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Mr billionaire episode 11 & 12

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 11🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
**** AARON’S POV ****
*********A week earlier***********
After a long cold shower that helped me
calm myself I decided it was time to pay dad
a visit. I put on a casual black V neck T shirt
and my blue denims. Taking my car keys and
sungl@sses I walked out of the penthouse.
While driving, all my thoughts were about
just one person. Caroline. I will definately
have to do something about it. I spend too
much time just thinking of her, her face, her
beauty, her pretty eyes. I can’t let someone
take control over me that way. But thinking
about her gives me peace, an unwanted,
unknowing, unusual peace.
I stopped the car outside dad’s mansion and
went in. My father lives here alone, after
mom’s death he excluded himself from the
rest of the world. He never liked this place
but mom did and he lives here now because
it has memories.
I took out my phone from my pocket and
dialed his number, he picked up after the
second ring.
“Where are you?” I asked curtly. We don’t
have a normal father son relationship. After
mom’s death he changed and so did our
“In my office. Why?” He replied.
“You called me” I stated, rolling my eyes.
“Ohh, you came. Well come in the office” he
said and I ended the call.
I moved towards his office with steady steps,
there was definately something going on with
him. I can s£nse it easily.
I opened the door to his office and saw him
sitting on his chair behind a large desk,
reading some papers. Just as he saw me
coming he stood up with a smile that reached
his eyes and motioned towards the set of
couches on the right corner.
“Sit son” he said as he poured champagne in
two gl@sses.
My suspicion grew seeing him, he doesn’t
bother me much, the last time I talked to him
was 2 months back when he forced me to
find a bride and settle down, but today he is
smiling even more. Something is wrong. Very
I moved towards the couches and sat there
picking up my gl@ss and sipping it a bit. He
came and sat down on another couch on my
right, looking at me, as if judging my mood.
“What?” I said irritated when he didn’t say
“Well, son if you remember the last time we
spoke was when I asked you to find a
daughter in law for me…”
“And I said I don’t want to marry, at least not
yet” I completed his statement.
“Yeah, so, did you find one?” He asked
“I told you that before and I’m saying it
again….” he cut me off.
“So it’s a no” He asked raising his brows.
“Like hell it is” I said.
He got up from his place and went near his
table to pick up a file. He opened it and
fl!pped a few pages before coming back and
placing it on the table in front of me.
“Since you know, your mother is already dead
and god knows how long I’m going to live, so
I want you to get married as soon as possible
and make some grandchildren for me”
“And?” I said because I knew it didn’t end yet.
“I have found the girl for you”.
I chuckled listening to him. He really thinks
he’ll ask me to marry any girl and I will?
“I don’t think I cracked a joke, did I son?”
“Of course you did. When I say I won’t marry
now, I won’t and you can’t do anything,
father” I said in an amused tone.
“I can. Marry her, or you will loose the 50
percent of the company that belongs to me”
he stated and those words made my smile go
I stared at him with a blank face thinking he
must be just playing around but he just
picked up the file from the table and placed
it in my hands.
“Who is she?” I asked in a dead serious tone
throwing the file back on the table.
“My friend James’ daughter, Lahaina Marshall”
That made my blood boil, he really wants me
to marry her?
“I won’t marry that @sshole’s daughter. Just
because you are not able to see what a
fv¢king piece of shit he is, doesn’t mean I
will do the same. He is a bloody opportunist
and that daughter of his is a gold digger. So,
don’t expect me to do it” I yelled standing up
from my place.
“Don’t swear in front of your father” he said
raising his voice a bit “I have already done all
the arrangements, read the contract and then
it’s your wish”
I looked at him with anger filled eyes and
picked up the file from the table and read it
carefully. It stated that I will be marrying
James Marshall’s daughter Lahaina Marshall
in a time span of two months and if I didn’t
all the part of the Woodwords corporations
belonging to Ethan Woodwords will be given
to James Marshall. The contract required the
father’s, James’, signature too.
It was all planned, they planned it together
and I didn’t get to know of it. That @sshole
must have planned it all. That fv¢king shit
must have manipulated my father. I don’t
know why the fv¢k dad trust him so much,
maybe because he was the one who was with
dad after mom’s death. He used to pay daily
visits as if he really cared. But I knew better,
that fv¢k was just acting and waiting for an
opportunity to get our money. Now when he
had it, he made full use of it. I want to kill
that man. That bloody excuse of a man!
“What’s your answer son?” My dad asked
proud of what he was doing.
“How can you do this to me? You want me to
marry her? That gold digger? How the fv¢k
can you trust that @sshole!” I shouted at him.
“Mind your words young man. She is a
wonderful child, I’ve known her for almost 8
years and she will be really good for you” he
tried to convince me.
“You fail to see what a person really is!” I
said and threw the file back on the table with
a snap.
“Take your time son, but remember if you do
sign the papers I promise that you can take
over entirely the next day and if you don’t you
loose the half of what you have to James” he
said and went out closing the door behind
I closed my eyes for a second to control my
fury but it didn’t work, picking up the gl@ss
from the table I threw it on the wall breaking
it into pieces.
I never thought that James could go to this
extent, but then how can I forget he is the
biggest @ss I ever met. He has made a fool
proof plan, either I marry his little gold
digger and destroy my life or he gets the half
of my company. I could have easily given up
the half of it, after all I am capable of
building it again and reaching the top, but
giving it away to that @sshole. Never.
Stepping out of dad’s office I went directly to
the gym. Taking off my tshirt I started to
punch the punching bag.
That bloody man, he turned my dad against
me. He knows dad trusts him with everything
and he played this game. I’ll make him pay
for it. But if it takes to marry that irritating
human to save my company from her jerk of
a father, I will.
Returning back to my father’s office, I picked
up the file, and went out of it. Dad saw me
and stopped me by saying “I hope you’ll sign
them once you get back from that Walter’s
case. Isn’t it?”
“Yes, I won’t let him take what’s mine” I
declared, my tone deadly.
“Oh, very well. I’ll sign them after you do and
then you can go and talk to James about you
and Lahaina and get it signed by him to”.
I turned to leave again but he stopped me yet
“And don’t forget about the ball, I’ve asked
Lahaina to be there”
Crap! Caroline will be there too, I asked her
to come. She doesn’t deserve all this shit.
She is too innocent, too gullible. I know she
likes me and hurting her was the last thing I
wanted to do right now. But I’ll have to. My
company is at stake and I’ll get it no matter
what I have to do. Just then her face flashed
in front of me, and anger consumed me
I was in such a fury that I wanted to kill
someone, if it was anyone other than dad, he
would have been on his journey to hell by
I didn’t say anything but just nodded, my eyes
on fire due to the anger I felt.
I looked at my father and he was smirking. A
smirk of triumph.
My flight landed at 6 pm sharp. I thanked my
pilot, Mark, and went back to my penthouse.
It’s been hell of a week especially for my
employees, I have been too h@rd on them
since the day I talked to dad. I’ve already
fired almost 50 of them and the rest are
flooded with work.
Carter informed me that he heard some of
them talking to each other about the amount
of work I’m giving them but none had the
courage to come up to me. Good for them.
That Walter has already been taken care of,
he won’t be able to find a new job in this
whole continent and of course none of the
places where I have my branches.
I told Carter about the contract dad pres£nted
to me because I didn’t wanted any more
problems in it, he said he has taken care of
everything and I should sign it by today, he
already made dad sign it so, I’m planning to
do it after the ball. In that case I’ll be taking
over tomorrow and that @sshole won’t get a
penny of mine.
Reaching the penthouse I took a quick shower
and changed into a tux that I’ll be wearing
tonight. That @ss and his bloody daughter
must be there waiting for me but the only
reason I want to go is because Caroline.
She’ll be there and I’ll be able to see her,
though not talk to her or anything but at least
just see her beautiful face.
After gelling my hair and putting on my coat,
I moved down to my car. The chauffeur
opened the door and I slid inside. Taking a
deep breath I ordered him to drive, this is
gonna be fv¢king irritating.
I walked inside looking around the place to
find the girl who has haunted my dreams
since the day I met her but it seemed she has
yet to arrive. I was about to move towards the
bar when my father’s voice stopped me from
“There he is” he said to someone whom I
@ssumed to be his bastard best friend.
I closed my eyes for a split second, in order
to control myself.
No, Aaron you can’t just turn around and slice
that @sshole’s head off his body and then
gift it to his little whore daughter. That has to
wait. Not now.
When I realized I won’t do anything like that I
turned around with a fake smile on my l!ps.
“Hello Aaron” James said and I gave him a
murderous look to which he shifted a little
from his place and said “I mean Mr.
I smirked and replied with just a nod. Dad
smiled at me and then made Lahaina to stand
beside me. I looked at her face and I wanted
to puke, she was wearing a low neck, skin
tight dress, her face caked with makeup as
she battered her eyelashes to seduce me.
“Pleasure meeting you Lahaina Marshall” I
said in between clenched teeth.
“Pleasure is all mine” she said in a flirtatious
tone and slid her hands around my left arm,
pressing her body to mine.
Remember Aaron not now. You can’t drag
them out of this place. Your father won’t like
it and moreover you have your company at
I looked everywhere except the people in
front of me to control my fury and the
person I saw next made a smile form on my
l!ps. There she was, wearing a red dress that
fit her perfectly showing off her curves but
not too much, looking heavenly.
But she was not alone, Dylan Van@ssche
walked beside her and it seemed they know
each other quite well. I know him because of
my business, he is definitely good at his
work but his reputation with women is even
worse than mine. I wanted to go to her and
punch him on his face as he smiled to my
She was looking around as if searching for
someone, and I imagined it to be me. She
looked a bit disappointed when she didn’t find
me and I smiled more at the thought.
“It seems you’re enjoying her company. Isn’t
it?” My dad teased and I refrained myself
from giving him a good answer.
“Of course we are” Lahaina smiled at me, her
fake, made up smile.
I turned around again to look at Caroline, she
was staring back at me, her eyes held shock
and hurt seeing me with her sister when I
was the one who asked her to come here. I
moved my gaze away not wanting to see her
hurt because I knew if I looked at her for
few more seconds I’ll just leave everything
and go and klzz her.
“Why don’t you go and dance?” James said
looking at me with a smirk. He knew I was
bounded and that I’ll have to do it as dad was
there too and I didn’t really wanted dad to get
an impression that I won’t be signing the
“Say no to him” I whispered in Lahaina’s ear,
her perfume making me choke.
“Let’s go” she said and smiled at me. Bitch.
Not now, Aaron. Not now.
I took her hand in mine and walked us to the
dance floor and started to dance. I looked
over to Caroline and she was standing
quietly, watching me, as Dylan talked to a
group of men.
He looked at Caroline and then whispered
something in her ear to which she nodded. I
definitely will have to have a good talk with
this Dylan guy.
I was looking at her when Lahaina jumped on
me and klzzed me, before I could push her
away I saw Caroline looking at us with wide
eyes and then she turned on her heels to
I wanted to run behind her, to stop her, to tell
her it was not the way it seemed but I didn’t. I
didn’t because I have a contract to take care
I pushed away Lahaina from me “what the
fv¢k you think you are doing?” I whispered
yelled at her.
“Come on Aaron. We’re about to get married”
she stated in a matter of fact tone and I kept
Lahaina and I, went back to stand with our
fathers, talking for a few minutes before I
excused myself and came out of the place.
Dad followed me outside, placing a hand on
my shoulders he said “you’ll be signing it
tonight. Right?”
“Yes” I whispered and he smiled.
“She’s really a nice girl, Aaron” he said.
“Yeah, she is” I said sarcasm dripping from
my voice.
“You get the whole company tomorrow, and I
want you to go and talk to James and get his
signature tomorrow itself” dad said in a
fatherly tone and went back in.
I sat in my car and went back to my
penthouse, where Carter must be waiting for
me with the papers.
“I’ve checked it sir, there are no loopholes”
Carter said and placed the paper in front of
I picked up a pen from my table and closed
my eyes for a second, Caroline’s face came
into view and I regretted my decision.
A voice from my heart said I shouldn’t but
the voice from my brain was louder and it
said it was for the best, so I signed it.
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 12🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
I sat in silence as Dylan drove me home, he
has been constantly asking me what was
wrong but I didn’t reply. I know if I say
anything I’ll break down, and it was the last
thing I wanted to do in front of him.
It’s usual for me now, hiding my tears and
my vulnerable self from others. At first it
was because of my fear of dad, I feared he
will strike me more if I tell others about it
but then I got habituated to it. It’s better not
to tell about your pain and suffering to
others because what they can do is only give
sympathy and nothing else. No one is going
to fight for you, I know Dylan can and will
but he won’t be there forever.
“Caro, this is getting really bad now. You are
never so silent, I was there with you the
whole time, what happened to make you like
this” Dylan said concerned and continued to
“I’m just not feeling well, I’ll be fine after a
small nap or so” I said my voice heavy with
all the emotions I felt at the moment.
“You sound like you’ll cry any instant. What’s
wrong! If it’s related to your family I swear I
will kill them all” he growled in anger.
“No it’s not. I just need some rest” I
whispered staring at my hands forcing
myself not to cry.
He stopped the car outside my house and
stepped out of it, coming towards my side he
opened the door and made me stand.
“Caro s-” he started to say but I cut him off.
“I’ll call you tomorrow” I said and ran inside.
After a few minutes I heard the engine start
as he drove off. I ran upstairs to my room,
stripped off my dress and threw it carelessly
on the bed. Moving inside the bathroom, I put
on a long tee and splashed some water on
my face as tears started to make their way to
my cheeks.
I looked at myself in the mirror and the scene
of them dancing holding each other close
flashed in front of me. I took few steps back
till my back hit the wall behind and dropped
on the bathroom tiles. Hugging my legs
close to my chest and burying my head in
between I cried my heart out.
I never envied Lahaina, never in my life not
even when dad used to hit me and then
cuddle her in front of me, but today I did. I
envy her for taking Aaron away.
At the ball when I saw them klzzing I wanted
to go to them and slap each of them but I
didn’t, because that’s just not me. I don’t hit
people, I don’t hate people.
It’s been my life since ever, my dad left my
mom for someone else, then he treated my
step sister as his princess and me as a trash,
preferring her over me. Even today Aaron
chose her over me. Tears trickled down my
cheeks continuously and I didn’t make any
effort to make them stop.
But then again, Aaron wasn’t at fault. This
was not his mistake, I knew from the start
that there was definitely something going on
between dad and Aaron’s father and it
circulates around Lahaina and Aaron but I
still chose to ignore it and see where it
landed me.
When dad threw mom out, I promised myself
not to get attached to anyone and especially
not to a man but it seems I broke my
I heard my phone ring in my bedroom and
ignored it, but it rang again and again.
Gaining all my strength I got up on my foot
and walked out of the bathroom. It was
“Caro… what’s wrong?” She asked, her voice
How did she know? “What’s wrong?” I
repeated her question, clearing my throat so
that my voice sounds usual.
“I know you’re crying. Don’t try to act with me
okay? I can easily s£nse that in your voice.
And Dylan called and said you suddenly
became all silent and sad. What’s wrong!”
She yelled on the other end of the phone.
“I’m fine just tired”
“That won’t work on me. Don’t lie to me or I’m
coming to your place” she threatened.
“Not now, it’s quite late. Can you come
tomorrow morning?” I asked. I wanted to end
the call as soon as possible.
“Yeah, fine. But please don’t cry” she literally
“Hmm” I said and ended the call.
I threw my phone on the coffee table and
climbed my bed, taking out a framed picture
of my mother, I hugged it as closed my eyes,
still sobbing.
“Sorry mom, I repeated your mistake” I
whispered to myself. My mom made a huge
mistake to love the wrong person and I did it
too, maybe not love but whatever it was it
hurts, badly. It hurts more than any physical
wound can ever.
I closed my eyes and tried to think about all
the good things that happened in my life,
Nadia said it helps in tough times, but soon
realized there were not any. The memories of
my childhood with mom, uncle Williams and
Dylan were not so clear and after that I didn’t
had any good memories.
The next morning I got out of my bed, with
puffy red eyes and an ache in the chest,
moving to my bathroom I took a quick
shower and changed into a pair of jeans and
baggy top.
I put on some makeup to hide my dark
circles and some ice on my eyes to make
them look normal. There was a knock on the
door and I knew it must me Nadia. I opened it
and she came in giving me a bear hug.
“Oh Caro! What happened” she said cupping
my face in her hands. I wanted to hug her
back and tell her everything but I stopped
“Can I stay in your apartment for some time?”
I am not ready to face dad and Lahaina or
Juliea at this point and I wanted to be away
from all this, the best place being my bestie’s
“Is that even a question!” She said throwing
her hands in the air.
“Ok then, let’s go I’ll tell you after we get
there” I said. All of a sudden the door to my
room opened and Lahaina stood there with a
smirk playing on her l!ps.
“Oh! The bitch is here too” she said referring
to Nadia.
“Of course you’re here” Nadia replied with a
“Well, I have a great news” Lahaina looked at
me “I’m getting married!” She declared
clapping like a kid.
“So you finally found your man-whore. That’s
so great” Nadia too clapped.
“To the most s£×iest and wealthy man in the
country. Aaron woodwords. He must be here
anytime soon” she said glaring me as I
controlled my sob.
Nadia stood there shocked, I told her
yesterday about how excited I was to meet
him and she was sure he likes me too but
Lahaina words must have made her go mad.
She looked at me with wide eyes and then
back at Lahaina.
“So, dear Caro, will you please bless me with
your pres£nce at my wedding as the bride’s
maid?” Lahaina said sarcastically, bowing her
“You bloody bitc-” Nadia was about to say but
Lahaina just turned on her heels and walked
out, slamming the door with her foot.
Nadia looked at me with worry and opened
her mouth to say something but stopped
looking at my eyes. Picking up my bag, in
which I packed a little stuff she walked out.
“I’ll be waiting in my car” she said before
going out.
I sat on the edge of my bed, with clenched
fists and closed my eyes for a while. After
full 20 mins I opened them and went
I was almost on the last stair when I heard
dad’s voice
“What made us so lucky to have you at our
place, Mr. Woodwords?”
“You know very well what you’ve done” I
heard Aaron say.
“I don’t think so” said dad.
I was still standing away and not able to see
them so I don’t know who else was there.
“Then hear it out, I’m here because I want to
marry your daughter” he said in an irritated
“Oh god! I’m so happy for you Lahaina!” Dad
cried out of happiness.
And my world stopped there!
“I’m so happy for you Lahaina” dad cried out
of happiness and probably hugged her.
I moved down the few more steps that gave
me a clear view to where they were sitting.
Lahaina and Aaron were sitting together with
dad sitting opposite so them and another
man, in his mid twenties, sitting to Aaron’s
As they heard my footsteps, they all turned
to look at me. Lahaina gave me a bitchy oh-I-
told-you-this-before look and smirked. Aaron
looked at me too for a nano second before
turning back to face dad.
I turned around and ran out, not wanting to
know the details of their wedding and all.
“I saw Aaron get in” Nadia said in a low tone
as I sat beside her on the p@ss£nger seat of
the car.
“I know” I whispered my head hung low.
“What’s going on inside?” She asked starting
the ignition.
“Oh nothing much. Just discussing about
wedding and stuffs” I answered trying to
sound funny but failed miserably.
Nadia didn’t say anything, just drove to her
“So what are you planning to do now?” Nadia
said raising her brows and placing a plate of
ham and eggs in front of me.
“I’m not hungry” I said and pushed the plate
away to her.
“Answer my question first”
“I’ll be staying with you for three or four
days and then when I feel like I’m fine, I’ll go
back home and live my life like I used to” I
“And do shopping for your step sister’s
wedding, be her bride’s maid and have fun.
Right?” she said sarcastically.
She came to stand beside me and pulled me
out of my chair “I know you’re strong. But…”
“I’m fine” I said with a smile.
“I know you’re not so don’t lie!” She said and
hugged me tight. So tight that I almost
choked. “if I get a chance I’ll kill that bitch”
she whispered, moving her hands through
my hair.
My l!ps quivered as I was about to say
something and tears fell down. I hugged
Nadia with all my strength and hid my head in
her neck, not able to control my emotions
She rubbed my back with one hand while she
placed the other on my head whispering that
it will all be fine.
We broke our hug after god knows how long,
I sat back on my chair with her next to mine.
“You love him” Nadia said after a long
“I don’t know” I shook my head.
“You do”
“I can’t. I don’t even know him well and it
doesn’t matter now” I said as more tears
rolled down my cheeks.
“What exactly happened in the ball?” Nadia
asked curious.
“I went to the party with Dylan, happy that I
was about to meet Aaron after such a long
time and I had already decided that it will be
the last time I’ll see him, but then I saw
Aaron with Lahaina holding each other and
standing close, too close. They looked really
happy and then he asked her for a dance to
which she happily agreed. I was about to
leave when I gave a last look to them and
they were klzzing each other” I started well
but cried hysterically at the end.
“That bloody-” Nadia started only to be
stopped in between.
“It’s not his fault. I knew it from the
beginning. I knew Lahaina wanted to marry
Aaron and that dad and Aaron’s father were
already discussing about it but I chose to
ignore it. This was just my fault and no one
else’s. I knew it all. Maybe Aaron was just
being nice to me and I….” I couldn’t say more
as I started to sob.
“… and you fell in love with him?” Nadia
completed it for me.
I placed my head between my palms and
sobbed more. I don’t know whether I love him
or not. Love is maybe a very strong word for
it. I had promised myself not to love anyone.
I can’t love.
“So you’re leaving?” Nadia voice came from
the kitchen, as I packed my stuffs back.
I had been here for four days now, the day I
came here I realized I forgot my cell phone
at dad’s place, he called Nadia to ask her if I
was at her place but she denied. He even
s£nt two men to check but Nadia being Nadia
didn’t even let them enter. She really is a
“Yeah” I answered back to her.
“Sure, you’ll be able to handle it all?” She
asked coming out and wiping her hands in a
“Don’t worry. I’ll call you if I need to” I smiled
and hugged her.
Dad must be very furious with me, I didn’t
even go to the office in all these days I’ve
been gone, he’ll probably kill me, not
Taking a cab from outside I headed back
My housekeeper opened the door for me and
smiled seeing me “Where were you all this
“With Nadia” I said and walked in.
“But-” she was about to say but then
realization hit her and she smiled.
I went back to my room and changed into a a
while blouse and black skirt, after a shower
of course.
Four days with Nadia had helped me a lot. It
still hurts everytime I think about it but now
at least I don’t cry.
Getting back down, I took a cab and went
directly to my workplace.
“Ms Marshall, sir has called you in his office”
I heard Laci’s voice as I was working in my
Oh no! I’m Dead!
I shivered just on the thought of seeing him.
Getting up from my chair and straightning my
dress I moved towards his office.
“Come in” came his voice as I knocked on his
cabin door.
I moved in slowly as in slow motion towards
his desk, if looks could kill a person them I
don’t even want to know where I would have
“Sit” dad said, his voice cold and deadly.
I walled to the chair and sat down slowly, not
able to look him in his eyes.
“Where were you?”
“N..Nadia’s place” I answered.
“I called you and even s£nt my men there to
bring you back. Didn’t I?” He said and waited
for an answer.
“Then why the fv¢k you didn’t come!” Dad
said furiously and snapped his hands on his
desk and stood up. He was standing there as
if controlling himself not to come and hit me.
“I..I..I’m s..sor..sorry” I managed to say.
He glared at me for some more time before
sitting back in his chair.
“Now that you are back Ms. Marshall” dad
said in a humorous tone “I would love to
enlighten you on a few topics” he said not
looking away even for a second.
I nodded.
“So, do you even know there is going to be a
wedding in our house?” He started off calmly
but shouted towards the end.
No. Not this. I’ve had a tough time controlling
myself not to cry on this topic and I’m still
not ready to talk about it.
“Yes, I know” I whispered to myself but he
heard it.
“What did you say?” He asked raising his
voice more.
“I said I know it! I know the day I left Mr.
Woodwords was there to talk about his
marriage with your beloved daughter Lahaina.
I know it, okay. I know it!” I shouted back at


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