My baby father Episode 11 & 12

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨amber pov💨
“is he really my son” he said starring at my son, I quic-kly went to child lifting him into my arms
“he is not your child okay”
“but he looks just like me when I was little,tell me the truth” he said
“there is no truth in any of this, you are not my child father, so plea-se leave” I said still holding the slee-ping liam
“why do I feel that you are lying” he said
“think whatever you want,just get out before I get back” I said quic-kly walking off with liam in my hand.
after putting him to sleep for a bit,I stood in the room shaking, this is what I didn’t want, the main reason why I wanted to quit.
I went back to the living room expecting him to be gone but instead I got there to see him starring at her ph0to albu-m
“didn’t I tell you to leave” I said angrily walking to him to take the albu-m.
“amber why?why didn’t you try to convince me ha-rder” he said starring at the floor still Sitted
“try to convince you of what? have told you alre-ady that my Child is n…….”
“for Christ sake amber no more lies” he yelled at me suddenly, I stood starring at him
“that boy is mine but you chose to keep the truth from me” he said and suddenly my anger erupted
“to keep it from you?I kept it from you?I just can’t believe this” I said angrily
“you should have tried to convinced me ha-rder, you should have made me have a DNA test with the child”
“and all for what? to gain your insult’s right?well sorry Mr,he is my son,mine only,you denied him even before he was born and now you come back looking all macho and saying stupid things”
“you did it on purpose right, you hid the truth on purpose”he said
” me?hide the truth,wasnt it the same you that I c@m£ to tell that I was pregnant ,wasn’t it you that told me to leave with my bastard,wasn’t it you “I said angrily
“that was because you were cheating on me with a guy called Andrew and don’t you dare deny it” he said
“what ru-bbish are you sputtering now,who is Andrew” I said
“I saw the evidence and Melanie brou-ght the guy and he confessed saying that you were his lover” he said
Melanie had brou-ght a guy,she had remembered that Melanie had been d@t!ngan Andrew then,an Andrew which she and the rest never met
“just admit it amber,you cheated on me and that gave me more reason to reject your pregnancy because they told me that you were pregnant for h…….” he couldn’t finish his word because I sl@pped him ha-rd on the face
“you bastard,I loved you,I loved you a lot,you were the first guy that ever made me fall in love and just because of some lies…..”
“it’s not some lies,I saw the pictures”
“and I thought you were an intelligent guy,didn’t you know that they could have gotten that picture made,I never ever cheated on you,Melanie was the one d@t!ngAndrew back then,she cooked up lies so she could have you and am glad she did because you both are suited for each other”
“amber I…..”
“amber nothing,talking to me would have solve everything but you chose to keep quiet and punish my unborn child and me,your nothing but a cruel j£rk Chris,you have no idea how much I hate you,I hate you so much” I said crying.
“amber I didn’t know” he said holding my arm
“go to hell,leave me alone” i said pu-lling myself free
“for four years my child and I didn’t nee-d you and we don’t nee-d you,so get the hell out of my house” she yelled at him
“amber we’ve got to talk”
“I said leave!!!!” I yelled and rose walked in
“what’s going on” she said coming to Hold me
“tell him to leave rose,plea-se make him leave” I said holding her and crying
“am sorry sir but you have to go away,plea-se” rose said walking him to the door.
she c@m£ back to me holding me
“why is Chris van here and what happened” she said holding me
“its a long story rose,a very long one” I said.
💨chris pov💨
“I hate you so much” her words kept ringing in my head,I had been so unfair to her,i had believed the word of Melanie, I could have talk to her but I didn’t, I punished her for something she didn’t do and because of his stupidity, he had lost his time with his son.
oh God what a fool he had been
💨chris POV💨
I got to my office and dialled my secretary number
“Diane get me Mary,tell her to come to my office” I said and started to pace around.
I had to know, I had to get her to tell me if what amber said is the truth
“hey cuz,you called for me” she said walking in
“I just found amber” I said
“really?how is she?Its been four years and that girl never bothered to get in t©uçh” she said
“she gave birth” I said
“well thats wonderful” she said
“and I just found out that that boy is mine” i said
“what?but how?,you said the child was never yours” she said
“that was what they made me think but you should have seen that kid, he looked exactly like me,there is no doubt that he is my child which is why I called you”
“tell me,am listening”
“did amber ever knew an Andrew back when we were d@t!ng” I said
“no,we nerver knew any one called Andrew well except for Melanie”she said
” I think she was d@t!ngan Andrew which we never met “she said and I hit the table angrily
Mary words were just the same as amber,he had listened to Melanie words against hers.
” what’s wrong cousin”she said standing up
“I made a teerible mistake with amber,I ruined her life all because of what Melanie and Andrew said to me” I said
“what did Melanie and Andrew say” she said and I told her everything
“and now amber hates me a lot” I said
“If I were her the moment you walked throu-gh my door, I would have sh0t you” she said
“Mary don’t make Matter worse plea-se” I.said
“its the truth,you should have asked amber first but you believed them over her,that girl loved you a lot even when we told her to desist from you,she still kept seeing you but at the end you had shatters her and you think she will welcome you back with open arms,I mean who does that” she said
“I know have messed up but help me Mary,I want to get close to my child but amber won’t let me,plea-se Mary tell me what to do,plea-se” I said pleadingly
“have never seen you this way before,does seeking her forgiveness matter to you a lot”
“yes it matters to me,a lot” I said
💨amber pov💨
“I can’t do it amber,I wont let you do this” rose said
*but have got to leave,go to a place where he would never be able to find me or my child”I said
“but you can’t just leave,its nor going to end if you leave” she said
“it will okay,I won’t get to sew that bastard and he won’t get to see my child okay and if you won’t help me,I will go alone” I said going to my room to start packing
“don’t do this amber,your not thinking right”
“I am thinking right, it’s you who is not thinking, I nee-d to leave before he comes to take my child” I said and rose went off angrily.
at least she has finally leave me alone,she thinks I will listen to her and not do a thing,well she is wrong, am leaving and that’s that.
it took me two hours to get my son luggage and I into the taxi have hired,I carried liam into my arms and got to the living room
“amber plea-se think this throu-gh” she said
” no rose,I won’t stay,when I get to my destination I will call you”I said
“and.what destination do you think you are going” he said and I turned to see Chris by the door,how had he known,I turned to stare at rose and she looked at me gutily
“how could you rose, how could you” i said
“i had to,you weren’t thinking straight” she said
“and I thank you for calling me rose Now back to you,I won’t let you take my son anywhere” he said starring at me in anger.
the nerve of the bastard