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My best friend finale

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
FINAL EPISODE (40)✌️✌️✌️
“what ever you are going to say I don’t want to hear it”I said starring at Hugo who stood by the door
“I know that I don’t deserve your time but please let me explain,there is a reason why I behaved that way with you and your mother ”
“What reasons exactly ?”I asked
“The same thing that happened to you and Nick,It also happened to your mom and I back then there was no proof to what happened and I was so sick with jealousy and angry that my wife and my brother could betray me in such a way,I never for once thought that they could be innocent”
“It wasn’t until I brought in Isabel mom that I realised that I lost a true gem and when I found out the truth,It was too late to go back to you two”
“I can understand you when you say that they had been framed and you believed it,The same thing happened with Nick and I but that doesn’t justifies the fact that you were already having an affair with Isabel mother when you were married to mom, Isabel and her sister are a prove to what am saying”I said angrily
“The truth is I lied back then,those two girls are not my child”he said
“I only told your mother that to spite her because I was angry “He said and when I did not reply quickly,He came to my side kneeling beside the bed
“Have wronged you and your mom,I want to make amends,Forgive me my child”
“What you did back then hurt Me a lot but mom was the one who suffered most,I might forgive you but am not sure about mom”I said
“If it’s going to take me years to get your forgiveness and also your mom then I will do it” he said holding my hand
Have always wondred what I will do on the day that he ask for forgiveness
I always see myself cursing him,Telling him how much I hate him and also telling him to go to hell but today I don’t see myself doing any of that
Instead I squeezed his hand and gave him a smile
“You must try h@rd to get both our forgiveness”I said and he smiled in return
I stood in front of the school announcement board starring at our score for the competition that had taken place last week
It had gone well and Our group had got the highest score and it’s all thanks to Alexia lovely voice,That was what the teacher had said,I thought as I kept walking on
It’s been two weeks since we left the villa, The bond between Jennifer,Mary,Philp,Dave,Alexia and I became very strong
Alexia has forgiven her dad and though she still hides it from her mom,She sees her dad behind her back but we all hoping that the day he finally goes to Alexia mom,She will forgive him
Stella has been avoiding me after what happened at the Villa and I preferred it that way
Dave has come to terms with me being with Alexia,After all she loves me and it would only be a lost call if he keeps on going after her
My relationship with Alexia isnt what I will call solid
Though we go out on dates,Spend the most of times together at home and at school enjoying each other company,I still feel that she is not really into the relationship,Maybe it’s because of what happened with the trust issue cause I feel that she is not really putting her best into our relationship
Ever since that day at the villa hall where she showed me how much she loves me have never seen that emotion again.
She smiles only when I say some thing, She always goes out with me but her mind will be on some thing else
We haven’t seen each other after we both went out last night
Its odd enough that she didn’t come to school today and have been calling her number but she wouldn’t pick
Just then I saw Dave running towards me looking frantic
“Nick you need to hurry up”Dave said to me
“Why? What’s wrong ?”I asked
“Alexia has been offered a contract in Canada”
“What contract?”I said
“It’s a well known music industry in Canada,She agreed to go there,I told her to tell you but she said it will be best if she kept quiet about it but you need to know the truth,She is on her way to the airport now,Go and stop her”He said
I didn’t wait to listen to further encouragement from him
I ran out of school and called for a taxi,Telling him to take me to the airport
There was much traffic but we got to the airport and I ran to The front desk to enquire about the plane to Canada oblivious to my fans who kept on screaming for me and taking my pictures
“Am sorry but the plane to Canada has just taken off” the lady answered
And just then through the window I saw the plane going into the clouds
Alexia was in that plane and she has left for good,I thought sadly………..
“Isn’t that Alexis”
“Yes it’s her”
“Let’s go get her autograph”
I heard whispers around me as I walked out of the airport
Soon I was crowded by fans who wanted my autograph
I signed some and when I saw Dave and the rest waiting for me by the limo
I quickly ran towards them giving them all a hug
“Wow being famous has really changed you”Jennifer said
“She is still the same Alexia we all knew”Mary said
“But much more beautiful”Phil!p added
“You guys should stop with the teasing,Am still the same Alexia”I said as I turned towards Dave to give him a hug
“We have missed you”Dave whispered gently
“And have missed you all”I said giving them all a smile
I still can’t believe that it’s been three years since I left for Canada
It had been quite tough at first but I made it and now am a very big star.
“Why don’t we all go and celebrate”Phill!p said as we got into the car
The next few minutes flew by as I listened to what happened in their lives
It’s been three years since we have seen each other,so it’s time that I catch up on things with them
Mary and Jennifer have a music industry which they both owned and worked in it together
Phil!p and Dave fame keeps rising each day as they make more song and they are well known in the hood for being playboy
“And Nick! Oh you should see him now,He has …….oh I shouldn’t have said that right?”Jennifer said closing her mouth when she saw the look on my face
“It’s okay, I haven’t heard a thing about him”I said
While I communicated with the rest while I was in Canada,I never did with Nick
I knew that he was angry and hurt because I had left so sudden with out saying any thing to him
He never went after me neither did he call me,The little I could get about him was on the news and it was about him quitting singing
Though I had wanted to know why then,I had restrained myself from asking the rest each time I talked to them online
This is the first time in three years that am coming back home
I didn’t come back even when Mom and dad reconciled or had a little wedding ceremony to unite as man and wife again,I knew that Nick would be there and so I avoided seeing him.
“Common our star,This is the best restaurant in town,Am sure you are going to love it”Jennifer said pulling me into her arms as we all walked inside.
A special table was given to us and while we ate and chatted about old times we were centre of attraction for the other guest
Just then I noticed that some one was watching me,Though I hadn’t seen the person,I could feel that some one was watching me and so I turned only to see Nick a few table away eating with a blonde beautiful lady
He was starring at me,Not surprised by my sudden appearance but he had a look of anger
One moment he was looking at me and another he was talking to his companion again giving her his attention and for a while I wondered who she could be?
“Isn’t that Nick,Should we call him over here” Phil!p asked
“No,it’s best that we leave him”Dave replied
“Wow,He really has changed”Mary said starring at him
“Ever since he quit Singing,he took over his father business and had since then made a huge profit for his father, Nick is now a business tycoon and a very rich handsome bachelor”Jennifer said
“Seems like you have been busy checking up on him,He stopped being friends with us when he took over his dad company”Mary said
“I know but I just can’t stop admiring him” Jennifer said still starring at him
“Look at the time,I need to go and see mom and dad”I said getting up
“We will leave t……”
“No,stay okay,you guys should enjoy your self,I will be off now,Let’s meet up maybe tomorrow”I said and they all nodded
I left the restaurant quickly,Seeing Nick still had a great effect on me
That was why I left three years ago,I wanted him to miss me,To see if my abs£nce will make him miss me like crazy,To see how our love could survive with out us seeing each other
I did achieved that but I am the one who suffered it all,I missed him like crazy and though there have been a lot of guys wanting to date me I knew that my heart will always belong to Nick my best friend.
It was one of the reasons that I came back,To see him,To see if he had felt the same way but seeing the look he gave me a while back,I knew that the only thing I have achieved in all this is his hatred
I was waiting for my car to arrive when I heard him call me,Not by Alexia but by my artist name
I turned to see him walking towards me, Is he coming to tell me how much he has missed me,I thought
“Alexis,Sorry to disturb you but my companion over there is a very big fan,She would like to have your autograph”He said pointing to the girl I had seen with him earlier
“Urrrgh yes”I replied signing my name on the bag he held out for me
“Well then thank you”He said and walked off
I stood watching him leave with the blonde girl,Is that all,He behaved like a total stranger,he didn’t even say hi,I thought as I got into my car
Seems like it didn’t work,What was I expecting,He didn’t come after me three years ago why would he do that now
He has moved on,So I should move on too,I was so deep in thought that I didn’t notice the car taking me through another route
It was when it stopped in front of Nick parents house that I noticed
“I think you have made a mistake sir, This is not where am going “I said starring at the house
After mom reconciled with dad,She quit working here,She told me about it and she had given me their new address.
“This is the address the young man had given me”The man said
“Who?”I asked and before he could reply the door opened and Nick pulled me out of the car, Waving the driver off
“What’s this?”I asked but he didn’t reply
He pulled me into the familiar house and then shut the door
“Your luggage are here,Every thing you own are here and you will be living here with me”He said
“What?”I asked surprised by his attitude
He walked towards me and pulled me to him,Holding me very tight
“You are now my prisoner,I won’t let you leave me ever again”He said and I saw the pain and anguish in his eyes
“Nick”I called him softly
“You left me without saying any thing,I won’t let you leave again,Did you know how much I suffered,You left with out giving me an explanation,You broke my heart and though I tried to forget you,I never could, it has always been you”He said as he klzzed my cheek
“It’s the same for me too, Why didnt you come after me,I waited for you Nick,I longed for you ”
“I was angry,Angry that you could leave without saying any thing,My pride was hurt and i vowed to myself that I wouldn’t go after you but I swear if you had stayed another year,I would have come after you”He said and I knew that he loved me so much
I didn’t wait for him to initiate it,I klzzed him first and our longing for each other made us forget other things that we ended up in his bed,making love.
When it had cooled between us,I layed in his arms, enjoying having his n@k£d body behind me
It was then that I noticed my posters all pasted in his room and my music collection
“I didn’t want to call or see you but this posters and the news made me know how you were doing,Just like every teenage boy fancied you I did the same too “he said klzzing my cheek
Just knowing that he missed me so much made me feel so happy
After all our love did survived but pride stopped us from going to one another
“Tell me why did you quit Singing?”I asked
“I had to take up father company some day and besides you are already famous, you having the fame is enough for me”
I turned to stare at him and I gave him a klzz
“I love you so much Nick,so so much”I said
“And I do too”He replied klzzing me back
Some where in my mind I knew I had to call my parents to tell them that am fine but Nick klzzes made me forget every thing
Being with him always made me feel that way,That’s why I love him,I love him so much and am glad that I didn’t let him go because he is my life,My love and My best friend
Calling my parents will just have to wait a while longer,I thought as I gave into Nick seduction


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