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January 23, 2021


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My chicken boyfriend Episode 7 & 8

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Episode 7
Lina’s pov
Ah.. i screamed obviously scared of how an old man grabbed my hands.

“take this, common take it” he said forcing a white paper into my hands and when i eventually did he walked away

i stood there stuned.
“what just happened?” Law asked breaking the silience.

I… don’t know.. lets leave, i said running towards my apartment

it seems running has suddenly become my hobbie…

i got home and thankgoodness the three troublesome girls are’nt around
“check the paper he gave to you” Lawrence said immediately we settled down
Ok… i was about to open the paper when the rioters rushed in

“ah!! dis one dey serious oh… u still dey with your chicken boyfriend” Lovet asked laughing hesterically

Akamu… as u no wan mind ya business..

“your blood too hot.. na simple joke” Betty said as the tried to undress…

You no go close your eyes abi?? i queried Lawrence as he stared wide open as they changed their clothes.

“Lina you too dey vex, no be dem i dey even look self but still…” he said
as he closed his eyes
shocking my friends…

“hmm dis kind fowl i never see” Nancy muttered

I immediately took the paper and went outside with my Law to gain some privacy

i opened the white paper to my suprised it glowed.

“Find your exchange mate… reverse the curse..” i read aloud and immediately i was done reading the words from the sheet disappeared

do did the sheet…
“and what does this mean… ” Law asked

And why would a strange old man give us this…
complete waste of time…

All this old people self of no be say i dey fear dem i 4 insult am na…
“mtcheww” i and Lawrence hissed.
I think we should visit the church… i suggested..

“church it is then” Lawrence said


Episode 8

Lina’s pov

♪Satan don fall for ground ooh♪

♪match aam match am… he don fall for ground oh match am match am…


♪oya match am kill am.. match am match am..♪

I sang vehemently in the church as i match the fall with all my strength as if i could actually see


Satan on the floor…

all i wanted was to see my Law healed and hearty.

i did’nt mind the awkard stares


i got from my friends as they danced seductively just because some handsome brothers were sitting at their backs


i watched a little a Nancy especially danced bending down shaking het butts vigorously as if


her life depends on it all in the name of dancing to entice a brother


on a norms i would have joined them just to have fun but this time around fun has gone so far away from me…


“hey… na wa ooh if no be you drag us cum church dis sunday morning


i for just miss this fine dudes wey sit down for my back” Nancy whispered into my ears


chaii… Nancy… inside church again abeg… ur own don too much


“abeg free me” Nancy said in a low tone in order not to attract the violent pastor towards us


i believe say u get craze inside ur head… u get skulskul.. inside, i whispered to Nancy


“between me and you wey carry chicken inside leather cum church, who get skul-skul…” she asked as i mistakenly hissed loud getting thode over zealious sisters to stare at me like


i was some kind of plague, i pretended not to notice them.


“Haba… inside church una dey argue ” Lovet whispered…


as we rolled our eyes.

“hmmm dis one own don too much ooh…” Betty muttered


“abi?? see time na… 12:00pm he never close…

” Lovet murmured


“and i dey hungry die” Nancy added.


Hmmm i have never been a church girl so i just slept off, the spiritual momentum i got to sleep was


one of a kind… i just can’t explain… to sleep for church even sweet pass to sleep for hux…


i was still slepping when i heard some hited me and gestured me to stand

… I did’nt hear what the pastor said


but the only think i heard was stand up and immediately Lovet gestured me to stand up


i stood up with a sleepy eyes… when i heard heavy prayers on my head..


“come out my daughter don’t be shy… the lord will deliver you today” the pastor said dragging me out of my seat as i just followed him confused


i was actually sleeping when i stood up and this is what am getting,


what are they delivering me from?

“oya… brethen lets pray for this sister that took the bold step of standing up


to be delivered from the spirit of bedwedding, incase you don’t know… pissing pissing for bed… you know dey shame


that is what have been disturbing our young siste here..” i heard the pastor said


as i shouted What!!!!

“oh what…. she’s shouting what? the spirit is moving…

brethen lets pray…” the pastor asked them to pray


i took a sneek-peek at my tri-friends and Lovet was the only one who had that devilish smile


i knew this was one of her usual prank


but the one wey pain me pass na.. all those fine-but

-no money boys wey gather for their back just they laugh


to make mattet worst… They cum dey video me


I just stood and let the pastor turn my head 360°

and spoke in tongue


though i think i heard “Abasimbom” which was a word in Akwa Ibom


“sister… my daughter your free from the spirit of bedwetting” he said pushing me to my sit as i staggered


having rolled 360° my head were obviously spinning.


I shamefully went to my sit and promised to deal with Lovet


for the embarrasement she made me go through

Betty and Nancy just stared knowing what i was capable of


“i know say u fit handle am” Law said

as i gave him the “you no trust me” look.


I smiled when i noticed Lovet was lost in thought


“so children of God… you know you have to sow a seed for God…” the pastor said


as the church nooded in agreement


“10thousand” the pastor said

“I…” a brother shouted raising his hands up


as the whole congregation chorused some Halleluyah!!!!


“30thousand”he said again

“I ” a plumpy brother shouted


as the whole church clapped


“50thousand” the pastor said


and i immediately stepped on Lovet’s feet causing her to shout



“thank you sister, may God bless you for voluntaring to donate 50thousand naira to the church of God” the pastor said as


the whole church clapped massively but i clapped the most shouting Halleluyah….


as Lovet stared daggers at me realizing what i just made her do


but i cared less.


she then stepped on the leather where i putted Law…


causing Lawrence to shout…



” ah… God is wonderful… who is that gracious sister that donated a chicken


come forward with it” the pastor demanded


as i felt like stranggling Lovet


“step forward my child God will do a new thing in your life today as you donate ” he persisted




Ah…. guys Lawrence is in trouble ooh whats gonna happen next



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