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My best friend episode 15 & 16

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔).
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃.
Chapter 15✌️✌️✌️
I felt so tired after coming back from my par time work
And it’s all because have been thinking About Nick and what happened earlier
Ever since he left have missed him and when he finally came back, I picked up a fight with him, What sort of best friend am I? I better go and apologize to him. I thought as I parked my bicycle
I began to head towards the mansion when suddenly my name was called
I turned to find Nick by the garden waiting for me
“What took you so long, Do you know how long have been waiting for you to come” he said
“Am sorry, Work today was too much but am here now”I said giving him a smile
“Well I only came to give you this”He said stretching the Necklace towards me
“Wow, It’s so beautiful”I said wanting to take it from him but he stretched his hand up
“Hey! Aren’t you going to give me that”I asked
“Turn around ,I will put it on myself “He said and I did as he told me
“Wow it’s so beautiful “I said giving him a smile
“When I saw it, I thought about you and immediately I bought one and engraved each of our names on it” he said showing me his
Which had an A symbol on it.
I checked mine and saw the N symbol on it, just knowing that he had me on his mind throughout the trip made me feel special
“Hey, Am sorry for what happened earlier, I know you are looking out for me but I threw it back on your face, Am sorry”I said gently
He walked towards me and hugged me,taking me by surprise
“Promise me one thing Alexia”
“What”I asked as I held him back, Enjoying being close to him
“We wont let other people come between our friendship, That no matter what? We will always trust each other and be best of friends forever”He said
I smiled sadly, if only you could change that friend part,I thought
“I promise you”I replied
“But isn’t forever a bit too much”I asked smiling
“You don’t think we can be best of friends forever?”
“I might find you boring and old and I might just lose interest in our friendship” I said teasing him
“Well I won’t give you that chance”he said smiling before he began to tickle me
“Nick no,Stop it”I said laughing and running around the garden
To be his best friend forever, If that is the only thing I will get from Nick, Then so be it, It’s better than having his hatred I thought as I kept on running around the garden with him chasing me….
“I know you will think am meddling and all but please be careful with Dave, I don’t trust him”He said and I nodded
“I will”I replied as we both got out of the car
“Nick! Nick! Nick!”Stella called running towards us
“What’s up beauty”Nick asked giving Stella a very big smile
I silently wished that he could smile that way to me.
What’s wrong with me? Haven’t I decide that I will only see Nick as a friend now, So why am I still thinking this way.
” There will be a party at my house tonight and I want you to be there”she said
“I have no busy schedule today, I will be there”He replied and she gave him a smile which am sure would melt his heart
“Are you going to come too Alexia, I would really want you to be there”Stella asked suddenly
“I… I can’t make it, I need to be at my part time job”I said
“Can’t you ask for a leave today, Youve been working so h@rd for the past three weeks,You need to rest and have a break”Nick said touching my fore head
“Stop exaggerating, Its my work and I have to be there, Thanks for the offer Stella but I will p@ss,See you in cl@ss”I said walking past them.
As soon as I got to cl@ss Jennifer and Mary asked me about the party Stella was holding
Seems like every one had heard,I thought
“Will you be there?”They asked
“No,I have a part time job”I said
“Like seriously! There is a party and almost all the students will be there and here you are talking about a part time job”Dave said suddenly
The three of us looked up and saw him standing in front of us
“Didn’t some one ever tell you that it’s rude to listen to other people conversation”Jennifer said starring at him angrily
“Not when it has to do with Alexia,After all she is my SM”He said smiling
“And what’s an SM”both Mary and Jennifer asked
“Should I tell them?”Dave asked
“If you do, I will kill you”I muttered at him and he laughed
“Fine I won’t only if you come with me to the party tonight” he said and all of the other students who had been listening to our conversation g@sp out loud
Ever since Dave approached our table, We have been the centre of attention
I was about to give a response when some one else answered
“Alexia won’t be going with you or any one else”Nick said
“Why did you have to show up now”Dave asked being pissed already
“This two will start again,You better do some thing”Jennifer whispered at me
I stood up and starred at Dave and Nick who were starring hotly at each other
“As Nick have said,Am not going to the party and I have told Stella about it,So let’s all go back to our work”I said starring at Dave
“Didn’t you hear her, Let’s all go back to our work”Mary said authoritatively,After all she is the cl@ss president
While Nick came to sit beside me, Stella pulled Dave to their seat which was at the front and every one else mind their business and a while later the teacher walked in …….
During break,I excused myself from the cafeteria and went to the ladies room
“I don’t know what’s so good about that Alexia girl”
“She is so plain and ugly and still the two popular guys of Success high keeps on fighting over her”
“Maybe she bewitched them or better yet maybe she slept with them and having had her they want more”
“What rubbish are spluttering,Do you think those beautiful hunk will sleep with her, Have you looked at her properly, She is plain, Her gl@sses are too big even the way her hair look makes me want to puke,I don’t think they are after her,She is the one after them”
“I like that theory of yours, She is a slut and I wonder how our ANGEL is feeling right now”
“What do you think? She will be full of jealousy,To see Nick fighting over that ugly Alexia is heart breaking”
I stood in the toilet listening to everything they were saying, Is that what every one thinks of me now, I thought sadly
I walked out of the toilet and when the three girls who had been talking about me saw me,They kept shut.
“Hey let’s get out of here”one of them said and they were leaving when Dave stood in front of them,Obstructing their path
“Hello Dave”They greeted smiling at him
“Save your malicious greeting for some one else, You should be ashamed of yourselves,Talking about a fellow student behind her back is so not cool”
“You three are the ugly and rotten ones because you have a rotten heart, Now get out of my sight before I lose control and hit one of you”He said and immediately they ran off.
I stood there watching the whole thing, Dave had defended me but it couldn’t change what I just heard or what those girls and every other student think of me now.
“Alexia I……”
“Not a word Dave,Please,I just want you to leave me alone,This is all happening because you keep fighting with Nick and putting me in the middle of it, I only came to this school to achieve my dream and that would only be possible if you leave me alone”I said and walked past him.
I didn’t see look of pain that showed briefly on Dave face…..
Chapter 16 ✌️✌️✌️
“Just go to the party,There will be a lot of famous people there”Lucy who also works with me at the cafeteria kept on asking me about the party
Turns out Stella party was the talk of the town and when she heard that I wasn’t going,She began to tell me about the things I will miss.
“I don’t want to Lucy,My work is my priority”I said
“When last have you enjoyed yourself,The only thing You do is work”She said
“Its been a while since have enjoyed myself and I can’t afford not to work,My mom works all day cleaning,I have to do some thing for her at least”I said smiling
“You are really a hopeless case”Lucy said and walked off.
“Yes I am one”I said to myself as I cleaned the counter
Just the thought of seeing Nick and Stella together is enough reason for me not to go.
“Alexia dear”on hearing my boss voice,I stopped what I was doing.
“Yes boss”I replied
“I heard you were sick? Why bother coming to work?”She said
“Sick? Am not sick”I replied
“I knew you were going to say that,look you are the best worker I have and I won’t let some thing bad happen to you,So off you go my girl,Get enough rest and come back tomorrow”She said pushing me to the changing room
“But am not sick boss”I said again
“I know,He already told me that you will want to work instead of taking care of your health,You don’t have to worry Alexia,Just go home and rest”She said and I turned to leave
“And before I forget, The handsome young man is waiting for you outside”She said
I would have asked her who? But she was already answering a customer.
While I changed,I kept on wondering who was waiting for me outside.
Could it be Nick! He hadn’t been pleased when I refused Stella offer,Could it be that he was here for me? I thought happily.
As fast as I could,i changed my clothes and left the cafeteria,A car was parked outside and when the door opened to reveal the person in it,The smile which had been on my face changed instantly
“Why are you here?”I asked
“Disappointed right? You were hoping to see Nick but it’s me “Dave said taking off his gl@ss
“If you think that is a joke,Well it’s not funny at all”I said
“But it’s what you were hoping for right? That I was Nick”
“You were the one who lied to my boss that I was sick and all that for what?”I asked
“For you to accompany me to the party”He said
“I though I made it clear to you that I want nothing to do with you”
“But I can’t do that Alexia,One way or another am used to your company and once am used to some thing,I can h@rdly leave it”
“Well you will just have to leave this one cause I want nothing to do with you again”I said and began to walk off
He ran towards me and stretched a bouquet of roses at me
A bouquet which I hadn’t noticed was with him
“Peace offering”He said
“I didn’t remember us having any fight”I replied
“Have been a jerk towards you,I got to know your secret and I used it against you,I know that you will keep on hating me for using it against you but I ……”
“You were looking for an amusement Dave and you used me for that”
“Which is why am apologising, You know am some one who never apologies but you are an exception Alexia,Am really sorry”He said looking so very honest
I wish I could capture this moment and use it to torture him for good but am okay with having him apologise
I took the bouquet from him and gave him a smile
“So friends?”he asked
“I will have to think about it”I replied
“Uh Alexia I was wondering if you would like to go to the……”
“If you are going to ask me to the party,Then forget it”I replied
“But I don’t have anyone to go with”He replied
“You are a famous singer Dave,A lot of girls would want to be seen with you” I said and we both looked around us only to see people starring at us
“Not as famous as Nick and I just don’t want any one to accompany me,I want my new friend to come with me”
“I cant!”
“Is it because of Nick? If you go to the party it would only show how strong you are,You have been nuturing this feeling for him but the fool hasn’t seen it”
“Let’s not talk about that”I said
“Then come with me to the party,Let’s make him drool over you a bit”
“Drool? What do you mean by that?”
“You will know soon”He said and before I could say jack,I was being pulled into his car .
The car stopped in front of a boutique and I stared at Dave
“A little bit of touch up will certainly get him to drool over you”
“This is crazy! Am leaving”I said turning to leave but Dave stopped me
“We are here Alexia,Don’t just leave without trying,Am sure that a bit touch up will make you look beautiful”
“But am beautiful like this”
“Not with that horrible gl@ss on your face”He said and pushed me into the boutique
“Oh welcome,What can I ……..”The attendant stopped on seeing Dave
He smiled and stared at her, flirting, “can you help transform her”. he said
“Yes,I can but first can I get an autograph”She said and I sighed.
It took a while for my supposed transformation and when it was finished,I couldn’t believe that I was the one.
I went out to meet Dave and when he saw me the book in his hands fell
“Am I that bad?”I asked
“No….No you are not,You look so very different”He said
“But not beautiful,I knew that with or without make up I will always be the plain Alexia,Let’s leave before I change my mind”I said walking past him
I didn’t see the look of pleasure Dave s£nt my way.
We got to the party quite late,Judging by the noise,A lot of people had come for the party
I wonder what they will think if they see me like this? Will Nick really drool? I thought as I went in with Dave
The party was already going great,A lot were dancing,While some were drinking and mingling
I saw Nick along with Stella and some other kids at a seat at the extreme
“There is Stella and the rest,Let’s go”Dave said pulling me but I did not move
“Hey what’s wrong”He asked
“Must we really go,Can’t we just leave”I asked
“We are here already,Don’t chicken out”Dave said and pulled me to where they were
“Oh Dave,Your here and who is this beauty with you”A guy From their midst asked
I stood starring at them all,Not wanting to stare at Nick,I knew he was starring at me and I dare not look at him,I didn’t want to know what he was thinking.
“Are you kidding me Right now? Don’t you know Alexia?”Dave replied
“My God! Is that really you Alexia?”Everyone asked except for Stella who was starring at me so maliciously and Nick whose thoughts I didn’t want to know
“It’s me”I replied giving them a smile
“You really know how to hide your beauty”
“You are very beautiful”
“Dave your one lucky guy” They all said
“Aren’t I “Dave replied smiling down at me
“We knew it was you but you look different and very beautiful”Jennifer said as she and Mary walked towards us
“I thought you said you weren’t coming?” Mary asked
“I didnt but …….”
“I managed to convince her”Dave said to them
“Seems like Dave is a good influence on you”Mary said
“I know right! “he replied with pride
“Excuse us”I said taking both Mary and Jennifer hands and walking away quickly.
I felt nervous being the centre of attraction and having Nick starring at me made me feel weird
“You really look beautiful,Much more beautiful than that witch”Jennifer said starring at Stella
“Stop exaggerating “I said
“We are not,Just look around you,Everyone is starring at you “Mary said and I saw that I was being looked by the guys especially.
“I shouldn’t have come,I shouldn’t have played attention to that Dave”I said covering my face
“But you did and seeing you this way is worth it”Jennifer said
“Its so good to have a gorgeous friend”she added holding my arm
I sighed knowing that I won’t be enjoying this party at all.


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