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My best friend episode 19 & 20

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 19✌️✌️✌️
I got to school using bus, After the argument that occurred between Nick and my decision to stop loving him,I think I will be avoiding him too.
“Like a cheap whore”His words kept on ringing in my head and each time I remember I feel so hurt.
“Alexia!!!”I turned to see Jennifer and Mary calling and running towards me
“Take it easy guys,We are not late yet “I said as they got to me
“Why didn’t you tell us?”Jennifer said
“Tell you what?”
“Common! You don’t have to pretend,It’s all over the internet”Mary added
“I think you better explain better cause I don’t know what you are talking about”I said and they stared at each other before starring at me again
“But it’s all over the internet”Jennifer said as she brought out her phone and showed me an article
“Popular singer Dave known as Davey to all his fans has been taken by a very lovely girl,They have been seen and spotted together all the time,This brings us to a conclusion that Dave heart has now been taken by this lovely girl” I read out and stared at the pictures again, It was pictures of me and Dave together.
“Congratulations my friend”Mary said
“Though we don’t really like Dave,We will be happy for you,After all your best friend is now dating that bitchy Stella “Jennifer added
“I think you guys have got it all wro……..”I couldn’t finish my words because students began to scream.
We all turned to see Dave ,His pres£nce had caused the noise and now every one was starring at me because Dave was coming towards me
“Can you explain this?”I asked showing him the article
He took the phone and stared at it,He looked up at me and then gave me a smile.
He brought out some thing from his pocket and walked towards me,Before I could stop him he put the hair cl!pper right in my hair.
“This is my heart Alexia,Make you don’t break it”He said and this got the students shouting and talking.
I stared at Dave and before I could ask him what he is up to,He walked off with his friends.
“Did you see that!”Jennifer said
“I did”I replied still unable to believe that this is happening
“He just professed his love to you”Mary added touching the hair cl!pper on my hair.
I was still trying to figure out what was going when I looked up and saw Nick amongst the crowd, he was starring at me.
“Just tell us already! Are you guys in a relationship?”Jennifer asked
“Just stop questioning me and let’s go to cl@ss”I said and walked off quickly.
We got to cl@ss and as soon as I entered everyone began to shout and scream most especially Dave friends.
“Your girlfriend is here Dave”One of them said and I sighed before going to my seat
Nick came in a while later and came to seat beside me,If there was a way of changing seat,I will definitely change it,I thought as I brought out my book,While I pretend to read.
“You and that Nick of a guy are both rascals,How come you two started dating at the same time”Dave friend asked
“I don’t know for Nick exactly but what I do know is that I found the perfect girl in Alexia,So I went for it”He said,Deliberately speaking out so Nick and I could hear what they were saying
“Am really envious of you Dave! If I had known that Alexia would turn out to be that beautiful,I would have gone for her first”Another said
“Well Pity for you,I found her first and am going to keep her for myself”He said again and I saw Nick clenched his hands on the table.
Was he angry? If so why? Was it because they had addressed me as beautiful or because Dave had made it known to every one that I was his girlfriend
“Really Alexia! Why him of all people?”Nick asked suddenly and I stared at him
Did he really believe the story like the rest,How stupid can he get? I thought starring at him angrily
Without bothering to answer him,I stood up and went towards Dave
“I think it’s time we talk”I said
“Cant we just do it here?”He asked
“If you don’t want them to know the truth,You better follow me”I said and walked out of the cl@ss room,Hoping that he would follow me too and he did.
As soon as we got to the school roof top,I turned to him
“What is the meaning of all this?”I asked
“What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean! Why the hell did those article bring out some thing like that?”I asked
“I don’t know too,I saw it that way this morning”
“And you did nothing right! You let them believe it was true and now the lie is turning out to be some thing worse”I said
“But it’s not that bad,After all we were set on achieving a goal right “He asked
“And what would that goal be?”I asked
“Nick” He called the name gently and i starred at him horror
“Have told you already,Am not doing it Dave”
“But why? You don’t want him for your self”He asked
“What’s the ess£nce of fighting for some thing you never had,Some thing you aren’t sure of winning, Have been living in a fairy tale for a long time,It’s time I wake up Dave”
“And what would you be waking from?”He asked
“He will never love me,You saw it last night at the party,It’s time that I give up”I said as the tears threatened to pour
“Have made a promise not to shed a tear for him,So why am I like this”I muttered to myself as I wiped off my tears
“Thank you for last night Dave,Thank you for comforting me,For being there for me but I think that should stop now,You only did every thing to spite Nick and now that am telling you that I have nothing to do with Nick,I will also tell you to please stop,Don’t meddle with my life again and I will not meddle with yours, Stay away from me”I said starring at him.
With my mind said,I turned to leave only to be pulled roughly into his arms.
I tried pulling free but he hugged me tightly,Not wanting to release his hold on me
“It’s gone too far already,I think am hooked”Dave said gently
I didn’t understand what he said at first but when I did, I pulled away from him but he still had his arms around me
“What are you doing Dave?”I asked still in his arms
He stared down at me and stared afar and then at me again and without asking ,He klzzed me.
What! My first klzz! Why the hell did Dave have to klzz me!,I thought trying to pull free but Dave hold on me was strong and he kept on klzzing my l!ps,I had no option than to stay p@ssive in his arms
When he did stop the klzz,I stared at him questioningly
“Nick”He said gently at first
“What?”I asked
“Nick is here”on hearing that,I turned to find Nick standing by the door of the roof top starring at us.
Dave did that on purpose! But why? I told him I wasn’t interested on making Nick jealous.
Dave laced his f!ng£rs through mine and said “Don’t worry,Am here,Just follow my lead”He said and feeling nervous,I did as he told me,I just hope that he would not make things worse.
I stayed in cl@ss,Way after Alexia and Dave had gone out.
Dating! What a joke! I dont know why Alexia and Dave relationship affects me a lot.
I woke up this morning only to see that cursed news,I was so angry that when I saw Alexia in the kitchen this morning,I had felt like strangling her.
I wanted her to say some thing,To tell me that it was all a lie but she didn’t and the way she dressed today made me suspicious,Without thinking I had lashed out at her, Calling her a whore! Stupid of me right?
I just felt jealous,For the first time in my life,I feel jealous of the guy in my best friend life.
I should have just told her how beautiful she was this morning,I won’t deny when I first got to the kitchen and saw her with make up on,Gone were her gl@sses and her hair put down made her look so beautiful.
For the first time in my life,I thought of my friend as beautiful,The thought of her wearing it for Dave made me so angry and without thinking I said hurtful things,Things i regret now.
“What do you guys think those two are doing” 🚺
“Perhaps klzzing or yet doing some thing weird”🚹
They all laughed “Their relationship just started,They won’t take it that far”🚹
“I know Dave okay,Have been close to that guy and I know that he likes Alexia,For him to have allowed an article to be published about them,Doesn’t it mean some thing to you”🚹
“But why? Why did the two handsome guys in our cl@ss have to be taken,Nick and Stella and now Dave and Alexia?”🚺
“I understand that Stella is pretty but Alexia? What made Dave even see her?”🚺
“Alexia is really gorgeous,Didn’t you see her at the party last night and also this morning, Dave worked too fast,If He wasn’t in the way I could have gone for her myself”🚹
Hearing enough,I stood up,Feeling so angry,I just had to leave this cl@ss before I do some thing to one of the students.
I began to head out only to be stopped by Stella and her minions who were just arriving
“Good morning”She said giving me a smile,A smile which I didn’t return
I walked past her without replying,I might regret it later but I was not in the mood,Right now I had to see Dave,That bastard! How dare he get close to Alexia.
One of the student had said that he saw them at the roof.
I began to head there,When I finally got to the roof top, It was to see the two of them talking.
Alexia turned to leave but Dave pulled her back hugging her,I wanted to go there and stop them but I controlled myself.
Dave looked up and saw me there,He had this look of mischief in his eyes and without a doubt,I knew that he wanted to do some thing that will make me mad and he did it,He klzzed Alexia.
I felt so furious,I wanted to hit his face so bad but I held it in
Alexia tried to move out of his arms but he held her back instead,He must have said some thing to her because she turned and when she saw me standing there,She looked shocked.
Holding back my anger,I went towards them and when I saw Dave still holding Alexia hand,I got so furious that I pulled Alexia away only to give Dave a punch on the face.
“Nick! Why did you do that”Alexia yelled going to Dave who was on the floor
“Are you a fool! Don’t you know that he is only using you to get back at me,He knows that you are my best friend and he is willing to do any thing to stop that and He is succeeding ” I yelled
“Just go away Nick”She said still kneeling beside Dave
“How stupid can you get Alexia,He doesn’t love you,He is only using you to get back at me,Guys like him don’t have a heart to love some one Most especially a girl like you”I said and suddenly she stood up starring at me
“First a cheap whore and now a fool,Two insults in a day Nick”She asked looking sad
“Alexia I…..”
“Shut up! Just shut up Nick! Am I that bad,That ugly that no one can even like or love?”
“I didn’t say that Alexia”
“Yes you did,You never really said it out like this but you did with your actions Nick,In your eyes I will never be desirable,I will never meet a guy who loves me for me because am not beautiful right”She said as tears fell from her eyes.
I realise that this is the very first time am seeing Alexia cry and it’s because of what I said to her.
“Listen to me…..I”
“No,I don’t want to listen to you Nick! I know that am not beautiful,Am not like Stella who would attract guys and just knowing that fact hurts me a lot and yet you! You who is suppose to be my friend keeps on throwing that fact in my face,It hurts a lot Nick! So much”She said as the tears kept falling from her eyes
“You have hurt me more than any one ever did,It’s really mean of you Nick,it’s really mean”She finished and ran off.
I would have gone after her but Dave obstructing my path stopped me
“Leave her alone!”He said and angrily I pulled him by the collar
“What do you want from Alexia? Are you being close to her to hurt me? You better stop because I won’t let that happen”I said and he laughed
“You must really think so high of your self but let me burst your darn bubble once and for all”
“I like Alexia and me getting close to her is not because of you but it’s because I want to be close to her, I really like her so much”Dave said
“You bastard!”
“Calling me names won’t stop me from trying to meet her, You know me Nick! When I want some thing I go for it and Alexia is some one that I want in my life and I won’t leave her alone,I will always be with her Nick,So I suggest you stop acting like her big brother,After all you both are not related and before I forget,Just focus on your girlfriend,From now on,I will watch over Alexia myself”He said pushing my hands away and then he walked off.
“You have hurt me more than anyone ever did,It’s really mean of you,It’s really mean”
Remembering Alexia words made me feel stupid and guilty,I was only thinking about myself,Why did I have to say those hurtful things to her, Why? I thought sadly……..
Chapter 20✌️✌️✌️
“I can’t believe this! So Dave and you is all a lie”Jennifer asked
“Yes it is, We are nothing to each other”I replied
“But what about the news article”Mary asked holding unto my arm
“Lies,They made it up because Dave is a celebrity” I said
“Well it’s bad though but I wished you and Dave were a couple”Mary added
“Couple my foot, It’s even better that they are not a couple,I never like Dave for her”Jennifer said
We walked out of the school gate ” You girls better head home”I said waving them off
“Are you sure,You look a bit pale” Mary asked
“I will be fine”I said waving them off.
I began to head through the other path when suddenly Dave Drove his bike and stopped in front of me
He pulled off his helmet and threw one on my hands
“Get on,I will take you home” He said
Ever since the klzz,I haven’t seen him or Nick and I preferred it that way but seeing him now only made me remember what I wanted to forget
Putting the helmet back on his bike I said “I can go home by myself”
I turned to leave but I stopped when I saw Nick.
Seems like he was searching for some one,It wasn’t until he looked my way that I knew that it was me he was searching for .
“If you don’t want to talk to him,You can hop on my bike and escape”Dave said behind me.
Immediately I went back to Dave and took the helmet and then I got on his bike
“Alexia! Alexia! “I heard Nick call but Dave off before he could reach us.
Am not ready to talk to him yet,Now that am still hurt and feeling sore.
Once am okay,Then I will talk to him,Not just now.
The bike drove for a while more and then it stopped
I saw that we had stopped in front of Nick house.
I got down and gave him his helmet “Thanks for the ride”I said walking in
But Dave stopped me by getting off his bike and holding unto my ha
“Are you okay?”He asked
“I am fine and you don’t have to concern your self with me”I said
“But I can’t do that Alexia,For one you look pale”
“I will be fine if I use some medicine,Don’t worry about me”
“But to the world we are both dating and I have the right to worry about you”He said smiling
“But to the both of us,We know the truth and we are not dating,I would ask that you stop worrying about me please”I said and pulling my hand,I walked into the house.
Today was my day off and If I stayed at home,Nick would want to see me.
I went straight to the maid quater as changed and then I put some of my clothes in the bag and then I left the room to find my mom in the kitchen.
“Hey when did you come back? You didn’t p@ss here?”She asked
“Yes,I felt so tired that’s why I didn’t p@ss here”I answered
“What’s with the bag?are you going some where?” I asked
“I would like to spend a few days at our little house in town”I said
“But why,You love it here more than that house”She said
“I know but I just miss it and I want to spend some time there,It’s going to be three days mom”I said
“You had a fight with Nick?”She asked
“You know me better than any one”I replied sadly
“Fine,You can leave But try to settle your differences,You both have been best friend for a long time,Running away won’t settle the issue”She said and i nodded
“I will settle it with him” After three days,I just need three days to be on my own.
I left the house and was about to walking off when Nick car p@ssed beside me.
The car stopped and he came out “Alexia we have to talk”He said
“When I get back”I said not wanting to talk to him yet
“Won’t talking now be better?”
“It won’t,I need to go to work”I lied
“Nick! Nick common”on hearing Stella voice in the car I felt so sad.
“A minute Stella” He said
“Just go to her, We will talk later”I said and walked away.
I didn’t dare look back and I know that he wouldn’t come after ,A part of me wished that he followed me but he didnt,It only prove that he wasnt really sorry about what he said to me.
I took the bus and went to the our little house,It had been the house my dad had bought before he died and after we moved into Nick house,Mom didn’t sell it,So she said it might come in handy some day and it surely did for me today.
I cleaned the sheets and re arrange the house,I could feel that I was getting weak,Seems like I was catching a cold,I thought.
Feeling so tired,I went to bed and slept off…….
Alexia hadnt come back home,Like a fool I had waited in the garden for her to come back from her part time job but she didn’t come home.
I had went in search of her mom and had asked about her but her mom won’t tell me where she went to.
I came to school with the purpose of scolding her but this is the second period and she is not here yet.
Where the hell is she? I thought as i called her again
She isn’t the type to make some one worry about her,Is this a way to punish me? I thought.
Through out the day, I could not concentrate,I only thought about Alexia and when it was break,I went to ask Jenifer and Mary buy they had no idea too
She had texted them that she won’t be coming and that’s all.
If she didn’t tell her friends, maybe Dave might know,After all he is her boy friend, I thought as I went in search of Dave.
I found him at the locker room ,”hey,have you heard from Alexia?”I asked
“And even if I did,What makes you think that I will tell you”He said
“Look I didn’t come here to argue with you,I just need to know where she is,Am worried about her”
“Don’t bother worrying about her,I will do the worrying from now on and it’s best that you leave Alexia alone” He said and walked off.
The cold had gotten worse and I could h@rdly get up.
Not wanting to infect anyone with it,I decided to stay home.
Have been sleeping through the day and when I felt a bit better,I went out to throw the thrash of yesterday.
I threw the pile of thrash on the floor and got a bit dizzy and I would have fallen if some one hadn’t catch me
I looked up to see Dave starring down at me
“Why are you here?”I asked holding unto him
“My God ! You are burning up”He said
“Am fine”I replied
“No you are not!Common let’s go in”He said and before I could stop him, He carried me in his arms and into the house.


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