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January 28, 2021


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My chicken boyfriend Episode 1

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Short story
♠ MY



Lina’s pov
Don’t i look beautiful?.. i asked no one in particular, as i stared at myself through the mirror.
Forgive my manners, my name is Lina and am 23 years old obviously and proudly a graduate…
“Shut up jare.. we just graduated two days ago and we have’nt even attended the party and you’re calling yourself a graduate” Nancy obe of my room mate said still laughing as we prepared for our graduation party.

Really Nancy, you just said it yourself we graduated two days ago and what do you suggest i call myself? I asked
As she fell speechless.

But i don’t really feel like going to the party, i told those three rioters i call friends.
“Common Lina.. you’re really something must we always beg you to follow us to a party?” Nancy asked

“And na she go enjoy am pass” Lovet chipped in
” when you go dey follow Lawrence up and down for party sha u no enjoy am” Betty asked as i blushed at the mention of Lawrence name.

Lawrence has been my” boyfriend for the past 4 yrs, and since 100 level of my course and his been asking me of sex but i constantly and bluntly

refuse, though he gets angry but his anger does’nt last, why because am his angel…

“go betty… go betty.. go betty” we all hailed Betty as she twerked with her scanty behind.

“hey ” Lawrence greeted us immediately we arrived the party.
“hiiii” my friends replied walking away into the over crowded party.
Hey… what’s up, i asked i noticed he’s been moody for since the past 30mins i’ve been here
i ended up doing the gisting just not to allow an awkard silient.
“Nothing serious, don’t be bothered about a nobody like me” he said as his words pierced my heart.
ah!! Law… what’s it na…
you’ve started ooh…
i said already knowing where he was driving at,

“am no body so just chilax, if i can’t be let into your paradise then i don’t think you love me” he said causing my heart to ache..

i hate it whenever he doubts my love.

Fine!! Sex!! ok… lets do it right now i yelled dragging him to an uncompleted building which was strictly prohibited.
I watch as his face beened with smile,
“now you’re talking” he said following me behind.
At first i felt scared because this place was totally dark and remembering the anonymous message i received weeks back saying DEATH.

“common, that was weeks ago” my subconscious mind repriminded.

“baby why did u stop, don’t tell me y’ve changed your mind” he asked

No, just that am scared of this building… you know the authority clearly states that this place is restricted.

“don’t be a chicken” he said dragging me into the building.

“you see there’s nothing here” he said re-assuring me.

where are you going? i asked as he made to leave me alone in this scary building, the howling in the building was

enough to scare the hell outta any body.
“don’t worry na.. am coming i just want to pick up my phone” he said moving without giving me the oppurtunity to reply.

who’s there… i asked as a heard a strange sound like a door opening.

who’s there…

“Awooooh” I heard a terrifying sound as i recoil in fear

i made to run out but i bumped into something, something which was’nt …
Arrghhhhhhh…………. mtcheew…
it was just a chicken!!!



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