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January 28, 2021


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My chicken boyfriend Episode 2

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Episode 2



Lina’s pov

Mtcheew…. what nonsense.. i said realizing it was a chicken.

“haba.. Lina… tomorrow na u go dey brag say u be wargod and u dey fear ordinary chicken” my subconscious mind mocked me.


But taking a good look at this chicken it does’nt look normal and it has’nt moved from where it was,


there was something different about this chicken that sent cold shiver down my spine


ooh but what is keeping this Lawrence na… i murmured.

why are you staring at me like that??

I laughed… how bored can i be asking a chicken that..


“Lina” i screamed as i heard my name i turned around but found no one ,


Lawrence.. is that you i asked searching around.

because the voice sounded like Lawrence’s voice.

“Baby am here” i heard his voice from the Chicken no it can’t be…


“yes” the Chicken said coming closer to me as i recoil in fear i did’nt know when i found myself running and screaming and the chicken running after me.


“ah!! Lina… stop na…” Betty said ending my maraton race and i gasped for air.


I manage to turn and found the chicken staring at me, and fear gripped my whole system


I think my three friends and somr others followed my gaze and found out that i was running from a chicken.


“Haha… really Lina ” Nancy said as they all bursted into laughter.


what’s funny are you guys not seeing this chicken it’s not normal i think it can talk


i managed to say still exhausted from the race.


” you’re drunk a chicken talking… let me lol” Love said

“but wait oo a whole wargod is damn afraid of a chicken” Betty asked

“Baaakku” Nancy decided to ruin everything by making the sound of a chicken.

But see it’s still standing there staring at me.


“common shuuu away” Damian said pursuing the chicken with his high heel male shoe… still staggaring obviously drunk as the chicken flew away scared.


All this while it did’nt talk confusing me

But it talke..d to me… it called.. my name, i stuttered not sure if i really heard it right i began to doubt myself.


“hahahaha am sure gonna twit this if only i had video you Lina am sure i would


a trillion followers” Lovet said making me laugh as we got into the party


i completely got over my ordeal with the chicken



“i never knew you could run like this ooh” Damian chipped in making the whole party erupt with laughter

That’s the reason i’ve bluntly refuse him asking me out, Damian has always been a loud mouth

despite the fact that he had a gigantic lips he still could’nt control them


he sure knows how to get everyone laughing at me though i sometimes enjoy his company but i sure won’t date a loud mouth.


My God!!! i breathe in and out sipping my wine as i sat down somehow shaking from the chicjen stuff…


Come to think of it Lawrence made me go there and now where the herk is he??


i asked myself, i was already angry that he made me go through all this,


somehow i managed to dusrupt the party and would soon become the talk of the town and school before i finally leave for NYSC!!

the thought of NYSC sent butterfly down my tummy.


Lawrence… i will so tear out your flesh if i set my eyes on you.


Damn it whats the useless stuff he abandoned me for… hid been bothering me for sex and when i finally got ready to give it him he chickened out!!!


but i can’t explain i feel kinda worried for my Law….


“just like the way you were worried for nothing about the chicken” my subconscious mind blutted out.

I watched to check if i would sight my three friends but of course they’re the party freks…


Gosh!! i never knew i could still run…. wow… i think i should be at athlete, hahahaha i laughed at myself.

“Baaaaaku” i heard the chicken from behind as i jerked in fear.




So what do you think about this episode

what’s up with the chicken na… it’s it really just her hallucination??

drop your lovely comments please don’t reduce the comment


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