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Mr billionaire episode 13 & 14

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 13🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
****JAMES’ POV****
She shouted at me, that bitch shouted at me!
The nerve of her. I wanted to go to her and
drag her out of this building by her hair but I
refrained myself from doing so as it will not
be good for what I wanted to talk to her
“Don’t talk to your father in that tone” I
replied back with anger filled in my voice.
I know she is just too stupid, she will
automatically regret her words the next
instant. So called fv¢king good hearted
“Sorry” she whispered.
“Aaron did come to talk about the marriage
but…” I said shaking my head.
I thought back to that day, I was so happy
when he declared he’ll be marrying Lahaina. I
thought our plan succeeded and that Lahaina
will marry him and then we will live our
luxurious life, Aaron being my money
But I should have guessed it before, that man
is far more clever than his father. Ethan was
an easy fish. I met him at his wife’s funeral
and befriended him instantly, knowing about
his reputation, but his son…
“Dad, Aaron is here!” Lahaina declared,
“Don’t be too excited, he is no where like his
father” I warned her.
“Just wait for the marriage and then I’ll show
him who I really am” Lahaina said with a
Just then Aaron entered our place with
another man following him.
“What made us so lucky to have you at our
place Mr. Woodwords?” I asked him smiling
and guiding us all to a set of sofas.
Lahaina sat next to him, I agree she is a bit
clingy, poor guy, he’ll have to bear her all his
Even I don’t like Lahaina but I had to wear
that mask of loving her because I married
her mother and considering she owns half of
her company I don’t want to upset her. Do I?
And Lahaina is definately my key to success.
Like today, Aaron marries her and I live
peacefully with his money.
“You know very well what you’ve done” Aaron
replied curtly.
“I don’t think so” I said trying to play
innocent. He stared at me for some time, this
man hates me too much but he can’t run
away from me now. Can he? I smiled at that
“Then hear it out, I’m here because I want to
marry your daughter” he said irritated,
definately not liking this conversation.
I acted to be shocked at first but then hugged
Lahaina “Oh god! I’m so happy for
youLahaina!” I cried.
Just then, there was some noise, we turned
our heads to see Caroline standing on the
stairs, she looked at us for some time then
turned to leave. She really is a disgrace.
“So where were we?” Lahaina said and stared
at Aaron with a huge bitchy smile on her
“I was saying, I’ll marry your daughter-”
I cut him off “Oh yeah an-” Now it was his
turn to snub me.
“But not this one” Aaron said giving a
disgusted look to Lahaina. She stared back at
him with wide eyes and I was too shock to do
“The other one” he completed his s£ntence,
looking at me right in the eye.
What? What does that mean? I sat there with
my mouth open not able to understand what
he actually meant.
“Carter give him the papers” Aaron said to the
man sitting on his right.
He searched for something in his bag then
took out a file, the same file which Ethan and
I made for this agreement.
“Here it is Mr. Marshall. According to these
papers if Mr. Woodwords marry your
daughter he takes over his company
completely otherwise you get it all, so he is
willing to marry your daughter CAROLINE
MARSHALL” the man called Carter finished
saying and Aaron smirked.
“No. It stated Lahaina Marshall” I said with a
Aaron took the papers out of Carter’s hand,
roughly, and threw them near me.
“Does it?” Aaron smiled. His eyes not leaving
my face for even a moment.
I picked them up and turned them to check it,
it had taken a lot to convince Ethan to get
them signed by his son and I had taken
measures, I clearly mentioned Lahaina’s name
on it.
I started to read it but… everywhere it just
stated James Marshall’s daughter and not any
name of Lahaina.
“But I had checked it!” I shouted and placed
the file on the table and looked up to Aaron.
He was smirking! That bastard!
“You changed it!”
“Of course I did” Aaron smiled at me “just a
mere difference of name and no one realized
it, until now”.
“You even tricked your father. What kind of a
son are you?!” I raised my voice, trying to
make him feel guilty.
“Look who’s talking” he said in a calm voice,
tilting his head to a little left.
“How dare you do this to me!” Lahaina yelled
and stood up. She was sitting at her place
numb after Aaron announced about Caroline.
“Oh sweetheart, why don’t you just leave and
try to find another billionaire for you, one
who is stupid enough to fall for your cheap
tricks” Aaron said sweetly.
“You do-” Lahaina started to say but Aaron
stopped her mid-s£ntence.
“Leave before I make you” Aaron threatened
her, with a deadly voice.
“I won’t lea-” this time I stopped her.
“Just go away Lahaina” I shouted at her and
she left stomping her foot on the ground not
before giving me a dangerous I-will-talk-to-
you-later look.
I looked at the papers for one more time, not
believing he could do something like this. I
had thought he was completely in the palm of
my hand but….
“What are you waiting for… sign them” Aaron
said breaking my chain of thoughts.
“What if I don’t? I don’t loose anything” I said
“That you don’t according to the contract. But
if you don’t sign it, I’ll take back the shares I
invested in your small little company…”
“I’ll go bankrupt!”
“Exactly. So, you better sign them. Now” he
said in a cold voice that made me shift a
little in my place.
I thought for a while, if I sign the papers
Caroline marries him instead. But as Caroline
is extremely naive and can be easily
manipulated it won’t be too difficult to get
Aaron’s money from her.
I quickly took a pen and signed the deal
before he could change his decision.
I smiled happily at Aaron, this won’t be that
bad. If he wants to marry that whore, his
choice. If I can’t get his money using Lahaina,
I’ll get it using Caroline.
“Okay then, you don’t have to worry about
anything now, I’ll talk to your dad about the
changes and even to Caroline about…” he cut
me off in between.
“I will talk to Caroline” he warned, stressing
on the ‘I’ more than required, daring me to
say no.
“As you wish. Congratulations” I smiled and
put my hand forward for a shake.
Aaron looked at me as if I had lost my mind.
I turned to Carter, who had an amused
expression on his face, I turned back to
Aaron, he sat there comfortably, as if he
owns it all, not taking my hand. I cleared my
throat and pulled my hand back, humiliated
by his act.
He got up from the sofa while Carter
collected the papers and all.
“It was wonderful to have you here Aaron” I
said as he turned back to leave.
“It’s still Mr. Woodwords for you!” he roared,
pointing with his index f!ng£r at me, before
turning on his heels and leaving.
I had thought, manipulating Caroline will be
easy, but now thinking about Mr.
Woodwords….. will it be?
“But… what?” Caroline said urging me to
“He rejected Lahaina” I stated shaking my
“What?” She asked with wide eyes.
“He wants to marry you and not her” I finally
said and heard her g@sp.
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 14🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I sat there numb by hearing dad’s words.
This is not what I expected to hear. I had
thought he would inform me of Lahaina’s
wedding or yell at me but…
There was silence for almost 5 minutes,
when dad’s phone buzzed and he quickly
answered it seeing the caller id.
“Yes…yes. I got her…. she’s sitting in front
of me… oh yes.. don’t worry…. tell him she’s
with me…. yes.. yes. Okay” he said to
whoever was on the other end and placed his
phone on the desk furiously.
He was about to say something but his phone
started to ring again and he picked it up,
again seeing the number he cleared his
throat and answered is much more politely.
“But… Okay…. here” he said and forwarded
his phone towards me to take it.
I sat there confused, when he glared at me in
anger and I took it from his hand. As I put
the phone near my ear, he got up from his
chair and went out, slamming the door behind
“Did he go?” I heard Aaron voice as I placed
it to my ear.
“Yes” I said, confused and shocked of what
just happened.
“Where were you all these days and where is
your phone?” Aaron asked, I can easily make
out from his voice that he is trying not to
“I..I was actually… umm … with Nadia, my
best friend” I said uncomfortably.
“For four days? Without a phone!” he said,
sounding angry now.
“Actually…..” I started to say but trailed off.
“I want to meet you, I know that @ssh-I
mean… James must have told you about my
proposal” he said, his voice softer.
My heart beat fastened as I thought about it
again. He wants to marry me. How is that
even possible? I’m clearly not his type.
“Y..yes but-”
“No buts Caroline. We can talk about it when
we meet. I’ll s£nd my car at you’re place at”
he paused maybe looking at his watch “8
“Okay” I whispered, more to myself.
“I’m sorry for what happened at the charity
event, I can @ssure you all that was not what
it seemed to be, I have a perfect explanation
for it” he sighed.
“It’s okay” I said not wanting to go back to
that day.
“No it’s not. I hurt you, I’ll make it all right”
he said “see you tonight”.
I hummed and chirped a bye before he ended
the call.
Was he doing this because he hurt me that
day? No. That’s really a super stupid reason
for marrying someone.
But am I ready for marriage? Will I be able
to do it? I promised not to get attached to any
male and I have already experienced how
horrible it felt when I saw him at the event
with Lahaiana. Will I be able to hold myself
together if he does something like that
I have seen mom’s and dad’s relationship. It
was not even a relationship, he used to strike
her daily when all mom did was to love him
with all her heart, he even left her for
someone else.
I know Aaron is nowhere like dad but will I
be able to give all of myself to him? I won’t
be able to handle it if he left me someday,
when I’m be madly in love with him. I don’t
want to go through the things that my mom
went through, I don’t want to feel the things
that she felt.
I need her now, but I can’t have her. I don’t
know if she is even alive or not.
Just then dad entered his office and stared at
me with anger filled eyes.
“You will say yes to him” he snapped.
I looked at him shocked.
“If you didn’t reply him today with a yes, I
promise you won’t see tomorrow” he
threatened “now leave!”
I don’t know what’s going on in his mind,
maybe he wants me to marry him so that he
could get a hand on Aaron’s money, after all
money is what he loves the most.
I got up and went out of his office and back
to my cubicle, still lost in my thoughts. I still
don’t have my phone with me, so I can’t call
Nadia or Dylan. Dylan must have been really
worried since that day, but he was about to
leave for California the next day, maybe he
went. I will have to call both of them when I
reach home.
For the rest of the day I just sat there with a
file opened in front of me, not knowing even
a word of it, lost in my thoughts of meeting
Aaron again. What am I going to say to him?
Dad has already threatened me to say yes so
I don’t have much of a choice. Do I?
As the clock striked 6, I picked up by bag
hurriedly and went back home, hailing a cab.
I thanked god for not making me meet
Lahaina, maybe she is not home yet and I’m
not yet ready to confront her.
Reaching my room, the first thing I did was
check my phone. Gosh! It had 214 missed
calls! 12 from dad, 24 from Dylan and 178
from Aaron.
I dialled Dylan’s number but it went to voice
mail so I planned to call him later. Next I
called Nadia but she didn’t pick up even after
10 rings. I threw my phone on the bed with
irritation and went to take a nice warm
I stood in front of the closet not being able
to figure out what to wear. Was does one
wear when they have to go and talk of their
After some time I finally decided to put on
my favourite shirt and denims, along with a
short denim jacket.
I was applying some l!pstick when the
doorbell rang. As I descended the stairs, I
saw Lahaina at the doorstep with a deadly
look on her face. She took slow steps
towards me till she was standing right in
front of me. Lahaina opened her mouth to
say something but stopped when dad came
along with Juliea.
“Let your sister leave Lahaiana, or she’ll be
late” he said to her in an unusually sweet
voice whereas Juliea snorted. Lahaina glared
at him but kept mum.
“Remember what I told you” he said looking
towards me. I gave him a fearful nod and
went out.
A limousine was parked in front of our
house and a man dressed perfectly in a
formal suite took my hand and guided me to
the car. The interior was beautiful, I have
been always fascinated by cars, even dad had
some nice ones but I never bothered to even
touch them.
He drove silently, stopping in front of a huge
building. I got out and he again guided me
inside. We directly moved to the lift where he
swiped a card and took me to Aaron.
Aaron smiled just as he saw me and moved
towards me, taking my hand in his he
whispered in my ear.
“You look lovely, love” I blushed at his
comment and he took me with him to sit on
the couches in the big balcony of his
I g@sped looking down at the New York City
skyline, it was the most beautiful view, I
didn’t realize we were at this height, the
sparkling of lights and cars in the night light.
It was breathtaking.
“You liked it?” Aaron said standing close.
“It’s wonderful” I whispered, not taking my
eyes away from the city.
“So, now may I know why were you at your
friend’s place without your phone. James
even informed Carter that he s£nt some
people at your friend’s place but got nothing”
Aaron said handing me a gl@ss of golden
Should I tell him the real reason? Will he
laugh? Ofcourse he will. That was really
stupid of me to do it.
“Was it because you saw me with Lahaiana?”
He asked, his eyes showing concern and
I stood there silently not able to say yes or
even a no. He took my silence for a yes and
came closer, cupping my cheeks.
“I’m sorry Caroline, I never intended to hurt
you. My dad was there too and he wanted me
to be with, that b-umm… her. And I’m sorry
to say this but she is clingy, too clingy to be
honest” he said genuinely.
“I know” I smiled at him, not wanting to talk
of this topic further. Lahaina can be too
irritating at times and I pity him for that day
He smiled too and pecked my cheeks before
taking me to the dinning table. A man
dressed in the chefs attire came and served
our food. We chatted, laughed all the while
and ate our dinner.
After eating, we stood near the balcony,
looking outside, in silence. It felt comfortable
to just stand next to him, I thought how it will
feel to be married to him. Finally, I asked
him the one question which was haunting me
from hours now.
“Why do you want to marry me?” I asked
looking at his extremely handsome face. He
stared at me for sometime before closing the
distance between us.
“Because I like you Caroline, like you more
that I should really like someone. You are
different from others, beautiful, s£nsible and
lively. I admire you for what you are
Caroline, for the person inside you who is
ridiculously beautiful, I admit we have yet to
know each other but the more I get to know
you the more I’m drawn towards you. I don’t
exactly know what I feel for you but I’m sure
of one thing, I can never find someone better
than you” he said looking me straight in the
eye, holding my hand in his large, warm
Hearing it all I felt a warm feeling in my
chest, and it was that moment I knew I will
never regret marrying him.
“So, will you marry me Miss Marshall?” He
said smiling at me and I nodded, with the
widest grin spread on my face.
He stepped two steps back, shoving his
hands inside his pocket and taking out a
velvet box. He opened it to reveal the most
beautiful ring I ever saw. Taking it out of the
box, he took my left hand in his before
sliding the ring on the fourth f!ng£r.
I looked in his eyes, which held admiration
and respect, the thing I never saw in my
family’s eyes.
His face moved closer to me, slowly, very
slowly as if giving me the opportunity to back
out but I didn’t, I stood there, my legs pinned
to the ground as he covered my mouth with


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