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August 1, 2021


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Mother’s love final Episode

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I was at what looked like a park and I kept moving about not really knowing where I was going in particular until I spotted Austin and started following him, the whole place was empty but I didn’t really mind. I saw him at a far distance since the streets were empty too and I kept calling him but he didn’t answer me, he tried facing me but it looked like it was difficult for him so I started running to him and we got to some bushy area and I couldn’t catch up with him no matter how much I increased my pace. The end of the road had two paths and he took the right one, I ran faster trying to catch up with him but the distance between us was still the same, the bush got thicker each step I took with tall trees and grass. I started getting scared and called for him to stop because the place looked dangerous but he kept on going and I followed him then I heard footsteps

Me: Austin, did you hear that?

He didn’t answer

Me: Austin, someone’s coming

He still kept quiet and I decided to go back but when I looked back, I saw a familiar shadow and I looked at the figure from toe to head knowing fully well who it was


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She laughed sarcastically

Florence: I now have you to myself and you’re at my mercy, oh how I’ll enjoy this

I got up trying to run but my feet couldn’t move, I tried to scream but my voice wouldn’t come out and she laughed out loud

Florence: you spoiled brat have always gotten in my way of killing your father which would have made me filthy rich and now I pay the consequences dearly so let me do this now. I was screaming but my voice wasn’t heard then she took out a knife with blood dripping from it then she lifted it up and I closed my eyes expecting the worst until I heard her speak

Florence: DAMN!!

I opened my eyes and saw Austin in front of me covered in blood and she’d stabbed him then I saw mom standing behind her with anger written all over her face

Mom: enough of your silly games

Florence: leave me alone Angela

She looked scared

Mom: you have pushed me to my limits by trying to hurt my family and my daughter has proven to be strong so it’s the end of the road for you

She pointed a finger at her and the body started melting then she transformed to Rita

Mom: and you’re going to die now

Rita: please Angela don’t, I’ll keep away from your family.

Mom kept pointing at her until she fell to the ground and took her last breath then I turned to look at mom

Me: mom, am I dead?

Mom: you’re not but you’ll have to fight hard through prayer to get back there

I looked at Austin who got up with a hole on his chest where he was stabbed and he got me scared

Me: wh….

Austin: pray Lucy, you have to get back

He staggered and mom held him in her arms

Me: we have to get back Austin, I can’t leave you here

Austin: you have to go back, this is it I tried saying something until I was interrupted by mom

Mom: pray Lucy, you have to go it’s not safe here

Austin slowly nodded

I started praying and was told not to lose focus even though it was hard, I prayed until I felt my strength draining and Florence came in search of me so I had to stop and starred at her not knowing what to do

Florence: baby, I’ve been looking for you everywhere

I looked at mom who gave me an approving look with Austin lying in her arms

Me: mom she….

Mom: go right ahead, go with her, she’s heaven sent and means the best for you. Love her just like you loved me because you don’t know what she’s been through just so she could get here for you, she’s your mother from now on so go with her

Florence held my hand and led me away, I looked behind where mom and Austin slowly waved at me and I couldn’t handle leaving him behind because I felt like a part of me was gone. We finally got to some street with Florence holding me in her arms and the noise made by people was loudly heard

“She just moved, did you see that?”

I heard a voice speak

“Call the doctor”

Another called out

I opened my eyes but the light was very bright so I shut them and tried opening them again………




I opened my eyes and saw dad with an Indian doctor, and everyone looked at me surprised and I wondered what was going on, my throat was dry so I asked for water which I was given and dad helped me sit up as I drank

Me: Florence, Austin, Rita, where are they?

Dad looked me confused

Dad: umm…why do you want them?

Me: I have to see them

The room went silent and I remembered what happened before I passed out

Me: oh no! Austin, where’s he? Is he okay? Please tell me he’s fine

Dad: he’s also in this hospital and is slowly recovering

Me: I have to see him now…….along with…with Florence

I saw dad look aside but didn’t pay attention to him then the doctor spoke

Doctor: congratulations Miss Lucy Mulenga, your heart transplant was successful

He said with his Indian accent and I couldn’t believe what he said to be true so I touched my chest and I could feel the stitches

Me: I would like to thank the family of the donor for saving my life, I wonder who that angel is

Dad: when is she likely to be discharged?

Doctor: soon but she’ll have to come over for check ups

Dad: alright

The doctor left and it was dad and I who looked hurt and offish even though I expected him to be happy that I’d made it out alive and I broke the silence

Me: does Florence hate me? Is that why she’s not here?

Dad: why do you say that?

Me: I was wrong about her all along, I accused her wrongly, I’ve wronged her in many ways and I want to ask for her forgiveness, I have to make things right with her.

Dad: don’t stress yourself just concentrate on getting better

Me: alright

I could see that dad was hiding something from me so I let him me




It felt so good being home and the atmosphere was just lovely probably because I hated hospitals, Monica and Kelvin warmly welcomed me but it got me worried that Florence was no where to be seen

Me: where’s Florence? Where’s mom?

They all looked at each other surprised but I really didn’t mind

Dad: go and get changed first then you’ll find me in the living room where we’ll talk

I quickly went to my bedroom where I showered and wore comfortable clothes and I rushed back to the living room where I found dad seated with his head buried in his hands so I called out his name then sat next to him

Dad: what did you mean when you said you accused Florence wrongly?

Me: remember the dreams I told you about?

He nodded

Me: Aunt Rita was the one behind them

Dad: you sure?

I narrated everything that I visioned when I was out and he breathed out loudly when he was done

Dad: well, she was found dead in her house some days ago and has been put to rest, no one knows the cause of her death up to now

Me: hope she goes to hell, where’s Florence?

I was really impatient because I wanted to talk to her and go to the hospital to see Austin since I hadn’t seen him when I was in hospital

Dad: Florence is your heart donor

I thought my ears were deceiving me

Me: wh…wh…what?

My bottom lip was trembling and I didn’t notice when my tears fell

Dad: yes she is, she forgave you for everything you ever did and said her love for you caused her to do that

I felt like trash for everything I did

“It’s not worth living if I’ll live a life of regrets” I said to myself as I had a big lump on my throat

Dad: she left this for you

He gave me a piece of paper which I slowly unfolded and it read:

You’ve made me proud that your hale and hearty , I believed you were a fighter and would make it out alive. I did what any mother would do for their child because the love I had for you wouldn’t have let me see you suffer or lose your life. Go ahead and shine like a star by achieving those big dreams you have. I never meant to be your mother’s replacement because I knee how much you loved her since nothing beats a mother’s love but love you as a daughter of my own. If your dad is to find a woman he desires to be with please love her wholeheartedly and if she happens to be wicked then leave her to God to judge and be on the safe side. I don’t hold any grudge against you so leave the past behind and I hope you attend my funeral, take care of your father and two siblings. I love you



I had wet the paper with tears when I was done and dad just held me tightly, I stayed in that state for quite some time until I felt dad’s body freeze and I looked at him, he had his eyes focused on something with his jaw dropped open so I followed his eyes and there was Florence with Austin’s mother

Dad: Fl…Fl…Florence

She slowly nodded with tears in her eyes

Me: what’s going on here?

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They approached us and took their seats, I was happy that she was still alive but it got me scared at the same time

Dad: I… I…thought……

Florence: I understand

Dad: what happened?

Florence: I was taken to the room and was almost sedated but then an Indian doctor came in and stopped the whole process and Austin’s mother came in and offered to have Austin’s heart donated instead since he was brain dead and tests were already done on him which showed that he was also a perfect match, she thought of what Lucy would go through when I died so Austin is her donor

No, that wasn’t happening

Not the Austin I knew since my childhood

Not the Austin I shared my happiest and saddest moments with

Not the Austin who was always there for me, life seemed meaningless without him so how was I expected to live without him?

I wailed and asked to be taken along with him then Florence and his mother held me as I cried……




I wore all black and the only thing I fed on were my tears, I couldn’t believe that I was going to say my final goodbye to someone I considered as a twin. Florence had been there for me and I was glad that we were getting along well but I wouldn’t lie by saying that I would get over Austin’s death because the truth was that I didn’t see the point of living, I was brought back from my thoughts by Mapalo who came in with a tray of food but it was the last thing on my mind and I pushed it away then dad, Florence, Monica and Kelvin came in assuring me that they were all there for me but it still made no difference because my Austin was gone and we did a group hug, I felt better around Florence.

I was in Florence’s arms during the church service because I couldn’t handle what was going on, my face was messed up with tears and snort on it, a handkerchief really could do nothing. We finally went to the cemetery and I wished I was the one who had died instead as the pastor preached, his casket was finally drawn down and I went closer, I couldn’t speak and what I thought was a dream had finally come true. I looked at his mother who had a panic attack and I looked back at his casket, something told me to throw myself in the hole too but it was like Florence had read my mind coz she was next to me holding me

“Goodbye to you my trusted friend

We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten

Together we climbed hills and trees

Learned of love and A B C’s

Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.

Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die

When all the birds are singing in the sky

Now that the spring is in the air

Pretty girls are everywhere

Think of me and I’ll be there

We had joy we had fun

We had seasons in the sun

But the hills that we climb were just seasons

Out of time……”

I managed to sing until I couldn’t find my voice anymore

Me: rest in peace my dear brother……… :’-( :’-(


***THE END***

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