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My Best Friend episode 9 & 10

(Have always loved him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 9✌️✌️✌️
I sat down starring at the place Nick just stood up from
Knowing that he is going to meet Stella makes me sad
Sighing sadly,I stood and took the tray to the counter and left the cafeteria angrily unknown to me Dave was watching my every move because he was following me silently
I was about going to the class when I saw Nick by the garden talking to Stella
Just by looking at him,I knew he was already besotted with her
Who wouldn’t? Stella is very beautiful,Much beautiful than a ugly girl like me
I walked on and instead of going to class,I head to the roof top
I was enjoying the peace and quiet when I heard his voice behind me
“I told you this place is only for my use”I turned and found Dave behind me
“I will leave then”I said walking past him only for him to pull me back
“I didn’t ask you to leave”he said starring at me
“Look,Am sorry,I had totally forgot that this place belongs to you but next time,I will surely remember that,now please let go of my hand”I said starring at him and he let go of it
“If your going to look for Nick,I saw him going to through the music room with Stella and if you know your best friend as I do then you must know what he went there to do with her”He taunted softly
Without bothering to give him a reply,I went back to class
What he said kept on bothering me and Nick made matters worse by not coming back to class with Stella.
As soon as class was over,I received a message from him
“I will be at the school entrance waiting for you,As soon as you are through,Come meet me there”
I smiled seeing his message,At least he didn’t forget that I was still around
Taking my bag pack,I head to the school entrance and saw him there waiting by the car that brought us
There were times that he tends to be a real jerk but just looking at him and the way he is,I always find my heart softening towards him
“I thought you had forgotten about me,Since you have been so occupied with your new conquest”I said
“She is not my new conquest Alexia,Stella is……she is some how different from the rest and you are some one I will never forget,Want to know why”He asked and I nodded gently
“Because you are my best friend,The first girl that have ever been in my life and no matter what,You won’t be second best to me”He said and that made my heart melt
I have him a smile which he returned and then we both got into the car and it took us back home.
While I prepare for my part time work,I kept on remembering his words
“You won’t be second best to me” would he stick to his words
Just knowing that I won’t ever be second best in his life made me so very happy.
“Mom,I will be leaving soon”I said to my mom who was in the kitchen
“Okay child,May God be with you”She said quickly doing a sign of cross on me
I went through the back gate only to see Nick getting into a car,I was about to call him but it was too late because the car drove off
I went off to work,Still feeling happy about what he told me earlier
All through work I was in a good mood, smiling brightly and being polite to them,Some I even joke around with them
I was still in a good mood when I saw Dave walking into the restaurant
I was still looking at him when he saw me and I noticed the shocked expression on his face on seeing me
He smiled and walked over to the counter
“Hello sir,What would you like to have”I asked being professional
“You wouldn’t be bad to have right?”he asked giving me a smile
“Pardon?”I asked pretending not to hear what he just said
“I said I would like to a cup of ice tea”He replied changing what he just said
“If you would just take a seat over there,I will bring it to you “I said and he gave me a smile before walking off
I sat at by the window watching Alexia doing her thing
If she had had nothing with Nick,I would have made her my girl
She might not be beautiful cause of her lack of make up and all
But deep down I know that with just a touch of make up she will be very beautiful
Some thing that that foolish Nick of a guy has failed to notice
Well it will be a benefit for me because I will get close to Alexia and will be able to help Stella with her revenge while she does with mine
She was the one who had called me and told me to come here and I was surprised when I walk in to see Alexia
I smiled gently,If Stella is planning some thing then I think it must be a perfect plan
“Your iced tea”Alexia voice beside me brought me back to reality
I looked up at her and I smiled and unwillingly I found myself starring at her stony and I wondered what it would be if she smiled, How her stony face would be if she smiled a bit
“Thank you”I said and she was about to leave when I pull her hand
“Why don’t you sit with me”I asked
“As you can see,I am working”I said
“I will buy your time,Tell me how much it is”i asked still holding unto her hand
“Wow,it’s so good to see you here Dave”Stella voice stopped her from completing her sentence
We both starred at Stella who had her arm clutched to Nick
Unwillingly I found myself starring at Alexia who was starring at their clutched hand
I starred at Nick and I saw him starring at our hands
Was he jealous? I thought and just then Alexia pulled off her hand looking guilty
And it was then that I realised that Alexia was in love with Nick
If some one had told me that when I decided to come to this restaurant that I would meet my best friend holding hands with my enemy,I would never have believe
Wanting to help Alexia with publicity in her place of work,I decided to use this restaurant
Only to see her holding hands with the bastard I told her to stay away from
Why is he even here?I thought
“Why don’t we just join Dave Nick”Stella said pulling me to sit down
“You can join us too Alexia”Dave urged
“Sorry but have got to work”she replied
“Join us Alexia,It’s been so long since we have chatted, Remember how we were best of friends in middle high”Stella said suddenly
I looked at Alexia and saw her starring back,Did this two know each other?……..
EPISODE 10✌️✌️✌️
“What’s going on here,Do you two know each other” Nick asked breaking the silence
“Of course we do? We both studied in the same high school,Right?”Stella asked starring at me
Nick and Dave were practically waiting for answers I had no option than to nod in response
“Why didn’t you ever mention it Alexia?”Nick asked
“She might not want you guys to know but it doesn’t matter,What matters right now,is that we all enjoy our food,Join us Alexia”Stella said again
” Am sorry but I can’t, Am working “I said and gave them all a false smile,Wanting to walk away but someone hand holding mine stopped me
I turned and saw Dave holding unto my hand
“Just stay,We can make a perfect four,If your worried about your boss,I will make the excuses for you”He said starring at me
I starred at Nick and saw him starring at Dave hands on mine
I knew he was angry and it was because Dave was here
Why did the both of them have to be in the place at the same time.
“Common sit”Dave urged me
Having no option I sank down on one of the seat while my colleagues brought the food to the table
I could feel their eyes on me and I didn’t dare look up at them
“So tell us,How the both of you met,You might have been best of friends right?” Dave asked Stella and I
“Of course we were! We were both class mates at Junior high”Stella responded
I starred at her and she gave me a evil smile which Nick and Dave didn’t notice
“Alexia you are silent,Something bothering you?”Dave asked putting his hand on mine
I stared at Nick at Stella and they were looking at us,It some how felt awkward.
Why did I have to be invited to their table,I thought sadly
“Look at the time,Have spent quite some time being with you guys,I better head back to my work, You all are rich and can do without working but I have to work to survive,Excuse me”I said and got up
“Have already told you, I Will talk to your bo……..”
“Just let her go,She has her job to attend to”Nick said for the first time in a while
“Why are you meddling?”Dave asked
This two wouldn’t really start this at my place of work right? I thought as I stared at the entrance and it was that same period my boss chose to show up
“Have got to go,My boss just arrived”I said and quickly went back to the counter
Through the rest of the evening,I focused on my work,it was quite suffocating to have three pair of eyes starring at me but I had to do my job.
I was relieved when I saw Stella and Nick leaving the restaurant
He had his arm wrapped around Stella and that made me sad,I kept on starring at them until they walked out of sight
I turned and saw Dave starring at me,He smiled and that made me feel weird,Giving him an angry look,I continued my work
It was Nine in the evening and time to go home.
Dave had gone a while ago,Taking my bag,I head outside intent on going home straight.
“Finally your free”on hearing Dave voice behind me,I turned and saw him standing by the wall starring at me
“Why are you still here?”I asked
“Waiting for you”
“To take you home,Your best friend didn’t bother to wait for you,So have decided to take you home,Get in” He said opening his car door
“Don’t you get tired,Have told you already,Am not interested,So just leave me alone, Find some one else to bother”I said and walked past him
“Is it because of Nick,Because you like him” His words stopped me
How did he know? No one,Not even mom Ever noticed my true feelings for Nick and now this bother some jerk knows.
“Am right? You like your best friend”He said coming to stand in front of me
“Wh…….who wouldn’t like his or her best friend,I like Nick as a best friend should,So what?” I said trying to cover it up
He smiled and kept on starring at me “liar, Have seen the way you keep on starring at Nick and it isn’t a look a best friend is suppose to give, Your really over the heels for him right?” He asked
“What’s this? Are you some kind of interrogator”I asked
“No,Am just trying to figure you out”He replied
“There is nothing to figure out about me,Just leave me alone, Pretend we have never even met before,Please”I begged and walked past him again
“I don’t think I can do that” he said behind me but I kept on walking
“And I wonder what Nick would think when I tell him that his Best friend is in love with him” That certainly made me stop
I turned to stare at him and he smiled “Should I just call him and ask him what he thinks” He replied
“You wouldn’t” As soon as I said that he brought out his phone and began to dial his number
Immediately I ran to him trying to stop him from making the call
“Don’t call him,Don’t!”I yelled at him
“Fine,I won’t,You really are In love with him right?”He asked again
“Fine,Tell me Dave,What do you want for you to leave me in peace”I asked and I knew immediately that that was a wrong question to ask him
“Let’s see, I will have to think about it,If am going to keep your secret,I will need a lot of things from you”He said smiling
To others his smile would have melt their heart but to me it wouldn’t even move a thing
“But first get into the car,I will take you home”He said
“Must I ?”I asked
“Its a must or I can just change my mind and decide to call Nick”He said showing me his phone
I sighed in resignation and got into his car and he drove off
Its a pity to love someone and for it not be returned, it’s one of the reasons why I kept my mouth shut and never told Nick about the way I feel about him
I thought my secret was well hidden but this bothersome jerk had to find out and now he is black mailing me with it
“Stop sulking and smile,People will think that have kidnapped you and remember am a star,I don’t want my image destroyed “He said while driving
“It would have been better if your image is destroyed”I muttered
“Did you say some thing”He asked
“No I didn’t, Just park here,I will walk “I said
“Scared Already?”He asked
“Scared about what?”I replied
“Don’t worry,I will only drive you till we get to the front of the house,I won’t go in with you and tell Nick everything and I doubt if he would be home, He might still be having fun with Stella…..oh! I shouldn’t have said that right?”
I gave him a nasty look and he smiled back, was smiling the only thing he knew how to do,I thought
As soon as the car stopped in front of Nick parents house,I tried to open the door only to find it locked
“Tomorrow I will give you my answer”
“Answer?”I asked
“My answer about your secret,I will tell you tomorrow if I will keep your secret or just tell Nick about it,Now go and have your rest” He said unlocking the car
I got out of the car and watched as it drove off
“Why did it have to be him who find out my secret”I thought ruffling my hair
I was so worried that I used the main entrance instead of using the workers entrance
I was still wondering what his answer would be when I heard Nick voice
I followed the sound and saw him on the garden bench talking into the phone
“Of course,Tonight had been great,I enjoyed every time we spent together” He said into the phone
“No it wasn’t ruined with having Dave and Alexia with us”
“She is just a friend,That’s all,I mean it”
“Fine then but can I see you tomorrow too” He asked looking so expectant and hopeful
“Then tomorrow it is? See you tomorrow Stella”He said and cut the call,Smiling happily
I hardly ever see him smile this way before and now all because of that great bully,He is smiling….what a bad jerk, I thought as I went to our quaters
“Friend! Since when did you start addressing me as friend,Isn’t it suppose to be Best friend, Such a cruel jerk”I muttered to myself
“What’s going on? Why do you look so very angry?”My mom asked as she walked in
“Nothing mom,I just feel very tired “I said taking off my jacket
“I told you to quit already,You should only focus on your studies”She said
“But have got to help you Mom and that’s what I will keep on doing” I said giving her a hug
“Thanks my child,I just hope it won’t disturb your schooling”She asked as she held me tightly
” No mom,it won’t”I replied already thinking about tomorrow
What would be the answer of that bothersome jerk………..
I woke up feeling stressed and worried,I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about Dave’s answer and Also thinking about Nick who would be spending another day with Stella.
Would Stella be a different case to him,Would he fall in love with her? I kept on thinking as I left the quaters heading for school
I got out to see Nick waiting by the car for me
I smiled,Feeling happy that at least he was still going to take me school
“Don’t you dare smile,You have some explaining to do” He said giving me a stern look
“Explaining?”I asked
“Get in, We will talk on the way” he said walking to the other side not bothering to open the door for me
I opened the door and sat down feeling worried about what we have to talk about
Could it be that Dave already told him…… he won’t,He certainly won’t……
“Why was Dave at the restaurant and why was he talking as if you two were close”He asked as the driver drove off
“I don’t know how or why he came to the restaurant and Am not close to Dave okay”
“Then what was Yesterday about?”
“Dave is someone who is trouble some and if he was there yesterday, He only came there to bother me”
“Are you sure? Dave is not someone you should mingle with”
I can say the same for you too but you wouldn’t listen to me if I told you Stella is also someone you should stay away from,I thought
” Am sure and Am certainly not going to mingle with him”I said
“That’s good,I wouldn’t want you to get hurt” he said
Am already being hurt by you already,I thought starring at him
“Oh that’s Stella, Stop the car”He said on spotting Stella walking amongst other students as they all head into the school
“He will drop you off,I will be coming with Stella” He said to me and got out of the car to meet her
As the car drove off I kept on looking at him and Stella.
The car stopped in front of the school and I got out.
I was about going in when I saw Dave walking out
I turned wanting to go the other way but hearing him call my name,I stopped
“Don’t tell me that your avoiding me”He asked as he stood in front of me
“O…f…of course not,Why would I avoid you”I replied giving him a fake smile
“Maybe it’s because of your secret”He said
“No,No” I replied quickly but Dave wasn’t listening ,she was starintvw
I followed his gaze and saw Nick along with Stella watching us not so far away
I stared back at Dave and I saw him smiling and as if he noticed my gaze on him, He stared down at me
“I wonder what Nick will say to what I have to tell him”
I stood shocked starring at Him and then at Nick
No he mustnt tell Nick,He musnt tell him
This Dave ehnnnnn😆😆😆
Will Dave tell Nick😁😁😁


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