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Mr billionaire episode 5 & 6

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 05🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
It’s been a month now that I have been
working in Juliea’s company. It has been a
hell of a month, Lahaina always comes to me
and taunts and screams about everything
because, of course, she has a much higher
position in this company than me. I don’t
know why dad loves her so much and not
Nadia also found a new job and she is
happily working and loves her job, unlike me.
“Stop dreaming and work faster you bitch” I
heard Lahaina’s scream.
“I’m sorry” I replied with an apologetic face.
She rolled her eyes seeing me and left. Yes, I
am used to this behavior now.
The atmosphere in the office today was a bit
different from normal. Usually everyone is
having lunch by this time but today no one
left their work place and were working like
maniacs. I thought of asking Lahaina about it
but it will be a futile effort so I didn’t.
Just then Melissa came and asked for some
files, she seemed to be in hurry but I finally
asked her.
“What is happening why all are working like
“You don’t know?” She asked with eyes wide
“No I don’t. My family distribute information
to everyone except me” I smiled faintly.
Melissa is the only one I could call a friend
over here.
“Yeah, actually the biggest MNC is giving our
company shares for the recent project your
father is working on. Tomorrow they will be
here for meetings and to check the work so
the boss, that is your dad, has warned
everyone to give their best work or their
resignation.” She gave a tired smile.
“And I didn’t know such a big thing. Well,
which MNC is it?” I asked out of curiosity.
“Woodwords enterprises.” She said with a
glint in her eyes, picked up the stack of file
and left.
The party was the last time I met Mr.
Woodwords. Though Lahaina used to flaunt
about how she met him in almost every ball
or function after that event. She even said
that he has developed a liking towards her.
He is falling h@rd for her. Lahaina’s words
not mine.
I came out of my thoughts when Megan,
Juliea’s @ssistant, came and snapped a pile
of papers beside my computer.
“Mrs. Marshall has ordered to complete this
by today” She said curtly and went away.
I drowned myself in my work for the rest of
the day, it was already 10 by the time I
finished it all. I hurriedly picked my bag and
coat and went down the building.
It was quite cold and I was waiting for a cab
when suddenly a car stopped by me.
“Hey gorgeous!” The man exclaimed as he
winded down the gl@ss of his car.
“Dylan?” I asked confused. It’s been a decade
since we had last seen each other, so I don’t
completely remember his face but there was
something in him that shouted it could only
be him.
“You remember?” He said coming out of the
car with a grin. That stupid Dylan grin. I saw
his hazel eyes and instantly knew it was him.
“How can I forget you” I cried out of
happiness and literally threw myself at him,
hugging him tightly.
“Oh god! You’re heavy! Back off, you’ll kill
me.” He exclaimed and I hit him on his arm.
He is the best person I have met up till now.
Dylan is my mother’s brother’s son, that is,
my cousin and the biggest flirt in the entire
galaxy. He is the owner of a big multi
billionaire company but you can never make
that out by his behavior. He is a crazy man
when he is not talking of business, but I love
him so much.
“Why are you walking at this this time of
night? It’s very late” He asked concerned.
“Yeah, had work at office, got late”. I pushed
him aside and got inside his luxurious car.
“Hey! You brat! Don’t spoil it” he said and
“Where is your car?” He frowned, getting in
the car too and starting the engine.
“Actually, a month back I damaged dad’s car
in a small accident and since then I havent
beenallowed to touch his cars” I sighed.
“That son of a bitch!” Dylan swore. No one
knows that dad left my mom to marry Juliea
for money except Nadia. He told everyone
that my mom just left one day and never
returned, but Dylan obviously didn’t believe
him. I know the truth and I can tell everyone
about it but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of my dad.
He hates my dad more than anything for
hurting mom and me. We grew up mostly
together, in his village, as mother used to
take me to live with uncle William, Dylan’s
father, whenever she was fed up with dad’s
“Don’t swear. He is my dad” I said sadly.
“He earned it” he said with a smile that was
“Well, why are you here in New York?” I
“Business” he said casually and I rolled my
eyes. This man is a workaholic. Though we
haven’t spoken in years we used to talk a lot
on Facebook and text.
The rest of the drive we both were teasing,
laughing and talking of random stuff. It is
the first time I felt so relieved after all these
“I wish I could save you from him” Dylan said
sincerely. He doesn’t know about how my
family treats me but he still hates them.
What if I tell him, what will he do to them.
He is definitely a man of power.
He is a successful businessman now and
filthy rich. Well, there was nothing inherited
it was all him and his father’s h@rd work.
He stopped the car in front of my house and
I invited him in.
“You know I can’t even bear the sight of that
man, Caro” he said in a disgusted tone.
“Ok. Dont come” i shrugged. “How long are
you here for?”
“A week”
“How about coffee tomorrow. I hope you can
take some time out for your little cousin.” I
asked hoping he would say yes. He is 4 years
older than me and always behaves like an
overly overprotective brother.
“Of course, darling! After all you’re my
favorite cousin” he smiled.
“Okay then, let’s meet at Harper’s cafe shop” I
said. I knew he didn’t know the place, but
then I know he will find it out himself.
After that he left and for the first time in
these years, I entered my house with a smile
on my face.
As I entered I saw dad sitting with another
man who was in his 50’s but still good-
looking. They were probably talking on
something really serious. I was about to
leave when the old man stood up and shook
hands with my dad saying
“My son will never go against me, James. If I
ask him something, he will do it”.
My father smiled showing his teeth “I’m happy
to hear that, Ethan. Lahaina will be elated”.
Both the men hugged each other and then
turned towards me. The older man named
Ethan stared at me confused when my dad
stepped in.
“This is Caroline, my other daughter”.
“Lovely meeting you young lady” Ethan said
and klzzed the knuckles of my hand in an old
fashioned way.
“Caroline, this is Ethan Woodwords, my best
“This is my best friend, Ethan Woodwords”
my dad said introducing the old man “Aaron’s
father” he added.
“Now I think I should leave, I will have to talk
to my son about the deal” Ethan said and left
from there.
As soon as he left dad ignored me like I
don’t exist and left. In front of others he
makes it look like he loves me so much but I
truly don’t know what I did to earn so much
I sighed and went to my room, there were
many questions revolving in mind. What was
Aaron’s father doing here? And Lahaina? Are
Aaron and Lahaina already dating? But there
is nothing in the media and even Lahaina
didn’t flaunt of it.
“Eeehhh” Ignoring it all I changed into my
night wear and slept peacefully that night.
I got up in the morning by the ringing of my
phone. I picked up the phone and checked the
caller id before answering. I didn’t want a
repeat of that day when Mr. Woodwords
called. It was Nadia.
“Hey Nad” I said cheerfully. Why was I so
cheerful? I know, because I am meeting Dylan
again today.
“Wow! You sound quite happy. What is it?”
Nadia chuckled.
“I met Dylan last night”.
“The stupidest creature who is unfortunately
your cousin?” She said. These are my words
when I told about Dylan to her.
“Yeah. I’m meeting him at Harper’s, wanna
join?” I asked.
“Ok. As it is I was planning to take a leave
from office, that is why I called” She said in
almost a whisper.
“Why? Is something wrong there?” I asked
“No. Nothing significant. I’ll tell you later”
“Then, be there in an hour” I said and she
hung up.
I got out of bed, took a relaxing, warm
shower and changed into a pair of leggings
and a loose top. I tied my hair in a simple
pony tail and picking up my phone and bag
went downstairs.
I planned on taking the day off but if dad,
Juliea or Lahaina saw me they won’t let me or
will ask millions of questions. I tip toed to
the breakfast table and sighed seeing they
already left.
I called Laci to tell her I won’t be coming
today. Then I quickly hailed a cab and went to
the cafe. Dylan was already sitting there and
looked really pissed off.
“What happened?” I chuckled and sat opposite
to him.
“At first you called me at a place like this” he
said looking around disgustingly “Then you
were late and didn’t even pick my calls”.
“Hey, I didn’t get any calls and don’t show me
this Richie rich side of yours. You know I
hate it” I said pointing my index f!ng£r to
“Whatever” he said rolling his eyes. Just then
Nadia came and sat on the chair between me
and Dylan. She was a little shocked seeing
him first but then calmed down, even Dylan
stared at her for a while.
“Dylan, this is Nadia my knight in shinning
armor” I said and all the three of us laughed.
The breakfast went on all fine but I can
easily make out that Dylan and Nadia were
quite uncomfortable. I will definitely talk to
her about that. My phone started to ring, I
checked it and it was Laci.
“Yes Laci” I said as soon as I picked up the
“Caroline, your dad wants you here now!” She
ordered in a hurry.
“But why? I took a day off”
“Listen, Mr. Woodwords will be here anytime
and Mr. Marshall wants the files you were
working on yesterday”. I just forgot about
that. How can I be so careless? I ended the
call and excused myself from Dylan and
“Sorry guys, have to go, it’s important” I said
with an apologetic face.
“What?! You were the one who called me
here” Dylan said.
“Exactly” Nadia joined him too.
“Sorry. Pleaseeeeee” I pouted and they
“There you go” I said giving the stack of files
to Laci.
Just then the elevator door opened and three
men neatly dressed in black suits came out
clearing the way for someone. There he was,
Aaron Woodwords, wearing a formal
business suit walked between the men
directly to my father’s office.
“Woah” Laci g@sped.
After almost 15 minutes the door of dad’s
cabin opened and they all went into the small
conference room just next to it. Before
entering Lahaina saw me looking at them and
gave me a smirk. What is wrong with her?
My phone buzzed and it was Nadia’s message.
Nadia: you are a bitch!
Me: why?
Nadia: you left me alone with that brother of
Me(chuckles): what did he do?
Nadia: ask him.
I messaged Dylan : what did you do to my
Dylan: nothing sweetheart.
Me: truth. Speak it.
Dylan: come on. I was my normal charming
Me: you mean your normal I-am-on-top-of-
Dylan: you can say that.
Me: you’re a bitch, Dylan.
Dylan: thanks for the complement.
I know how Dylan is I shouldn’t have left her
with him. It was already 6 and the meeting
was still going on, so I picked up my bag and
went out to catch the bus.
I was waiting at the stop for half an hour
now and there was no sign of the bus. Even
the weather was getting cooler. While I was
thinking an alternative, a very expensive
looking car stopped by me. I didn’t pay
attention to it thinking it must be for
someone else.
The back door of the car opened and a good
looking man stepped out. Wait. It was Aaron
Woodwords. He came towards me and said
“you here?”
“Yeah waiting for the bus” I said surprised by
his sudden appearance.
“Where’s your car? Have you stopped
crashing your car with others and throwing
money on their faces” he said teasingly.
“How long will you taunt me for that. I’ve
already apologized for it. Many times” I said
with a smile. He smiled back.
“Come, I’ll drop you off” he said gesturing
towards his car.
“No. Thank you”
“I didn’t ask” he said with a straight face
“come on or you’ll die of cold”.
He is right, there was no sign of any buses
and it was getting colder so I agreed.
The ride to my place was all silent. He didn’t
say a word andneither did I, though I could
feel him staring at me sometime. His car
stopped in front of my house, I didn’t ask
him how he knew my address remembering
his earlier words “I have resources”.
I stepped out of his car and said a thank you.
He too came out and stood in front of me.
“Have dinner with me tomorrow” he said
without any expressions.
“I can’t. I..” he cut me off.
“I didn’t ask” he said with a bright smile that
was extremely beautiful “meet you tomorrow
night. Be ready at 7, I’ll pick you up”.
“No. I can meet you there, you don’t need to
come” I said thinking about my family.
“I said I’ll pick you up” he said with a smile
and sitting in the car he went before I could
protest further.
Gosh! I didn’t want Lahaina or Juliea to make
a fuss of this and considering Lahaina wants
to marry him, she will kill me if she got to
know. Why did I even agree?
Because he didn’t ask.
Of course. And he will pick me up at my
house. Will it be a date? Date with the man
my step-sister is dying to marry? God! I’m
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🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 06🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
What should I do now? Should I go with him
to dinner or make an excuse of being sick or
something? I was really irritated with myself
now for the last 30 minutes.I was just pacing
my room and try to figure my way out but my
mind was blocked.
I don’t know why, I do want to go but if dad
or Lahaina or Juliea got to know about me
going out with Mr. Woodwords, they will bury
me alive, deep down insidethe earth, and the
way Mr. Woodwords ordered me to dinner I
don’t think he will believe me if I make an
I need help. I need expert advice. Only one
person can help me now. I dug out my
phone from my bag and dialed Nadia’s
“You bitch! Don’t even dare to call me ever
again!” She shouted as she picked up the call.
Her voice was so loud that I had to move the
phone away from my ear, still able to hear
“Calm down girl! I’m sorry. Again” I tried to
hide the amusement in my voice but failed.
“You think it’s funny? That bloody brother of
yours…. eehhhh he’s sick. He needs a
doctor. A psychiatric. That man is sick. That.
Man. Is. Sick.” she yelled.
“I know. I’m sorry on his behalf. You can tell
me whatever he did and I will make sure he
regrets every single bit” I laughed. No matter
how sad or how much of a problem I am in,
Nadia never fails to cheer me up, knowingly
or just by chance. “But that will be later, I
need help right now” I added.
“Okay, I forgive you. Say what you want to
say” she said in a much calmer tone.
“Actually, I met Mr. Woodwords again today. I
was waiting for the bus and he came there
out of nowhere and offered to drop me off
athome. I reluctantly agreed but then when I
was about to get in my house he asked me to
“What? You’re telling me Aaron Woodwords
asked you to have dinner with him! A date
with him! Tell me you said yes.
Pleaseeeee…..” she literally pleaded at the
“Yeah… sort of”
“I’m so happy for you Caro. I want all the
details of your date with Mr. Hunk” she cried
out of happiness. I know she’s jumping right
now. This girl is crazy yet the best.
“That’s not all Nadia. Listen, last night Aaron’s
father and dad were talking something about
Aaron and Lahaina and some deal. I think…
it’s just my thought, maybe I am wrong but
maybe.. just maybe…”
“No suspense Caro. Bark”
“Maybe… I’m not sure….maybe they both
were talking of their marriage” I said it
“What?! Why do you think so?” She was back
to her yelling self.
“I said I can be wrong. I thought it because
dad and Lahaina already were after Mr.
Woodwords, then I came to know his and my
father are friends, then they were talking so
mysteriously. And even if they were not
talking of their marriage or something it’s
still that Lahaina wants to marry him. She is
trying so h@rd to get close to him. If she got
to know about tomorrow then I’m dead” I said
it all in one breath.
“Caro… Why did you say yes to dinner when
this was the case? It’s all so fv¢ked up” I can
clearly say by her voice that she too had
gone insane listening all this.
“I didn’t say yes. It’s just ‘he didn’t ask'” I tried
to say it in his voice, though failed miserably.
“What are you saying. At first, you say you
said yes,then you’re saying you didn’t say yes,
now you’re saying he didn’t ask, you’ve gone
nuts. You need rest sweetheart”
“No. I need help Nadia. Just tell me should I
go with him?” I sighed.
“Obviously. If the wealthiest and hottest man
has himself asked you on a date, then go.
And if your family asks you anything just say
it’s my birthday and I have invited you to the
party. If they say anything more, give me a
call, I will handle those morons easily” Nadia
said in a heavy voice then laughed.
“Really? You think I should really go?” I asked
still not sure.
“Yes. Now don’t strain that pretty little brain
of yours and relax. Tell me later about your
“Ok. Thank you. It’s not actually a date maybe
he asked me out just like that. Any way Love
you” I said and was about to end the call
when she said.
“Love you too. But never ever make me meet
your brother again” she warned and I
I skipped my dinner and went in the bathroom
to take a relaxing shower and later retired to
“So what are you doing tonight?”
I was having my breakfast along with
Lahaina, dad and Juliea. Juliea and Lahaina
were talking of visiting some new boutique
that opened three days back while I was more
concentrating on my food when I heard dad’s
voice. Why is he even asking this? He never
asks me anything? Don’t tell me he got to
know about my dinner with Mr. Woodwords.
“Nothing. Why?” Lahaina answered. Ohh.. it
was for her. Thank god.
“Your mom and I will be attending a ball
organized by the Jenkins tonight. Join us, I
think Aaron will be there too” he said still
looking at his food.
“Okay dad” she smiled at him, then looked at
me and smirked. Why does she always do
that? Wait. Mr. Woodwords will be at the
ball? Did that dinner thing was a mere joke.
Maybe he really said it just like that. Why will
he even want to go out with me. If he really
wanted to have dinner he could have asked
Lahaina and not me, after all she is much
good looking and confident than me.
I don’t know why but I did feel bad. It was
nothing more than a statement? I know I
should not, Lahaina likes him I can’t have the
same feelings. It’s wrong. But it did hurt.
I excused myself from the table and went out
to catch a cab.
Reaching the office, I drowned myself in
work. Laci told me that the deal from
yesterday is still not finalized and we will
have to work h@rder to show the Woodwords
Corporations that we are worth the effort.
Everyone was busy and sincerely doing their
work. I was about to take a short break when
my phone buzzed. It was a message
from…… Mr. Woodwords?
‘I do hope you remember of our dinner
tonight, Ms. Marshall’. Was he serious?
‘But you have to attend that Jenkins’ ball
right?’ I messaged him back.
‘Nope. I have better plans, be ready at 7. No
excuses’ his message came.
He really wants to miss that ball and go out
with me. Is he insane? I kept my phone aside
and started working again.
It was 5 when I finally had the time to look
into my watch. My work was already done so
I hurriedly picked my bag and ran out of the
building. I don’t want to be late today. I didn’t
wait for a bus instead I took a cab.
Considering everyone will be out at the ball,
there won’t be any problem of being seen. I
ran to my room and took a quick refreshing
bath, coming out I opened the closet. There
were not many dresses I could wear on a
dinner and I don’t even know where he will
be taking me. After a lot of arguing with my
brain, I chose a simple royal blue sundress
having a cute white knot at the waist. The
dress came down till my knees and I wore
my matching blue heels. Not used to makeup,
I kept it natural with only a mascara and l!p
gloss. I tied my hair simply into a pony and
looked at the mirror for one last time.
It was 6:55 when I looked at my watch. I
closed my door and went downstairs. I was
descending the stairs when the door bell
rang. I went near and opened the door, there
he was standing by the door looking more
handsome than ever. He was wearing a black
tux, his hair gelled back and a smile
plastered on his face. His green eyes looked
even more beautiful in this dim light. He
looked at me from head to toe and smiled
“You look gorgeous” he said and I blushed at
his comment.
“You look good too…” I said a little
awkwardly. I never went on any date, fearing
from dad. I always used to deny whenever
any boy asked me out until today, because
this man didn’t ask.
“Just good? I was expecting for something
better” he complained and in that moment he
looked cute. He was a man of power having
a personality that is very intimidating, it is
strange that a person like him can look cute.
I stepped out and locked the door. He moved
closer and placed his hand on the small of
my back and guided me towards his car. He
was walking close, too close to be
comfortable, I could feel the warmth of his
body as he moved beside me. I tried to step
away but my feet didn’t move, when we
reached at his car he dropped his hand and I
left my breath that I didn’t even know I was
holding so far.
Though, there was not much light, I
recognized his car. It was the same car that I
broke. He saw me staring at it and smirked.
“I got it repaired with the money you threw on
my face. Though, it was not sufficient I
managed it” Aaron said in an amused tone.
“Is it important for you to make me feel
guilty every time we meet, Mr. Woodwords?” I
looked up at him. He is really tall, maybe
approx. 6.2 while I am just 5.4.
“We’re on a date Caroline, it will be better if
we call each other by our first names”. The
way my named rolled on his tongue I felt
butterflies inside my stomach. And……
We really are on a date!
He opened the p@ss£nger door for me as I
stepped in, he smiled his beautiful smile and
closed the door. Then came and sat beside
me on the driving seat and we drove off.


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