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Mr billionaire episode 3 & 4

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 03🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
“Get up!” I heard someone say.
Opening my eyes I saw Lahaina standing in
front of me with an irritated expression. I
looked around, I was not in my room, I slept
on the floor? Yeah, probably I did. Then last
night’s events flashed before my eyes, dad’s
yelling, Juliea pushing me and my crying
session after that.
“What a useless human you are!” She said.
I stood up to my full height. Lahaina is 2
inches taller than me. With her blonde hair,
blue eyes and a model like figure she is
every man’s dream. She is extremely
beautiful and confident while me, I have just
learned not to call myself ugly anymore.
I was about to leave, ignoring her, when she
stopped me with her next words
“We will be going to a party tonight, so come
early from that small little cafe of yours”
“You are going to a party?” I asked.
“Are you h@rd of hearing? I said we. W.E.
We. Me, you, mom and dad ” she said in an
irritated tone.
When was the last time I went to any party
along with them. They never take me along.
Dad says I am a disgrace and he doesn’t want
to be seen with a daughter like me. Then why
“Even me? Why?” I inquired.
“Don’t be so happy. We are taking you with
us only because an old friend of dad, who
will be working with us now, wants to meet
both of his daughters” Lahaina said disgusted
while saying both.
Why does she hate me so much? And why
does she always treat me like I am a trash?
He is my dad, my real dad,not her’s, then why
does she behave like she owns everything?
“Ok” I sighed.
“Don’t forget the jewelry today. I have
someone to impress” she said in a dreamy
“New boyfriend?” I asked. Every month she
has a new one.
“Then who?”
“At the party tonight, there’s gonna be
someone who a multi billionaire, the most
eligible bachelor and the hottest man alive in
this universe. And the best part, dad wants
me to lure him in my web because if he
marries me, our company will be on the top
and I’ll be the luckiest girl on this planet” she
said jumping with excitement.
What more can I expect of her? She can
marry someone for just money. And dad? He
wants her to do it for money. Is money that
important to survive?
“Who is that someone” I asked uninterested.
“Aaron Woodwords!”
Seriously?! I have heard of him as the most
cruel, ruthless, merciless and arrogant
businessman. But then he is ridiculously rich
and Lahaina will happily throw herself at him.
“Oh” was all I said.
“Just oh! Have you ever seen him?” She
asked, kinda surprised.
“No, but I have heard of him” I said as a
matter of fact.
“You really are useless. He looks like a Greek
god!” She said throwing her hands in the air.
“Whatever. I have to go to work now” I said
and went to my room.
I directly went to the bathroom and took a
quick shower. After that I dressed in a
grey T-shirt and black jeans. Putting a bit of
mascara and concealer to hide my dark
circles, I picked up my bag and left for the
My cab stopped out of the cafe. After what
happened yesterday I was not allowed to
drive any of dad’s cars.
Something was different in the cafe. There
was no customers and all the staff were
moving here and there. Then I spotted Nadia
and Jeremy talking.
“Hey Nadia, what’s going on?”
“We lost our jobs” she said looking at the
“What? How? I mean…” I couldn’t finish my
s£ntence. I lost my job. Wait. She said we, we
lost our job.
“Aaron Woodwords bought the place” Jeremy
“What! He is a billionaire right? What will he
get buying this little place” I asked. Really, a
man who can own an entire country, why will
he buy a small cafe like this.
“He didn’t just buy the cafe, he bought all the
buildings within a four block perimeter!”
Nadia said unbelievably.
“So we lose our jobs. I’ll go and talk to Mr.
Johnson” Jeremy sighed and left.
“Nothing can get worse” I said shaking my
“We’ll find another one” Nadia said placing a
hand on my shoulder.
“You think dad will allow me? Never. Either
he’ll ask me to work with him or not work at
all” I spoke.
“We’ll find out a way for you” Nadia said. She
never loses hope and never lets me lose
hope either. “Maybe. I have to go and pick
Lahaina’s jewelry. You coming with me?” I
asked her. I really needed her company right
now, she always makes me feel better.
“Yup. As is it I don’t have any work to do
now” she said cheerfully and moved out
taking me with her. She just lost her job and
she is all cheerful.
We got the jewelry and then Nadia dropped
me home.
“There you go” I said giving the jewelry to
“You came early. Why?”
“Your Aaron Woodwords bought the entire
area. So everyone lost their jobs”
“Really. You saw him?” She asked, all excited.
“No” I said casually.
Lahaina rolled her eyes in response. “Ok then
I’m going to the parlor, I want to look my
I went to my room and then opened my
cupboard. I didn’t have many dresses unlike
Lahaina. And the ones I had, were really dull.
I’ll take one from Nadia. Yes, I can ask
Lahaina too but her dresses are too revealing
and I really won’t be comfortable in them.
I called Nadia and she picked up on the
second ring.
“What happened? Did that Juliea say
anything?” She asked concerned.
“No. I just need a dress to wear to a party” I
“You’re going to a party? With your parents?”
I can hear the astonishment in her voice.
“Yes, because his friend and business partner
wants to meet his daughters”
“Ohh. And what sort of party is this?”
“Usual. With media and huge businessmen
and where I will feel like an alien from a
different galaxy” I said sarcastically.
Nadia laughed “ok I’ll be there in 20 minutes”
she said and hung up.
“You look so pretty” Nadia g@sped.
I looked myself in the mirror. I look
different. No, I’m not beautiful but yes I look
fine. The dress Nadia gave me is a black
colored beautiful dress, it has embroidery till
the waist and even on the hands. The dress
hugged my figure till my upper thighs then
flowed elegantly to the ground.
“Really? I think I look fine”
“Fine! You’re serious?! You look gorgeous.
Make sure you don’t kill the men at the party”
Nadia said hitting my arm.
I rolled my eyes. It was already 7 and Lahaina
will be here any moment and just then I
heard her voice calling me.
I quickly perfected my l!pstick and ran
downstairs with Nadia following me. As I
descended the stairs, I saw Lahaina standing
with her arms folded. She is wearing a short
red dress that ended on her mid thighs and
has a deep neck. The dress is so tight that it
leaves nothing to imagination.
I went and stood beside her. She saw me and
gave a disgusted look.
“You look awful” she said.
“At least she is not n@k£d. Like you” Nadia
spoke, my savior.
“Oh please you don’t have to speak, your little
mind will never know what fashion and high
cl@ss is” Lahaina said glaring us both.
“So high cl@ss means moving around without
clothes. Then I’m happy I don’t know high
cl@ss. Enjoy your high cl@ss party” Nadia
snapped putting stress on ‘high cl@ss’ every
time she said it. Then she hugged me and
“Where are dad and Juliea?” I asked.
“Already there. Now hurry up” Lahaina said
and walked out.
The party. I wish I don’t do anything stupid
there. Among all the media, billionaires and
the top businessmen, I feel I don’t belong to
that world.
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 04🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
Our car stopped outside the venue. The
entrance was all crowded by photographers
and journalists of different news channels.
Lahaina got out of the car and then looked at
I don’t want to go out. How am I gonna do
this, walk in front of so many people. What if
I sl!p and fall? I can’t make a fool of myself
and dad over here.
I got out of the car too and followed Lahaina
as she started moving towards the entrance. I
walked carefully not to fall on my face and
finally, I did it.
The place was crowded by many people. The
women dressed in beautiful dresses and
gowns were moving around with so much
grace. I really don’t belong here.
“There you are” dad said coming towards us
and hugged Lahaina. Juliea and uncle Max
followed him.
“How are you Caro?” Uncle Max said placing a
hand on my head.
“Good. It’s so good to see you after so many
years” I smiled back at him. Max is dad’s old
friend. I know him since I was just 3. He is a
very comp@ssionate man and loves me
Dad started talking to him about business
while Lahaina and Juliea were busy criticizing
and making fun of women and their dresses.
“I’ll go and talk to David about the deal” Uncle
Max told dad and left after a hand shake. As
soon as Max left Lahaina turned to dad and
started asking about their prey for tonight.
“Dad where is he?” She said.
“Must be here” Dad spoke turning and
searching for someone. “There” he said
referring to a man talking to a group of
people. His back was turned towards us so I
couldn’t see his face but I know it must be
the man. Aaron Woodwords. He had broad
shoulders and was wearing a black Armani
“Come here” Dad said and started walking
towards the man and Juliea followed him.
Lahaina held my hand and said slowly.
“You just wait and watch how I’m gonna make
him get on his knees for me, after all I don’t
have any competition over here”.
Then she grabbed my hand and we both went
and stood beside dad. Seeing us coming, dad
turned to the man talking to others, “Mr.
Woodwords” he said nervously. It’s the first
time I have ever seen my dad nervous.
The man turned around and….
What the hell???!!!!!
This was the last thing I expected. It was
him. The man on whom I threw money the
previous day outside the jewelry shop. I threw
money on his face! On a multi-billionaire!! On
the Aaron Woodwords!!!
He turned around and greeted my father.
Lahaina moved forward and shook hands
with him flirting a little. He didn’t see me yet,
I have to leave before he sees me. As I was
about to turn and leave dad spoke up.
“Mr. Woodwords, here’s my wife, Juliea and
these are my daughters, Lahaina and
Caroline” he introduced us.
He frowned seeing me but quickly covered it
up and put forward his hand for a
“Pleasure meeting you, Ms. Caroline Marshall”
he said with clenched teeth.
I was shivering out of fear. What if he tells
dad all that happened, dad will probably hang
me to death. Gaining courage I put my hand
forward too and shook his hand
“N..nice m..meeting you t..too. Mr.
W..woo..Woodwords” I said stammering.
He kept on staring me for a while and then
Lahaina interrupted “Mr. Woodwords, may we
have a drink” she said in a sultry tone.
He looked and her and then again at me,
giving me a death glare he said “May we have
a dance, Ms. Marshall”.
Oh no no no! Should I say no? Of course. I
turned to look at dad, dad just stared at me
confused while Lahaina was shocked. The
man literally ignored her. When I didn’t
answer he looked at dad and dad nodded
He took my hand in his large, warm ones and
started moving towards the dance floor. A
slow music was playing in the background,
he placed his hand on my waist and started
swaying to the music. I shivered with his
touch. What have I done?
He didn’t say anything for 2-3 minutes, we
just moved with the music. He was staring
me all the while. I turned my head to look in
dad’s direction, he was standing there
confused while Lahaina and Juliea were
fuming because of anger.
“I tried searching for you” he said in a silky
“What?” I asked confused.
“Do you really think that I will let anyone who
threw money on my face go away so easily?”
He said in a calm tone.
“I..I really wanted to apologize for that day
Mr. Woodwords. I didn’t mean to….” he cut
me off.
“You didn’t mean to break my car or you
didn’t mean to throw money on my face?” He
asked emphasizing the last five words.
“I’m really sorry for yesterday. Will you tell
my dad?” I asked and then regretted it. I
myself gave him an idea even if he didn’t
want to before he will definitely now.
“What if I do?” He said raising his brows.
“No please don’t. Please. I am apologizing.
Please” I begged him.
“I’ll see” he said with a smirk.
“By the way, the money you threw on me was
not sufficient for the harm you caused” he
said. Was he teasing me?
We danced slowly when he again spoke “you
work with your father?”
It was then when I remembered that I have
lost my job. “No. I used to work in a cafe” I
“Used to?” He asked.
“Yeah. The area you bought up today was
where the cafe was so…” I said looking at
him. He is really the most handsome man I
have ever seen.
“Oh” he said.
The song ended and he walked me back to
where dad was standing. Lahaina glared at
me angrily as if she will kill me any moment.
Mr Woodwords nodded to my dad and as
Lahaina moved towards him he excused
himself and went back in the crowd.
I turned to face dad. Oh no! I’m dead!
I looked at dad and can easily say that he is
furious. But why? Was it my fault that Mr.
Woodwords asked me for a dance? And it
was dad who gave him the permission.
They didn’t say anything there in the party.
After a few hours we thanked the host and
left for home.
“May I know what just happened over there?”
Juliea yelled at dad as soon as we entered
the house.
“I couldn’t have said no to him.” Dad said as
if it is the most obvious thing.
“And what about you?” Juliea glared at me.
“You bloody whore, how can you do this with
your own sister. Huh?!” Lahaina shouted on
top of her lungs.
“I didn’t do anything it was him who aske-”
she cut me off.
“He ignored me because of you! You bitch I
will kill you! I told you dad, not to take her
with us. She failed our plan”
“Don’t worry dear we will have more
opportunities” dad said and hugged her. He
then came to me and said furiously “get
I ran back to my room and locked it. Why it
has to be always me? Why is it always my
fault? Why am I always wrong? Am I that
bad? I went to my cupboard and took out a
photograph of my mom, hugged it and cried
my heart out. In all these years of my
painful life this is the only thing that gives
me solace.
I was wakened up by the ringing of my
phone. Without opening my eyes I picked it
up and placed it near my ear.
“Hello” I whispered in a sleepy voice.
“Caroline? Is it you?” A manly voice said
from the other end. I have heard this voice
before but I am too sleepy to think.
“Yes. Who’s this?” I asked, still eyes closed.
“Aaron” he said.
“Who Aaron? Do I know you?”. There was
silence for some time, I was about to hang
up when he said.
“It’s bad you forgot me so soon. Remember
we met yesterday at the party and before that
you crashed in my car and threw money at
“Mr. Woodwords!” I jerked opened my eyes
with that. Why is he calling me and how did
he get my number?
“So you remember” he said.
“ did you get my number?” I asked
sitting up on my bed.
“I have resources” he said casually.
Yeah! Of course! Rich people!
“W..Why did you call?” I asked slowly.
“You said yesterday that you are jobless since
I bought up your cafe” he stated.
Not just the cafe Mr. you bought up the entire
“I have a job for you”.
“Why? You’re offering job to everyone who
are now jobless because of you?” I asked
“Then why me? And I have my dad’s company
to work in, why will I work somewhere else?”
I wanted to accept the job because I really
don’t want to work with Juliea but after what
happened yesterday, I can’t accept.
“Fine. You can call me if you change your
mind.” He said and hung up.
Aaron Woodwords, the most successful
businessman called me to offer a job
himself and I rejected. This is the stupidest
thing anyone could ever do. But do I have a
Now I don’t have a job and I will definitely
not work in Juliea’s company and dad will not
allow me to work somewhere else. What am I
gonna do?
I got up and took a quick bath. I changed into
a white crop top and blue denims. Putting on
a bit of make up I went downstairs for
“Lahaina told me you lost your job” dad said
as I sat on the chair.
“Y..Yes. I will find a new one” I said with a
little hope.
“No. You will be working with us” he ordered.
“But dad..” he cut me off saying “From
tomorrow you will come to the office. Did I
make myself clear?” He gave me a don’t-you-
dare-say-no glare and I nodded.
After breakfast, I went to visit Nadia. She
lives near my house in a rented apartment.
The apartment is a small one but at least she
can say it hers.
“Hey Caro. How was the party? Did you find a
guy for you?” She asked cheerfully as she
hugged me.
“Nadia you know me well, to ask that
question” I said as I entered and sat on the
“Yeah, yeah. I don’t want to be in any kind of
relationship stuff” she mocked me. “Every
relationship is not like your parents and every
man is not like your father Caro.”
“I don’t care” I said looking at the ground.
“Ok, leave that. You saw him?” She asked
“Aaron Woodwords!”
“Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about that”
“About Aaron Woodwords? Did he fall for
Lahaina?” She asked unbelievably.
“No, he didn’t. Actually, the other day I told
you about that car incident?”
“Where you threw money on an egoistic rich
man? Yeah!” She chuckled. She really liked
that I did it and appreciated me for my work.
“I didn’t know it but when yesterday I met him,
I realized it was him”.
“Nadia? You’re hearing me?” I shook her.
“You mean you threw money on Aaron
Woodwords? The Aaron Woodwords?” She
freaked out.
“Calm down Nadia, there is more. Listen” I
After that I told her about the party, dance,
his phone call and dad’s order.
“What the hell is happening in your life!” She
“I know”. We just sat there for a while without
talking and moving.
“Let’s do something to cheer you up. From
tomorrow, you’ll be trapped with your jerk
parents and your super jerk sister, so let’s
have fun today. Window shopping?” She
asked happily.
Nadia is just like that, she’ll be worried a
moment and the next moment she goes all
crazy. She took my hand and dragged me out
with her. We spent the whole day moving
from one shop to another till we were so
tired that we couldn’t even walk.
The next morning I got up, took a bath and
wore a white blouse and black pencil skirt. I
wanted to look as professional as possible. I
promised myself not to ever work with Juliea
but I am breaking it today, I can’t say no to
dad or he will be so angry.
I went downstairs and took a cab to go to his
office. Reaching there I got out, took a deep
breath and entered inside. It’s the first time I
am here, I hate this place and never wanted
to come here but I have to.
“So there you are” Lahaina said irritated.
“What is my job here?” I asked.
“Laci, show her, her work” she said to a
beautiful girl who looked too professional.
“Sure, ma’am” the girl named Laci replied.
She took me to a cubicle and told me about
my work and all the instructions regarding
the company. She seemed to be very friendly
and delightful.
“I am Mr. Marshall’s secretary. You can call
me if you need any help. Just push this
button or come in my cabin” she said
showing me the telecom kept on my desk.
“Sure” I said smiling. This is gonna be tough.


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