My baby father final Episode

💨amber POV💨
Its been weeks alre-ady,a week full of pain and anguish.
Just thinking about Melanie having Chris child hurts me a lot,the peaceful atmosphere we had before have change, there is no day that Chris and I dont argue about a thing,well not Chris entirely.
I bring up the fight and make sure Chris gets annoyed to talk back. I know that what am doing is wrong but I dont care,I want Chris to feel the hurt and pain he is ma-king me feel.
“Can I come in” rose said
“Of course” I said and she entered
“I just c@m£ to show you some ad promo,maybe we could pick one and use for your husba…….what’s wrong ” rose said suddenly
“Its nothing”
“That’s a lie,you’ve been looking like this since the past few Weeks, I didn’t want to meddle but now I think I have to,you look so weak,just tell me”
I sighed and told her everything
“That witch,she could be lying” rose said
“Melanie brou-ght the doctor report and Chris had something with her before” I said
“And does that make Chris the father of her child,think about it Melanie,she could just be lying” rose said
“I dont know anymore,I just feel so confused” I said
“Tell me something,what do you feel for Chris”
“I don’t know”
“You love him right?’
“Yes I do and its my stupid heart, it keeps on falling for him”I said
” and does Chris feel the same way”she said
“I don’t know and I dont care” I said walking to stand by the window
“You know you do care and you definitely want to know, why not just go and ask him,you both nee-d to talk,do this for your son sake” Rose said and left
She is right, she has to talk to Chris, they couldn’t continue this way.
💨chris POV💨
“Just get me the do¢v-ments I nee-d” I said to my secretary and she quic-kly left my office before I take my anger out on her.
that’s how have been feeling since these few weeks
Amber and I have been fighting a lot,ever since the day of her birthday,we’ve been having one problem or another.
My phone rang and I picked
“Have got some great news Chris” the investigator said
“What is it?tell me”
“Melanie is indeed pregnant but the child isn’t yours” he said and I felt so happy
“I always knew it, thanks John, I nee-d to give the news to my wife'” I said and cut the call.
Amber has to know the truth,she won’t doubt me anymore.
I was about leaving when Melanie bur-st into my office
“If you won’t come to me, I will have to come to you, your child nee-ds money Chris,give me some” she said
“If you don’t want me to strangle you Melanie, leave my office with that bastard in you” I said and she smiled
“Oh really?you really wanna strangle me” she said and walked to him
“Leave Melanie or I will ……” I couldn’t finish my word because she k!$$£d me and at that precise moment amber walked in.
I immediately pushed her away”amber its not what you think”I said but she looked at me in a disgusting way and ran off
I couldn’t let her go like that, I ran after her,she had alre-ady got into the lift and immediately I went to use the stairs,I got downstairs and saw her running into the streets not caring if the car was going or not, I immediately went after her and I wasn’t watching where I was going only for a car to come straight at me hitting me.
I fell on the floor feeling pains All over,I heard amber screaming my name before I lose consciousness.
💨amber POV💨
i stood at the waiting room,its been hours since he has been taken into the (ER) and no one has bothered to come tell me a thing.
I stared at the blood in my hands,its all my fault, if I hadn’t ran off, Chris will still be okay now,I thought as I walked around
if he doesn’t make it alive, I will die, I really would,I thought as I starred at the er door
“amber ” on hearing my name being called I quic-kly ran to rose and Mary who were coming in,I really nee-d their support now,I thought as I hvgged the both of them
“how is he?” rose said
“still being operated on and no one have come to tell me a thing about him” I said
“dont worry, he will be alright” rose said.
it took them some minutes later before the doctor walk up to us
“your husband is a really strong man,luckily he survived the heavy b!ow he got on his head,he will still nee-d to be kept un-der observation” he said
“doctor, can I see him” I said
“sure but he is Still un-dert the influence of the anaesthetic we gave to him”he said
” you could come back tomorrow “he said
” no I don’t want to,I want to be by his side when he wake up “I said
” fine then ,you can go to him”he said and left.
“plea-se Mary, rose help me go and take care of Liam,take him to your house,I might be here throu-gh the whole night” I said to them.
“fine but will you be okay here” she asked
“yes I will” I said to them and they went off.
I was taken to his room,I went to him and saw him laying on the be-d looking lifeless.
I took a seat by his side and sat by his be-d.
“my love,am sorry,” I said picking up his hand
“if only I hadn’t run off,you wont be here” I said k!ss!nghis hands
“wake up so I can mend things between us,am willing to forget everything if only you will wake up and come back to me” I said crying
for a while I kept talking to him until I sle-pt off beside him..
I woke up to find him not on the be-d”Chris ,Chris “I said and just then the bathroom door opened and he walked in
” Chris,you shouldn’t have get up,”I said going to support him
“and ease myself on the be-d right” he said
“you could have woken me up” I said
“I didn’t want to disturb you” he said
“bring Me the phone” he said and I went to bring it.
he dialled a number and after talking to him for a while he gave the phone to me
“talk to the person on line” he said and I did
“hello Mrs van, I am your husband investigator and I just want to tell you that the pregnancy miss Melanie claim’s to be your husband is all a lie” he said
“okay thank you” I said and end the call
“and for the record what you saw yesterday is her k!ss!ngme not me k!ss!ngher” I said
“I ……”
“you really hate me right,well have decided to grant you the divorce you nee-d” he said and I felt my heart breaking.
“isn’t that what you want right” he said
“its not that,I don’t want a divorce” I said
“I know have judge you without giving you the chance to tell me the truth and am sorry” I said
“no its me who is suppose to ask for forgiveness, have hurt you so much and I know I dont deserve your love……”
“you deserve my love Chris, I still love you” I said and he look at me happily
“you still love me” he said
“yes I do love you,I dont think have ever st©pped loving you,” I said
“oh amber my dearest,you have no idea how much that word mean to me,I love you too,have been a fool in the past to have thrown a rare gem like you away,forgive my one and only” he said and k!$$£d my hands
“have forgiven you a long time ago” I said and k!$$£d him.
a while later I layer beside him on the be-d feeling so happy,I felt just good with him beside me, I can’t ever imagine life without him,he is my life,my world and I love him a lot.
I felt him k!ssmy n£¢k
“hey, now that you’ve forgiven me,will you forgive your parents too” he said
“my parents is another matter” I said
“but you can still forgive them right?for my sake plea-se forgive them” he said
its about that I let all the anger of the past go,its time I patch things with my parents and move on with my life and am sure that with Chris beside me,everything will go great…..
💨chris POV💨
I sat on the sand and watch amber and liam run along the beach side,its been s month now,a month filled of love and care from amber and my son, I can’t imagine life without these two in it.
“hey love come here” amber said calling to me,I went to them and they both pu-ll-ed me into the water,we swim in it for a while and then got back to doing other things,while liam sle-pt on the rug we brou-ght,I and amber Walked along the beach,just enjoying the peace and scenery, she tapped me gently and said”I love you”I smiled back and whispered to her
“I love you too”and I pu-ll-ed her and k!$$£d her.
I knew life ahead with amber and my child will be a great one as long as there is love,there will be us till eternity……