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My best friend episode 38 & 39

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 38✌️✌️✌️
I stood out side the room waiting for the doctor who had been checking up on Alexia to finish the check up
It had been my fault, her fall had been my fault,I thought as I kept starring at the door
The man she had been speaking to earlier also stood by the door with me
He had come to my rescue when he saw what state Alexia was in
“What did you do to her?”He asked suddenly
“When I first saw her,She was in tears and was running from some one and you turned up,Did you two have a fight? Why did you fight?”he asked
“Am sorry but who are you to ask that?”I asked
“Being her father gives me the right to ask “He said and I stared at him trying to recover from the shock
“You are Hugo Madison?”I asked starring at him
“If you know who i am then you must be very close to her “He said
“Yes I am, Am very close to her”I replied
“What really happened between you two ?”He asked
“Well it’s a long story”I said
“Will you tell me more about it”He said starring at me
We both sat down and I began to talk,He listened to every thing and when I finished,he was silent at first but then he began to talk
“The same thing had happened with her mother,I was so jealous when I saw her in bed with my best friend,I had s£nt her away with out letting her say a word and then I had gotten a mistress and had brought her in,I found out the truth some years later and when I decided to go back to Alexia mom,It was too late,She had married another man and was happy with him ”
“I lost the chance to be with The only woman I have ever loved and also the chance to watch my little girl grow”
“Try to settle things with her,Don’t be like me who lost some thing precious”He said patting my shoulders
Just then the doctor walked out and quickly we stood up
“What’s wrong?”
“Just a sprain on her arm and a swollen head,Have given her pain reliever,She should be under rest for at least two days,She will be fine”He said and we both thanked him
“You should go and talk to her”Hugo said and i nodded
I went into the room,She was on the bed trying to take the gl@ss of water that had been placed there with her good arm
Quickly I went to her rescue,Taking the water from her
She stared at me and then looked away.
“Have it”I said giving her the water
“I don’t want it”She replied
I put the water down starring at her.
“Alexia I…….”
“Save what ever you are going to say and leave”she said not starring at me
I sat down on the bed and tried to hold her hand but she moved it away
“What do want? To call me more names or to tell me that you don’t love me and how much you despise me “She said
“Am not here to say that?”
“Then why are you here? If you are here to tell me that you are worried about me,Then that will make you a liar”
“Am here because am really worried?”
“Fine,you are worried right! Am okay now,You don’t have to concern yourself with me,Just leave”I said
“I won’t leave until you hear me out”I said
“Hear you out! Look Nick,You have made it clear to me,You don’t love me,You never did,I was the fool for believing that you did,So please quit the worried act and just go”
Moving towards her,I took her good hand and held it tight When she tried to pull away
“You have got to listen to me,I made a mistake Alexia,I was just jealous and I ……..”
“And you love me! I doubt that,You made it clear to me when I saw you in Stella arms,Am sorry that I had bothered you with my feelings,I must have looked like a fool right,You said it! You were only after my body but as luck would have it,You caught me with Dave and I turned to a slut”
“No,You are not a slut and I know that you do sleep with Dave”I said
“Who told you that,Let me guess! Dave himself did right,What did he say to convince you of my innocence,What did he say that was different from my version,No! Save it”She said as she jerked off her hand
“Alexia I …..”
“Get away from me!!!”She yelled suddenly
“Let us talk this out”I said
“I don’t want to listen to you Nick,I don’t want to see you,Just as you said to me a while ago,I also don’t love you,What I feel for you now is hatred,Only hatred”She kept on yelling and just the door opened and Jennifer, Mary and Dave walked in
On seeing the scene,Mary and Jennifer went to meet Alexia and they held her tight
“Just tell him to leave,I don’t want to see him”She kept on yelling
“It’s best you leave Nick,She doesn’t want you here”Dave said
“But I…….”
“Dave is right Nick,It’s best you leave”Mary added and knowing when to give up,I left the
SEMI FINAL (39)✌️✌️
“We are worried about you Alexia,Won’t you eat some thing ” Jennifer said as she sat behind me on the bed
“I don’t want any thing “I replied as I lay on the bed
“You have been saying that for an hour now,,Don’t you know that you need to eat to get back on your feet”Mary added
“Alexia common you are stronger than this” Jennifer said again
“If Nick some thing that hurt you,It doesn’t mean you should let your self starve”Mary added
“I don’t want to talk about Nick,If you guys are going to talk about him,Then please leave” I said to them
“Why don’t you talk to us,We might be able to help”Mary added
“As have said I don’t want to talk about it,The competition will start soon, You guys should go “I said
“But how will they be able to do it when you are their lead vocalist”Jennifer asked starring at Dave,Who stood by the window watching Us
“They will have to do it on their own,After all they are all singers”I said with a sigh
“What you are saying! You know this competition is also like a test for us” Mary said
“If you don’t sing,You will fail”Jennifer added
“I don’t care”I replied sadly
“Enough! Enough okay! “Dave burst out suddenly frightening us all
“I want to talk to Alexia,you all should leave”He said
“Just go! When am done talking,You all can come back”He said interrupting Jennifer
They all left the room,Leaving Dave and I alone
I had gone to the staff to enquire about the competition and it was going to take place today and its going to happen in an hour time
I wonder how Alexia will be able to sing,She is injured and the teacher will h@rdly give us another chance
I headed to the room where Alexia was kept only to see Mary by the door
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“Right now Dave is talking to her “Mary said
“Why?”I asked
“Because she is giving up on the competition,She says that you guys should do it on your own and that she wouldn’t be participating”Mary said
“I have to talk to her”I said wanting to go to her but Mary stopped me
“Just let Dave talk to her,Let’s think of a way to make the competition work”She said and i thought about it for a while
“You are right,I have an idea and I will need the help of the most smartest student in success high”I said and without Waiting for her response,I drew her away
I sat in the room way after what Dave said to me
“Just because he left you doesn’t mean that you should give up on your self and reality”
“Instead make him regret it,Make him regret leaving you”
“You are a very smart girl Alexia and Nick is a fool who threw some thing good away”
“And that is his loss not yours,So please don’t give up on your self for it,He is just not worth it”
Dave words have been going through my head ever since he spoke to me
Nick wasn’t worth it,Ever since the first day,Have always been crying,The few little hours I can say that I was really happy was when we were in the hall yesterday.
And that will never happen again,I thought sadly
Just then the door opened and some men walked in carrying musical instruments and then Dave,Phil!p and Nick walked in.
The three teachers who were going to judge us walked in along with some students
I thought the competition has been over for a while now
So why this? I thought starring at Them all,
“Since you aren’t well Alexia,We have decided to bring the competition to you”One of the teachers said
“Now us winning depends on you”Philp said as he took his seat by the drum set
While Dave dealt with the keyboard,Nick was with the guitar
I took the mic and then began to sing,The Song came out well,Mainly because we have practiced it and also because I love the song
Singing is also part of the reason that I went to success high
And just doing it right now made me feel happy,I wonder who made it possible for us to perform even though am injured
The song ended beautifully and judging from the expression on the faces of the judge, They really liked it.
“The result will be out soon enough,Just keep on with the good work” one of the teacher said and they all left
I saw Dave and Nick talking to each other and then Dave tapped his back and starred at me,He then leave the room making Nick and I the only people there
“How are you now?”Nick asked as he came to sit down beside me
“You really sang well”He said again when I didn’t respond
“Alexia I……”
“It’s over Nick”I said softly
“How can it be over when we haven’t even started yet”He said softly
“You lost your chance Nick,I can’t possibly be with some one who doesn’t trust me “I said
“I do trust you Alexia,I do”
“What a great way of showing it,You know you were my crush,the first guy I ever liked and the first guy I loved”
“I still am Alexia”
“No,You aren’t,Ever since I fell for you have always felt heart broken and even after you made me believe that you love me and for a while I was in tenth heaven,You shattered it and brought me back to earth”
“Am sorry,Am so sorry for every thing I said to you,I didn’t mean it,I love you Alexia,I still do”He said
“Am sorry too Nick but I don’t want you in my life any more,Have always been in tears because of you but not any more,I want to be free, To be happy and if luck will have it,I might find some one else and you should do the same Nick”I said
“I don’t want to, I don’t want some one else”He said And sat on the bed and before I could stop him, He klzzed me
And I klzzed him back,I klzzed him fiercely knowing that it was the last time
“I can’t live with out you Alexia,Can’t you see that,Just forgive me and come back to me”He said as he stopped the klzz
I Shaked my head not trusting myself to speak
“I won’t give up on you Alexia,I will keep on fighting until you are mine again”He said and just then there was a knock on the door and Stella, Isabel and Hugo walked in
“What’s wrong?”Nick asked as he held me in his arms
“They have come to confess their crime” Hugo said starring at me
Isabel and Stella began to talk of how they planned every thing and when they finished,They both begged for forgiveness and I knew it wasn’t sincere because they looked like they have e been forced to do it
“Your apology isn’t accepted,What you both did could have destroyed her and also our relationship,You both aren’t forgiven”Nick said preventing me from talking
“Like Nick said,It could have destroyed me but it didn’t and i know that you two are not sincere with your apology,Some one had forced you to do the apologies”i said staring at. Hugo
“I won’t do any thing neither will I say any thing as long as you stay away from me”I said and they both nodded
Stella stared at the arm Nick had wrapped around Me and she gave me a malicious look before walking out but I did have a glimpse of another expression on her face,it was a look of some one who was giving up,Giving up on the man she love.
Nick stood up and stared down at me,”I will leave you with your father,He has some thing to say and you must listen,Listen to him okay”He said giving me one last klzz before leaving the room


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