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Mr billionaire episode 1 & 2

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻EPISODE 01🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
“This is not fair Caro, you have to join us. It’s
my birthday!” Nadia insisted.
“You know I won’t be able to. Have you
forgotten what they’re like? They’ll never let
me go” I said, apologetically.
Yes, I am 22 and not allowed to attend my
friend’s birthday. Nadia and I have known
each other for three years now, we met at
work, which is ‘Mike’s Coffee Shop’, we hit it
off almost immediately.
Nadia knows everything about me and my
situation with my dad. She has always been
there for me and stuck by my side.
I haven’t heard or seen my mom since the
day she was dragged out of the house, 8
years ago. I’ve tried asking my dad about it
but it always end up into an argument or my
dad slapping me.
“Your step-mother is a bitch, Caro!” Nadia
Dad married Juliea just for money and she
married him because my dad is a good
businessman and she needed someone to
look after her company. I was already
unsettled when dad brought her home, you
can imagine the shock I went into when I
found out she had a daughter, Lahaina. She
is just as bad as her mother, if not more.
What people do for money, I thought, so
disgusting. Ever since I’ve learnt the power
money has, I’ve always been weary about the
people who have it. Money changes one into a
monster, hence my dad being the way he is.
“I know. Im sorry but I can’t help it. I’m not
allowed to live my life the way I want” I told
“I know, you need to stand up for yourself.
But, no matter what, I’ll always be here for
you” she said with a small laugh, “your life is
honestly what hell would be like” she added.
“Yeah. I know” I sighed.
“Why don’t you run away from them?”
“I’ve told you this before Nadia, he will find
me, he has resources. Working in this cafe is
the only time I get to be happy. I want to be
happy but happiness is just not for me. I’m
not lucky like others to move and do things
according to my wishes.”
I didn’t want to work in Juliea’s company, that
my dad runs now. So, I decided to work here
in this cafe. They only agreed to it because
Lahaina took my side as she didn’t want any
competition for the company’s heir.
“I’m sorry Caro, I..”
“It’s ok” I whispered.
Nadia took me in a tight hug. She’s the only
person who cares.
I wish my mom was rich, then maybe the
situation would have been different, that dad
would have never told her to leave and….
Tears flew down my cheeks, Nadia realized I
was crying and broke the hug.
“Please don’t cry Caro, God is not that bad, he
will make everything right”.
I gave her a small smile and wiped my tears.
I know nothing like that is gonna happen. I
have faced too much to believe in miracles.
But I didn’t want to cry on my best friend’s
“Ok, so you go and enjoy, everyone will be
already there, waiting, I’ll be heading for
home now” I said, giving her a small hug.
“Take care. Don’t cry and if those so called
parents of yours say anything to you, just
give me a call, I’ll show them their right
places” she smirked.
Yes, she is capable of it. There was a time
when she visited me while Juliea was in the
house too. Juliea came to me and started
scolding me for no reason and then Nadia
took my stand and literally warned her not to
ever ‘bark’ on me. Nadia’s words, not mine.
The look on Juliea’s face was worth
Nadia can do it, she is independent and
strong whereas I am a coward. Yes, I am.
I was brought out of my thoughts when I
heard an angry voice.
“What the fv¢k are you dreaming of?” Juliea
“You here?” I asked. What is she doing over
“Yes. I was p@ssing by so thought to remind
you that you have to pick up the jewelry from
the shop, for Lahaina. Don’t you dare forget
it, and take these” she said and took out a
credit card and some cash from her bag.
“Here keep this, I know you won’t be having
I am a very patient person but this is the one
thing that makes me go mad. I HATE PEOPLE
BUY EVERYTHING WITH IT. I snatched it from
her hand and stuffed it in my bag.
“Don’t show me your anger. Do you want me
to tell this to your dad?” She threatened.
I fear him. Every time Juliea complains about
me disobeying her, I have to face his wrath.
He never listens to me and if I try to give any
explanation he just slaps me for arguing with
him. Locking myself in my room and crying
my heart out with a picture of mom in my
hand is a part of my daily routine now.
“Oh no, please” I pleaded.
“Then it’s better you do what I’ve told you to”
she said and walked out of the cafe.
Jeremy came to me after she left. Jeremy is
in his mid twenties with blonde hairs and a
lean yet good-looking physique. He really has
an attractive face which forces girls to give
him a second look. He works in this cafe and
is really a sweet person to talk to.
“Hey Caro! Who was she?” he asked, looking
at door.
“A relative” I said casually.
“She didn’t seem to be happy” he said,
frowning a bit.
“Yeah. She is like that. Well, I need to go
somewhere. Bye. See you tomorrow” I smiled
and walked out of my work place. Sitting in
my car, I drove off to the jewelry shop.
Reaching there, I drove my car towards the
parking area. There wasn’t much place and I
had to park my car between the two already
Shit! I quickly got out of my car to look at
the trouble, I caused.
The car behind mine was a very expensive
and luxurious one. I went near to have a
better look. There was a huge scratch, with a
dent, at the front and the right head light was
Oh no! It was a Spyker! This car definitely
belongs to someone very rich and I scratched
it! Not just scratched it, it has a dent and even
the head lights are broken! God, help me! I
really don’t want to have an argument with
someone that rich. I just lose my sanity when
someone shows me the power of their
“What the hell did you do to my car!?” Came
an angry roar.
Holy Crap!
“What the hell did you do to my car?!” Came
an angry roar from behind.
Holy Crap!
What are you going to do Caroline?!
I turned to face my death and there he was.
A man dressed in a perfectly tailored black
suit, with a white shirt and a navy blue tie. He
had chiseled jawline with green eyes and
black hairs. The man had an aura of
authority around him.
“I’m sorry. I was just parking my car and
didn’t realize….” he snubbed me.
“Why were you even driving when you don’t
know how to use the damn thing?” He said
pointing towards my car. He was angry.
Really very angry. I crashed my car in his
extremely rich one, of course he will be
“I’m saying I’m sorry. It was unintentional
and….” he snubbed me again.
“…and you saying sorry can repair my car?
Can it?” He said glaring me.
I looked here and there to calm myself down.
Not a good time to show your anger Caroline.
Calm down!
Just then something caught my eye. How can
I forget that even my car would have been hit
in the process. I bent towards my car to have
a better look, it had a huge dent with the few
scratches and the back lights were in the
same condition as it were of the man’s car.
Oh no! Dad will kill me for this. What am I
gonna say to him?
“Oh now you see it” the car owner spoke
looking at my car.
I need to get it repaired before dad, Juliea or
Lahaina see it.
“See even my car is….” Again. What is wrong
with him?
“Your car and my car has a huge difference
and since you caused it you deserve it” he
said with a smirk.
“Listen… I’ve been trying to apologize to you
since the very start of this argument but
you’re not even giving me a chance. It was
my fault and I’m saying sorry. Isn’t that
enough?” I said trying to end the topic.
“Really? You think that’s enough. Just
apologizing for your deeds? Do you even
know the cost of this car? And the cost for
repairing this car?”
“Since you have such an expensive car, and
you yourself seem to be rich enough, then I
think you must be having the money to get
your car repaired” I said. I am about to lose
it. If this continues for some more time I
know I will do something that I’m gonna
regret later.
I really am sorry for doing this but then I
don’t have that much money to give to him.
The only money I have right now is Juliea’s
for her daughter’s jewelry.
“At first you crash my car, and then you have
the audacity to speak to me in this manner.
Do you even know who I am?” He said
That is another reason why I hate rich
“No I don’t and even don’t want to. I have to
leave now and get my car repaired. Bye” I
snapped and started to go back to my car.
“What about my car? Who will get it
repaired?” He said raising his brows.
“You?” I said in an obvious tone.
“No. You will get it done for me. I don’t pay
for other’s mistakes.”
“Listen Mr…. whatever, I’m not going to get it
done for you” I was already getting late and I
crashed my father’s car and I have to get it
repaired and yeah jewelry, I just forgot about
“Yes, you will”
I ignored him and started moving towards my
car. I was about to open the door and enter
when a hand on my arm stopped me. He
turned me around with a jerk “Take my car
Before he could finish his s£ntence, I took
out the bundle of cash that Juliea had given
me earlier in the cafe and literally threw it on
his face.
“Here. Have this and get it repaired for
yourself” I said with all the anger I felt
towards him.
He just stared at me in maybe disbelief and
horror, I turned on my heels, got in my car
and left.
After a drive of almost 1 km I stopped my
car. What have I done. This is not me. I
never get angry and never to this extent. I
shouldn’t have done that. I was wrong, I
crashed his car, he had all the rights to be
angry. I don’t know what got into me at that
I placed my head on the steering wheel. I
forgot to pick up the jewelry, I scratched my
dad’s car, I scratched someone else’s car, I
got into an argument and I threw money on
his face for something that was my fault!
Tears rolled down my eyes thinking of my
behavior. Dad’s right, it’s always my mistake,
I am always the one who is wrong. I deserve
this life.
I slowly drove to my house, Juliea and
Lahaina were already there, sitting in the
small garden sipping tea. As soon as they
saw me, Lahaina rushed towards me.
“Hey you came. Where’s my jewelry?” She
said standing in front of me. When I didn’t
reply she got in the car to check for it. Juliea
came there too.
“Where the hell is the jewelry?” She shouted
coming out of the car “… and where did you
get the dents and scratches on dad’s car
from?” She g@sped.
I kept mum, ran upstairs and closed myself
in my room while Juliea kept on shouting and
cursing me.
“Caroline! Come down, now!”
I was awakened by my father’s angry voice. I
didn’t realize i had drifted off to sleep.Juliea
and Lahaina must have told him everything.
I hurriedly got up, wiping my dry tears off
my face as I went downstairs.
“What the f***ing hell were you doing with my
car? And where are Lahaina’s jewelry?” Dad
said furiously while both the woman smirked.
“Dad I… f..forgot”
“And what about the car?”
“ was a a..c..cident” I stammered.
He took two-step towards me and slapped
“From now on you are not going to take my
car anywhere and you’re not getting your
dinner tonight. Just starve and die!” He said
and again slapped me. He left the room with
Lahaina following him. Juliea was smiling
seeing me and said
“Where is the money I gave you?” She asked.
“I don’t h..have” I whispered in between
my sobs.
“What? You don’t have it? You filthy whore!
What did you do with my money!” She came
towards me and grabbed my hair , pulling it
to make me look into her eyes. I closed my
eyes because of the pain it caused and she
pushed me back, making me fall on the
I cried sitting there the entire night. My cheek
hurts, my head is pounding, my eyes were
swollen because of the crying and I was
broken. Broken beyond repair.
Why am I even alive.
I wish I was dead, maybe death won’t hurt
this much.
I want to die.
I want to sleep, forever.


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