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Mr billionaire episode 23 & 24

**** Caroline’s POV ****
“How about this one, Caro?” Nadia asked
turning around for the umpteenth time now,
showing her dress to me.
“I still think the first one was the best” I
sighed, shaking my head from left to right.
“Even I think the same Ms Hayden” I heard
the owner of the shop say.
“Really? Well, just one more is left okay? I
promise it will be the last one” she said and
ran back inside the changing room.
I rested my head on the bed stand and closed
my eyes as they started to pain because of
staring at the laptop screen for too long.
It’s been 4 days since we came back from
Milan. The whole week had been a complete
bliss, I and Aaron together where I was away
from my family, no restrictions, nothing to
fear off, nothing to worry or be sad and
more importantly a week where I didn’t felt
The next day to when we came back to New
York, Aaron announced about our relationship
in media. It took all the newspaper and news
channel by storm resulting in me being
locked up in my house.
Aaron had strictly instructed me not to move
out of the house as he didn’t wanted me to
get in any sort of trouble and I had obediently
agreed to him.
It was just yesterday when I asked Nadia to be
my maid of honour, and she is going crazy
after that.
For 3 hours now I am sitting in front of my
laptop waiting for her to finally finalise her
dress for the wedding. She had already tried
almost 20 of them and was still confuse
about it. ‘I want to look my best at your
wedding Caro. After all I’m getting the
opportunity to be your maid of honour!’ She
had said whenever I asked her to choose
something fast.
“How’s this?” I heard Nadia’s voice and
quickly opened my eyes turning my head
back to the screen.
It was a bright green, ankle length dress,
with a bit of sparkles all over and a slit in the
skirt area, making it look horrible.
“If you buy that one, I’m not gonna allow you
at my wedding. I swear” I said pointing my
index f!ng£r on the screen.
“Is it that bad? I think you are right. I’ll take
the first one only” she smiled idiotically.
“Finally. Because I was about to doze off” I
sighed while she made a puppy face making
me chuckle.
“Ok then. It’s done. I’ll buy that one and do
shopping for you and meet you at your place
in maybe 2 hours” she said and finally ended
the video call.
I folded the laptop and placed it on the bed
side table, then pulled the covers over my
eyes, not wanting to allow even the slightest
trace of light to enter.
Aaron is taking care of all the arrangements
for our wedding and Nadia is taking care of
shopping while I am just sitting in my room
trying to think of something productive to do.
I wanted to go out to have some fresh air but
I didn’t wanted to grab attention of the all the
people who are very keen to know about ‘the
woman who is going to be the great
billionaire’s bride’ and neither did I wanted to
hear Lahaiana and Juliea taunt me about how
bad of a wife I’m gonna be for Aaron.
I closed my eyes still thinking of something
better to do and drifted off to sleep.
“Get up bitch!” Someone shouted in my ear,
pulling off the covers from my face making
me sit upright on the bed.
“Here I am walking for the entire day under
the blazing sun shopping for you and you are
sleeping peacefully on your bed!” Nadia
shouted again, throwing all the shopping
bags on me.
“Why cant you wake me up normally anyway
what else am I supposed to do?” I yawned,
placing my hand on my mouth.
“Get me something to drink. You don’t know
how to treat guests!” Nadia said and sat on
the bed faking anger.
“Sorry. You know where the kitchen is go get
something” I giggled but she glared me and I
ran down to bring something to drink for
While I was pouring some juice for Nadia,
Lahaina entered the kitchen she saw me and
was about to say something when I ignored
her completely and moved out. I breathed out
in relief when she didn’t followed me out.
I’ve heard enough from her and her mother
for the last four days and I won’t take it
anymore now. Just because I don’t answer
back doesn’t mean they can say anything they
want to, at least not anymore.
“Here” I said giving Nadia the gl@ss of orange
juice. She took it and gulped it down in one
swift move.
She then showed me all the things she had
bought for me and even what all she had
bought for her.
While we were paying all the stuffs back in
the shopping bags Nadia asked the most
awaited and unanswered question “everything
else is done Caro. What about your wedding
“Aaron said he’ll see to it” I said not sure of
“Just 10 days are to go. He must have
forgotten about it in his work. Ask him” she
said in a concerned tone.
“Yeah I will” I sighed.
Nadia is right, the last time I met Aaron was
the day when we landed back in New York. He
has been very busy lately, because of the
preparations, the media chaos and also his
buis£ness work. I pity him, he is doing so
much for me while I can’t do anything to ease
his work.
Though we talk almost everyday but we don’t
get to see each other and I miss him.
Even though he was so busy he took up the
responsibility for my wedding gown, he had
said he will choose it for me as I was not
allowed to move out but now it’s getting late.
“Alright. I’m leaving then. If you need
anything please don’t bother to trouble me”
Nadia said giving me a hug then walking out
with her bags in her hand.
I again went back to bed, staring the ceiling
and thinking about how beautifully my life
has changed.
In just 10 days I will be married to the man
with whom I am hopelessly in love with.
Before meeting Aaron I never thought I can
like any man and especially a rich one like
him but he stood differently among all.
I never imagined a man like Aaron, extremely
good looking, smart, charming, will choose a
simple girl like me to be his wife and it all
still feels like a dream. A dream that I never
want to come to an end.
I wish mom was here to see me. She would
have been so happy to see me get married to
Aaron, to see me elated and to see me finally
going away from dad. I wish I could get her
blessings on such a remarkable day of my
After an hour I again felt my eyes getting
heavy due to the drowsiness I felt at the
moment. I am feeling too sleepy these days,
as it is I don’t have any work to do, the only
things I do is eat, sleep, bath and talk to
people. Nadia, Dylan and Aaron to be precise.
And if I get terribly bored I pack my stuffs.
Isn’t there any way to donate my sleep to
some insomniacs? No? I think I better sleep
now or I’ll go crazy by all the thoughts going
on in my mind.
I jerked open my eyes as my stomach
growled again. I had skipped lunch and
dinner just to avoid meeting Lahaina and dad
but I will starve if I don’t eat anything now.
Looking over at the clock, I sighed. It is
12:15 now and everyone must be asleep so I
can go and make something to eat without
being seen.
I tip toed down towards the kitchen in
complete darkness. Turning on the lights, I
pulled the half apple pie that was still there
in the refrigerator and placed it on the
counter to devour it.
After almost 15 mins when I was done,
feeding myself, I went back to my room only
to find my phone ringing on the bed. I ran
towards it and quickly picked it up seeing the
caller id.
“Hey!” I said in an excited sing song way.
“Why are you still awake? Your room’s lights
are on” Aaron said chuckling.
“I slept the entire day and now was hungry so
I jus…. wait… how do you know my room
lights are on?” I frowned.
“Look out of your window” he simply said.
Moving towards the window, I pushed it open
and looked down on the empty dark street.
There at a distance was a black car and a
man leaning on it whom I can never mistake
to recognise.
“What are you doing here, this late?” I smiled
waving my hand to him.
“Come down. I need to show you something”
he waved back.
“We’re going somewhere?” I asked, more
excited that confused. It feels so good to see
him after all these days, though it’s not been
that long but it still feels like a century ago.
Okay, I know I’m exaggerating.
“Yep. No more questions. Come down” he
started on with a stern voice but chuckled
towards the end.
Ending the call, I threw my phone on the bed
and changed into a pair of jeans and shirt. I
thought of tying my hairs in a bun but left it
open and tip toed outside the house.
Once I was out, I ran to where Aaron was
standing and hugged him happily “I missed
He broke the hug after a long time and
placed his l!ps over mine, klzzing
p@ssionately, showing he missed me as much
with just that one klzz.
After some time he stepped back and opened
the car door for me, making me sit inside. He
took his place on the driving seat and
started the engine.
“Where are we going this late?” I asked as he
drove through the silent streets.
“You’ll see” he said raising his left brow and
“Till when will this news thing go on?” I was
really pissed off by it now. At first I don’t
like getting all this attention, then I can’t go
out of my house and can’t even meet Aaron.
It’s just so irritating.
“Till maybe our wedding. After which they
will get something else to go after and leave
us alone” he sighed. Even he seemed
irritated by the media thing.
After some 10 mins drive he stopped outside
a boutique. I was surprised to see it still
open, when it’s 1 o’clock at night.
“Shouldn’t it be closed till now” I said to
Aaron referring to the boutique towards
which we walked.
“If I would have came here at day time those
crazy people would have followed and I know
you hate it all so I asked my designer friend
Casey to stay for some more time” he
explained as we walked inside the showroom
filled with designer dresses.
“You never asked my boy, you ordered” a
woman in her forties came and hugged
She turned towards me and pulled me to in a
hug knocking the air out of me “you are
prettier than he told me about you”.
“You’ll choke her Casey. Leave her” Aaron
said and the woman left me. Thank you.
“You call me at 9 at night and ‘order’ me to
stay here till the time you come here with
your lovely fiancé and I can’t even greet her!”
Casey rolled her eyes while I laughed.
“Whatever. Show her her gown” Aaron spoke
making Casey stomp her feet on the ground
and moving away.
She called for me after some time and Aaron
walked me to where she was adjusting
something in a dress.
I g@sped as she moved away and gestured
me to look at the dress. It was breathtaking.
Not the normal, traditional white wedding
gown but a peach coloured dress, with red
small little flowers all over the chest, some
even in the start of the skirt area. The gown
flowed out elegantly, again the red flowers
on the bottom of the dress making it look the
most amazing wedding gown I ever saw.
“Hope you liked it” Aaron whispered in my
ear, snaking his arm around my waist while I
stood there with my hands over my mouth
and eyes wide.
“This man made me work like a maniac for
just a single dress, you have to like it” Casey
said in a stern tone.
“This is far beyond beautiful” I whispered.
“Great!” Casey said and pulled me with her by
my arm, then stopped looking over at Aaron
and ordering him to go out.
“I’m gonna do the fitting. You will wait
outside, though you chose it you will see her
wear this only on your wedding day” she
instructed and Aaron agreed after a long
After another hour and lots of changes the
dress fitting was finally done. Casey even
helped me with few other accessories with
the dress. I thanked her for putting so much
effort for me but she just shrugged saying
she knows Aaron since he was a kid and is
herself excited and looking forward to the
Aaron dropped me home, where we chatted
for some time, before we bid goodbyes and I
retired back to bed.
The next few days were chaotic, with Aaron
s£nding people at home for cake tasting and
all, other wedding preparations going on,
relatives visiting, though not many as Lahaina
and Juliea were h@rdly taking part in
anything. I doubt whether they will even
attend the ceremony or not.
Dad, on the other hand, was very excited
about it, he was trying to do his best to
impress Aaron and showing how much it all
mattered to him too but nothing can change
the fact that he was faking it.
I didn’t realise how fast the days flew away,
indeed time flies like an arrow and now the
day was here. The big day. My wedding day.
**** Aaron’s POV ****
“I don’t think this marriage will happen”
“Neither do I. I’m having a bad feeling since
“Maybe she’ll change her decision today” Nate
said while the other two men hummed and
nodded their head.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror,
adjusting my cuffs and moving a hand over
the armani suit I was wearing.
This is it. The day is finally here, the most
important day of every person’s life. Today is
the day when I’ll be taking vows for a life
long commitment to the most amazing
person in my life.
Just a month ago I used to think that
marriage is just not a cup of tea for me but
now when I know what the future holds, I
wouldn’t want to trade this day for anything
else in the world.
I turned my head to look at Nate who was
standing next to me and staring at me very
keenly. Turning a bit more I realised Brian
and Kevin were doing the same.
“What?” I asked lifting a quizzical brow.
“Man! I never knew this day will come this
soon” Nate said patting my shoulder with a
radiant smile on his face.
“Of course! You were the one who had girls
pinning over you for your looks, I never
thought you’ll be first to tie the knot amount
us” Kevin said pursing his l!ps together.
Neither did I. Before the day when dad placed
that contract in front of me, I never imagined
this day will ever come. Just a mere thought
of commitment used to scare the shit out of
me. Not now.
Thinking about that contract I feel bad that I
have still not informed about it to Caroline,
not that it matters anymore. I agree that I
decided to marry her just for the contract but
now I don’t give a fv¢k to anything. I’ll be
marrying her today, making her mine for ever
and that is what matters. That contract can
rot in hell.
Looking back at the mirror and adjusting my
tie for one last time I started moving outside
my room only to be stopped by Brian.
Why did I even bothered to invite them here?
Oh wait, I never invited them.
“I think you should call Caroline once. It’ll be
very humiliating if she didn’t show up
“…when you will be standing at the end of
the aisle, with people waiting for the bride
but, poof, she never came” Kevin completed.
“What are you going to answer the journalists
out there, who are waiting with their cameras
ready to have a picture with the newly weds.
Damn! What is going to happen to your
reputation, Aaron!” Nate said throwing his
hands in the air.
“What the fv¢k is wrong with you guys?” I
literally shouted at them. They were pestering
me about it since the time they landed up
here and even forced me to call Caroline. I
did call her once only to be informed by her
friend, Nadia, that she is getting ready and I
should not bother her and then what did she
do? She switched Caroline’s phone off. What
is happening with everyone today!
I was controlling my anger from a very long
time but it just enough now. “Why are you all
talking like she won’t turn up for the
ceremony?” I asked closing my eyes shut to
control my temper.
“I don’t know. I just know” Nate said, and the
next moment the room was filled with
“fv¢k off, you morons” I cursed and moved
out of the room, slamming the door shut
behind me.
I was already being a nervous wreck, and
then these bastard’s just fueled it for me.
Taking deep breaths, I tried to get my anger
under control. When I felt I was done, I
pulled on a straight face and moved towards
the backyard of my father’s house, where the
ceremony was about to take place.
This was the place where my parents got
married and mom always wished the same
for me. When dad informed that he wants the
wedding to be in his backyard I agreed
“My boy!” I heard dad’s voice from behind but
he was not alone. He had a gang of fv¢kingly
crazy @ssholes behind him.
“Nathaniel said you’re having second
thoughts” he said with a frown while Nate
smirked standing behind him.
“You know him dad. He’s lying” I sighed.
“You have no idea how happy you make me
today, son” he smiled, his face radiating his
This is the first time I’m seeing him so happy
after mom’s death, and knowing I caused this
happiness made a smile form on my l!ps too.
He wasn’t this happy even the time when I got
him a deal done worth 3 millions. I gave him
a nod and he hugged me, patting my back.
After a couple of minutes the backyard
started to fill with guests, all taking their
seats and chatting with each other, till it was
time for me to make an appearance.
The wedding planner came and informed us
that the bride had finally arrived, to which
Nate seemed a bit disappointed that his
prediction went wrong.
I walked into the backyard, taking my place
beside the wedding officiant, while the three
men followed me and stood behind me as
they were, unfortunately, the groom’s men.
We waited for sometime, but Caroline wasn’t
anywhere to be seen. “Damn! She didn’t
came!” Nate whispered to me and I felt a
sudden urge to punch him on the face but
suddenly the music started to play and
everyone turned their heads towards the
Nadia walked down the aisle first, taking her
place as the maid of honor. After a wait of
few more seconds, the most awaited moment
was finally there.
Everyone g@sped, looking at Caroline, as she
moved towards me with tiny steps. Many of
them turned towards me to see my reaction,
but I was too mesmerised to pay attention to
any of them. She was staring at the ground
below her feet while I was waiting for her to
look up at me, so that I could see her
beautiful face which would now be turned to
a light shade of pink.
I felt so proud to have her as she walked
with great elegance, as if it was a normal
walk when I know she must be freaking from
“How does she know, the Dylan fv¢king
Van@ssche?” Brian spoke, leaning towards
me. It was then I saw that the man walking
her down the aisle was none other than
Dylan. I wonder where that bastard who calls
himself her father is.
Brian was still waiting for an answer but I
didn’t bothered to answer him and focused on
the scene in front of me.
Finally, when she reached near me, she
looked up, from behind her veil, making my
heart skip a beat. Giving me a small smile
she ascended the two steps and stood in
front of me.
Though I didn’t wanted to move my eyes away
from her gorgeous face, I turned to look at
Dylan who was glaring holes in my head.
I glared back till he placed Caroline’s hand in
mine, giving me a haunted look, that clearly
showed how much the woman standing in
front of me meant to him.
I softened my expressions and gave him a
slight nod, he repeated my act and moved
back, to take his seat among the other
We finally turned to face the Bishop who was
standing there till now patiently. He gave us
a nod and opened the book he was holding in
his hand, murmuring some prayers.
“You look even better than I fantasised about
you” I whispered in Caroline’s ear. She didn’t
say anything, just giggled, her cheeks turning
a deeper shade of red.
We waited, as the officiant spoke the prayers
to which I didn’t payed any attention to, until it
was time to finally take the vows.
“Do you, Aaron Woodwords,
Take, Caroline Marshall,
To be your wife;
To have and to hold,
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
‘Till death do you part.”
The Bishop spoke and turned to me. I looked
into Caroline’s brown eyes, taking a deep
breath, before finally saying it “I do” with a
smile that reached her l!ps too.
He then turned to face Caroline..
“Do you, Caroline Marshall,
Take, Aaron Woodwords,
To be your husband;
To have and to hold,
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
‘Till death do you part.”
“I do” she said the next moment, with a huge
smile spread on her face.
The Bishop gave us our wedding bands and
we sl!pped it into each other’s f!ng£rs.
“With the power invested in me at this
moment, I now pronounce you both man and
wife. You may klzz the bride”
As soon as he said those words, I pulled
Caroline to me, removing the veil from over
her face and covering her mouth with mine,
sealing a life long deal.
It was not long when Kevin patted my
shoulder and pulled me lightly “Enough man!
We all are still here” he barked. The crowd
cheered and laughed while I finally pulled
back, giving a death glare to the men
standing behind me.
Kevin just shrugged and gestured me to look
somewhere. I followed his gaze over to
where Dylan was sitting in the first row, with
an expression that was enough to tell how
desperately he want to rip my head off. I
smirked at him, wanting him to tell that she
was my wife and he has no power over it
“You’re officially mine from this moment” I
whispered into Caroline’s ear, taking her hand
in mine and guiding her inside the mansion
where the after party was about to start.
After the cake cutting and numerous rounds
of dancing we finally sat down at one corner
of the hall, where people, one after another,
came and congratulated us.
“All this feels so good” Caroline said, looking
around the hall, with a toothy smile.
“Hmm” I hummed entwining my f!ng£rs with
hers and brushing the back of her hand over
my l!ps.
I wanted to ask her about where James was,
as I met Lahaina and Juliea sometime ago
and not him, but I didn’t because I didn’t
wanted to spoil her mood.
Did he die? Nah, I won’t be able to digest all
this happiness in a single day.
“Okay so will you tell me now where we are
going?” She asked her eyes twinkling with
We will leave for our honeymoon right after
this party and I’ve still not informed her of
where we are going. I want it to be a surprise
for her.
“Patience love” I chuckled as she pouted and
I pecked her l!ps.
Just then Nate and Brian came there, pulling
out their chairs and sitting next to us.
“Why don’t you both leave. The party is
almost over” I said to them with a bored
“We’ll leave when K is done” Brian shrugged,
picking up my gl@ss of champagne and
sipping from it.
“Where is he?” Caroline asked.
I don’t know why but she really liked these
men. Two days ago when I made her meet
them, she enjoyed their company and had told
me that these were some amazing people. I
agree that they are wonderful, that is why
they are my friends, but they can be very
irritating sometimes. Like today.
“He went to chat with a girl. Your maid of
honour to be precise” Nate said with a wink.
“Oh no. Please stop him” Caroline spoke with
a concerned look.
“Don’t worry, girls love him” Brian @ssured
her, to which she just smiled and looked
around for Nadia.
So they don’t really give a fv¢k that this is
my wedding day and the girl he went after is
my wife’s best friend.
Moments later, Nadia came there too, her
face red with anger, but Kevin was nowhere
to be seen.
She roughly pulled a chair for herself and
sat next to Caroline. Caroline looked over at
me with a worry look then asked Nadia,
placing a hand on her shoulder.
“What happened?”
“Just came across a bloody pervert! What’s
wrong with these men! I felt like committing
a murder!” She said between clenched teeth.
“Are you talking about Kevin?” Brian asked
with a mischievous smirk.
“You know him?” She asked lifting her head
and looking at all our faces “don’t tell me
he’s your friend” she literally begged me to
say no.
I didn’t say anything but nodded my head, to
which she looked at Caroline with an
apologetic face.
“He deserves your curses” I chuckled and she
“Okay, you guys talk, I’ll just go and change.
This dress is really heavy” Caroline said and I
immediately got up from my seat to help her
She chirped a thank you and started to move
towards the rooms, to the left where our
bags and clothes were all ready and packed.
Dylan was standing at a distance in that
direction with a gl@ss of wine and doing
something on his phone, maybe not aware of
“I think you’ll need my help” I called out to
her. She turned around giggling, and shook
her head “I think I can manage on my own”.
“Stupid @sshole!” Nate and Brian said in
unison and I clenched my fists, not wanting
to have a funeral on my wedding day.
“I think I’ll help her” Nadia said and walked
p@ssed me, lifting her gown a little from the
ground and running to catch up with
I watched as Caroline moved gracefully,
stopping for a second to wave at Dylan, then
walking towards the suite of rooms.
It was the next moment when Dylan finally
pocketed his phone and turned to walk
towards our table only to bump into the
woman who was running after her friend.
They both stilled after the impact, with Dylan
glaring at her and she looking down at her
dress, now had a big strain of the drink
which was in Dylan’s hand a few seconds
Caroline too stopped in her tracks, hearing
the gl@ss break into pieces, turning to look at
the duo with her eyes bugging out.
Well, this is gonna be interesting.


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