My baby father Episode 27 & 28

🌹{the billionaire wants his child }🌹
💨amber POV💨
“Pregnant?” I said again starring at them both
“Yes I am having little Chris here in my tummy” she said giving me a malicious look
“What ru-bbish are you saying” Chris said behind me
“Its not ru-bbish Chris and you and I know that, so plea-se save your damn excuses for someone else because am not in the mood to listen,I c@m£ here today to tell amber the truth and if possible she should leave, so my unborn child and I can live here” she said
“You should get that idea out of your darn head because I won’t leave my wife and child for the bastard in your wo-mb” he said behind me
“No nee-d to act in front of amber,we both know that you just lying here,so just be a man and admit the truth here” she said
“I have nothing to admit because I know that child in you is not my child okay,now get lost” he said
“Amber don’t let Chris convince you,he is the farther of my child,don’t let him br@in wash you with his lies” she said
“The lie is coming from you only,have had enough now get lost” he said walking to her and pushing her out of the house
“Mommy who is that?” Liam said starrinv at Melanie leave”
“Its no one important, let’s go to my room, you would like that right” I said wanting to go to my room to sulk before he come back to meet me.
“Yes mummy” he said and I was about to leave when called my name
“Amber we’ve got to talk”
“I dont have time to talk” I said
“Amber plea-se let’s talk” he said
“Iiam is exhausted he nee-ds to get some rest” I said almost yelling at him and he let me go
I went to my room and put Liam on my be-d
“Mommy plea-se don’t be mad at dad ” he said
“Why do you say so” I said
“You were smiling before but when that wicked lady c@m£ you changed completely,plea-se mommy don’t be angry with dad” he said
“I won’t be okay”I said giving him a k!ss.
Once again Chris has manage to kill any little thing I felt for him,how does he manage to break my heart over and over again,I thought sadly.
💨chris POV💨
I paced around the room waiting for her to come out,I knew I was managing to win her heart once again but Melanie keeps on wanting to ruin my life
Yes I had sle-pt with her but that doesn’t mean that I am responsible for the child in her,am I even sure she is pregnant
I nee-d to do some confirmation myself
I picked up my phone and dialled my investigator number,I was still talking to him when amber c@m£ out,I quic-kly dropped the phone and went to her
” amber we’ve got to talk “I said and the next thing I received was a sl@p
” I should have done this a long ago”she said starring at me with hatred.
💨amber POV💨
“Amber plea-se we’ve got to talk” he said holding his cheek and immediately I began to hit his face, che-st ,anywhere I could hit,I felt so hurt that I could murder anyone
He held my hands and pu-ll-ed me to him, hvgging me.
I lost my self control and began to cry,it hurts a lot,it hurts,I thought as I kept on crying on his shoulders
” it’s okay my love”he said and I angrily pushed him away from me cleaning my face
“Not anymore, I won’t cry for you again” I said
“Amber plea-se I …….”
“I don’t wanna listen,this is the second time you are breaking my heart and its still with the same Melanie, you both had ruined my life and now you are doing it again,today is my birthday,its suppose to be a good day for me but it turns out that it will be ruined by you, that’s why I never celebr@te it,thank you Chris,thank you for ma-king it a memorable one” I said angrily
“Amber listen to me,that child in Melanie is not mine okay,it belongs to someone else” he said
“Like mine belonged to someone else right?this is the same thing you did with my child,you better dont do it with Melanie child,her child might not be as forgiven as mine was with you”
“Damnit amber, that child is not mine but you won’t believe me,then fine if its prove you want,I will bring it for you, I will bring it to you” he said and I saw the determination in his face,could he be saying the truth?
No I musnt believe him,not now or ever .
“Go find someone else to lie to,have had enough” I said and went away from him
💨Chris POV💨
I watched her walk away from me and I felt that I was losing her for good,she wouldn’t believe me until I showed her a proof and that’s what I will do,I will get the proof she nee-ded.
Just then the phone rang and i answered
“Hello love” she said
“Why the hell are you calling Me Melanie” I said
“To ask how you are coping with things over there,are you still trying to convince amber or is she leaving alre-ady,I will put my money on the second one” she said laughing
“Well you would have lost your money because amber is still here with me,she loves me and she knows that I won’t do a thing to hurt her,so go to hell with your lies okay” he said
“Well amber is still a fool to still stay with you,if I were her ,I would have leave”
“Well thank God that amber is not like you,get this into your head,I won’t ever come to you,you have no idea how much I despise you” I said
“And you have no idea how much I…….” I didn’t let her talk finish I cut the call off
“bit-ch ” I muttered to myself, I won’t let her come destroy the peace I have in my life now,I won’t let her suceed in getting amber to hate me,I won’t …….