’nt have happen, if only i had mind my bussiness and not follow that light
this woukd’nt have happened i feel more hurt knowing that am the cause of her pain
i should be the one caring for her not the other way round…
Oh God!!! i know its been a long time since i prayed plea-se forgive me and heal me plea-se dear lord….. I was still meditating when i heard a heavy onock on the door…
Only one person can knock this way since Lina’s trio… has gone out as usual
“Damian!!!” Lina muttered shocked as the opened the be-d immediately she wiped off her tears
“why are you suprised… OMG don’t tell me tou now rare chicken the
one that gave you a scare in your house” Damian asked
“yes am suprised because you’re the last person i expect to see” Lina said
“Commom!!” he said trying to look pitied but i’ve got no space of pity for him
“well i know you c@m£ to confirm if truely i walk around with a chicken
now you’ve confirmed… so what!!!” Lina said and i liked the tone Lina used
“shall i come in” he said and Lina made way for him
“so how are you doing” Damian asked
“Fine..” she replied
“Baakku..” Damian said shaking me vigorously
as i screamed and Lina rescued me…
immediately Lina turned towards the wall to drop her makeuo stuffs
Damian got close and position hisl-ips so that immediately she turned hel-ips would brush his
angrily i jumped on his immediatrly Lina turned preventing him from achieving his goal
i continued… scratching him and hitting hisl-ips with my beak
as Lina stood in awe…
Episode 10
Lina’s pov
“am sorry… na ” Lawrence apologized as i pretended like he was’nt talking to me
“i just could’nt stay and watch him k!ssyou…
if only i had’nt brou-ght this upon myself
if…” he trailed up seeing i was’nt buying it
Lawrence i know you were only protecting me…
but that waw too much
“sorry… that i broke hisl-ips” he apologized
broke hisl-ips? who tell you say i dey para for dat one
i dey para becoz u push me commot ¢v-m scratch me with dat ur thing…
i complain…
“see me ooh i think say u dey vex as i injure that guy” Lawrence said
vex ke?? he deserve am na…. i said as we laughed out loud
what are we going to do now?
who do we run to for help, you can’t remain a chicken forever…
i said soberly
“am short of words… and the worst of all is that you would be leaving for Abuja soon…
Oh God plea-se help us” Lawrence prayed
“ah… chicken hw fat na” Nancy greeted as the trio entered the room
eh… bette pikin as i too small for you to greet na… dats why u greeted my friend before me, i said as they all laughed
“¢v-m oh we just dey paint town red… we don graduate sha we no go find work” Lovet asked
kaiii chop knuckle… Lovet, na the only s-en-sible thing you don talk since
i know you… i saud as we all mocked her
“Lina i no just get ya time today” she said as they
bounced on the be-d and started disturbing my Lawrence
as he screamed for help from me while i sat down laughing
it was kind of funny…
i woke up in the middle of the night from the weird sounds i heard
“no… no…” Lawrence screamed jumping from the be-d
“abeg hold dat ur chicken before i kill am dis chicken…
morning neva reach e dey shout” Betty warned with sleepy eyes.
“…ku…” i heard Lawrence scream in a real chicken tone for the first time..
you… actually… whats happening… i stuttered
“i can’t explain i just had a bad dream which i could ha-rd ly un-derstand…
i think i saw a man who was telling me to find the real chicken or else i would
turn into a real chicken by the full moon” Lawrence said scaring me to death.