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Mr ceo episode 21 & 22

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( The birthday party)

Episode 21
Β©Simrah Saeed

Anika’s POV

I sat as the beauticians did magic on my face.

I can’t wait to be at the party already, I am very certain Jeffery will trip for me.

” We are done ma’am ” one of them said and the other put on my heels for me.

I went to the mirror to take a look at myself and wow! I look so breathtaking.
This is so going to be good!

” I guess Dad already paid you” I said to them and they nodded.

” Yes ma’am he did ”

” Alright, thank you and your service is over ” I said picking up my bag and walking elegantly out of my room

I reached downstairs to see Dad waiting for me.

” Take a look at your angel Dad ” I said spreading my arms widely.

” Wow, you look absolutely stunning ” he complimented.

” Thank you Dad and you don’t look bad either, you look handsome as always ”

” I know right”

” Let’s get going already, I don’t want to miss any event and again, I want to be by my fiance till the end of the party ” I said taking the lead out of the sitting room .

” Yeah, I can’t wait to see my best couples together ”




Alexa’s POV

” Ugh Andrew, I never told you I was going to look for a husband ” I said groaning.

It’s been almost two hours sincerely he’s been making me up and he’s not done yet, I feel frustrated already .


Chillax buttercup, I am almost done. I don’t want my best going to a party and looking like a zombie no do I?”

He said applying whatever on my face.

” Yeah, this, here, done ” he clapped his hand grinning.

” Isn’t my best friend the most beautiful lady in the world? I a sure you will outshine the birthday girl herself ” he said and I chuckled.

” Get me the mirror, I need to see myself ” I said to him.

” As you wish my lady ” he bowed and left to get it for me.

If there’s any word like drama king then that’s what he is.

He came back with it minutes later and I look at myself.

My jaw almost dropped on the floor!
Gosh! This guy is so talented!

” I look beautiful ” I said sincerely.

” That’s my handwork, although you are beautiful with or without make up ” he said and I giggled.

” I am wondering why you don’t have your beauty shop yet ” I said and he shrugged

” Well, that’s because I have passion for modelling the more, I can’t combine the two together plus babysitting the kids all the time ”

He said and I felt a little guilty, I have really left a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder.

” I am really sorry Andrew, when things get better. I will get a nanny for them ” I replied sincerely.

His head snapped at me and came closer.

” Buttercup, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I am always here for you and I am not complaining ”

He said cupping my cheeks.

” Thank you Andrew ”

” You are we….”

” Mummy ” Evan and Emma yelled from the door.

” What is it kids?”

” You look so beautiful ” they chorused.

Ah! I thought something was happening!

” Thank you but you scared mummy ” I said to them

” We are sorry but mummy, were are you going to?” Emma asked.

” Yes, are you going out with daddy?”

I froze on my seat as I heard Evan’s question.

I was hoping they would forget about their daddy but I guess it’s not happening!

” Kids! Mummy is going out with daddy and by weekend, we will go see him ”

I glanced at Andrew and he looked away.

Why’s he giving them false hope? Or is it to make them happy?

” Yes! We will finally meet our Daddy, I know he returned with a lot of money and we will live comfortably. Right mummy?” Evan asked.

Y..yes baby, we will live comfortably ” I replied.

What game is Andrew playing? I glanced at him again and saw that he wasn’t looking at me.

” Your should leave already buttercup, you are getting late ”


Jeff’s POV

” Are you sure she’s going to come?” I asked Edna for the umpteenth time n

I just feel nervous about everything.

She sat elegantly in her party dress, I can’t deny it. She looks so beautiful.

” I am sure Jeff, I called her some minutes ago and she told me she was on her way so stop being worked up ”

She said and I breathed out, I have never been this nervous all my life.

” I can’t believe I am seeing this side of my brother, this girl has changed you so much bro ” she said chuckling .

I just looked away and chose to ignore her, that’s the least of my problems.

I am still scared of approaching her and to worsen it all, all the apologies I learnt are gone.

I just hope I don’t mess up, I can’t loose this one chance that I have.

I can’t!

I have already apologized to Andrew, all Thanks to Eric.

We will do that after this birthday party.

Anytime Andrew is free to bring the kids over.

He felt reluctant at first but he agreed though.

” Bro, come see who we have here. She’s here, I told you she was going to come. Just take. Look at her, she looks so beautiful ”

She said dragging me to her window.

My eyes landed on a lady and I blinked my eyes in surprise.

Is that really Alexa? She wore a seductive gown hugging all her curves.

She looks extremely gorgeous! More like that day we went for a meeting.

” C’mon bro, enough of the stare. I am going to meet her now while you wait for us at the hallway, I will bring her there and you can mess up if you wish”

She said and dashed out of the room.


Alexa’s POV

” Look who we have here ”

My head snapped at the voice and I breathed out in relief.

I thought I won’t see her and seeing this guy’s giving me a creepy look scares me .

” Ah! Birthday baby, I was about calling you on the phone ” I said giving her a hug.

” Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?” She asked and I shook my head.

” You didn’t, happy birthday baby girl. Here, I brought this for you as your birthday present ”

I said giving her the wrapped gift I brought for her.

” Thank you Alexa and thank you for honouring my invitation”

” You are welcome ” I simply replied.

” Let’s go ” she held my hand and we began walking away.

We stopped at a less busy place in the mansion.

Her parents must be very rich! This mansion is so big and beautiful.

This place looks like a hallway and no body was here like where we left earlier that was occupied.

The party haven’t started !

” Wait here, I will be right back ” she said and began walking through the direction we came from.

I should use this time to explore here before she comes back.

Not quite long after she was gone, I heard someone called my name.

Oh! I am probably hallucinating, I am sure no one knows me here.

” Alexa ”

I jolted in fear as the voice came very near.

I was ready to run when someone held my wrist.

Oh God! Don’t tell me I was set up. They finally wants to kill me.

I turned around to see who it was to discover that it was…..

” Mr…. Kingsley?”

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( I’m sorry )

Episode 22
Β©Simrah Saeed

Alexa’s POV.

” Mr Kingsley?” I called in fright releasing my wrist from his grip.

I turned my face away and took to my heels.

Why did I have to see him here? Is he friends with Edna too?
This is really a bad luck.

What if he threatens to kill me or take my job away from me?

Eric is his friend and he will definitely listen to him.

I just hope he doesn’t know I work for Eric.

” Alexa please ”

I halted immediately I heard him plead. Seriously?
I just heard him plead for the very first time! And he called me by my first name.

” What did you want Mr Kingsley, I thought I will have peace since I no longer work for you ”

I said turning to him, it was getting dark but the shinny lights are everywhere .

” I am not here to give you any kind of trouble Alexa, I am here to say that I am sorry for everything I might have done or say to you ”

” I was just blinded by jealousy coupled with the fact that I just don’t like people , I realized I was wrong the moment you left ”

Believe me, I said all that out of anger. I didn’t mean any of my words and I am sorry ”

” I know I have been a pain in the ass since the very first day we met, I have been like that all my life but having you around thought me that it’s not the best way to live a life ”

” The day you left, I realized I lost a treasure because of my stupidity, transferring hatred to innocent people ”

” I came to accept it that I am attracted to you, I love you Alexa and seeing you with other men makes me jealous ”

” Seeing different men lurking their eyes in your body made me angry and I blame everything on you ”

” I can’t keep hiding the fact that I love you, I love you Alexa and that’s the fact ”

” I know it will be hard to forgive and let go of what I have done you, just know that I am sincerely apologising from my heart ”

” I regret my actions towards you, having you around gave me the peace I never had ”

” I fell in love with you the very first time you entered into my office but my ego refused to admit to it ”

” All I asked for is a second chance Alexa and I promise to make things better, I promise to correct all the wrongs ”

” I won’t want you to work for me but I want you as my partner, my comforter and that one person I can share my problems with ”

” Please, just this last chance I beg you. Don’t push me away ”

A tear dropped from my eyes staring at him.

I could see the sincerity in his eyes , hurt, and needs love.

” you know I have kids Mr King…”

” It’s Jeff to you and I don’t care if you have kids or not, I want you by my side and I will gladly accept the kids as mine ”

H..he will accept my kids? He still loves me despite the fact that he knows I have two kids?

” J.. Jeff ”

He came closer and held my hand.

” Alexa please, I will give you enough time to think about it but please, do not say no, you’ve changed me so much and you rejecting me will add to my frustration , I beg you let’s just give this relationship a trial, I won’t act grumpy and…”

” Are you dump Anika stop right there ”

We both turned to see a furious Edna and a lady walking classically towards us.

She ignored Edna like she wasn’t talking to her.

I shifted back to look at her and what she did next surprised me .

” Baby ” she beamed clinging unto Jeff.
Baby? I thought he….

Who’s this lady? What’s their relationship?

I glanced at him to see him shocked too.


lady was still hugging him very tight.

I saw his jaw clenched and his eyes turned red.
Okay!! What’s going on?

He pushed the girl away roughly and that drew lots of attention into the hallway.

The Anika girl landed on the floor. What?

” I am not your baby? Wait who are you?” Jeff asked and that moment, his eyes landed on Edna and she flinched in fear.

” I…I Jeff, I tried stopping her but she ignored me, believe me big brother ”

Huh? Big brother? Are they siblings?

Is that why Jeff is here for the party?

What’s this! Ugh! I am going crazy
Everything is confusing me!

Before we could understand what was happening, the place has been crowded.

How did they get the news just now?

The girl tried standing up in embarrassment and humiliation.
She was even crying. Who’s she?

” What’s happening here?” A middle-aged man said coming into view.

” Thank goodness you are here dear father, I told you before now that if I see this thing beside me, I will kill her but it seems you didn’t tell her about that”

” I don’t want a wife from you, I don’t want her as my wife not when I am in love with someone else, the one that stole my heart without seducing me, the one that stole my heart with her innocence, that girl is Alexa and I don’t want anyone else but her ”

I gasped as he held my waist protectively.

Oh God! I didn’t expect this to be happening here.

” She’s the one I have chosen and dear father, it’s either you leave with or suit yourself ”

” And Anika or whatever your name is, I don’t want to ever see you around me unless it’s your death wish ” he said and took me out of the crowd.

OhMigod! What just happened?
I bowed my head as everyone’s attention was focused on Jeff and I.

We’ve ruined Edna’s birthday party.

Gosh! I can’t believe he chose me over that classy lady!

My lips quivered in fear from everything that happened.

Why will his father bring a wife for him in this era?

And I also noticed there’s no good relationship between them, does it have anything to do with his hatred for people?

Because when he stared at his father, it was with so much hatred like there are enemies.

He kept dragging me with him till we were out of the party venue, I mean out of the main mansion to where his car was parked.

Is he really going to leave his sister’s party because of this?

” J.. Jeff ” I called and he paused. His face right now is so scary!

” Y..your face.. it’s so scary, you are scaring me ” I said sincerely and that very minute, his face dissolved of any anger.

He ran his other hand through his hair before turning to me.

” I am sorry okay? I didn’t mean to scare you”
He said pulling me into a hug! His attitude surprised me but I hugged him back.

At least for now, with everything that has happened, I believe he’s sincere in his apology but I am not ready to give in yet.

I have to seek advice from Andrew before I do anything that will break me emotionally.


Two more episodes to go πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. How do you think it will end.

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