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January 20, 2021


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My chicken boyfriend Episode 9 & 10

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short story
♠ MY
Episode 9



Lina’s pov
I walked towards the pastor and handed Lawrence to him,
Halleluyah……. Daughters of zion praise the lord…..
children of God praise the lord….

i shouted smiling like a clown. I noticed confusion written all over Lovet
as i marched back to my seat.

Pastor pastor… i called out after the service, we were on our way out when i excused myself from my friends faking that i wanted to receive counsel from the pastor

even though i knew they would’nt believe me,

“Ah!! great daughter of zion,” he said grinning from ear to ear

why you no go grin as you don see chicken to chop…
i just cum tell u say… i no dash you dat chicken…

i just give you that time to avoid embarrasment..
so… wetin i dey even talk… i immediately bent down lazily and picked Lawrence up as he was placed in a local basket beside the

pastor’s seat.
“my chikd you did’nt dash me the chicken… you donated in fact you sowed a seed.. ” he was still taking when i hissed abd walked out on him

i know i was’nt a strong christian, a church girl but i could spot a deceiver a false prophet when i see one… and i tell you dat is obviously one


“ah!!! Lina baby… you get mind ooh u go collect your chicken friend back” Nancy teased me

“come whats this between you and Lovet?” Betty asked as i hissed

No mind this Aka…mu.. i sais put lots of stress on the Akamu

na.. me she wan play prank on…
“hahaha… cum see heavy deliverance… kakatatarara… on top my head” Nancy said
on top my head oh… i echoed

just because of this Pap..
“abeg… e don do.. na dat small thing i do you wey you make me giv that fake prophet 50k?” she asked really angry

i believe say by now i din turn celeb… becoz those fine boys no money guys just dey video me..

“but na play i been dey play with you” she said

hmmm me too na play na… but make i warn you if you use my chicken play … dat day this country no go fit contain me nd u…

i warned sternly…
“but wait ooh so Lovey you get dat kind money and you allow us dey hustle” Nancy said
as Lovet rolled her eyes.

i laid down on my bed as i cried out my eyes… remincing how i and Lawrence usually play how he would cuddle me when i cry

and get angry easily how he made me laugh and cry… how i played the hard to get chick when he was toasting me

and how he spoilt me when i finally agreed… to be his now and forever

i never thought i would go this far with Lawrence at first when we started…
i thought it was for fun

so i never allowed him into my paradise… i know i might seem wide.. and lost in life but i dey use my head

no one would believe if i tell them am still a virgin..
From the day i found out i was meant for Lawrence

and he for me i vowed to keep my virginity for him and him alone.

not until he started getting mocked and teased by his friends to lay me

thats when he started pestering me for sex… i never gave in

and that did’nt stop our relationship…

i might act all strong outside but this pain is eating me deep…

the pain of waking uo one day to find out my Love is now a chicken

if only feelings could be measured
i would have measured how heartbroken i am.

I wept the more when i peeked and found my Law a chicken sleeping…

my heart shattered…
i really wish there’s a solution going to a church only to meet that fake pastor
i can’t take this any more..

Lawrence’s pov
I immediately closed my eyes when i noticed she was gonna look at me..

i’ve been watching her since, each tears that falls from does golden eyes that stopped me from bring a playboy

broke my heart… every tears she sheds breaks my heart into million piece…

she’s always warned me about my curiosity
if only i’d not pester her for sex

this would’nt have happen, if only i had mind my bussiness and not follow that light

this woukd’nt have happened i feel more hurt knowing that am the cause of her pain

i should be the one caring for her not the other way round…

Oh God!!! i know its been a long time since i prayed please forgive me and heal me please dear lord….. I was still meditating when i heard a heavy onock on the door…

Only one person can knock this way since Lina’s trio… has gone out as usual

“Damian!!!” Lina muttered shocked as the opened the bed immediately she wiped off her tears

“why are you suprised… OMG don’t tell me tou now rare chicken the

one that gave you a scare in your house” Damian asked

“yes am suprised because you’re the last person i expect to see” Lina said

“Commom!!” he said trying to look pitied but i’ve got no space of pity for him

“well i know you came to confirm if truely i walk around with a chicken

now you’ve confirmed… so what!!!” Lina said and i liked the tone Lina used

“shall i come in” he said and Lina made way for him

“so how are you doing” Damian asked
“Fine..” she replied
“Baakku..” Damian said shaking me vigorously

as i screamed and Lina rescued me…
immediately Lina turned towards the wall to drop her makeuo stuffs

Damian got close and position his lips so that immediately she turned he lips would brush his

angrily i jumped on his immediatrly Lina turned preventing him from achieving his goal

i continued… scratching him and hitting his lips with my beak

as Lina stood in awe…

Episode 10
Lina’s pov

“am sorry… na ” Lawrence apologized as i pretended like he was’nt talking to me

“i just could’nt stay and watch him kiss you…
if only i had’nt brought this upon myself

if…” he trailed up seeing i was’nt buying it

Lawrence i know you were only protecting me…
but that waw too much

“sorry… that i broke his lips” he apologized

broke his lips? who tell you say i dey para for dat one

i dey para becoz u push me commot cum scratch me with dat ur thing…

i complain…
“see me ooh i think say u dey vex as i injure that guy” Lawrence said

vex ke?? he deserve am na…. i said as we laughed out loud

what are we going to do now?
who do we run to for help, you can’t remain a chicken forever…
i said soberly

“am short of words… and the worst of all is that you would be leaving for Abuja soon…
Oh God please help us” Lawrence prayed

“ah… chicken hw fat na” Nancy greeted as the trio entered the room

eh… bette pikin as i too small for you to greet na… dats why u greeted my friend before me, i said as they all laughed

“cum oh we just dey paint town red… we don graduate sha we no go find work” Lovet asked

kaiii chop knuckle… Lovet, na the only sensible thing you don talk since

i know you… i saud as we all mocked her
“Lina i no just get ya time today” she said as they

bounced on the bed and started disturbing my Lawrence

as he screamed for help from me while i sat down laughing

it was kind of funny…

i woke up in the middle of the night from the weird sounds i heard

“no… no…” Lawrence screamed jumping from the bed

“abeg hold dat ur chicken before i kill am dis chicken…

morning neva reach e dey shout” Betty warned with sleepy eyes.

“…ku…” i heard Lawrence scream in a real chicken tone for the first time..

you… actually… whats happening… i stuttered

“i can’t explain i just had a bad dream which i could hardly understand…

i think i saw a man who was telling me to find the real chicken or else i would

turn into a real chicken by the full moon” Lawrence said scaring me to death.





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