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My best friend episode 23 to 25

MY ❤️
(Have always been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 23✌️✌️✌️
I sat on the chair starring at Nick and Dave who were also seated on the same seat as me
“What are the two of you up to now?”I asked starring at them
“What do you mean?”Nick asked opening his book
“What exactly can we be up to Alexia?”Dave asked
“This! Why choose to leave your group and join me?”I asked
“Because we are dating and it’s only right for me to be in the same group as you” Dave said
“You aren’t dating,So stop with the lie and just leave! Alexia and I are the two people meant for this group”Nick said
“I won’t be leaving,This is my group and at least,I have some good excuse to be in this group,What are yours?”Dave asked
“I hate being in that group and I needed some change and when I saw the opportunity I took it”Nick said
“Why do I find it h@rd to believe what you say!”Dave said
“Okay! Have had enough ! I will tell the teacher that I would work alone”I said as i stood up and immediately they both held my hand
“No!”They both yelled together getting the other students attention on us
“Don’t you dare !”Nick warned
“Don’t even try it”Dave added and reluctantly,I sat down.
“If am to work with you guys! No fights! We must all get along”I said
They stared at each other and then at me again.
“That is the only way I will be working with you two!” I added
“Fine,No fights”Dave agreed reluctantly
“Fine no fights too”Nick added
And just then the bell was rung and Dave stood up
“We will continue this session later but as of now Alexia and I will be going for lunch”Dave said as he took my hand
“Why? Its not like she is your girl friend”Nick said standing up
“I agreed to have lunch with him”I said
“Just go to Stella,I can tell that she is furious with you “Dave added and walked off with me.
“Tell me,What have you decided about Nick”Dave asked as we were eating our food
“Have decided to forget about him and to just live my life”I said and unknown to me,I didn’t see the brief smile that appeared on Dave face.
“That’s the best for you Alexia”He added
“I know,As soon as you left last night,He came over and while I talked to him about a guy I like and would like to forget,He didn’t even notice that he was the one I was talking about, That only made me realise that it’s best I forget him and move on”I said sadly
Dave took my hands in his and I stared at him “Always remember that am here for you”He added
“Thanks Dave”I replied and just then Mary and Jennifer came to our table
“What’s going on”They both staring at our hands.
I pulled out my hand and answered quickly “It’s nothing”
“This is driving me nuts,First we find out that you two are dating and then you tell you aren’t and now this? I demand to know the truth”Jennifer said starring at the both of us
“We don’t have any thing going on”I replied
“You still won’t tell us the truth right? Well then am sure Dave will!”Jennifer said starring at Dave
“Well the truth is that we arent dating but I like Alexia and if she would permit it,I would like to date her”He said loudly ,Making every one stare at us
“There you have it Alexia! What will your answer be?”Mary asked
I was about to respond when some one pulled me up
“Alexia doesn’t have to answer that,She is not interested”Nick replied and began to pull me off but Dave held my other hand.
“And who are you to answer for her”Dave asked
“You don’t need to know! Stop bothering Alexia”He said pulling me again but Dave wasn’t ready to let go
“She was having lunch with me!”
“Then find some one else to have lunch with”Nick yelled at him and pulled me,Dave let me go while I left with Nick.
I stood on the second floor,Watching the other students walk by.
I had to come here to cool my mind,If I went back in and see Nick,I would have given him a good beaten.
Why does he interfere in Alexia life,I just hope that it’s not what am thinking! Nick likes Stella and I like Alexia.
I still can’t believe that I like some one I set out to destroy, Why did it have to be Alexia,Why didn’t this heart beat for some one else?
Just then I saw Alexia walking towards the library.
Seems like Nick have left her once again,I thought as I kept on starring at her.
My heart began to beat fast again,This always happen whenever am with her or whenever I see her.
Just by looking at her now,it was beating very fast for her.
I turned about to leave when I saw Stella.
“Have been standing here for a while now and you didn’t notice,You were only starring at her”She said starring at Alexia with anger
“Why are you here?”I asked
“We both know why am here,How could you Dave! You promised to help me get my revenge and here you are head over heels for the enemy”She yelled at me
“You cant tell your heart who to love! At first I really wanted to help but I found myself falling for Alexia and there is nothing you and I can do about that”I replied
“There is and that is for you to get rid of any feelings you have for her and focus on ruining her life”
“I don’t want to”I replied
“What! You don’t want to?”
“You heard me perfectly, Like you know I like Alexia and I would rather be hurt than to see her hurt and You don’t have a reason to want to harm her!”i said
“What rubbish are you spluttering,I made the reason clear to you when I asked you to join hands with me”
“You lied,Every thing you said to me was a lie,Alexia is the one who was wronged by you,You bullied her until she reported you to the teachers and as a result they s£nt you away”
“Did she tell you that!they are all lies”
“Or you are the liar,I made the enquiries my self and I found out that you are the one at fault, You bullied her and made life impossible for her,Sorry Stella but I won’t help you any more,Am ready to cause harm on the girl I like”I said
“You will regret this Dave,You choose to side with the enemy and those who side with the enemy tends to lose and that will happen to you Dave,You will surely lose”She said and walked off.
I was still standing thinking of Stella’s threat when Nick came to me.
“We need to talk!”He said gently
Though I didn’t feel like talking to him,I had to stay to talk to him.
On my way to the library,I decided to use the toilet,I was washing my hands when the door opened and Stella along with her minions walked in
“Get out”Stella said to the other girls who were in the toilet
As soon as they left,She walked towards me and slapped my face.
“As if getting rid of me from my old school wasn’t enough,You just had to come here and steal every one attention from me”She yelled at me
“I am not stealing any thing and them s£nding you out of your old school is purely your fault”I replied
“How dare you talk back”one of her minion yelled at me
“You think you can now talk back at her right! All because Dave and Nick are now concerned about you?”Another said
“Tell me some thing Alexia,You are in love with Nick right!”Stella asked suddenly Andi stared at her
“Don’t bother answering,I can see tell the answer by looking at you face, Tell me some thing,What were you thinking when you fall for boyfriend,What the hell possessed you to fall for him!”She yelled at me again
“If you want to know the sincere answer the I will tell you,Have been in love with Nick for a very long time and I still do”I replied wanting to get her more angry
“You bitch! Nick doesn’t love you and he won’t ever love You,You want to know what he said about you just a few days ago, Well I will show you”She said bringing out her phone
She pressed something and I heard Nick voice
“Alexia is just a friend and nothing more” He said
“Tell me why you only see Her as a friend?”Stella said
“Because she has been a friend for a very long time”
“That’s not what am saying, Tell me the qualities you see in her that you only think of her as a friend ” Stella asked
“Why are you bombarding me with all this question,Are you jealous of Alexia? You don’t have to be! Like have said she is just a friend and nothing more, Alexia lacks in beauty, You’ve seen the way she dresses and that horrendous gl@ss of hers,Have told her to take it off but she keeps on wearing it, If only there was a way to make her see that she doesn’t need the gl@ss”
“So in other words,You find her to be ugly”Stella asked
“I did………..”
“Just answer with a yes or no”
“Alexia lacks femininity and yes I find her to be a little…..I won’t say the word”He said
“Ugly,I finished it for you and am glad that you see her that way”She finished
Stella cut the recording and stared at me and they all laughed
“He thinks of you as ugly,So what ever thing that is running through your head about Nick, it’s best that you forget it because to him,You are ugly!”She said and began to walk off but then she stopped
“And beware of Dave,He is only around you to help me with some thing I ask of him,His feelings towards you are all lies,He is only after one thing from you and that is…….”She stopped and eyed me from head to toe
“Don’t let me finish it,You already know and you don’t need to thank me for warning you about this two guys,I just can’t let you be in the dark anymore, Bye!”She said and left the rest room.

I stood in the rest room,long after Stella and her friend had left.
Could every thing she said be the truth,is that how Nick sees me, Does Dave have an ulterior motive for being friends with me.
The record she had shown me was Nick voice and I had found it strange that Dave had chos£n to be friends with me even when he was close to Stella.
Would I be wrong in choosing to believe Nick and Dave,I thought as I starred at myself in the mirror.
“There you are! Have been searching all over for you” Mary said as she ran into the rest room
“Why? What’s wrong?”I asked
“Its Nick and Dave!”She asked
“What is wrong with those two now?”I asked
“They are fighting and no one have managed to pull them apart,Am scared that they might kill each other”Mary said and immediately I ran outside with Mary leading the way.
As soon as I got to the crowd, I saw Dave on the floor and Nick ,I saw him going to pick up a chair
I saw Stella amongst the crowd and she just stood there watching them without doing a thing
Nick moved towards Dave and was about to hit him with the chair.
I quickly ran to him and stood in his front “No Nick! Please”I begged
Whenever Nick gets mad,I know that nothing can calm him,Not even me his best friend
But in this occasion I had to do some thing or he do some thing that he would regret for the rest of his life
“Get out Alexia!”He said and was about to push me away but I pushed his hand away and hugged him
“Please Nick! Don’t do it”I said almost bursting in tears.
I thought he was going to push me away but he held threw the chair away and held me back
Knowing that I had to get him out of here before some thing worse happens
I whispered to him “Take me out of here please”I said burying my face in his uniform and with me in his arms,He walked me out of the crowd and I hoped silently that Dave was alright.
We both stood by the balcony and though I was the one hurt , It wasn’t compared to seeing Alexia cry.
If I had known that talking to Dave would result to this,I wouldn’t have talked to him
The bastard knew how to provoke me,I thought as my mind drifted to awhile ago when I was talking to Dave
“Stay away from Alexia”I had said as calmly as I could
“And why should I do that? Have told you countless of times that I like her and I won’t be giving her up just because you say so”He said angrily
“You are only toying with her Dave,I won’t let you get close to her”
“Me! Toying! You should ask yourself that, You have a girlfriend yet you keep on bugging Alexia and confusing her over and over again “He said angrily
“What do you mean by confusing her?”,
“You still haven’t figured it out right? You are a fool,Always have been and am glad that you are one because that gives me the chance to be close to the girl I like”Dave finished
“Tell me Dave! Why did you say that I keep on confusing Alexia”I said holding his shirt.
Dave stared at me and smiled and then he pushed my hand away and punch me in the face.
“You dare to ask me why you keep confusing her ,You piece of thrash! That girl have been in love with you for a very long time and yet you never saw it,You made her feel inferior,You did your best to throw back her love on her face and now that she has decided to put you in past,You keep on intruding in her life and you keep on confusing her, This will be the last time I warn you,Stay away from Alexia cause believe me,I will make sure I have her for myself”Dave yelled at me
Hearing him say that he was going to have Alexia for himself made my blood boil, I got up hit him back and from there the fight got worse.
I was so angry that it was Alexia who calmed me down, I wonder how that happened cause I h@rdly listen to reason whenever am very angry and that is why I tend to avoid fight but today had been different.
And today of all day I had to find out that my best friend has been in love with me and yet stupid me didn’t see or notice it.
I stared at Alexia and saw her still crying,I tried to touch her but she said immediately
“Don’t touch me! Don’t try to get close to me,Don’t even see my face, Just go I will be fine”She said as she kept on crying
“How do you expect me to leave you here when you are not feeling good”I said
“For the first time you noticed,You noticed that am not doing well,You don’t have to worry I will be fine,Just go” She said andi wondered how many times Alexia had cried and i never noticed.
I turned to leave when I heard Stella calling for me
She wiped her face and was about to leave when I took hold of her hand and drew her to the storage room which wasn’t quite far.
She tried to protest but I Silence her by covering her mouth.
The storage room was some how cramped and we had to move very close to each other.
I heard Stella call and when there was no response she walked away.
I turned to stare at Alexia,I realised that my hand was still over her mouth and when I pulled it away,I found myself starring at her l!ps.
“I think we should ………”
She couldn’t finish her word because I klzzed her.
I tried to pull away at first but i knew he wouldn’t let me go.
So I stayed p@ssive in arms,Not returning his klzz.
He pulled away and stared at me “klzz me back !”He demanded and klzzed me again
This time i couldn’t resist him,Have always wondered how Nick klzz will be and here I am having a taste of it and it felt wonderful.
I wrapped my arms his waist and pulled him close,klzzing him back,While he kept on klzzing me too.
It wasn’t until we both staggered and hit some thing that I realised what I was doing.
This is my best friend,The guy I love and have vowed to forget him for good,Yet here he was klzzing me
With one mighty push, he staggered back and starred at me
“Why did you do that?”He asked and instead of answering I ran out of the storage room but he was quick to catch me
“Leave me alone Nick”I said pushing his hands away
“Not until you tell me if it’s true that you love me”He asked and i stared at him in shock
“I know okay, There is no point in denying it”He said
“And so what if you know! You will never love me back and besides have decided to forget you Nick, You are now my past and I will make sure you remain that way”I said
“You can’t mean that!”
“I mean it okay! Ever since I entered the age of puberty my eyes have only been for you but you never noticed,Even when you left for the states,I told myself that he will surely notice me,When you came back and told me that you had a girl friend,You have no idea how much that hurt”I said as the tears fell Freely
“When you broke up with her,I thought that yes,He would finally notice but still you didn’t,Instead you went to Stella shattering my heart over and over again , Stupid me didn’t give up,I had learnt to put on make up just so you would find me attractive and what was the first thing you uttered,You called me a whore,Did you ever call your past lovers a whore”I asked pushing him angryily
“Alexia I…….”
“Don’t say any thing Nick,You have done enough already,Now all I want from you is for you to leave me alone,please Nick,You have caused me enough heart ache already”I said and walked off before he said any thing or tired to stop
Alexia pov
“Isn’t that fight some thing,Its a good you stopped Nick before he did some thing worse”Mary said as we were heading to the library
“Now I believe you two are best friend,With just one hug,He listened to you, Wish I had a friend like him”Jennifer added
“Do you know what caused the fight?”Mary asked me
“,Its a girl of course,Why would two guys be fighting if it wasn’t because of a girl, I wish some one would fight over me too” Jennifer said
“A girl? Could it be Stella?”Mary asked
“Of course not! Or could she be the one? Alexia say some thing”Jennifer said
“You guys should stop asking questions,It’s none of your business,Let’s just go to the library and get on with our studies”I said about to walk off when my path was blocked by Dave
He had got his injury looked at but his face looks a mess
“Can I talk to you Alexia”He said
“I don’t want to talk to you”I said about to walk off but he stopped me by my hand and he began to head in another direction.
“Hey!!!Dave?” Both Mary and Jennifer said but he didn’t listen to either of them
He pulled me until we got to the balcony,The same place I just finished talking to Nick
“What is your problem ?”I asked trying to free my hand from his
But he pushed me to the wall and towered over me
“Why are you being like this Dave”I asked
“If this is a joke to y………”
“A joke,Do I look like a joke to you”he asked looking serious
“Then why are you doing this?”I asked
“Can’t you even guess?”
“Guess what? Why do you guys keep on disturbing me,I came to this school to study not to watch two of my friends fighting”I said
“Friend! Do you still see me as a friend?”
“Let me go Dave,I dont want to talk to you ”
“Well am not expecting you to talk,You just have to listen”
“Then I don’t want to listen too”
“You will! You have to! Do you know the reason why Nick and I got into a fight? it’s because of you,I told him that I like you”He said
“I like you,I like you very Much Alexia and am hoping that you forget about Nick and fall for me instead”He said
“You don’t know what you are say……..”
“I know what am saying okay,That guy is a fool for not treasuring you but I will,I will give you every thing you’ve ever wanted” he said and before I could stop him,He klzzed me .
At first I was taken by surprise but when I had come back to my s£nses,I pushed him away
“What is wrong with you Dave, why do you guys just klzz me without asking for my permission” I muttered the last part to myself but Dave heard
“Who else klzzed you? Did Nick klzz you?”he asked
“Its none of your business and I will tell you the same thing I told Nick,please leave me alone,Have had enough of you and Nick,let me live my life peacefully”I said and walked past him,Hoping that he would leave me just as have requested and I also hope Nick do the same thing.
“Am fine mom,I even came to school today” I said on the phone.
“Am feeling a bit better and I won’t go to my part time work too”
“We just closed and am heading home”
“Not to Nick parents house but to our house in town”
“I will certainly come back but not now”I said as I got to the school entrance only to be blocked by a car
The door opened and Nick got out side starring at me.
After the klzz incident I haven’t seen him and seeing him now only made me feel nervous.
“I will call you later mom”I said and cut the call
“Get in,I will give you a ride home”He said and just then Dave rode his bike and stopped in front of me too
“Get In I will give you a lift home”He said pulling off his helmet.
Seeing Dave also made me remember what he said to me.
The two of them stood starring at me,waiting for my response.
Just then I saw Jennifer along with Mary and three of their friends
I quickly ran towards them “do you remember asking me to the karaoke?”I asked Jennifer
“Yes,Have you changed your mind?”She asked
“Yes,Can I come”I asked and she hugged me
“Of course,The more we are,The merrier”She said and we all walked off.
While Jennifer chatted with the other girls at the front,I walked behind with Mary
“A while ago,Both Nick and Dave were in front of you, Were they going to give you a lift?”Mary asked
“Lift? Of course not, They were just telling me…..some thing “I lied
“Okay but you can tell me any thing, these past few days,You have been looking a bit weird,Hope you are alright?”
“Of course I am” I replied,I will surely be alright if I don’t see Nick and Dave,I thought
“Isn’t that Dave?”Jennifer said and we all turned to see him standing not so far away
“What’s he up to”I muttered as he walked towards us
“Would you girls mind if I join,You see it’s been so long since have been in a karaoke bar,Can I come?”He asked starring at me in particular
“Of course you can”Jennifer said putting her arm in his
“Hope it isn’t that far,people might recognise me “Dave said to her as we moved on
“Its just down the street and don’t worry,I will protect you from your crazy fan”She said
“Seems like Dave came here because of you”Mary whispered lightly
“Stop saying that!”I denied quickly
We got to the karaoke bar only to see Nick standing in front of it.
“Nick you too?”Jennifer asked
“What? You said the more we are,The merrier, I want to have fun,It’s been so long since I did” he said
“Fine then! Its so good to have two good looking guys amongst us”Jennifer said and quickly she put her arm in Nick and walked off with them.
“Now am quite sure that you are the girl they are both fighting for”Mary said
“Its best that I just leave”I said
“Of course not,Those guys came because of you and what if they fight,We can’t stop them, you are the only one that can stop them”she said and before I could do a thing,She pulled me in.
The fun began and while Mary and the other girls stood up frequently to sing a particular song
I sat down cheering them and I felt nervous too,Cause two gentle men amongst us kept on starring at me.
“Why dont you sing the next song “Jennifer came to me giving me the mic
“Am fine,I would rather watch you guys sing”I said
“No,You have to sing,aren’t I right? Alexia has to sing for us”Jennifer said
“Just take the mic and sing some thing”They all chorused
I took a quick glance at the Nick and saw him starring at me.
I took the mic and stood in the front.
“Why don’t you sing goodbye?”Jennifer asked
“Why would you tell her to sing that song,Those are for people who broke up, Just sing whatever you want”Mary added
“Its okay,I will just sing goodbye” I said
The song began to play and I began to sing.
🎶Have loved you for long but you never noticed🎶
🎶No matter how I do it,No matter how I tried,You still never saw me🎶
🎶 So I think it’s time to give up on you,Cause loving you hurts a lot.🎶
🎶 Its time to say goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye🎶
🎶 Its time to say goodbye Goodbye Goodbye🎶
I sang this starring at Nick and he was starring back at me.
He stood up and left the room and I sighed gently
Seems like he knew that I was solely singing this for him.

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