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Mr ceo episode 19 & 20

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( Bullshit)

Episode 19
Β©Simrah Saeed



Alexa’s POV

I sat reminiscing about what Eric said earlier.

I feel so confused about everything, how can Eric say that Jeffery likes me?

Does giving me lots of punishment and being too possessive makes him like me?

What makes him think so? Jeffery will never like someone like me.

I believe he hates me and Eric said he doesn’t.

What sort of love makes you punish someone you love?

It’s so confusing and everything is driving me crazy!

Everything is now bothering me, I know his personal life shouldn’t be any of my business but I have become so curious since I heard a little about him this afternoon.

What could have made him the way he is? I don’t just get it.

Did anyone offend him in the past? Was he betrayed ?

I guess that should be it, that’s the reason he finds it hard to trust someone and sees everyone’s flaws.

I just wish he could stop transferring all the aggressions on innocent people.

I mean I was a victim and I don’t know anything that might have turned him who he is today.

Eric’s words replayed in my head again and ugh!!!!

There’s no getting out of this, I have tried forgetting about all the discussions we had earlier but it wasn’t sitting well with me.

It wouldn’t leave my head! It kept coming back like a movie I have watched severally.

Its really frustrating. So frustrating!

* I believe you are the only one that can make him better again*


Seeing you with other guys hurts, knowing that you have kids hurts. He likes you Alexa, so much to *

* Forgive him if he comes begging *

I rolled my eyes at the last one, Jeffrey I know will never apologize to anyone.

I just wonder how his parents have been living with him in peace!

How can he even like someone like me when he knows I have kids?

He even thought I was married! Was that why he got angry Emma and Evan called me mummy?

Was that why he gave me loads of work when he saw me with Andrew?

I burst out laughing at his childishness!

He could have confronted me rather than punishing me.

I don’t want to think about it right now, I need to be done with this and get home.
I miss my babies already!

It’s been a while I prepare dinner for them, I will just do that today since we are closing early.


Jeff’s POV

” What the hell are you talking about?” I asked with anger boiling up in me.

Dad can’t try that bullshit with me, how can see send a proposal on my behalf what sort of head sickening thing is that?

” Maybe you should hell go and ask your father of what I am talking about ” she replied shrugging her shoulders.

That can’t be true can it? Is he out if his senses?

Even if I am in sane, he can never choose a wife for me.

” Where the fu…where are you Dad ” I yelled leaving her room downstairs while she followed suit grinning

” What is the problem son?” He asked with a fearful expression on his face.

My hand turned into a fist, my eyes became red in anger.

What is my relationship with him before he will give me a wife to marry?

” Planning my own wedding at my back? How low can you think Dad? ” I asked standing before him.

I could see his wife gulped in fear too.

I am holding back because I still regard him as my father!

” Son…”

” Don’t Son me, were you going banana when you thought of that trash? ” I snapped angrily.

” I..I..just wanted the best for you Son ”

I chuckled at him! The best!

” The best you say? What nonsense best ?. nothing from you can ever be best for me, you murdered the most important person in my life, you knew how much Mum mean to me yet you and this woman behind you murdered her in my present ”

And you say you want the best for me? I know why I have been keeping quiet over this all my life but if you know what’s good for you, annul that stupid marriage proposal or whatever unless you want to marry her as your second wife ”

” That was what you wanted discussing with me? Get this into your head dear father, I will never marry her and if she comes close to me, believe me when I say this. I will kill her ”

” Read my lips Dad, I will kill her and no cops can do anything about it ” I replied and stormed out of their house.

” I told you Dad, that’s none of my business anyways, I am out ” I heard Edna say as I enter into my car.

How can I live with people like them?


Alexa’s POV

I smiled broadly as I was almost home.

The company is just few walk away from my house so I decided to trek home .
It saves money you know.

Eric offered to bring me home but I politely declined, he has done enough for today.

I was about entering into my apartment when I heard someone wincing.

I turned to see a girl probably of my age holding her leg.

” Hey are you okay?” I asked walking up to her.

” Yeah, I hit my leg on the stone ” she said trying to stand up and I supported her.

” I am sorry about that, please be careful next time ” I said to her .

Thank goodness she wasn’t injured

” You seems like a nice person, thank you ” she said smiling at me while I smiled back.

” It’s fine, hope you can walk home?” I asked

” Of course I can, thanks for caring ”

” You are welcome, I need to get going then ”

” Going without telling me your name? Well, I am Edna ” she said politely .

” I am very sorry about that, my name is Alexa ”

” Alexa ” she repeated nodding her head.

” Your name suits you, beautiful and kind-hearted ”

” Thank you ” I replied a little flushed.

” So can I get your number? We can be friends you know ” she said.

” Yeah sure ”

She handed me her phone and I imprinted my number .

” Thanks, I will give you a call tomorrow. We might as well hangout some other times ”

” That’s a good idea ” I replied and she nodded.

” See you tomorrow Alexa ”

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
(Too cold and possessive)

( don’t you think )

Episode 20
Β©Simrah Saeed

Jeff’s POV

” What are you saying Eric? I was thinking you will help me get her back to the company but I see it’s reverse ”

I said angrily to my best friend who just sat watching me like a movie.

I know I have messed up but, I can’t deny the fact that I miss her and I think I should admit to the fact that I am attracted to her at least.

I don’t care if she have kids, if the father doesn’t show up. I will take responsibility!

I am ready to do anything to get her back but, I am equally scared of facing her.

” You told me she quitted right? but you never told me you poured a hot water on her, how could you have done that Jeff? That’s so callus ”

I bowed my head in guilt! I know right? I have done terrible things to her and I know she won’t forgive me that easily.

That’s why I want her at my sister’s birthday party, I could use that opportunity to set things right with her.

” I know I did that but believe me, I regret it ” the said sincerely.

” I am glad you finally met someone that will bring you back to your normal self Jeff , just look at how you look like a lovestruck idiot ”

He said laughing and he glared at him!
Nothing’s funny here please!

” I can’t believe you actually regretted your actions for the very first time dude , you see Alexa? She deserves some accolades , the very best ”

He said and I nodded, she deserves some accolades!

” What do I do Eric, I am so confused. I want her back like I said be…”

” Think of something else,. she’s not coming back to work for you. Even if she agrees, my brother will never agree to that, he will use that opportunity to kick your ass like he’s boiling to do ”

Huh? His brother?

” Your brother?”

” Yes dummy, my brother. Andrew is my younger brother and up till now, he’s very mad at you for what you did to his best friend. Just don’t let him see you else, he will devour you ”


I can’t believe this!

” Devour me? He can’t do that you know ” I said proudly and he chuckled.

” Admit I can beat you Jeffery ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

” You can’t ” I replied blatantly

” Well, either you accept it or not, my brother Andrew might be younger than us but he’s got the power of a lion. Do not come close to him , I am giving you a friendly advice ”

Seriously, what he says made me a little scared.

That very Andrew I saw that day? He wants to beat me up? Forgetting my status? We
This is serious!

” There’s this interesting thing she told me about her yesterday and it’s related to her kids ”

As much as I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart, I am so interested in hearing this.

She was with me for almost a month and we never got along but just a day she spent with him.

She’d trust him enough to tell him about her!
I am hurt! Will she ever trust me like that?

How can she when I have that intimidating aura around me all the times?

” What?” I asked curiously.

” As we were having lunch, I asked her about the father of her kids. She was reluctant to tell me at first but she did anyways, she trust my brother so she should trust me too ”

” She said what I am still finding hard to believe ” he said staring at me.

” Say it already Eric ” I urged.

” She doesn’t know the father of her kids”
What? How’s that possible?

” I don’t get it, that’s not possible right? How can she say she doesn’t know the father of her kids? Was she raped? ”

” No, according to her, she had a night with a stranger and boom! It resulted in a pregnancy four years ago ”

Wait! A stranger? How? Where? Why?

” Jeff, does this thing make any sense to you? Cause it does to me”
What sense?

” I am so confused Eric, I don’t understand it. How can she give her body to some random guy? ”

I asked .

” Well, according to her. She was under the influence of alcohol at the party. Jeff, about the lady you had an encounter with four years back , you were drunk but it was a night stand too, don’t you think she’s…”

No! She can’t be the one can she?

” Don’t think about that Eric, she’s not the one! Definitely not! ”
I said shaking my head.

” I have a plan and Andrew have to be involved before it can be carried out, so I guess you should sort out your mess with him ”


Alexa’s POV

πŸ“² Hello Alexa πŸ“²

I paused playing with Emma’s hair as I heard the caller mention my name.

πŸ“² Good evening πŸ“²

I greeted politely.

πŸ“² Yeah evening, this is Edna. The lady you met yesterday πŸ“²


πŸ“² I am sorry I didn’t recognize your voice πŸ“²

πŸ“² It’s nothing, so how are youπŸ“²


I am fine and you? πŸ“²

πŸ“² Fine too, I want to officially invite my new friend to my birthday party tomorrow evening please don’t say no, please…pretty πŸ“²

She whined and I giggled!

πŸ“² Happy birthday in advance Edna πŸ“²

πŸ“² Thank you but I still want you to attend the party to honour our new friendship πŸ“²

She said .

I glanced at Evan and Emma and sighed! Will Andrew be at home tomorrow?.

I can’t leave them all by themselves, I can’t at all!

πŸ“² Are you there Alexa? πŸ“²

Her voice came in again. I can’t remember the last time I went!

Or perhaps! The last time was the day Jason cheated on me.

The day that brought about Emma and Evan. Can I ever forget that?

πŸ“² Uhmm yeah , I will attend to your party πŸ“²

πŸ“² Yaaayy! Thank you so much Alexa, I will text you the address right away and I love you πŸ“²

She yelled excitedly and hung up.

I will just have to plead with Andrew to look after them for me.

Maybe tomorrow’s party might create a difference.

A different from what happened four years ago.



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