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Mr billionaire episode 31 & 32

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 31 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I moved out of the car and closed the door
behind me. Aaron was very angry yesterday
after that phone call of dad, I tried to talk to
him but every single of my effort was futile.
He was determinant that I should not go to
meet him.
Even I don’t really want to go see him, but I
want to know what has happened all of a
sudden that he has started to miss me.
Taking a deep breath, I adjusted my hand bag
on my shoulder and walked inside.
I had just opened the door and walked inside
dad’s house when he came there with a big
smile on his face and hugged me. “You have
no idea how much I missed you dear” he
Lahaina was standing at distance and looking
at us with a pissed off look and her hands
folded across her chest. Dad broke the hug
and took me to sit with him on the set of
couches placed in the center of the entrance
Once I was seated he looked up at Lahaina
and told her to sit with us. She rolled her
eyes and refused but when dad glared at her,
she stomped her foot on the ground and sat
on the couch, farthest from mine.
“So tell me, how is everything going on?” Dad
asked with a bright toothy smile on his face.
“Good” I said simply with a straight face. I’m
not at all interested in his sugar coated lies
and his fake concern, I just want to know the
reason of why he called me here.
He was silent for some time while Lahaiana
glared holes in my head. I ignored her and
looked at dad, waiting patiently for him to
“Caro” he said looking at me “after you were
gone, I realized how bad of a father I’ve been
to you. I never gave you the love of a father
that you deserved. I took your mother away
from you and made your life hell. I regret
everything that I did with you. I’m really sorry
Caro, you always wanted to have a happy
family and I couldn’t give you that. I’m sorry”
he said.
His eyes dropped to the floor while he was
speaking and his face looked like he was
ashamed of his deeds.
I didn’t say anything to comfort him, I didn’t
say anything at all because I was too shocked
to even move. He was apologizing to me. He
said he regretted everything he did with mom
and me. Is this his reason of calling me
here? He is accepting his deeds?
“But you know, karma is a bitch, I did bad to
you and now see you’re happy and good while
I’m in deep misery” he sighed, maintaining his
gaze on the ground.
“What misery?” I asked out of curiosity.
“We’re facing a big loss in the company. We
need funds and we don’t have enough to
meet the requirements” he said and looked at
“Ask the bank for a lone” I said in an obvious
He shook his head and replied “I can’t. If I
ask the bank for a loan they’ll want me to
give them my property as collateral and I
don’t want to give up everything for just a
loan. I’ve asked a friend of mine, who works
in a bank, to come and talk to me, Juliea has
gone to his place, she’ll bring him along with
He needs funds for his company and he
doesn’t want to ask the bank for a loan
because he thinks he’ll lose everything! That
is so crazy!
“Exactly how much money you need?” I asked
and his eyes lit up.
“400 thousand dollars” he said, then made a
sorry expression and looked down at his
That is just too much! His company was
going fine a month before, there wasn’t any
problem at all, in fact, the company was just
improving and getting better. What could
have happened in just a month.
The amount of money he is talking about is
almost impossible for him to arrange and he
is refusing to take a loan from the bank…
wait… is he thinking about… oh no!
“Can you help me in this Caro?” he asked
breaking my chain of thoughts. He called me
here not to apologize but to ask me for
money. Great! No wonder why Aaron didn’t
want me to meet him.
“No. I’m leaving” I said in a stern voice and
got up from my place. Picking up my hand
bag from the table, I was about to move out
when Lahaiana stepped before me.
“I already knew it” she said looking at me.
She then tilted her head to look at dad, sitting
on the couch, behind me, and spoke “didn’t I
already say there’s no need to talk nicely to
“How shameful Caroline! Just because you’re
married to a multi – billionaire now, and live
a life people can only dream of, you don’t
want to help your family! Why will you even
want to help us because whatever we do now,
live happily or rot in hell, you will have
enormous amount of money to spend like
water for yourself!” She shouted on top of
Her face was red with anger and she glared
as if she will kill me this instant.
I raised my head to look directly in her eyes
and said “what family are you talking about? I
used to wake up everyday thinking maybe
today dad won’t raise a hand on me or maybe
today you and Juliea will act good to me, this
is not what happens when we have a family.
And the money that you want me to give you
all, isn’t mine. It’s of the same multi –
billionaire I’m married to”.
She looked at me with wide eyes and then at
dad. Juliea entered the house, the next
moment, with a man following her.
“Caro, this is Judy, the friend I was talking
about” dad said, walking towards Judy and
giving him a hug. Turning back to me, he
walked closer and said “I can’t believe you’re
not helping me. It is not that I’m asking you
for all of Aaron’s wealth. It’s just a few
dollars, an amount that he won’t care if you
give me”.
He’s right, Aaron won’t care if he’ll know I
spent that amount of money, he won’t even
ask me about it but that doesn’t mean I’ll give
it to him.
“I thought you called me here because you
really wanted to apologize, I was again
wrong” I said in a low voice so that only dad
could hear it “and if you want someone’s help
so desperately, why don’t you ask Aaron
I’m happy now that I decided to come here, at
least now I know that some people never
change, no matter what!
“I can’t ask him. He already owns 40 percent
shares of my company, if I’ll ask him for
money he’ll ask for shares in return and if I
give him any more shares he will become the
owner. You want me to lose my company!”
He said, raising his voice now. He was being
all cool and calm all this while but now anger
was visible in his tone as well as, on his
“You know I don’t work and earn money so
don’t you think the money I’ll give you will be
Aaron’s?” I replied.
He was trying h@rd to intimidate me and scare
me, but it won’t work today. All my life I have
feared from him, from his beating but, not
today, today I’ll show him that he no longer
controls me and my happiness.
“Are you saying you won’t give me the
money?” He asked glaring me.
“Didn’t I already say that a long time ago?” I
questioned back, looking into his eyes.
He stared at my face, without blinking his
eyes “don’t you remember what happened to
your fv¢king brainless mother when she
refused to give me money?” He said and
before I could understand what was going in
his mind, he slapped me.
I covered my cheek by my hand as it started
to pain. The skin of my face felt like it was
burning because of the impact. I was about
to look back at him when he again raised his
hand to hit me but this time I pushed him
away with all my strength, making him fall.
“It was just yesterday that I was thinking why
can’t I hate you even after what you did with
mom and today after you apologized I was
about to forgive you but now I can proudly
say that I hate you James Marshall! I won’t
care for you now even if you rot in hell!” I
My whole body was shivering by now but it
was not because of fear, it was because of
the amount of anger and hatred I was feeling
for this man right now.
Juliea ran to him and helped him stand
straight while Lahaina walked towards me in
anger “how dare y..” she was saying but I
snubbed her.
“I was not here to fight with you people, and
Lahaina don’t you even dare touch me
because cops are just a call away. This time I
can @ssure you that the cops won’t go away
without taking you people with them, like the
last time. I’m leaving now and get one thing
clear in your heads, I won’t give you Aaron’s
money and neither will I allow Aaron to give
you any, if he ever decides to show pity on
you people” I yelled at all of them, showing
my index f!ng£r to Lahaina.
I was about to walk out of the place, I used
to call home, when James’ voice stopped me
“not even if I tell you where your mother is?”
His words made me stop and turn to look at
him “you know where she is?” I asked.
“Yes. I don’t exactly know where she is but I
can tell you the place where my men last saw
her. It’s will at least give you a start” he said
“How do I know you’re not lying?” I asked,
frowning. Hearing mom’s name and knowing
James know where she is, I got a little hope
and the intensity of my anger was reduced.
“Believe me. I don’t have anything to prove so
you’ll have to believe me” he said simply.
After every thing that has happened, trusting
him is the last thing I can do but, he says he
knows where mom is and if he’s saying the
truth, there is a big possibility that I can meet
her again.
“I have a deal for you, give me the money I
need and I’ll give you her address. You don’t
have to include Aaron in this matter, and
there’s no need to tell him about all this. This
way we’ll both be happy” he said with a fake
smile and took Judy with him to sit on the
Lahaina and Juliea too went near them and
took their seats. They all were waiting for me
to say something but I remained stuck at my
place, lost in thoughts.
If I decide to give him money, it will just
increase his confidence and his lvst for
money will grow. Not just this but I don’t
want to break Aaron’s trust on me. He hates
James and if he’ll know I gave a hefty
amount of 400 thousand dollars to him, he’ll
be very angry. On the other hand, I have my
mother, whom I love so much.
I thought for some time and finally decided.
I’m gonna find my mom, money is not
important than my mother!
“Fine. But this will be the first and last time,
don’t expect anything more from me from
today onward” I said sternly. Though there
was a storm of emotions going on inside me,
I stayed calm as I didn’t want any of them to
feel anything for me now.
Walking towards all of them, I sat on the only
seat available, next to Juliea and looked at
James “What do I have to do?” I asked.
“I’ve already got a cheque for you, you just
need to sign it. Don’t worry about Mr.
Woodwords, he won’t get to know about it. I
will transfer the money to Mr. Marshall’s
account very cleverly” Judy explained, taking
out a cheque from his bag and filling in all
the details.
He forwarded the cheque towards me and
placed a pen next to it. I didn’t think much
because I know if I do, I’ll change my
Taking the pen and cheque in my hand, I read
the account details mentioned on it. That was
my new account, I wonder from where he got
that cheque and details from. Maybe Judy
helped. Before signing the papers, I looked at
James and asked “tell me about mom first”.
He took the pen out of my hand and penned
down something on a piece of paper and
handed it to me “here. Now sign” he said, in
his usual angry tone and gestured towards
the cheque.
I took the paper from his hand and read the
address, then signed the cheque and without
another thought, collected my handbag and
ran out of the house.
Judy came out the next moment and got
inside his car, giving me a nod, he drove off.
Sitting inside the car, I threw my bag on the
p@ss£nger seat and placed my head on the
steering wheel. I broke Aaron’s trust in me.
Though I finally know where to look for my
mom now, I feel like I betrayed Aaron.
He trusts me with everything, he cares for me
so much and I never did anything for him. He
was already angry with me yesterday and now
I’ll make it just worse.
Hot tears formed in my eyes but I forced
myself not to let them fall down. My cheek
was still hurting, and it felt like it had swelled
a little. I don’t want to go in front of Aaron
like this.
Closing my eyes, I stayed inside the car till I
could feel that my emotions were in my
control. My phone was ringing so I took it out
of the bag and checked the caller id. It was
Aaron’s call. There were notifications of his
messages and missed calls as well. I didn’t
pick it up and turned the phone on silent.
Just as I was about to put my phone back, a
new message, from an unknown number,
popped up. I don’t know why, I felt like I
should check it and so I did. It was a
message from the bank. 1 million dollars
have been withdrawn from my account!
How?! I signed the cheque for 400 thousand
dollars! That James Marshall!
I wanted to run inside and slap him like all
the time he used to do with me but it was not
the time to show anger. I need to go home
and explain this to Aaron, maybe he could do
something and stop the transaction. He is
going to be very angry maybe furious but I’ll
have to tell him about it. I don’t want to lie to
Starting the car’s engine, I drove back home.
I parked the car outside the mansion and
walked directly towards our bedroom.
I was about to enter inside, when I saw Aaron
sitting on the corner of the bed, looking
outside the window. His coat and tie were
lying carelessly on the bed and his hairs were
a mess as if he has been raking his hands
through them continuously.
Broken pieces of gl@ss and plastic were lying
on the floor, near his legs. It was when I saw
it carefully, I realized there was even a sim
card lying next to his foot and the pieces
were of his cell phone. Crap!
I had thought I’ll tell him about the money
transfer but I guess he already knows about
“Aaron” I whispered and he turned towards
me in anger.
He got up from the bed and walked towards
me. Before he could say anything, I spoke “I
think you already know about the money
transfer. Please try to stop it. He asked me to
sign a cheque for 400 thousand dollars, I
read it carefully to be sure, it was exactly
that much amount. I don’t know what he did
next and changed the figure to one million”.
He stared at my face, not saying anything.
His face was devoid of any expressions and I
had to look down at the floor because after
what I did today, I can’t look up into his eyes.
I felt a hand touch the bruised portion of my
cheek and I shifted a little as it pained by the
slightest touch.
“Who did this?” He asked. His voice was
deadly calm and it made me scare even more.
“I can explain everything Aaron. Please stop
the transaction, if possible. Please” I literally
begged him.
Aaron just rubbed my cheek by his thumb
lightly and stared at it with a frown on his
face. He was silent, not saying anything and I
know he was trying h@rd to control his fury.
I was waiting for him to say something,
anything, he can even shout on me and yell
on me, because that is what I deserve.
I decided to speak and tell him everything
because all he did was stare. “James asked
me for 400 thousand dollars, when I refused,
he said if I give him the money, he will give
me my mother’s address. I want to see her
again so I signed the cheque” I said, in a
heavy voice, filled with emotions.
By the time I explained it to him, tears rolled
down my cheeks and I didn’t me any effort to
stop them.
“Your mother’s address? Isn’t she dead?”
Aaron asked in the same calm tone.
I shook my head and finally looked up into
his eyes “she is not dead. James dragged her
out of his house years ago. That was the last
time I saw her. No one knows this except
Nadia. Dylan though never believed James
statement, that she just left and never
returned. When Dylan established his
company and became popular, he used his
best detectives to find her. But even after
two years, he didn’t even get a clue. We lost
hope after that. We stopped talking about her
because it gave us pain. He has the best
detectives and investigators, if he failed to
find her, no one can. I got a little hope when
James said he knows where she lives and
signed it. I’m sorry” I whispered in the end.
“And why do you think he will give you the
right address?” He asked, his face still not
showing any emotions.
“He said I should believe him so I did, but if
the address is fake, I’ll sue him. This time he
won’t be able to escape. When I was younger,
I tried to put him behind the bars, I called the
cops at home. I didn’t have any proof against
him and he tricked the cops away. But this
time, the money and cheque can act as a
proof. Once he is behind the bars, you will
get your money back” I explained to Aaron.
I want him to believe me, thought he will
never trust me the way he used to, but I want
him to at least believe me.
“I’m sorry Aaron. I know, I broke your trust in
me. You have all the right to be angry on me,
I didn’t do it intentionally. I’m not like them” I
said in between my sobs.
A pair of hands wrapped around me and
engulfed me into a hug. At first, I was too
shocked to even move but then realized,
Aaron was really hugging me.
“I know how you feel at this moment. He did
the same with me and my father too” he
whispered in my ears and caressed my hairs.
I hugged him back and cried my heart out.
This time, I wasn’t crying because I was hurt
or in pain, I was crying because I did a very
big mistake today. I decided to go see him,
even when Aaron told me not to.
Aaron picked me up in his arms and walked
towards the couch. He sat on it and made me
sit on his lap.
“You know why I hate James?” He asked. I
shook my head and waited for him to
“Years ago, when my mom died in an
accident, dad and I were completely
shattered. Dad was going into depression and
I couldn’t do anything because I was in pain
too. Then James came into the picture, he
became friends with dad. Dad needed
someone to share his sorrows and James
became that man. Even I used to think he
was a nice man until one day when I got to
know about his evil ways. He was using dad
for money. He made dad to buy 40 percent
shares of his company so that his company’s
name will be @ssociated with ours. He is a
d!¢k. He uses people’s weakness to quench
his thirst for money” I listened carefully as
Aaron told me everything about what James
did to him.
Why am I not surprised?
I hugged him tightly and placed my head on
his chest. I need to tell him everything about
my past, he deserves to know it. I used to be
scared of James and never talk about it to
anyone but I don’t care of him now.
I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent, and
closed my eyes. “He was always like this.
When I was a kid, all I used to see at home
was mom and James fighting. He used to
strike her, beat her, and take away whatever
money she used to save for me. Uncle
William, Dylan’s father, and mom were not
rich but mom had a nice job with a nice
income. Before I was born, mom was an
artist, she used to make amazing pieces of
art and sell it. She loved her job but she left
that job as it didn’t give her enough money to
raise a child and started doing a job in a
private company. Dylan was very good at
programming and computers, he always
excelled in that subject in school and college.
He decided to start a company related to
computer programming and worked h@rd for
it. Uncle William supported him with
everything, and of course, he has a big hand
in what Dylan is now”.
“Once uncle William and Dylan started doing
well, James wanted mom to ask money from
them. She refused and so he threw her out
of the house. She had locked me inside a
room but I heard her begging him to at least
let her take me along but James wanted her
to suffer for not giving him her brother’s
h@rd earned money. He married and brought
Juliea home, the next day. To everyone who
used to ask about mom he simply used to
say that she ran away without any explanation
and never returned”.
“After mom was gone, he treated me like a
trash. Before, mom used to save me and
face his wrath but after he threw her out,
there was no one for me. He never showed
any emotion towards me other than hatred. I
used to feel shocked when people around
me, used to talk nicely to me”.
“Later, when he met you, he wanted Lahaina
to marry you so that he could get a hand on
your money. He even wanted me to be with
you so that I can provide your money to him.
I did it today”. I cried hysterically, hugging
him tightly while he rubbed my back.
I can’t explain how ashamed I was because
of my act. The thing that increased the
feeling of guilt in me was Aaron behavior.
He was supposed to be angry and instead
he’s trusting me!
“You should be angry, Aaron. How could you
be not!” I said, sobbing.
“I can’t” he whispered “I just realized…” he
trailed off. I could feel the sudden tension in
his body as he picked me up and made me
sit on the couch, while he got up from his
seat and looked out of the window.
“I did the same with you. Maybe what I did
was worse” Aaron said and clenched his
What is he talking about? He has always been
nice to me, he cares for me like anything.
Then why is he talking like this?
“You don’t want me to think that you married
me for my money, right? I believe you. I can
never doubt you, I know James and how low
he can get. I trust you, you didn’t do anything
to break my trust. You miss your mom and
you did it because you want to see her again.
In fact, I married you because of my
company” he said and clenched his fists
tighter, if it was even possible.
His words were like, a bucketful of ice
dropped on my head. I stared his back with
wide eyes as he didn’t even turn to look at
“James and my father made a contract that if
I don’t marry Lahaina, I’ll lose 50 percent of
the company to James” he said, finally
turning around.
Walking close to me, he knelt down in front
of me and took my hand in his. “I used to
like you a lot by that time, but marriage was
never on my mind. When my father told me
about the contract, I agreed to marry Lahaina.
At the Jenkins’ ball, I was with her because
of that contract. I would have married her to
save my company, it was at the last moment,
I decided to change the names” he said,
looking into my eyes.
I g@sped, listening to his words. I was already
in shock after what happened at James’ place
and now his words made it worse.
Aaron married me because of a contract!
“You, at least, chose the person you love
over money, I prioritized my company over
you” he said in a painful voice.
“When Carter informed me about the money
transfer, for a second, I really thought you
betrayed me. I got mad hearing it, it was that
moment I realized how bad you will feel if
you’ll get to know my real reason for
marrying you. So, you don’t need to be sorry.
I forgive you for what you did today and I
hope you will forgive me too” he said and
walked out of the room the next instant.
I sat numb at my place, I don’t know what
should I do now. Should I be angry on
myself for giving James, Aaron’s money? Or
should I be angry on him for lying to me all
this while?
Leaning on the couch, I closed my eyes and
thought about everything, about every
possibility. After sitting in the same position
for almost 3 hours, I finally decided what I
have to do.
I can talk about the contract thing with Aaron
later, I need to think about the money first.
James tricked me into this but I won’t let him
go away with it. Aaron isn’t doing anything
about it, he simply forgave me, so, I need to
do it myself. He can forgive me for what I
did, but I can’t forgive myself.
I took out Aaron’s office card from the
drawer and dialed the number mentioned on
it. A lady answered the call and I asked her
for Aaron’s PAs number.
Next I called his PA and introduced myself to
“Hello Mrs. Woodwords. How can I help
you?” The man, named Carter, spoke in a
polite tone.
“Hello. You must know about the one million
dollar transferred to James Marshall’s
account, don’t you?” I asked him and he said
he does. He even informed that when he told
about the transfer to Aaron and asked him to
stop the transfer, Aaron objected.
“Please check and tell me what were the legal
do¢vments used in the process” I said. He
asked me to be on the line and wait.
After 2 mins he was back on the call “A man,
named Judy, was responsible for the
transaction. He says you signed the cheque.
Is there a problem Mrs. Woodwords?” He
“Yes. There is” I said “The cheque I signed
was of 400 thousand dollars. Judy must have
done something and moreover, I never had a
cheque for my account then how the hell he
had it. They have done this transfer illegally”.
“You want me to sue both of them?” He
asked me the next moment.
“No don’t sue Judy, he probably did it
because of James and if you’ll sue James, he
will blame Judy for everything and destroy
him. He always plays innocent and gets out
of the situations. Just try to prove that the
transfer was illegal and get the money back
from him”.
We talked about the topic for some more
time until Carter had all the required details
of the matter. He said he’ll call me once the
work was done and ended the call.
I kept the phone on the table and again
closed my eyes. Once the money is
transferred back, I can go to Aaron and
happily tell him about it and even ask him
about the contract thing.
The regret was clear in his eyes, I can very
well understand his point. He is regretting it,
just like me.
Though he says he married me because of
the contract but what about all the time when
he made me feel special and loved. That can’t
be fake, right?
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