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My Best Friend episode 21 & 22

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 21✌️✌️✌️
Alexia pov
“Tell me where your room is?”Dave kept on asking and since I could h@rdly speak,He layed me on the little sofa
I heard him running around the house and when he came back,He brought the blankets and used it to cover me and once again I heard him moving about the house and when he came back it was to give me the medicine he saw on my table and then a while later I felt some thing cooling my head, It was a cold clothe,Dave was using it to slow down the fever.
“You fool,Why in the world did you have to get sick,Is it because if Nick,We both know that he is not worth it” He said lightly.
“Why did you have to leave home? When you didn’t show up today,We were all worried,Most especially me”He kept on talking
“This won’t do,I need to call the doctor”He said but I stopped him by holding his hand.
“No……please don’t go ….. please stay here with me”I said holding unto him
“But you are…….”
“I…..I will be fine”I whispered this last part and then I blanked out.
I woke up a while later and though I still had the little towel over my head,I could feel that i was a doing well
I turned only to see Dave sleeping on the couch next to me.
He looked tired,The poor thing had to watch over me for a long time
I got up and put the blankets to over him instead.
I was about walking off when he held me hand
“Are you okay now?”He asked starring at me
“As you can see I am and it’s all thanks to you Dave”I said
“That’s a relief”He said as he stood up
“Let me make some thing for you,Judging from you still being in your uniform,You came all the way from school right?”I asked
“Yes I did,You see I was …uh….quite worried,Well not only me,Your friends and also Nick”He said
“But you are the only one here,Thanks for coming”I said as I cooked up some noodles.
“Tell me, How did you know where to find me?”I asked
“Well,I…..uh……I followed you here yesterday”He replied
“When? I didn’t even notice”I replied
“It was when you left home,I had followed you to be sure you got to your destination safe”He said and that touched my heart a bit
“Thank you Dave,Thanks for stalking me and finding me before things got worse”I said gently
Just then the phone rang and I went to pick it up
“What is this I hear,Why didnt you go to school?”My mom said
“Am a bit down,That’s all”I replied
“I knew this sort of thing can happen ,That is why I didn’t want you to go, well I told Nick where to find you,Is he there yet?”She asked
“No he isn’t ”
“That’s strange,I told him you were there and he rushed out immediately,He didn’t even take off his bag or uniform”She said
“Well he didn’t come here and am fine mom, Am with a friend and so don’t worry”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am “I replied
“Fine then,As soon as you are okay,Come home please”
“That’s not our home,It’s just a place where we work”
“How many times did I tell you not to say that!”she scolded
“Am sorry,Oh I need to do some thing,I will call you later”I said and cut the call
“Your mom?”He asked
“Yes,Oh no! The noodles”I yelled as we both went to put it out of the cooker.
“Its all burnt”I said sadly
“Not all of it and it still smell nice”
“I had wanted to thank you with this but it all went wrong”I said
“Not all of it,If you still want to thank me, Then eat with me at school tomorrow”
“I don’t think that would be a good idea”I said
“They already think we an item and we both eat together tomorrow,They will think more”
“But we both know that we would just be eating or do you not want to thank me”
“I do but…..”
“Then lunch at the school cafeteria tomorrow”He said and feeling defeated I kept quiet.
“You look tired,let’s sit on the chair” He said pushing me gently to the sofa.
“How was school today?”I asked
“Because you were not there”He said
“Stop being cheeky and tell me what happened today”
He began to talk about school and I couldn’t help to laugh about some jokes he made.
“Have been wanting to ask you this “He said
“What really happened between you and Stella?”
“Its nothing”I replied
“Please tell me the truth,You can confide in me,There are male confidant in this world”He said and I smiled
“Fine then, if you insist”I said
“I met Stella back when I was in high school,She was the beauty and I was the one with the brain,We were in the same cl@ss, Stella wanted only her to be the star of the school but being beautiful is not the only thing that can make you a star”
“While I went out for school competition and brought back awards,I was well known amongst the students and teachers and she hated that,And so one day she began to pick on me”
“If I had known that it would be come some thing worse,I would have fought back but I let her bully me and it became their every day routine,Stella and her friends made my life a living hell at junior high”
“And then one day I got so furious and went to report,Stella and her friends were summoned and at first they denied it but the teachers found out the truth and in the end she was expelled,I didn’t hear from her until I started success high”I finished
“Now I know”He said
“It’s some thing of the past,So you mustn’t tell any one”
“I already gave you my word,I think it’s time for me to go back home”He said
I escourted him out “it’s okay,I know my way from here,Go back inside” He said to me
“I will as soon as you I see you walking off,That’s the least I can do for you”I said
“Fine then,Good night,See you tomorrow”He said waving me off and I did the same.
I was about to go back in when I saw some one standing at the other street
He looked familiar,I thought as I stared at him some more
“Nick!”I called when I saw that it was him
He crossed the street and walked towards me and when he finally got towards me,He pulled me into his arms,Holding me very tight
“Nick!”I called again
“Thanks,Thanks for being Safe”He whispered and held me tightly
Chapter 22✌️✌️✌️
I tried her number for the sixteenth time that day and she didn’t pick.
“Would you like to go to the cinema” Stella who was beside me in the car asked
“Today….I uh…..I don’t think that will be a good idea”I said
“But why? You have never once told me no”She said sulking
“Not today Stella,Am worried about Alexia,i haven’t gotten a hold of her yet”I replied and as soon as the car stopped in front of the house.
I got down and told the driver to take Stella home,I didn’t even wait for our parting klzz,I just ran into the house,Heading to the kitchen.
“Nanny! Nanny! “I called
“Why are being so noisy again!”Alexia mother asked
“You need to tell me where Alexia is?”
“But why? Is some thing wrong?”
“She didn’t go to school today and she has not been picking my calls,Am worried”I said
“That brat? Why in hell would she not go to school”Her mother yelled and immediately she scribbled down the address
“Please go check on her”She said and i have her a nod of my head before running off.
It took a while for me to find the particular address and when I did found it.
I saw her coming out of the house to throw the thrash away,I felt so relieved, Relieved for seeing that she was okay.
I was about going to meet her when Dave showed up.
She swayed and he carried her in,I felt so jealous and angry.
Very angry,How dare he get close to Her,How dare he touch her? I wanted to go there and knock on the door But i stopped and I stood outside.
I waited for about two hours and those two hours were the worst hours of my life cause I kept on wondering what the two were doing there together,I felt like going in but I had no right to intrude.
They were dating after all and seeing Dave spending a lot of time in Alexia house,It will only mean one thing,Just thinking about it made me feel so angry.
The door opened and they said their good bye, She was about going in when she saw me.
At least she noticed me,I thought happily and without thinking,I crossed the street and walked straight to her,hugging her.
“Thanks,Thanks for being safe”I whispered holding her tightly to me
We stood like that for a while and when she began to pull away I pulled her back into my arms
“Just stay still for a while! I really thought something happened to you,Have been so worried, Is this a way to punish me cause if it is, you really succeeded in doing so”I said gently
“I didn’t mean to scare any one,I just got sick and not wanting to infect any one,I decided to stay home”She said
“You could at least have called me”I said
“Am sorry,I was so tired that I didn’t take any call” She said and gently moved out of my arms
“Common let’s go in”She said and I followed her in.””
While she went to the kitchen,I stood in the small living room
“Would you like to eat Noodles?” She asked and I nodded
“This place is too small,Why not go back with me ?”I asked
“I will go back but not now,I still need to recover”She said
“We can take care of you at home,Don’t stay here”I said
“Its not some thing you can take care of,I have to be the one to do it myself”She said
“Now I don’t get you?”I said walking to the little kitchen
“Well there is some one I must forget”She said
“Forget? Who?”
“A guy I like”She said and I stared at her in surprise
“Wow,You just started dating Dave and now you want to forget him,I like that “I said smiling at her
“Its not Dave and there is nothing going on between Dave and I” She said
“Really! Its all in the news paper and you even got on his bike and went home with him”
“Its nothing,Dave is just a friend,Just like you”
“Our friendship can’t be compared to the one you have with Dave or any one else “I said
“The noodle is ready,Thank God I didn’t burn them this time”She said and gave me a smile and for the first time I saw Alexia as a very beautiful girl.
She has been pretty to me in the past, Cute even without her make up but seeing her smile now changed what I thought about her.
“Common let’s go and eat at the living room”She said bringing me back to reality
I followed her into the living room and unwillingly I found myself starring at her.
She had the perfect shape ,Am sure that if I held her to me ,She will fit me perfectly
What is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about Her in that manner,I thought as I sat down
“Hey! Are you okay?”She asked
“Yes I am”I replied
“Then start eating,You won’t let my Noodles go to waste,I won’t let you”She said giving me her beautiful smile again.
I began to eat the noodles,Not wanting to stare at her.
“Nick do you believe in true love?”She asked suddenly and that made me cough out my food
“Are you okay Nick?”She asked
“How can you ask that kind of question when someone is eating”I yelled at her
“Am sorry,use this to wipe your mouth”She said giving me a napkin
I wiped it off and stared at her,Why is she even asking that question! Is not like she is in love or could she be?
“Alexia tell me the truth! Who are you in love with ?”I asked and at first she was taken aback by my question
“Why would you ask such a thing?”She replied
“Fine then don’t tell me! I don’t want to know”I said
Just the mere thought of knowing that there is some one out there who have stolen my best friend heart got me feeling so mad,It’s best if I don’t know who it is, I thought
“Actually,I do like some one”She said starring at me
“But sadly he doesn’t feel the same way” she added looking sad
“Then he is a fool!”I said
“That guy you like,If he doesn’t feel the same way,He is a fool! How can he not see the beauty in you”I said and she smiled
“He is really a fool because he still hasn’t noticed that I like him yet”
“What? So you mean you haven’t told him yet,I never knew you to be a coward”
“Its not about me being a coward,It’s just complicated Nick”
“Explain?”I asked
“He is a friend and he only sees me as a friend,I wanted some thing to happen,For him to see me differently but that didn’t happen,instead he met a girl and he is now dating her”She said close to tears.
“Who is this jerk,Tell me so I can go and give him a good beating”I said and she smiled
I stood up from the sofa and went to sit beside her
“He doesn’t deserve your tears Alexia,If he can’t see that you love him so much then he is not worth it,Forget about him”I said
“That’s why am here Nick!”
“What does being here have to do with him?”
“I came here to recover,If I was home with mom,She would be worried and i didnt want that,So I decided to come here,Even though have been sick have been thinking about it”
“And what’s your decision”I asked
“To forget him for good,No matter what I do,He will never love me the way I love him,So it’s best that I forget him and start again”She said
“Will you be okay?”
“Of course,Have been hurting even when am by his side,So what’s the ess£nce of trying to fight for him”She said looking so sad.
Even though she is saying she will forget him,It must really be hurting her,I thought
I pulled her to me and hugged her “You know you can cry,Holding back the tears will only make you more bitter”I said
She pulled out of my arms “I can’t cry anymore Nick,Even with knowing,Have shed a lot of tears,There is no more left”
She took off the necklace on her neck and put it on my hand
“What are you doing?”
“Giving back the gift,You aren’t wearing yours any more, There is no need for me to wear mine”She said
“Stella’s replacement is more beautiful, Make sure you don’t lose it because she will kill you”
“If I took my necklace off,It doesn’t mean you should take yours off” I said to her
“There would be no point wearing it,We both promised each other that we will always wear it and since you have taken it off There is no point In me wearing it”She said
“Alexia you …….”She silenced me by klzzing me on the cheek.
“Thanks for being here and thanks for listening to me”She said and stood up with our bowl to wash them.
Why did I feel like have just lost some thing very important to me, Why do I feel like a total jerk right now……………..
I stood in front of the school gate and breathe in deeply.
This is it! Have decided to start afresh and to forget about Nick for good.
It was a good thing that he came by yesterday.
Seeing him gave me the courage to let him go once and for all.
Even to the last moment,He didn’t realise that he was the one,It clearly meant that he is not for me.
“Its time to start afresh Alexia,It’s time”I whispered to myself and began to walk in
“Alexia!!!”Both Jennifer and Mary yelled out my name as they both ran towards me to hug me
“We were so worried”Jenny said
“How are you feeling now”Mary added
“Am fine and thanks for worrying about me”I said as we all walk Into Our cl@ss
Later that day we were all asked to go to the music room.
While Nick stood beside Nina talking to her and Dave amongst his friends,I stood with Jennifer and Mary chatting
“Sorry for making you wait, Now back to the Grouping task”The teacher said
“You missed cl@ss yesterday and you haven’t been placed in a group, It’s better you tell him”Jennifer said
“Uh sir,Sorry to interrupt but I was abs£nt yesterday,Am not in any group”I said to the teacher
“Since every one is grouped already,Why not just do it alone”The teacher said
“But it’s a group work,How can she do it alone”Mary said
“Fine then, We will have to put her In a group or we create another one”He said
“Why prolong it sir,Just ask who wants to be in the same group with her?”Jennifer said
“Fine then,Who is interested in being the same group with her”The teacher asked
Mary and Jennifer stretched up their hands and I smiled
“Not the two of you,In your group you have been made the leader, Some one who is not a leader in his or her group should stretch forth their hands” The teacher said
I looked around and saw that no one raised up Their hand.
I was about saying that I would do it alone when,I saw some one hand up
It was none other than Nick and just then another hand was up and it was Dave.
I stared at the both of them and wondered what they were up to this time…………….


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