My baby father Episode 21 & 22

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber POV💨
“okay thanks for the info Mary,I really appreciate” I heard him say and then he went upstairs
Melanie,the backstabber,she is back,I taught as I walked out of the house, I wonder why she c@m£ back or why Mary called Chris to tell Chris of her arrival,what is it about Melanie that got them feeling heated up, I thought as I drove to work.
work continued as always,I was wished by some of my friends for the wedding,some even brou-ght me pres£nts wishing me a long lasting marriage,if only they knew.
later I was called to boss Francis office”wow you sneaky girl,you never told me the you are getting married and to t©p it all to one of our best client,tell me is it love at first sight”he said
“I think my pri-vate life is out of the question here sir,just tell me why you called me” I said
“always being grouchy,well then let’s get to work,the ad campaign that will done for your husband is still going on,the marketing team have worked on some of the budgets before we begin this campaign at all,we’ve got to show him the budget,so plea-se amber take it to him” he said
“but why me?cant one of the people from the marketing team take it to him” I said
“remember he said he only wanted to deal with you and no one else” he said and I nodded
“so now amber be a good worker and take this to your husband” he said and I took the file and went straight to my car,just the mere thought of going back home to see him there gets her angry and now she will also have to be seeing him at work too,this is all just tiring,I thought as I drove to his company,I walked in and went to the receptionist
“hello am miss amber ray from the *advertising company, I *would like to see Mr Chris van” I said
“okay wait a moment” she said giving me a smile and* calling the his secretary,she talked a bit and starred* at me in a odd way,what’s wrong with her,I thought as I starred at her
“am sorry miss but Mr Chris says *he doesn’t know anyone with that name” she said
“what?’I said and just then my phone rang
“why aren’t* you letting me in have got some important do¢v-ments to show you” I said into the phone
“like seriously *!!!MISS AMBER RAY,weren’t you the one who got married yesterday or do I have to refresh your* memory before you use your right name” he said ,so that was it she had given her maiden name instead of her married name
“do the right thing and you will be let in” he said and switched his phone off.I walked Back to the receptionist and said “gooday again, I am Mrs amber van,can I speak to my husband” I said with a lot of venom in me
“yes,your clear to go madam” the receptionist said giving her the boss wife respect.
she got to his office, greeted his secretary and went in to meet him,he was behind his desk ma-king a phone call
“yes it will be re-ady this Friday” he said and caught the call.
“so my lovely Mrs van,have a seat and tell me why you are here” he said giving me a smile,a smile which I suddenly found fascinating,what’s wrong with me,I thought hitting my head
“are you okay amber?” he said
“yes I am” I brou-ght out the file and began to explain to him
“am fine with the budget,let’s just start with the ad as soon as possible” he said
“we are re-ady as it is” I said getting up
“leaving alre-ady” he said
“yes,have got to get back to work”
“why not stay and have lunch with me” he said giving one of those puppy looks Of his,I have never been able to say no in the past and now I find myself confused, I don’t know if I should accept or not and just then my stomach growled loudly ma-king the decision for me.
“let’s have lunch here in my office” he said and dialled his secretary number,placing an order for food,I was surprised that he still remembered what I liked to eat and what I don’t like to eat.
soon the secretary arrived with the food and placed it on his table and we began to eat.
“still eats like a slow poke” he said smiling at me,have always been a slow whenever I eat.
“am still me, I can’t ever change that” I said and we both smiled and just then the door bur-st open
“my,my,my,so is she the new lady you’ve been going around with” a Lady said behind me,I couldn’t see her face because my back was turned to her but there is no mistaking that voice, I know her voice and I won’t ever forget it.
“why the hell are you here” he said getting up and I also stood up too and turned to face her,she recognised me immediately because she knew me.
“amber? is amber the new girl you are rolling with in your be-d now” Melanie said starring at me……
💨amber POV💨
“amber is not the new lady I am having an affair with” he said coming to stand beside me
“and who is she,a business colleague right?you can’t fool me with that” she said starring at me with hatred in her eyes,I often wonder why Melanie hated me in the past,Chris wasn’t hers back then but she hated me for it,I remembered the time we four do things together when we still hadn’t had Chris in our lives,I often wonder how it will have been if I hadn’t gotten involved with Chris,will our friendsh!phave become stronger,I doubt that…
“yes I can’t fool you with that because if I said that we are both doing business before you arrived I will be lying,you see amber here is my wife” he said pu-lling me toward him
I saw the look of shock and sadness in her
“that’s a lie,you are just saying this to s£nd me away” she said
“have you taken a good look at our f!ngersor better yet ask Mary,she will tell you” he said and Melanie starred at me angrily
“you can’t do this to me Chris, after what I did for you” she said
“what did you do for him” I said wanting to know what Melanie did for Chris
“this is none of your business bit-ch” she said starring at me
“now listen to me,I can tolerate a lot of things but not you insulting my wife” he said pu-lling me to him again
“your wife? dont make me laugh, am sure that your time with her won’t last and you will come to me,just like you’ve always did” she said
“shut up Melanie” he said and I knew they was something fishy in what she said just now
“what?you don’t want your darling amber to find out,to know our dirty little secrets of the past right?” she said
“shut up now Melanie,am warning you” he said
“or what?you will beat me well before you do that,its best that I tell amber here just what kind of man you are” she said
“Melanie do……..”
“I want to know what kind of man you are, so let her talk” I said getting out of his grip
“Chris here cheated on his ex wife, while he was married he kept on having an affair with me,just like he did with you four years ago,he believed the lies I cooked up about you and s£nt you packing and then he married a poor innocent v!rg!njust to get more power and throu-gh it all have always been with him, being his puppet,his mistress, his S-x toy,he promised to marry me when he divorce his wife but that never happen because he c@m£ to you,do you even know what you are getting into by getting married to him,he is a pla-yboy and his pla-yboy acts will never st©p,don’t be surprised to find out that he is slee-ping with me when you both are married” she said smiling
“I can’t be surprised because you both have done it in the past and doing it again will give me the opportunity to get the divorce have always wanted,I don’t care if he sleeps around with you,after all you’ve always been the dog chasing him around offering your b©dy and him being the womaniser he is welcome your slutty b©dy to his” she said
“how dare you insult me” she said raising her hand wanting to sl@p me but I held it and sl@pped her ha-rd on the face
she stood shocked starring at me
“surprised right? think am still that naive foolish amber of four years ago? well your mistaken,am now four years wiser and stronger, hit me once and I will hit you back twice, this is what the both of you turned me into,enjoy Chris cause I don’t really give a hoot about him” I said starring at him, he couldn’t even look at me, all what Melanie just said now was really the truth,the bastard couldn’t change, a womaniser will always be a womaniser I thought before picking my bag and leaving the room
💨amber POV💨
I stood holding my cheek,never would I have thought amber would fight back, she has always been the kind and non violent one between them but now she is more of a witch than a saint,her cheek hurt a lot
“why did you have to tell her” he said
“why did you have to marry her?you promised to make me your wife but you left me and got married to amber”
“and what man in his right s-en-se will get married to a girl who is re-ady to sleep with any man just for money,who is re-ady to cook up lies to destroy and get what she wants”
“what lie did I Cook up” i said
“amber,you lied to me about my child and made me live four years out if his life and did you think that I wouldn’t find out that you also sle-pt with my cousin while lying that you love me,that was why I left and c@m£ here and thank God I did because I won’t have found amber, my amber and my son” he said
“how could you say this to me” she said
“it’s the truth and you’ve done enough damage alre-ady so just get out” he said
“fine then the battle has been drawn,I won’t give you up easily,I will be in your lives trying to destroy every little hope you have of winning amber,I won’t rest until you cone to me willingly, I swear I won’t” I said and left his office