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January 23, 2021


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My baby father Episode 25 & 26

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🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹




💨chris POV💨

I went back to collect Liam and we went in search of amber,thankfully she was already in car and I noticed her face all red and swollen,had she been crying?gosh she still feels hurt,I had thought that she has been getting on with me earlier,she had laughed and smiled which is something she rarely do and now because of those gossipers its all ruined.

we got home and she took liam in without even looking at him.

if only she could just forgive me,I thought as I walked in sadly.

I found her in liam room, she was pacifying him to sleep.

I went back outside waiting for her,have decided that’s its time to talk,to have a long good talk with her,I only she hopes she accepts the offer am about to propose to her

💨amber POV💨

I got outside and found him pacing around, what does he want now,I thought.

I dont know why but I feel hurt by just seeing him,I keep on remembering what those ladies said about him and I felt so jealous and I dont know why

“amber weve got to talk” he said coming to me

“I dont want to talk”

“please amber,let’s talk,please” he said begging me and finally I agreed

we stood by the balcony and he began his speech

“amber I know that have always been in the wrong with you,have hurt you in so many ways possible and I don’t really deserve your forgiveness but amber have suffered too and I intentionally married you not only for our child but also to get your forgiveness and also to be there for you, I wasn’t there for you four years ago but am here now,if you cant really forgive me why don’t we just call it a truce,let’s start all over again for the sake child of our son and also for our sakes” he said

start again? could i really do that,most especially with him,could i just forget the past and live in harmony with him,i didn’t really know now,years or months back I would have told him no but now I am really confused about the whole thing, the anger I feel isn’t really there anymore.

“Chris I……”

“please don’t say no to me,please amber, if we both want this marriage to work,we have to work together, we’ve got to forget the past and live for the future” he said

live for the future!!!his words kept ringing in my head,should I just give it a shot, my anger wouldn’t take me anywhere and besides if we keep on going like this Liam will get hurt in all of it

“so amber?” he said

“fine okay,let’s have a truce but once you do something that hurts me again,forget about us for good because I and my son will leave” I said

“okay then, I agree” he said and did something that surprised me,he hugged me and instead of me pushing him away I found myself staying in his arms.I just hope it all gets well,I really hope everything changes for the better.


I sat in my study, finishing some design for Chris ad campaign,its been along and tiring week but it’s been manageable,while working a lot Chris have been a real backbone for her,ever since their talk about calling everything a truce, its been going great between us though there is still this force between us waiting to be pulled open apart from that,everything have been going great.

I stood up about to go and show him the designs when I saw that the room have been decorated with baloons and all other things, what’s going on,I thought as I looked around

“common lian,we’ve got to set everything before she comes out of the study,you know today is her birthday and we need to surprise her”Chris said coming out with a cake and little liam coming after him.

i couldn’t believe that it was my birthday and i had forgotten.

I hid behind a wall,they musnt see me or their surprise for me will be ruined,I thought

” daddy you really love mommy right “Liam said surprising me

” yes Liam,I love her a lot,that’s why am planing this surprise for her,no one must know that I told you this “he said

” your secret is safe with me daddy”he said and together they continued their stuff

I can’t believe what I just heard,Chris?in love with me?is he really saying the Truth…..




💨amber POV💨

I went back to the study,thinking about what they said,could it be true,could kyle love me,could he be saying the truth to liam or is it just a lie “I thought as I sat on the chair

just then I heard a knock on the door and I quickly went to it,I found him there starring at me.

” why are you here”I said

“i just want you to come with me” he said

“fine then” I said and he suddenly he pulled me to him, using his hand to cover my face

“what’s this” I said

“we prepared a surprise for you amber” he said

“oh really!” I said acting like I didn’t know a thing

“yes really and we are here” he said and removed his hand from my eyes

“happy birthday mummy” liam said

“oh my little one,thank you” I said lifting him in my arms and kissing his cheek,I felt so move by their gesture,have always forget my birthday,I hardly ever celebrates it,i don’t even know how Chris know the date of my birthday

“happy birthday dearest” he said bringing her cake

“you’ve got to make a wish mummy” liam said coming down from my arms

I made a wish and blew the candle

“its cake bathing time” Chris said putting his hand in the cake and using it on my face

“Chris that’s unfair” I said also taking my own handful of cake and running after him to put it on his face

I got to him and was about to put it in his face when he turned and I ran straight into his arms

he held me closely not letting me go

“let’s stay like this for a while,please” he said smelling my Cologne

instead of leaving,I found my self staying in his arms also smelling him

“amber if only you can forgive me” he said

“Chris please” I said wanting him to let go

“amber please my love forgive me” he said and kissed my cheek

“what a romantic scene” on hearing Melanie voice,we both turned

“how did she come in, I thought And just then liam walked in.

” why the hell are you here? “Chris said

” to give you this “she said throwing a paper at us

” what’s this?”I said

“it’s a test result,amber Chris and are having a child” she said

and I stood in shock,pregnant?but how could that be!!!!!!!




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