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Mr Billionaire 33 & 34

**** Aaron’s POV ****
I drove towards the highway with a very high
speed. The roads in the city were very busy
and I wanted to drive and get some fresh air.
Driving always help me calm my temper, but
today even that wasn’t working. Whenever I
tried to forget about everything that happened
today, Caroline’s bruised face flashed before
my eyes.
I was so angry when Carter informed me
about the transaction. I had thought Caroline
betrayed me, but my heart failed to accept
that fact. She can never do something like
that with me. That is why I asked Carter not
to stop the transaction, I wanted to confront
Caroline before doing anything.
It was not about the money, if she had spent
it on herself, I wouldn’t have cared. In fact, I
would have been happy that she is finally
using my money and not questioning me
about it, but the thing that made me go
berserk was her giving the money to that
bastard James.
When she explained everything about her
past and what happened with her today, I was
filled with rage. James doesn’t deserve a
daughter like her. She is so pure and
innocent while that man deserves nothing
better than death.
I hate myself for not trusting her, though it
was just for a few minutes, I can’t believe I
doubted her. I told her everything about the
contract and our marriage because if she
ever got to know about it by someone else, it
will shatter her heart.
All I want is, her happiness and after
knowing the things she went through all her
life, I want to keep her safe, close to me and
never ever let go. But I don’t know if she will
accept me after knowing the truth.
I drove continuously, till the time I was
completely tired and out of fuel. Stopping at
a g@s station, I parked my car and moved
out. While the man at the g@s station, filled
g@s into my car, I walked around the place,
thinking of a way to talk to Caroline.
She was shocked when she heard it, even
hurt, I can’t see the tears in her eyes and so I
walked out of the room. She was already in
pain because of her @ss father and I made it
worse for her.
I paid the man for fueling my car and got
back inside it to drive back home.
It was 1 o’clock at night by the time I reached
home. I didn’t realize, but I drove off really
far. Walking inside, I prayed for Caroline to
be still at home. I don’t know what I’ll do if
she’ll be gone already.
I ran towards our room and sighed in relief
when I saw Caroline sleeping on the couch.
Walking towards her, I tucked a strand of
hair behind her ear and picked her up in my
arms, placing her on the bed and covering
her petite frame with the quilt.
The swelling on her cheek was now not
visible but the bruise was. I touched it lightly
but pulled my hand back when she m0@ned in
That fv¢king piece of shit will pay for hurting
my wife!
I walked out of the room, and closed the
door behind me, carefully, not to make noise
and disturb Caroline’s sleep. Moving towards
my office, I opened my laptop and emailed to
He must be sleeping at this time but my work
is more important than his sleep. I dialed his
number using my office phone, as my
personal phone was now lying on the
bedroom floor in form of broken pieces.
“Sir?” He said in a startled tone.
“I emailed you a few things. I want you to
work on it. Now.” I said, coming straight to
the point.
“Now?” He questioned.
“Do you really want me to repeat my words!” I
said in a pissed off tone.
“ sir” he said, in a sleepy tone.
“Carter, this work has to be completed by
tomorrow. You’ll know how important it is
once you’ll read the email so if you plan to
go back to sleep and not work on it sincerely,
then you can. Just email me your resignation
before you sleep and do me a favour of not
coming to work from tomorrow” I threatened
Though he is very efficient and h@rdworking,
I won’t think twice before firing him if he
fails to do this work for me.
Nothing is more important for me than
Caroline, the people who try to hurt her will
have to face my wrath and I don’t want to
waste any time in showing those people their
real place!
“Okay sir. The work will be done” he said
confidently. I ended the call and placed the
phone back on the desk.
I will have to talk to Caroline and sort things
out, she stayed back and didn’t leave me, this
can be considered as a good sign. Maybe
she’ll believe me and understand, why I did it.
After everything was taken care of, I realized
I was very hungry. I skipped my breakfast
because I was angry on Caroline for going to
meet that sick bastard, then I skipped lunch
and even dinner. I will starve if I don’t eat
something immediately.
I walked inside the kitchen and opened the
refrigerator, there was nothing I could eat, in
there. Caroline and I had been going through
a lot of shit today but that doesn’t mean
everyone else will forget about their jobs.
Why the hell my cook hasn’t cooked anything!
Irritated, I took out a packet of noodles from
the cupboard and turned it around to read the
I know nothing about cooking, the only
reason why I step into a kitchen is to get
food or drink. I never got the time to learn to
cook, neither I was interested in it but now I
wish I knew at least the basics of it.
Placing the packet on the kitchen counter, I
searched for a bowl. After opening and
closing many cabinets, I finally got what I
I filled the water inside the bowl and turned
the g@s on, then placed the bowl over it and
waited for the water to boil.
Once the water was boiled, I added noodles to
the bowl and took out some vegetables from
the refrigerator.
While I was trying, keyword trying, cutting the
vegetables, I heard some footsteps come
towards the kitchen. Caroline entered a few
seconds later.
I stared at her face trying to read her face
and know what was she thinking. She
frowned and walked next to me. Taking out a
spatula from a drawer, she stirred the
noodles, then turned the g@s off and took out
the boiled noodles in another bowl.
Oh wait! They weren’t noodles anymore. My
noodles were magically turned to a curry!
“They aren’t edible now” she said and threw
the over boiled noodles, that can’t be called
noodles anymore, into the dustbin.
Caroline raised her brows and pointed at the
horribly chopped vegetables. I smiled slyly
and moved away.
She cleaned the counter first, then took out a
pack of pasta and started to cook. I watched
her as she did her work, though I want to talk
to her but I was waiting for her to say
something, but all she did was stay silent. Is
this the calm before the storm?
“You really signed a contract for our
marriage?” Caroline asked, in a low voice.
“Yes” I said and walked to stand next to her
so that I could see her face while she
“Then why did you lie when I asked you about
it before you proposed me at your
penthouse?” She questioned again. Her eyes
were focusing on the vegetables and she was
trying h@rd not to cry.
“I used to like you a lot, liked you the way I
never ever liked anyone else so whatever I
said that day was truth. I didn’t lie to you. It’s
just, I hid the real reason from you. You
would have never agreed to marry me if you
knew it. I didn’t want James to have half of
my company and I know there were many
occasions when I could have told you about
it, but like I said before, I used to like you
and I didn’t want you to get hurt” I said
Caroline blinked her eyes several times as if
trying not to let the tears drop from her eyes
“then why did you tell be about it today?” She
asked and continued to cook.
“Because when you told me about everything
you went through and how everyone chose
money over you, I realized, I did the same.
You did a mistake today and you accepted it,
but I never even cared to inform you about
anything. I’m sorry Caroline. Though I
proposed you because of that contract but by
the time I married you, I actually liked you”.
A teardrop fell from her eyes and I clenched
my fists, knowing I was hurting her more.
I don’t want to lie to her anymore, I want her
to know the truth. The type of truth that
doesn’t have any sugar coated words in it. My
words are harsh and straight to the point
because I want her to accept me with these
words and not by the words I’ll say to make
her feel better.
“You’re saying everything in past tense. Even
that you used to like me” she spoke stressing
on the last five words “What now, Aaron?
You no longer feel anything for me? What
about yesterday when you were angry on me
just because you didn’t want me to go and
meet James because you thought he’ll hurt
me? Don’t even dare tell me you were faking
it!” She shouted and finally turned to glare at
me, with her eyes glistening with tears.
I didn’t realize I was speaking everything in
past tense, until she pointed it out. But now
that I repeat my words in my mind, I don’t
find anything wrong in them. They indeed are
meant to be that way. I don’t really like her
anymore, because now, the feeling is
stronger and more pure than what I used to
feel for her.
“That’s right. I used to like you, but now, I
love you Caroline”. She stared at my face,
without blinking her eyes. Pulling her closer
to me, I cupped her cheeks and wiped away
the tears. “I don’t know when or how I fell so
damn h@rd for you but I realized it today
when I thought you’ll leave me for what I did.
Nothing was fake, not even a single moment,
I love the time when I’m with you. I love to
see you smile and it gives me immense
happiness when you smile because of me.
Earlier, I wanted your happiness, but after
knowing the amount of hatred and pain you
have got from the people around you, I want
you to give every possible thing that you want
and wished for, all your life. I want you to
know that there is someone who is always by
your side and know that you mean everything
to him. I promise you today Caroline, I’m
gonna make all your dreams come true and I
mean it” I said honestly.
Before I could say anything more, she
hugged me and cried her heart out. I hugged
her back and caressed her hair while she just
tightened her grip around me.
She continued to cry and I made no efforts to
stop her. It’s good to cry sometimes and let
your emotions flow out in form of tears. I
want Caroline to cry as much as she wants
because this will be the last time.
“You trust me?” I asked after sometime when
her sobs were no longer audible.
“Just like you did earlier today” she chuckled
making me smile.
We broke the hug after a long time and
Caroline looked up into my eyes. “Promise
me you will never leave me” she said putting
her hand forward, like a kid.
“I have a better idea, I’ll stay with you
forever” I said and placed my hand over
hers. My other hand hooked her chin, and I
rubbed her cheek lightly with my thumb. “It
still hurts?” I asked.
“Not much” she smiled. I moved my face
closer to her and captured her l!ps.
I s√¢ked her upper l!p and wrapped my hand
around her waist, pulling her up and making
her sit on the kitchen counter. She wrapped
her hands around my neck and drew my face
closer. My hand made its way to her hair and
pulled off the band. Her hair circled around
her face and I tucked them back, still klzzing
her lovely mouth.
She m0@ned and I deepened the klzz, my
other hand going under her tshirt to touch
her skin. I moved my hand higher inside her
shirt when she pushed me away and jumped
down the kitchen counter.
She adjusted her clothes and quickly closed
the knob of the g@s. The pasta and
vegetables were completely burnt till now.
Black fumes was coming out of the pan, I
wonder how I didn’t notice any smell of
I helped Caroline as she threw the burnt
vegetables and pasta in the dustbin and then
placed the pan inside the sink and opened the
tap to allow water to flow on it.
“See what you did!” She said, with an angry
“What did I do?” I asked with wide eyes. She
glared me while I stared back at her.
“This” she showed me the oil stain on her
tshirt, which must have got there when she
shifted the pan into the sink.
She glared and tried to give me a dangerous
look but I chuckled as she looked too cute
doing that. Rolling her eyes and pushing me
aside she walked out of the kitchen.
Damn! Even the pasta ended up in the
dustbin! I need food! I’m starving!
I was looking around the kitchen, when
Caroline came back after some time. She had
changed into another tshirt and brought her
phone along.
“I forgot to tell you about this” she said and
showed me a message on her phone. It was
a message from the bank, that a million
dollars have been transferred to her account.
Taking the phone from her hand, I re-read
the message “how?” I asked, looking at her.
“I asked your PA to do it. James transferred
the money illegally so, I talked about it to
your PA and took it back” she said with a
small smile on her l!ps.
Her phone rang the next moment with
Carter’s number and she answered it.
“Okay” Caroline said and handed me the
phone, gesturing me to talk.
“Sir, I tried calling your number but it was
off, you didn’t even answer your office
phone so I had to call Mrs. Woodwords as
you said this work is very important” he
apologized, then continued “I’ve mailed you a
few things that I want you to check before I
work on them” he said. I replied to him
positively and even told him to s£nd a new
phone for me before ending the call.
Giving back the phone to Caroline, I walked
towards my office and checked the mails.
Carter has done a good work but I want it to
be done even better. While I was checking the
files and emails, Caroline came inside with
two bowlfuls of noodles.
She placed it on my desk and moved my files
and laptop away. “Eat first. And why are you
working so late?” She inquired, pulling out a
chair and sitting on it.
I picked up the fork and started to eat “It’s
something really important and I need to
finish it tonight. You go to bed” I said. She
frowned and ate her food.
I got up from my chair and stretched my
arms, I’ve been working continuously since
last night and now everything was finally
Closing my laptop, I walked inside my room
and took a long shower, that made my
tiredness flow away.
While I was dressing to go to office, Caroline
came in with our breakfast. She looked at me
for sometime, then placed the breakfast on
the table and folded her arms across her
“You were working the entire night and now
you’re going to your office. You will fall sick
if you work so much Aaron!” She said with a
concerned face.
I smiled knowing she cares for me that much
and was about to walk towards her when her
phone rang again. James!
I answered the phone and put it on speaker
mode. “Caroline?” He said angrily.
“What” was all she said.
“You’re asking me what? You’re fv¢king
asking me what?! Didn’t we had a deal
yesterday, I gave you that woman’s address
and you took back the money from my
account! But you know what, the address I
gave you, is the last place my men spotted
her. She vanished away all of a sudden, I
pray that died! And about you, you whore,
didn’t I already say don’t ever use your brain
or I’ll kill you! I swear I will…” he was
speaking when I couldn’t control any longer
and threw the phone towards the wall,
breaking it to pieces.
Caroline g@sped while I took my coat and
started to walk out.
“Where are you going?” She asked in a low
“To give that man what he actually deserves”
I said with clenched teeth and walked out.
James had already caused a lot of chaos in
my life, and I’m not gonna allow him to
interfere in it anymore. Just because my
father considers him as a friend, I didn’t do
anything to him. Every time I thought of
taking a step against him, dad stopped me,
but not now.
Descending the stairs, I wore my coat and
took out my office phone from my p@nt
“Carter, I want you to meet me at James
Marshall’s place in 30 minutes, with all the
papers ready. And don’t do anything to the
company shares” I ordered him.
“Okay sir” he answered, before I ended the
The chauffeur opened the car door as I came
out of the house and walked towards the car.
Sitting inside, I told him about the place I had
to go. He nodded, taking his seat behind the
wheels and started to drive.
The drive to James Marshall’s house is of
more than 30 minutes and it’s good for me
because it will help me in controlling my
anger. If I reach there sooner, I think I will
chop his head, or better chop each and every
part of his body, and throw it at a place no
one will ever be able to find, but I don’t want
to commit a murder.
Caroline won’t like it.
I don’t even want to imagine how bad he
must have treated my Caroline, though she
told me how he used to beat her mother and
how he used to abuse her after she left, I
can’t imagine that scenario.
I know and understand the pain of losing
your mother and seeing your mother being
beaten in front of your eyes, must have been
the worst feeling.
James will regret everything he did to my
wife, and every bad word he spoke for her.
He will be begging me for mercy and I won’t
show any pity on him because it’s about time
I show him who he was messing with.
People suffer if they cause any trouble in my
business and that fv¢king good for nothing
@sshole tried to fv¢k up my personal life and
not just tried, he almost did it. It’s payback
time now.
Thinking about all the possible things that
could happen at his place, I realized what I
was about to do was not enough. I’ll have to
stay clean while doing everything but that
fv¢king bastard, along with his wife and
daughter, will definitely try to pull me in
some legalities.
Taking out my phone again, I dialed a
number that I didn’t really want to call but
had to. He owns the best security agency in
the world, his company can get access to
almost all the databases and so he has a
better way with the legal procedures.
I clenched my teeth and waited for him to
answer the call.
“The great Aaron Woodwords is calling me
himself. This is one of the many things I
never expect from a man of a higher
standard than me” he said repeating my
words from earlier, when Caroline made us
meet for the first time.
“I want you to work on something” I said in a
serious tone. I could have easily insulted him
but I’m in no mood for foolery.
“I think you dialed the wrong number. I’m not
your employee, Aaron Woodwords” he said, in
the same amused tone.
“It’s about the bastard James, Dylan
Van@ssche.” That was enough to put an end
to his useless comments and make him talk
“What is it?” He asked in a serious tone.
“He’ll be filing a petition for bankruptcy soon,
he may accuse my company as well and will
try sue me too. I want you to take care of the
first two things and I’ll take care of the suing
me part because I don’t trust you with it”.
That is the truth, I know he hates that bastard
and will definitely help me but he will never
miss such a big opportunity of seeing me
behind the bars.
“Oh. I got to know about everything that you
did to his company in just one night. Are you
planning to destroy his business?” He
“No. I’m not planning to destroy just his
business. I’m planning to destroy him” I
stated simply and he hummed in response.
“Why are you doing it all of a sudden?”
“Ask Caroline about it. If she’s comfortable
she’ll tell you”.
Caroline didn’t tell me about anything before,
now listening to Dylan’s way of talking, I don’t
think he knows anything about her past. I
don’t want to be the person to tell him about
it, if Caroline wants, she can tell him about it
“So it’s about Caro. I knew he treats her
badly but she never accepted it. Will you sue
him?” He asked, in an angry voice.
“Is that even a question!”
“Well, if that’s the case, don’t” he said and
remained silent for some time before
continuing again “you will sue him and he
will be s£nt to jail for a few years.
Meanwhile, if the two bitches, that hang out
with him, hired any lawyer, though they won’t
be able to get him bailed because I know you
won’t let that happen, but they may plead the
court for shortening the time period. Give me
a few days, I’ll accuse him of some charges
for which he won’t be able to get a bail and
will make sure he spends his entire life in a
single cell. So, do whatever you want to do
with that d!¢k and the two bitches, just leave
the things that concerns the law for me.”
Dylan explained.
I thought about that for a while “Okay, but if
anything wrong happens, you know who you
will be messing with. Right?” I threatened
“I know. I don’t want Caro to become a
zombie and eat my brain, so don’t worry.
You’re safe” he said. I rolled my eyes and
hung up.
Every p@ssing second felt like forever, I had
thought the distance will help me have a
control on my fury but instead it was
irritating me more.
When the car finally stopped outside the
@sshole’s house, I got out and took a deep
Remember, you just have to destroy him and
not kill him! Caroline will never forgive you if
you commit a murder!
“Sir” I heard a voice call for me from behind.
Turning around, I saw Carter coming towards
me, with a few folders in his hands.
“It has everything you’ll need” he said and
was about to open a folder for me to see,
but I dismissed it and walked inside the
Carter ran past me to knock at the door. I
waited, with clenched fists, for someone to
answer that door.
Lahaina opened it, not actually paying
attention at first, but her expressions
changed to shock when she saw it was me.
“Step aside” I said, when she stood at her
place, staring at my face with a quizzical
“How the fv¢k you know nothing about it!” I
heard James voice.
Though he was not visible from the place I
was standing but his voice was clearly
audible. He was shouting at someone, and I
smirked @ssuming he finally got to know
what had happened to his company in just
one night.
“I want you to get everything back in place!”
He shouted again.
“Why are you here? Oh wait… are you here to
ask about your one million dollars?” Lahaina
folded her arms across her chest and smiled
at me.
“The money is back to where it belongs. I’m
here to just answer a few questions, that
your father must be having after last night” I
Her eyes got widen as she realized my
involvement in the matter. She opened her
mouth to say something but Carter moved
inside, pushing her away by his shoulders, to
make space for me, when she didn’t even
move an inch away from her place.
Ignoring her, I moved towards the direction
from where all the shouting and yelling was
coming from.
James stopped shouting as soon as he saw
me and kept the phone back in his pocket,
giving me death glares all the while. Juliea
was sitting on the couch, with her head
between her hands but she stood up from
her place as I entered.
“Let me guess, you’re not here to just pay a
visit to your father-in-law. Are you?” He said
with clenched teeth.
“The only reason I’ll attend your funeral will
be to confirm that you’re really dead. I hope
that will help to answer your question” I said
with a straight face.
“May I know why did you do everything you
did! It is my company! Even if you own the
40 percent shares, we still are the boss! You
are not allowed to make any changes and not
to forget, even James owns a small portion
of your company that your good for nothing
father sold to him!” Juliea shouted at me.
I stared at her face, unbelievably. Did she
really shout at me? I could feel Carter’s pair
of eyes looking at me, no one dares to even
raise their voice while talking to me and this
woman had the audacity to shout at me.
Clenching my fists tighter, I moved towards
James with two easy steps and punched him
on his face with all my strength.
He yelped in pain and fell on the ground,
covering his face with both of his hands.
“Just because I don’t raise my hand on
women” I said, looking at Juliea. She gulped,
although she wasn’t eating anything, and
looked at James as he tried to get up.
Lahaina, stood at one corner of the room and
didn’t dare to speak anything.
James stood up and removed his hands from
his face. His nose was bleeding and his left
cheek was a combination of black and navy
blue. Perfect!
“Why the hell you want my company?! Isn’t
yours enough for you? I can sue you for
taking over my company illegally” James
said, pacing a handkerchief over his nose to
stop the blood flow.
“I don’t want your company. I’m not stupid to
put so much effort for taking over your
company. If I wanted it, I could have just
pulled back my shares and in a few days
your small little company would have
vanished. So, you still own the company. It’s
just that almost all of your employees have
resigned as they got better jobs and all the
other companies with whom you were having
deals and the companies that were your
clients are no longer connected to you.
Those clients who signed a deal with you are
not interested in it anymore. In short, your
company is bankrupted. But does that make
me take over your company? No” I said and
turned to look at Juliea “you are still the
She looked away not daring to see me in the
eye. James wiped the blood coming out of
his nose and spoke “then may I know why
you did it!”. Though he was very angry and
pissed but he spoke in a very low and polite
“Of course. Remember the deal you had with
my father? The one in which he invested 50
percent for a project and you had to invest
the rest. Well, the deal is still open and you
can’t back out. In addition, I own 40 percent
of your company shares. Now that your
company is bankrupt, don’t you think you’ll
have to pay me for the loss, considering you
are still the boss of the company” I ended
with a smirk.
“Oh really! Didn’t you already mentioned I’m
bankrupt! How am I supposed to pay you! I
want each and every client and worker back
to me! You fv¢king destroyed my company,
what else do you want now!” James shouted
again, but clutched his face tighter as it
pained to even speak.
“You’re in debt to me James Marshall. I’m
ceasing all of your accounts, breaking my
company ties with you and taking over all of
your properties” I said and heard Juliea and
Lahaina g@sp while James was in stark shock
“including this one” I added.
“You can’t do this with me” James said, his
voice no more than a whisper.
“I already did. Carter, how much time will it
take to do all this?” I asked, my eyes not
leaving James’ face for even a single
Carter took out his phone from his pocket
and dialed a number, then after another
minute answered me “a few hours, sir”.
“Then let’s start the good work from here” I
said and moved towards James. Holding him
by his collar, I pulled him out of the house.
He struggled to free himself but my grip was
tight and I was determinant to show him how
it feels to be dragged out of a place they
called their home.
“I will sue you Aaron Woodwords!” Lahaina
shouted on top of her lungs.
I turned to look at her and gave her a small
smile “Go ahead sweetheart. And I don’t want
to ask Carter to drag you and your mother
out of the house too so be a good girl and
With that I turned around and dragged James
out of the house, Juliea, Lahaina and Carter
Once we were out of the house, Carter closed
the doors and locked it. I left James with a
jerk and he fell on the ground. The two
women standing there did nothing to help
him and p@ssed angry glares at me.
“What am I supposed to do now? You took
everything away, you bastard! You..” James
was speaking but I snubbed him.
“Feeling bad? I hope that will help you realize
how bad you treated others, though I doubt
that you will ever regret. Anyway, find a
place to live for a few days, till the time
Van@ssche arranges a permanent place for
you all” I said and without another word
walked towards my car.
“Ethan won’t be happy when he’ll get to know
what you did with me. You’ll have to answer
him” James said. I ignored him and got inside
my car.
Dad really won’t be happy with this but I don’t
care. If he is unable to see the kind of
@sshole James is then that’s not my fv¢king
How many times I’ve tried to tell him about
James but he never understands me. I know
what I did was right and I’ll take care if dad
asks me about it.


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