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My Best Friend episode 7 & 8

(Have been in love with him👩 but he never noticed 💔)
written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 7✌✌✌
“Come in,Come in ,You came right on time” The teacher said and she went in
I stood still starring at Stella,How did she manage to get into the school?
What am I even thinking,She is Rich and can get into any school she likes and diamond high happens to be one,I thought still starring at the gorgeous who went to stand beside Dave
I hadn’t noticed him amongst the crowd,He gave Stella a smile which she returned and as if on impulse he stared at me and quickly I look away
“You three can have your seats” The teacher instructed and we sat down
I turned to find Nick starring at Stella
“Hey,Cl@ss is going on” I said gently and he stared at me giving me a guilty look
“Am sorry but I just couldn’t take my eyes off that girl,She is so beautiful” He said starring at Stella who was Now talking to Dave
Oh no,Not this, I thought sadly, Why did Nick have like Stella
“Okay,We have been honoured to have a very special artist among us, let’s give it up for Nick” The teacher said and Nick who was at first shocked,Smiled and got up heading to the front where a lot of people were cheering him already
He began singing and every one listened to the magic of his music
I was also entranced by it but then I saw him starring at Stella while singing and I felt So hurt
Why does he have to set his eyes on Stella,He just met her today and he is…..he is already falling for her
While every one clapped for him as he walked back towards me
I didn’t,I was trying to get myself back to normal
“How was it?” He asked giving me a smile
“It was wonderful Nick,As always you did great” I said
“Thanks but I was hoping that that hottie would look at me but she didnt give me a glimpse,She was preoccupied with Dave,I wonder what their relationship is?” he said
And through the whole cl@ss,I had to suffer listening to Nick talking about Stella
If only he knew that Stella is not someone to get involved with.
As soon as the cl@ss ended,I was intent on leaving before Stella could spot me but Nick stopped me
“Hey let’s wait for just a little while,I want to introduce myself to Stella,Who knows she might fall for my charm ” He said giving me a smile
Just meeting Stella and talking to her made me feel bothered and uneasy
I don’t want to talk to her,Not now or ever
“I have some thing to do,Why don’t you go and talk to her,I will be at the library” I said already walking away
“But you don’t know anywhere yet?” He said
“I will ask for direction, Just talk to her” I replied and walked off quickly
I went through a hall holding my book,I could see that some students were starring at me and I could guess why ?
“I wonder what she is to Nick?”🚹
“Maybe they are in a relationship?”🚺
“Common she is so plain,Do you see Nick with a girl like her”🚺
“But they are quite close,Nick was some how possessive earlier”🚺
“I mean the atmosphere earlier with Dave, It was quite hot,I wonder what sort of relationship she has with the two singers”🚹
Just hearing what they were saying made me feel hurt even more
If only they knew that there is nothing going on between Nick and I
Not bothering to ask for direction again,I went upstairs and found myself at the balcony
I looked down and saw the students walking about
My first day at diamond High has already become a mess,I thought sadly
” She is so ugly…… Pour the egg on her……..i think we can fry her now……..Your nothing but a ugly bitch…… How dare you compare yourself to me,Your mother is nothing than a house keeper ”
Just remembering those hurtful words said by Stella to me a very long time ago,I closed my eyes tightly
“Hating your first day here already?” A voice asked behind me
I turned to find Dave starring at me,How did he know I was here or had he been following me
“Have you been stalking me?” I asked
“I just happen to be standing at that place when you came here” He said pointing at the balcony far end
“I happen to call this place my private place”he said
“Well am sorry,I will leave” I said wanting to walk past him
“Not so fast Missy” He said holding my hand
“I still have to know why you denied looking ever seeing me before” He asked
“I don’t really know you that well and we only met once” I replied
“Even if we met once,You still shouldn’t have deny knowing me”
“I think it is for the best, Me denying knowing you is for the best and so it would be better if you just pretend knowing me”
“Because Nick asked you to stay away right?”
“Nick told me nothing,I just don’t want to be anywhere near you” I said.
Asking him to stay away wasn’t because of Nick warning, It was because he knew Stella and I wouldn’t want to get close to anyone who is acquainted with Stella
He smiled gently and moved towards me “But I can’t do that Alexia”
“Why?” I asked
“Because I kind of find you fascinating and if Nick isn’t willing to see that you like him well am ready to chase you” He said and I widened my eyes in shock
“Chase me?”,
” yes, I want you to be mine Alexia “He said and that made me widened my eyes in shock
Chapter 8✌✌✌
I pulled my hand out of his and began to walk off
Not wanting to give him a respond but Dave was determined
He stood right in front of me,obstructing my path
“Let me p@ss” I said feeling angry already
“I just finished telling you something,You didn’t even give me a response”
“There is no response to give you, Do I really look like a fool to you! I know your trying to get close to me to spite Nick,I know your his enemy and would do anything to hurt him and I won’t be used in this plan of yours” I said
“But am not planning on using you”
“Liar, have you taken a look at me,Am as plain as a Jane, Guys like you try to get away from me and you coming to me telling me this nons£nse makes me feel that your only after me to spite Nick or someone s£nt you but am not stupid as to fall for your lies” I said angrily
“But am not lying Alexia,I do like you” He said
“But I don’t and go look for someone else to deceive with those lies,Am not interested”
” You heard her right Dave,She is not interested”on hearing Nick voice we turned
Nick walked towards us and held my hand while starring at Dave in a murderous way
“Why do you like to ruin special moment?” Dave asked
“If you call har@ssing a girl a special moment then your as dumb as I thought ” Nick replied
I saw the hostile look the two gave each other and quickly I stood in between them
“Let’s just stop this okay,Dave please I only came Here to study and I have no interest in what you just said now, Nick please let’s go” I said
I noticed the look Dave gave me before starring at Nick and then at me again
Nick taking hold of my hand and pulling me off made me stare away from him
I wonder what that look meant,Does he know…..I thought starring at the angry Nick who kept on walking on without saying a thing
I stood by the balcony, standing at the same spot Alexia was a while ago
“I only came here to study” just remembering her words made me smile
If Nick is so blind as not to see that that girl is madly in Love with him,I do see it and I Might use it to get my revenge on Nick
The bastard had taken Mary away from me,He knew that I was in a relationship with him and Still he had s£× with her and even dated her
Just remembering the last time I saw them made me so furious, They were both making out at the garden of his home and it was at the same place that I met Alexia for the first time
She had been crying while coming back from witnessing Nick and Mary having s£×
At that time I kept wondering why she was crying but seeing her today made me realise that she was crying because of Nick
She might not be interested in Me but am sure that she is interested in Nick
Nick which I notice doesn’t see her in the same way but he does care for her and for him caring for her will be his downfall
I will make sure he suffer in the same way I had suffered when he had taken Mary from me.
“Scheming again?” Stella voice behind me made me turn around
“Why are you here?” I asked feeling foolish at being caught by Stella of all people
“To see you of course,I didnt miss seeing the battle between you and Nick” She said smiling up at me
“That guy really gets on my nerve” I said
“Are you perhaps feeling this way because of that dumb Alexia” She said
“No,Am not,Am just so angry that he had to meddle in my plan”
“And what plan is that?”
“Look our fathers might be the joint owner of a successful company it doesn’t mean we have to be close too,So while you are at this school,Stay away from me” I said wanting to walk off
“It’s Nick you want to hurt right? Well I can help you achieve that” She said suddenly
“Why would you want to help me,What would you gain in doing this?”
“Let’s say I have a score to settle with Alexia” She said
“Do you know Alexia”
“Have known her a very long time ago and She did something that made me swear that I would have my revenge ,She was the reason why I transferred here” She said
“So you have an old score to settle with Alexia and I have an old score to settle with Nick too” I said thinking aloud
“Yes,Together we can get what we want,Just by looking at Nick,I can see that he a damn flirt and am sure that he is trying to hit on me,While I play with Nick feelings, You should play with Alexia feelings too”
“I doubt if Alexia is into me like Nick is into you,You see she is in love with Nick”
“And by my guess,Nick doesn’t feel the same”
“Yes he doesn’t but With you distracting him and helping me get my revenge,I will also be doing the same with Alexia and I will also be helping you to get your revenge” I said
She smiled devishly and drew out her hand
“Let’s shake hands on this”
“Fine,If that’s how we will seal this deal,Its the perfect way possible” Dave said
“Just make sure that your revenge on Alexia will be as painful as what she did to me ”
“And may I ask what she did to you?”
“Its none of your business Dave,Just make sure you hurt her ”
“Fine I will mind my business as long as you make sure that Nick suffer just the same way I did” Dave said
“You can count on it” She said smiling at me
“You really should stay away from Dave,He is not to be trusted” Nick kept on saying as we walked into the cafeteria to get our food
“I know Nick and don’t worry,I know how to take care of myself”
“Really? He was all over you a while ago” He said harshly
And for a while I felt my heart flutter,is that a feeling of Jealousy I s£nse in him
“I was only telling him that I wasnt interested,So don’t worry” I said
“Fine then,Whatever ” he replied as we took a seat by the far end
I could feel some people starring at us and I didn’t care, I was quite happy knowing that Nick felt jealous of Dave
While we were eating he kept starring at his cell phone
Couldn’t stand not knowing what he was starring at,I asked him and His answer darken my good mood
“Its Stella, She gave me her number and said that she would give me a call but still nothing”
“Oh really? Why hasn’t she call you yet,A lot of girls would like to be in her position” including me ,I thought sadly
“She is kind of playing h@rd to get and I kind of like it, You see am used to approaching a girl and getting her answer straight away but Stella made it clear that she is not interested and that alone excites me”
“It makes me want to win her over and I will succeed,You can bet on that” He said determined
Just then his phone began to ring and when he saw the caller,He grinned so loud
“Am not doing any thing in particular, Am with some one but she won’t mind if I leave her and come to you” He said starring at me
“Okay,I will be there soon” He said and hanged up the phone
“Stella?” I asked not wanting him to see that I was hurting
“Yes,Have got to go Alexia,Just help me with my plates,See you later” He said and ran off
I signed sadly,Watching him leave,If only he would just look at me and know how I feel about him,If only……..
Unknown to Alexia, Dave sat on another table with his friends starring at her


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