My black knight finale

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The rain poured heavily from the sky in torrents, plastering my clothes ti-ghtly to my skin. My hair was drenched and stuck to my face in curly tendrils but I paid it no mind.
If I were human, I would have been very cold, because this time of year the rain was icy and could be quite brutal. I glanced up briefly at the overcast sky, blinking away the drops that splattered against my face. The weather was perfectly suited for today. Today, we were honoring the werewolves that had died in the battle.
Three had died fighting the vampires. Rebekah, of course, had given her life so Cain would no longer walk this earth.
Another of the Black Mountains Pack members had gone down as well. I hadn’t been well acquainted with him, but I felt his loss throu-gh Gabriel.
I had been struck with no small amount of horror when I saw the last victim, because I recognized her. It was Bree, who had come with us on my first tour of the Black Mountains Pack. She had sparred with me during my first “test” upon coming to their land. Apparently she was brou-ght down in a two-on-one fight, and had died valiantly. Still, my grief had wors£ned when I saw the others carrying her limp b©dy.
The funerals for the latter two wolves had alre-ady come and gone, and their families carried away the bodies to have a few more minutes with them before nature took over.
Now, it was Rebekah’s turn.
I blinked away my grief-riddled thoughts as I saw my Mate’s large form approaching throu-gh the thick sheets of pouring rain. As always, the sight of Gabriel warmed my heart in ways I’d never thought possible. Even a day like today could not prevent my b©dy’s natural reaction to him.
When he stood next to me, we locked eyes for a long moment. Rivulets of rain trickled down Gabriel’s face and this close, I could see the drops clinging to his dark eyelashes. His eyes were heavily-lidded with grief. I was sure I looked no better.
He had alre-ady la-id Rebekah down on the large, flat rock, and the rest of the wolves were gathered on the other side of the mas-sive clearing. The wolves that had formerly belonged to my pack were here, too, despite the fact that they hadn’t known her. Everyone knew of her sacrifice. She was a hero in our world, and apparently in the Angels’ world, too.
Thinking of Angels made my eyes fli-cker to where Raziel was standing, a few feet from Gabriel on his other side. The Angel’s ethereal features were inscrutable. I knew the concept of a werewolf funeral must have been uncomfortable to him, but he was vehement that it was what Rebekah wanted. I wondered when they’d had occasion to talk about it. Perhaps when she initially told him of her plan.
I felt heat rise to my cheeks, an automatic reaction, when Gabriel’s f!ngersintertwined with mine and he pu-ll-ed me to his side. I leaned my head against him, staring at the beautiful woman lying on the rock. Most of her b©dy was covered, but her face had been left expo-sed so we could gaze upon her one last time.
Even in death, Rebekah looked commanding and regal. It was not ha-rd to imagine her as a Luna. Her dark hair cascaded down the side of the rock, stuck to the surface because of the heavy rain.
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Gabriel’s expression was smooth, but I felt his inner turmoil.
I squee-zed his hand ti-ghtly, s£nding a wave of comfort throu-gh our mental bond. He took a de-ep breath and let it out slowly.
“Are you re-ady?” I asked quietly, so the others couldn’t hear.
He glanced at me and nodded once, pu-lling me even more ti-ghtly against him.
“It’s time.”

When Gabriel and Raziel went to return Rebekah’s b©dy to mother nature, as was custom, I wandered away from the clearing towards the nearest stream. It had been a beautiful and heart-wrenching funeral. The emotion had poured out of every wolf pres£nt, even those that hadn’t known Rebekah but for her sacrifice.
Gabriel had wanted me to come along with them, but some instinct de-ep down had told me it wasn’t my place. I was Gabriel’s Mate, so in some way I was Rebekah’s family, but I could s-en-se that Raziel did not want me to accompany them. I couldn’t blame him. It seemed fitting that only her flesh-and-blood would accompany her to her final resting place.
When my aimless wandering finally brou-ght me to the tiny nearby stream, I sat down on a rock next to the bank. The rain had slowed slightly but still fell relentlessly from the sky. I paid it no mind, letting it drip from my clothes and puddle on the rock around me as I sat in rumination.
The last three days were chaotic, but the simple knowledge that Cain was dead brou-ght great relief to all of us. It was almost as if the air was cleaner now, knowing the bloodsu-cker and his coven weren’t around to pollute it.
I knew there was still a long journey ahead. I was Luna, and the vibr@nt red Mark on my pale skin was a daily reminder of how far I had to go. Gabriel’s Mark was still pres£nt, and I was going to cherish that fact every day. Maybe, in time, it would fade. Maybe it wouldn’t. All I knew was that I would cross that bridge when I c@m£ to it.
I couldn’t spend every day worrying about something that was not necessarily an inevitability. I wanted each moment with my Mate to count. I had to make up for lost time; especially for the years Gabriel had spent convincing himself he’d never have a Mate.
Finally, you’ve st©pped overthinking everything and just trusted your instincts, my Wolf remarked wryly, and I rolled my eyes.
I tilted my head up, staring mindlessly up into the endless grey. I had a lot to be thankful for, really. I had met the one I was destined to love, and love him I did. My family and friends were safe. The pack would soon be constructing the third village, where a lot of us would be residing. And the two groups of werewolves were getting along exceedingly well, all things considered.
Still, there was some niggling thought at the back of my mind that I could not push away. Call it instinct, or sixth s-en-se, or just my Wolf’s paranoia. But something told me that there was still going to be some great obstacle to overcome, whether one year from now or ten years from now. Or, perhaps I was paranoid.
With Gabriel by us, we can do it, my Wolf spoke up, smoothly and confidently. I agreed with her.
My Wolf’s tone suddenly grew more serious.
He will definitely nee-d us, though. He never really knew Rebekah, but she was still his mother.
He knows we’re here for him.
You should vocalize our feelings for him. I’m sure he s-en-ses them, but it can’t hurt to say it aloud.
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Against my will, I felt my cheeks reddening with a blus-h. Of course, Gabriel had to know I loved him. But my Wolf had a point. I nee-ded to say it aloud.
After another hour of de-ep thought, I heard Gabriel’s voice suddenly emanate in my head.
Where are you?
I s£nt him a mental picture of where I was sitting, and I knew the instant he set off to come find me. The grief still riddled his thoughts, but a s-en-se of peace was creeping it. His time alone with his family must have really helped.
I stood up to greet Gabriel when he emerged from the trees. I could not help but notice the way his eyes lit up when they met mine, and he made his way over to me in a few quic-k strides. His strong arms enveloped me, pu-lling me to his che-st in a ti-ght hvg. I slowly inhaled his masculine scent, reveling in the calm that washed over me as I did so.
“It’s done,” he muttered quietly. I buried my face dee-per in his che-st, clutching him ti-ghtly for comfort. His shi-t was soaking we-t, and it was impossible to miss the ha-rd contours of his che-st beneath my hands. A prickle of heat emerged within me as Gabriel lowered his head, his nose skimming the side of my n£¢k. His h0t breath against my cool skin made me shiver.
“Are you okay?” I asked, trying to distract myself from my traitorous thoughts. I shouldn’t be focusing on such inappropriate things right now, not while Gabriel was grieving.
“I will be,” was his gruff reply. One of his hands trailed leisurely down my back, ma-king my skin tingle.
I pu-ll-ed away slightly and looked up at him, trying to emerge from the lvstful fog that his pres£nce always brou-ght. “Where’s Raziel?” I asked, somewhat distractedly.
“He’s preparing to leave Also, Jack contacted me. Your friend Maria is doing a lot better. It seems you helped her quite a lot.”
I mentally berated myself for nearly forgetting about Maria; all of the sorrow had distracted me. My best friend had been pretty badly injured in the battle. Eva had expended almost all of her energy healing everyone else, so I’d had to step in to aid Maria. It had been difficult at first, especially with my exhaustion, but I’d gotten my Affinity to emerge again. Seems I’d done some good. I made a mental note to visit her in the infirmary, as I hadn’t seen her since the night we’d gotten back.
The thought of my newfound ability to help people made my Wolf glow with pride. I could s-en-se a similar emotion emanating from Gabriel.
“So, what now?” I murmured, drawing closer to my Mate again.
“We work on the new village. It will be a good distraction for those that are grieving.”
I wondered if Gabriel meant to include himself in that group. His eyes found mine, and a burning emotion glimmered in their depths.
“But, before that….”
The breath left my b©dy abruptly as Gabriel’s hand fisted in the back of my hair, pu-lling it downwards so my chin tilted up. An instant later his mouth was crashing heatedly down upon mine, and all coherent thought deserted me. His k!ssburned myl-ips and set my nerve endings on fire. When he pu-ll-ed away before de-epening the k!ss, I felt incredibly bereft.
“I have to make up for leaving you.”
Slightly dizzy, I blinked and tried to get my bearings. “Y-you-“ I stammered, unable to form a complete s£ntence.
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Gabriel’s eyes darted to myl-ips before meeting mine again. “Regardless of my intentions, I know I was wrong. And I’m sorry.” I could both hear and feel his sincerity and regret.
I opened my mouth to grant him forgiveness before my Wolf interrupted me.
I like this idea. Make him work to earn our forgiveness. Her tone was mischievous and I instantly caught onto her meaning. The old Skylar would have been too naïve and embarras-sed to try something like this, but I was different now. I knew what I wanted and how I was going to get it.
I felt myl-ips quirk upward and I tried to school my expression into one of apathy. p@rt of me wondered if this was really a good time, before my logical br@in realized that this was what Gabriel nee-ded. It was my duty to provide him with comfort, companionsh!p….and a distraction from his grief.
“Perhaps I can find it in me to forgive you…eventually,” I said slowly, keeping my eyes glued on his. I mentally willed my cheeks not to give away my shyness.
Gabriel’s expression was one of confusion before realization dawned, and one side of his mouth curved upward into a slight sm-irk. “Eventually?” He responded, an edge to his voice now.
I shrugged, feigning ignorance. “Well, you do have a lot of work to do.”
Gabriel’s arm wra-pped around me and in a split-second I was pressed flush against him. He lowered his head until his mouth hovered just over the expo-sed Mark on my n£¢k. His h0t breath swirled around the scar, s£nding delicious tingles shooting throu-ghout my b©dy. Slowly, deliberately, Gabriel pressed his mouth against the Mark. I couldn’t help the g@sp of plea-sure that escaped me, and my hands automatically fisted in his shi-t, but my Wolf’s statements from earlier c@m£ back to me and I pu-ll-ed away from him. A frown appeared on his face, but I had to speak before my courage deserted me. I knew it might come out as abrupt, but this was my chance to say it. There was no s-en-se in waiting any longer.
“Wait, Gabriel.” I bit my l!pas he stared into my eyes expectantly.
“I just….well, after everything that happened, I don’t see the point of hesitancy anymore. Which is kinda funny, because I was always the most hesitant person before. Cowardly, even. But now I feel br@ver. Especially since Cain is dead, and there aren’t any other threats around. Yet. So I think it’s time to tell you how I feel. Now I know this might come across as a weird time, but I want to say it. So, Gabriel, I want to tell you-“
“I know, Skylar.”
I froze, mouth gaping open, staring up at him. I hadn’t realized how badly I’d been rambling, but Gabriel’s faint look of amusement confirmed it. As his words sank in, though, I just didn’t care anymore. I felt my spirits soar as I recognized the emotion he channeled throu-gh our bond.
“I love you too” He whispered as hisl-ips c@m£ crashing into mine again.