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July 30, 2021


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Mr arrogant Episode 15 & 16

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(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky



Delaney’s Pov:
I sat on the floor, crying profusely as the Rio guy left to do what I didn’t know.

I’d searched and searched for the treasure, but to no avail.
And finally, I ended up on the floor, crying my eyes out.

How could I be so careless? How could I misplace the treasure?? What do I do now?

What if it has fallen into the wrong hands? The most valuable treasure in Marazona. The key to my revenge against the Queen.

How could I be so careless, huh?

I continued crying on the floor and after a while, he showed up – both of them.

I lifted my head to look at them and another fear crowded me.

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They’ve seen my face already and known I followed them.

What have I done?

If I’d known, I’d have stayed back at home. I just wanted to feed my eyes.

“What’re you doing here??” Xavier asked with an alarmed look and I sniffed and stood up.

“I….I…” I paused and sniffed again.
“I lost my necklace”.

He scoffed and looked at his friend

“What necklace? And that isn’t the answer to my question. What’re you doing here? How did you get here?” He asked but I couldn’t reply.

“Did you follow me?” He asked again and that was when I nodded.
Xavier’s Pov:
What the….

She followed me???

Like….f*”king followed me??

So, this was the reason mum couldn’t find her at home?

“Hold on; how did you follow me? Like…how did you do it?” I asked.

I was just trying so hard to understand how she did it.

“I…I made use of the car” she replied and pointed to the car.

Hmm. She probably hid in the boot or something. But why would she follow me?

I sighed and ruffled my hair.

Is mum being serious about keeping this lady?

And why’s she crying?

“What do we do, man? We need to get her home” Rio turned to me and said and I felt my cheeks burning up..

Seriously?? Just when i was about having fun?

“Maybe….I should take her home myself and come back afterwards. What do you think?” He asked, but I didn’t reply as I stared at her.

What did she say she’s looking for again?

“What’s so special about the necklace?” I moved closer to her and asked and she sniffed.

“It’s….its important. I can’t lose it”.

Great! Perfect answer.

I took out my phone and dialed mum’s line.
It connected.

“Xavier” she called, tiredly.
Is she being stressed out because of this?

“Guess what, mum” I started with an eye roll.
“Your special alien daughter Is here with me”.

I could hear her gasp.

“What?? Delaney?” She called, surprised.

“Yes. She actually followed Rio and I out – secretly. She was hiding in the car”.

“Whaaaat?? Oh my…Oh my God! Where’s she? I mean…
Is she safe?”

“She’s just crying over some weird necklace. Look mum, I’m in the middle of an interesting party and if there’s a way you can just….”

“I’ll do it” Rio muttered and I sighed.

“Fine. Rio said he’ll bring her home” I passed the report to her.

“What the heck are you doing, Xavier? Bring her home yourself. Besides, its late. You know your father’s against you staying out late because of your status”.

“But mum….”

“Bring her home. Now”

And she ended the call.


What the heck??

I made a crumpled face and looked at Rio who bursted into laughter.

“This isn’t funny,,dude” I said depressed and looked at the lady.
Where the f*”k did she come from?

I itched my hair and started towards the car, angrily.

“Hey! Don’t tell me you’re angry” Rio said from behind, but I didn’t stop to look at any of them as I got into the car and shut the door.
Delaney’s Pov:
He looked angry. What could be wrong with him? Could I be the cause?

“Hey; come on. Let’s go in” his friend next to me said and I nodded weakly and followed him to the car.

I sat alone at the backseat and in a short while, we started moving.
Xavier’s Pov:
We got home and I angrily handed the special Delaney over to mum. And after which, Rio left.

Gosh! I couldn’t believe she just ruined my night – completely.

I got into my room and took a shower, ready to sleep.

And just when I was taking off my towel, someone pushed the door open and I looked in fright to see she was the one coming in.

My towel!!
(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 16

By: Faith Lucky

Delaney’s Pov:
I opened the door and found him in the room, but he shrieked on seeing me.

“What’re you…..??” He flinched and turned around, backing me.
I noticed he was losing something from his waist, but he quickly held it back.

“Hey; what the hell do you think you’re doing? What’re you doing in my room? And don’t you knock??” He snapped as he looked at me.

Huh? What is knock?

“I’m talking to you,,alien. How dare you just barge into my room like that??” He asked angrily.

Okay….I think he’s just confusing me the more. Maybe I should just say what I have to say and leave.

“I…I actually came here to apologize for what happened earlier”, u began. It seemed you were really angry with me for making you leave your friends. I…I just wanted to apologize”.

He didn’t stared at me speechlessly for a while and scoffed.

“Seriously?” He said.
“Is that the reason you’re here?”

I nodded simply and he rolled his eyes.

“Well, you can leave. I’ve heard you. And next time, make sure you knock on the door before coming in” he said and started pushing me out of the room – gently tho.

But what does he mean by knock?

“Wait….have you forgiven me?” I stopped to ask him
But he rolled his eyes and pushed me out.

Gosh! How rude!

I sighed as I faced the door. And having nothing else to do, I returned to my room.
The thought of losing the necklace kept disturbing my entire thoughts that I could hardly sleep.

How do I get it back? Who could be in possession of it?

If only I’d known, I’d have stayed back in the house. Or kept it safe.

Well….perhaps,,it’s a good way of keeping it far from the people of Marazona. Probably, it’d make it difficult for any of them to find it if they ever locate me.

But still, I needed the necklace. I just needed it to be in my possession

How do I get it back?
Chelsea’s Pov:
I climbed down the stairs with my designer’s school bag in my hand and iPad in the other.

I scrolled through the internet as I did and finally got to the sitting room.

Oops! Seems someone’s home – mum.

She was fixing the dining.

“Baby” she beamed and turned to me.


“Good morning” I said under my breath and walked further.

“So, you decided to me home?”

“Oh…yeah. I actually arrived a while ago, but didn’t tell you about it cause I wanted to surprise you with breakfast” she said with smiles, but I rolled my eyes.

“Too bad, I’m not eating” I blurted and started walking away.

“Che….Chelsea?” She called back.

“Chelsea, come on. Are you still mad at me?”

“Seriously, mum. I’m just trying to get used to the fact that I live alone” I replied bluntly and walked out.

Approaching my car, I spotted dad driving in and scoffed.

I couldn’t believe these are my parents.

I rolled my eyes and entered into my car and my driver took off immediately.

I opened my phone and continued scrolling, going through Xavier’s pictures this time around.

A smile flashed on my lips.

From now on, I’ve decided not to get affected by his playboy lifestyle.

From now on, I’ll work on winning his heart and making him mine.

“I need to get something from the book store. So, you’ll stop by” I told the driver and he nodded.

I continued with my phone after a while, we got to the mall.

But while he was trying to park, he accidentally splashed mud water on a lady.

Alicia’s Pov:
I placed the necklace in my bag and left my room, going to the sitting room.

I met mum there, sitting and filing her nails.


“Good morning, mum” I greeted lowly and cleared my throat.

She scoffed.

“So, you’re awake? I was thinking you were gonna die in your room. Where’s my money, Alicia?” She asked I itched my hair.

I guess I was expecting that.

“Come on, mum. I’m sorry,okay? Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you” I said with a childish pout and she scoffed and looked away.


Granny came out of the kitchen immediately, holding a jar.

“And where are you all dressed up to?” She asked as she walked in

“Good morning, granny” I gave her a side hug and a peck.

“Morning, Alicia. Where are you off to?” She asked,,taking a seat close to mum.

“I uh….I just wanna see a friend down the street. Don’t worry, I’ll be quick” I replied quickly and tried walking away, but she called me back.

“How about the scholarship you applied for? The exams you wrote. Are the results out?” She asked and my eyes beamed.

It was actually my dream school, XCHS – Xavier Classic High School.

“Not yet, Granny. But I heard the results would be out by today” I replied happily.

“And…are you sure you’ll make it?” She asked and I shrugged.

“Well…. I’m quite intelligent, but I don’t know if I’ll make it. Anyway, I have a strong feeling I will.

“I need to go now, granny. See you later. Bye mother” I waved at them and although mum didn’t reply, I ran out of the house.

I needed to leave early cause I had just one person in mind who could sell this strange necklace at a reasonable amount. But he’s the busy type and could only be found very early in the morning.

I didn’t have cab fare and had to walk the long distance. More reason I left home earlier.

Finally, I got to his store which was close to a bookstore, but just when I was about going in, a car splashed mud water on me.


Trying to get myself, I tripped over a stone and fell on the floor, together with my bag which opened and revealed the necklace.

What the hell?????

I flinched as a lady stepped out of the car, wearing a school uniform. I sprang on my feet immediately and grabbed my bag, fixing the necklace in properly.

“Hey! Are you blind??” I asked angrily as she came close.

“What? Do I look like the driver to you?” She answered rudely, making me gasp

What nerves??

“Ohhh! You wanna prove you’re a spoilt brat, huh?I guess you’re as dumb as your driver. No wonder you hired him.

“You splashed stinky water on me and the best you could do is say trash?” I snapped and she scoffed.

“Well, why weren’t you careful? Are your eyes having issues or what? Well, if you’re blind, get a stick” she spatted and tried walking away, but I ran and stood in front of her, blocking her way.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood this morning. Else, I’d have swept the floor with your face” I said with my finger pointed at her.

“Get lost” she rolled her eyes and walked away, going into the bookstore.

What nerves??? Who the hell is she?
Delaney’s Pov:
I climbed down the long road called *stairs* being led by a maid.

And finally, we arrived at the dining.

The woman and her son were already there, eating.

“Delaney” she called with a smile as I took a seat.

“Good morning” I greeted shyly.
I think I completely admire this woman.

“Good morning, dear. How was your night?”

“It was…it was fine” I replied and touched my hair.

Well, factly, it was hectic. I couldn’t even remember sleeping as I kept thinking about the necklace.

The woman’s son just shot me a stare and continued eating.
Hm. I think I like what he’s eating. It looked good.

“Please, Delaney; next time, make sure you don’t go out alone, no matter what. It’s dangerous and since you’re new here…..”

She was still talking when I dipped my hand into the boy’s plate and took out a slice of what he was eating.

His eyes widened in shock immediately.

“What the…….
What the hell is that?” He snapped, making me a bit surprised.

“I…I like it” I replied as I took a bite.

“Delaney” the woman hushed.

“Hey! You don’t just dip your hands into my meal, okay? You ask for permission” he stated angrily.


I’m supposed to ask for permission? I thought the food was meant for everyone?

“There are so many things to be eaten here, Delaney. You don’t necessarily need to take from his” the woman said as she stood up and dished my own food.


The son glared at me and continued eating.

“Xavier” the woman called after a while.
I had already began eating.

“I actually want Delaney to start going to school – your school” she said and the boy dropped his food.

What?? Did I just hear school?



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