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Mr billionaire episode 15 & 16

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 15🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I stood there rooted to the ground as Aaron
moved his l!ps on mine, my heart beat was
racing as he tightened his grip around my
waist and drew me closer to him, if that was
even possible.
At first the klzz was simple and sweet but
then it turned promising and p@ssionate as
Aaron explored my mouth.
After god knows how long, he stopped and
looked at me, I maintained my gaze on the
ground, blushing h@rd.
“You look damn cute when you blush” Aaron
said and chuckled, holding my chin with his
fore f!ng£r and thumb making me look into
his eyes.
“I promise you won’t regret this decision” he
said, his face turning serious.
“I know” I whispered, my face turning red.
We sat on the couch as Aaron discussed
about the arrangements and stuffs related to
our wedding. I didn’t say anything and just
listened or more like drooled over him.
He is really very handsome, I had heard
Lahaina and Nadia talk about his looks but
now I realise he is much more than what they
say. Everything around him shouts
perfection. How can someone so good
looking choose me?
“Loving the view, eh?” He said teasingly,
bringing me out of my la la land.
I quickly diverted my gaze to which he
laughed deeply. Oh, how much I love to hear
him laugh!
“Why are we discussing it now? I mean… we
still have time till marriage. Right?” I asked
him, trying to change the topic.
“We’re getting married in a month!” He stated
and I looked at him shocked, my mouth wide
“But, don’t you think that’s too soon?” I asked
him and he just smiled.
“I want you to be mine as soon as possible,
sweetheart” he said pecking my nose.
We talked for some more time before Aaron
offered to drop me off back home. I didn’t
realize but it was already past midnight.
Reaching my house, we got out of the car. I
smiled at Aaron and turned to leave when he
caught my arm and pecked on my l!ps.
“Miss me” he smiled and I went inside.
Next morning I got up with a bright smile
plastered on my l!ps. It was just yesterday I
was pacifying myself not to cry anymore and
today I am grinning like an idiot.
I got ready for office and went down for
breakfast. Jane told me that everyone had
already left with dad. I quickly took a slice of
bread and ran out to catch a cab.
As I was about to enter dad’s building, I
spotted a brand new red lamborghini parked
just next to the entrance. It had a huge red
ribbon on it and my hands itched to go and
touch it once but I refrained myself from
doing so. If I even got a scratch on it the
owner will definately sue me and I won’t look
good in a prisoner’s attire. Will I?
I chuckled at my own thoughts and went
inside. Drowning myself in work, I completely
forgot about everything. It was when my
phone buzzed I realised I missed my lunch.
“Hello?” I said without checking the caller id.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t take your call yesterday, I
was busy” Nadia apologised.
“No leave it. I can understand you don’t have
time for me now, I know you don’t love me” I
said dramatically, suppressing my laughter.
“You’re such a bitch! I skipped my work for
four god damn days for you and now you’re
doing this! If I wouldn’t have worked like
crazy and finished it all yesterday, my boss
would have fired me!” She started to shout at
the end and I burst out laughing.
“Ok Ok. I forgive you”
“So, what is it. Sounding quite cheerful. What
happened” Nadia asked in a suspicious tone.
“I’ll tell you when we meet” I smiled thinking
about my evening with Aaron.
“Then come to my place now! I’m home” she
“I’ll have to ask dad for it” I sighed and cut
the call.
After working for a little more time I went to
dad’s cabin to ask for a leave for the rest of
the day.
His behaviour was unusually different, not
like every other time when he used to give
me disgusting looks and used to curse me.
“Of course you can” was what he said smiling
when I asked him for rest of the day off.
Strange. Isn’t it?
I went down and waited for a cab when
someone tapped my shoulder. Turning
around I saw a man, dressed in a formal
“Are you Caroline Marshall?” He asked with a
straight face.
“Yes?” I answered that sounded more like a
“This is for you” he said and handed me a
key. I looked at him confused for a while
then asked.
“What’s this for?”
“Mr. Woodwords ordered to give this to you”
he said pointing towards the key and then to
somewhere near the parking area.
There were not many cars there but the one
that caught my eye was the red lamborghini
with a red ribbon on it, the same one I saw in
the morning. But that can’t be true. Right?
“The keys are for the car over there” he said
pointing to the extremely expensive red car. I
didn’t say anything and just stood there, after
a while when I realised it was reality and he
was really talking about the car I was
admiring earlier I quickly took out my phone
and dialled Aaron’s number.
“Already missing me sweetheart?” Aaron said
in a flirty tone.
“What this car about, Aaron?” I said coming
to the point, though his comment made my
heart flutter.
“Just a small little gift, love” he said as if
gifting a brand new Lamborghini was a
casual thing.
“Small?! Are you seriously serious?! It’s a
Lamborghini for God’s sake Aaron” I said
throwing my free hand in the air.
“My name sounds really s£×y by your lovely
mouth” he said ignoring my comment, making
me blush. This man will be the death of me.
“I can’t take this small little gift” I said saying
the last three words in a sarcastic way.
“Why? You didn’t like it? I can get it replaced”
Aaron said turning serious now.
“It’s wonderful! But-” he cut me off.
“I got to know that James does not allow you
to use his cars, I want you to be safe
Caroline, you are accepting this and that’s it.
No buts!” He stated firmly.
“Then you could have get something…” I
thought for a while to get a perfect word
“something less expensive” I end up saying.
“It is not expensive” as if I am going to
believe it “and moreover I want everything to
be the best one for my beautiful fiancé. Is it
a crime?”
“No buts! Either keep it or leave it there to
rot. I’m not taking it back, neither will I let
anyone else take it”
I kept mum for some time when he again
spoke “It’s my first gift to you Caroline. You
won’t do this to me. Will you?” He said it so
sweetly that a smile crept on my face
unknowingly and my heart melted like butter.
“Ok. But I won’t take anything like this ever
again” I tried to say it firmly but it ended up
like a request.
“I can’t promise” Aaron chuckled.
“So, when are you giving me a ride on it Ms.
“Whenever you say Mr. Woodwords” I said
playing around. We both laughed and ended
the call, not before Aaron told me how much
he wanted to make me his asap.
I thanked the man who was standing behind
me patiently all the while I was talking to
Aaron. Moving towards the car, I took a
closer look to it. Aaron is definately crazy to
gift something like this.
I took off the red ribbon from it and pushed
the button on the key to open its door. I got
inside the unbelievably comfortable seats of
the car and started the engine. Pulling back
my leg from the clutch, I pushed the
accelerator slightly, it purred and I drove to
Nadia’s apartment.
Reaching her place, I parked the car, in the
parking area, in front of her building and
went to her floor.
To my surprise, Nadia was already standing at
her doorstep as if waiting for someone. She
was staring at the ground, lost in deep
thoughts and didn’t realised my pres£nce.
“Hey Nad” I said pinching her arm and she
“What are you dreaming about?” I asked her
raising my brows.
“You!” She snapped. “What the fv¢k is that?!”
She dragged me with her to a window and
pointed to the car Aaron gifted me.
“I called you yesterday but you were busy, I
won’t explain” she glared me and I decided
not to take long in cracking the news to her
“Ok I’m telling” I said and placed my hand in
front of my face in surrender.
Nadia was glaring me all the while but her
eyes got wider and she clutched my hand,
staring at the ring on my ring f!ng£r.
“Now, what the super fv¢k is this?!” She
exclaimed. Her eyes trying to come out of
their sockets.
Okay, this is gonna be tough.
Standing in front of a really angry friend, I
tried to come up with something by which she
won’t freak out but nothing came to my
“Speak up Caroline, speak up! Don’t tell me
you got married without my pres£nce.
Remember we promised each other to share
every single thing? Wait… why am I even
talking of this?! Whom the bloody hell did you
get married to? I know you almost loved
Aaron and were heartbroken when he
declared to marry that bitch but that doesn’t
mean you will just go and marry any random
person… and if there maybe even a slight
possibility that you suddenly decided to get
married to someone… that explains only
about the ring. What about the fv¢kingly
amazing car?! And…”
“Stop or I’m calling Dylan” I cut her off after
a long long time. And Dylan worked.
“Don’t change the topic bitch!” She cried. She
spoke all that in a single breath, her face
turned a little red which I am super sure is
because of all the anger.
“Ok then hear me out first and then speak” I
tried to calm her down but she just folded
her arms on her chest and urged me to
Then I explained her every single thing that
happened within this 24 hrs, everything about
dad’s revelation, Aaron’s proposal, me going
to his penthouse, his explanation for the
charity event, him proposing me for
marriage, my yes, him gifting me a
ridiculously expensive car, and of course
missing out the little detail of our klzz.
“So, now you are engaged to the great Aaron
Woodwords, and about to marry him within a
month” she looked at me with an unusual
expression then grabbed me in a tight hug
“that’s so amazing!”
“You’re not angry?”
“Idiot I’m so happy for you. Oh my god,
you’re getting married! I’ll be your maid of
honour” she literally jumped and I joined her.
“Let’s go shopping for you and I’ll drive”
snatching the keys from my hands she ran
out. I chuckled and ran out after her.
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 16🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
“Woah Caro, this car is fv¢king amazing”
Nadia said tossing the keys towards me.
It’s been three hours since Nadia is dragging
me with her from one shop to another.
According to her I should be the most
wonderful bride in history. I know she is
We have bought so many beautiful dresses
which I know dad would have never allowed
me to wear but she literally forced or rather
threatened me to buy it so I did. We bought
quite a few things and she has made a big,
big wishlist in her head which we will be
buying later, as we were short of money
today. You know dad never gives me any.
The whole drive she was blabbering about
how amazing this car is and that how lucky I
am which I agree to her. I am too lucky, not
because I have this car but, because I have
Aaron now.
She stopped at the entrance and we jumped
out. Picking up all the shopping bags we
moved inside only to be greeted by the one
person whom I really didn’t want to confront.
“Where do you get that thing from?” Lahaiana
asked in her usual angry tone. She was
pointing towards the car Aaron got me. I had
thought she would have been at the office at
this time but unfortunately…
“You didn’t go to the office?” I asked her,
with a small smile. I didn’t wanted to talk
about Aaron to her so I tried to change the
“No, I didn’t. So what can you do. You better
mind your own fv¢king business” she glared,
pointing her index f!ng£r at me.
Nadia stepped in front of me. Oh my knight
without shinning armor!
“Exactly bitch, mind your own fv¢king
business” Nadia replied with a sugary voice.
“Stay out of this Nadia Hayden!” She shouted
on her and then turned to me again “and I
asked you a question. Answer me”
I don’t like it when she talks to me like that,
but today the fury in her eyes was visible. It
was like if given a chance she would kill me
without a second thought and that thought
made me shiver.
I opened my mouth to answer but Nadia
stopped me.
“She is not answering you Lahaina, bitch! And
don’t you fv¢king dare to raise your voice at
me, I can be the worst person you know and I
@ssure you, you don’t want to see that side of
me. And about that car, well, Aaron
Woodwords gave it to Caro. Yup! The same
Aaron Woodwords who rejected you!” Nadia
raised her voice with every s£ntence she
I was shocked to see her like that, I mean I
know she can be bad but believe me it’s the
first time I’ve seen her like this. I looked at
Lahaiana and she had the same shocked
expression on her face.
“Well… Nadia why don’t you come to my
room” I held Nadia’s hand and started pulling
her upstairs to my room. I don’t want these
two to get in any further arguments, and I
know Lahaina well, she can destroy Nadia’s
career if she wants, after all she has a bit
power too.
“You will regret this conversation” Lahaina
shouted from behind. Not sure for whom it
was I ignored her and pulled Nadia with me
but she freed her hand and turned towards
her. God, her and her short temper!
“Maybe. Anyway I wanted to ask you
something. Should I?” She asked in a normal
tone to which I frowned. Something is up.
Lahaina just stood staring at her so she
“So, dear Lahaina, will you please bless Caro
with your pres£nce at her wedding as the
bride’s maid?” She said it in the exact same
tone as Lahaina said it before.
I couldn’t help but chuckle at this. Mental
note: never be on Nadia’s bad side.
She turned and this time pulled me with her
to my room. Placing the bags near the bed
we chatted, laughed and had a great time
until Dylan called me.
“Come outside, I’m standing in front of your
house” he said in an unusual tone before I
could even chirp a hello.
“Coming” and he ended the call. What
happened to him?!
Nadia and I went downstairs and out, he never
enters this house, he hates this place as
much as he hates dad.
Dylan was standing next to his car, looking
really pissed, he looked at me and then at
Nadia. Nadia excused herself saying she
needs rest. What is going on between them?
“Hey what’s up” I asked cheerfully.
“Is it true, you’re engaged to that Aaron
Woodwords?” He asked with a stern look. I
could never lie to him, so nodded my head in
“You didn’t even bother to inform me of this”
he was angry. But why?
“I..I… called you yesterday” What is
happening to everyone today. I never saw him
this angry. First Nadia and now him.
“James forced you, right?”
“No, not actually. It was my decision” which
was the truth. Thought dad threatened me to
say yes but in the end it was all my decision.
“You’re lying”
“No I’m not. I like him brother. But why are
you soo angry?”
“Aaron is a playboy, do you even know him?
No, you don’t. But I do know him. He is not
good for you. He is a d!¢k. He will ruin your
life Caro” Dylan said, his eyes filled with care
for me. He cares for me a lot, he has seen
mom go through all her pain and he fears
for me.
“No he won’t. He likes me too, he is an
amazing person. You’re saying this about him
because you have seen him only in the
business world, he maybe like that in
business but not with me. I love to be with
him, I want to” I tried to convince him.
Dylan will never think anything bad of me, he
loves me too much, but I still defended
Aaron. I don’t know why I did it but I just
wanted to, and I don’t regret it. I trust Aaron,
he will never make me regret it.
“But Caro….” his voice turned softer.
“I trust him Dylan. And I know you trust me.
Why don’t we all meet somewhere, you’ll get
to know him outside business. What say?” I
said, punching him playfully on his arm.
“No. I’ll talk to him myself” he sighed.
“Don’t you dare!” I glared him. If he went to
talk to him I don’t know what they will end up
doing. Dylan and Aaron turning into enemies
is the last thing I want at this point. “We will
all meet and then you can talk, I give you the
liberty of choosing where”
“Fine” he finally agreed and I hugged him
happily “But what if I still don’t like him?” He
asked raising his brows and breaking the
“Don’t worry you will” I smiled, sure of it
more than anything else.
Dylan nodded with an I’m-still-not-convinced
“When did you come back from California?” I
“Today when I got to know the news” he
answered with a straight face.
“Awww… sorry” I pouted and he pinched my
cheeks. Then sitting back in his car, he left.
*ring ring*
What the hell!!
*ring ring*
My phone has been buzzing for a long time
now but I am too sleepy to pick it up. I tried
to open my eyes but failed. Irritated from the
damn ringing I stuffed my head between the
pillows and tried to sleep again.
*ring ring*
Damn! I picked it up and placed it to my ear,
not saying anything, waiting for the person on
the other side to say first.
Really?! Seriously?! Seriously seriously?!!!!!
I had invited a few ghosts at my place and we
were having fun drinking blood, dancing on
weird songs and planning to hunt humans
until you called!
Who calls this late at night and asks this
question!! I was about to shout at whoever
was on the other end when my mind started
working miraculously and I realised I know
this voice.
“The one and only” he chuckled.
Switching on the light I sat up in bed, turning
my head to the right I looked at the clock, 2
“What happened?”
“Can’t I call you without a reason?” He played
around. This man called me at 2 at night just
to flirt?
“At 2 am? Very well” I answered back.
“Fine. I did call you for a reason” He said, his
voice turning serious.
“Hmm. I’m all ears” I like how I can talk to
him without any care of anything and be my
real self. When I’m with him I don’t need to
think and speak I just say it out.
“How do you know Dylan Van@ssche?”
“You have called me this late to ask about
Dylan Van@ssche?” I asked unbelievably, I had
thought there must have been something
really important but this.
“Yes” was all he said.
“Oh, I just know him” I answered, he called
me so late for such a question, he’ll get such
an answer.
“How?” His voice sounded angry. Why is he
angry now? A minute before he was flirting
and now… God! Declare it the ‘world’s angry
“Is something wrong? Why are you angry”
“I saw you with him in that party and I got to
know he even visited you today at your
house. He hates me and the feeling is mutual
so he can use you against me, he can try to
hurt you and I don’t want that to happen”
Aaron explained while I listened to him
A small smile formed on my l!ps knowing he
cares that much.
“Don’t worry he’s of no harm” I tried to calm
him down.
“How do you know? I talked to him today on
phone and that bloody human said he is your
boyfriend, and that I should stay away from
you. Believe me Caroline, I will destroy him.
You are mine. Just mine.” He shouted at the
Dylan said that? Well, he can. He can go to
any extent if he doesn’t want something. But
he will have a lot to explain tomorrow. I told
him not to talk if I’m not there. And he didn’t
get any other excuse? My boyfriend? Ewww…
my choice is not that bad!
“He’s my cousin” I laughed.
“What?” He seemed shocked.
“Yeah. He is”
After a minute of complete silence he spoke
“Damn Caroline! Why do you have to be
related to every person who I hate?” He
“Like?” I giggled too.
“Your father and now this Dylan Van@ssche”
he sighed.
“Your bad luck Mr. Woodwords. Anyway I
have talked to Dylan about him meeting with
you. I’ll text you the location”
“You’ll be there?”
“Yup” I said popping the p.
“Great then, as I wanted to see your beautiful
face” he replied flirting. Again.
It was all of a sudden I realized it was still
midnight and I was talking to him without any
concern of the world.
“Goodnight Mr Woodwords” I finally said.
“Goodnight, soon to be Mrs Woodwords” I
blushed at his comment as he hung up.


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