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July 30, 2021


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Mother’s love Episode 27 & 28

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***Lucy was rushed to the hospital and was immediately taken in by a team of doctors since they were all aware of her condition, her dad and Florence followed as she was wheeled to a room asking the doctors if she would be fine but they all never paid attention to them, they were asked to stay in the waiting area as they took her in the room. They stayed there for hours both lost in thoughts until Mr Mulenga held Florence when the cold air of the night hit her skin and she snuggled closer to him, it was midnight and no one had told them anything regarding Lucy which got Mr Mulenga worried, he couldn’t stomach the thought of losing his daughter like his wife then a doctor finally came out and didn’t finish calling out Lucy’s name coz they had both gotten up and approached him and he asked Mr Mulenga to follow him to his office but he stopped on his tracks when he saw Florence tagged along and gave him a disapproving look

Mr M: she’s my wife, Lucy’s mother and can also be present

The doctor nodded and they got to his office where he offered both if them seats

Doctor: your daughter is in a critical condition and has been cancelled from the waiting list


Doctor: unfortunately I am, she can’t stay long to wait for a donor

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He said that grabbing the doctor’s coat, he was so angry that even his veins had popped out and Florence tried to calm him down

Doctor: Mr Mulenga, there are several patients waiting for donors so it’s what we do in such cases. I’ll have to get back now

Mr Mulenga felt his entire world coming to an end as he slowly walked out of the doctor’s office with Florence holding him and she said some things but he couldn’t hear a word coz his mind was far away, they went back to the waiting area she helped him sit and he buried his head in his hands

“The last promise I made to you was to take care of out children and I’ve failed, I’ve let history repeat itself even though I have the resources I’ll never forgive myself if anything happens to our baby ”

He said to himself coz he took all the blame.

He watched as the doctors busily went in and out of his daughter’s room and he felt bad every moment, Florence was hurting as well but couldn’t display it coz she had to stay strong for her husband then they saw Austin’s parents who were also in the sane hospital for their son and Florence hurried to Austin’s mother then they shared a long hug and her tears failed her, they sat down and she asked about Austin’s state and was told that they were only told that he was been taken care of. They all sat in a comfortable silence since they were all lost in thoughts until Florence spoke

Florence: you have to go to work

Mr M: I’m not going and no one will question me

Florence: then let’s go home so that you can at least take a shower and we’ll ret……..


He lashed out at her capturing everyone’s attention

Florence: I’m sorry I’ll be back then, let me check on Monica

He didn’t answer so he left with Austin’s mother since his dad didn’t want to leave the hospital too….. She got home before Monica and Kelvin had left for school and they both asked about how Lucy was doing coz they were both worried when she collapsed in their presence so Florence lied saying that she was recovering slowly. She helped her children get prepared as Austin’s mother took her bath then when they left she went to Lucy’s bedroom, she couldn’t hold it any longer so she sank to the floor and broke down holding the sheets tightly and tightly holding Lucy’s picture close to her heart in her other hand. She remembered the times she’d watch Lucy without her being aware, she remembered a time when she went in her bedroom and found her talking to herself saying she’d kill just to be a doctor and put an end to some deadly diseases and she’d go far and other times she just admired her innocence which made her love her more, she knew that Lucy would understand her stay when she was older coz she was still a child

“Father God, please save my daughter she’s just a child to go through all this. She’s not a bad person and has a fragile heart that will save a lot of people so please direct her back to life, if there us anything I can do to save her please show me the way coz I won’t be able to live knowing that I could have saved her life”

Florence said with a pained heart until she was disturbed by a knock on the door and it was Mapalo who went to inform her that she was done cooking.

Florence: Show me the way oh God

She stood up and also took a shower then had breakfast with Austin’s mother while consoling her and packed food to take for those who stayed back, they took a taxi and went back to the hospital where she found her husband worse than she’d left him

Mr M: I thought I could help my daughter but we’re not of the same blood group

Florence felt strange all of a sudden, something told her that everything was under control, she felt at peace but tried to fight off the feeling coz she had to be there for her husband and not be reluctant. The doctor immediately left the room and went to his office not knowing that he was being followed until Mr Mulenga spoke startling him

Mr M: how’s she?

Doctor: she’s supported by machines and her condition has worsened from the time you brought her in

Mr M: will she be fine?

The doctor looked down while exhaling loudly

Doctor: I’ll be honest with you Mr Mulenga, your daughter has experienced a heart failure and needs a new heart as in yesterday, we just received a few of them but none of them match her blood group

Florence who was in tears spoke

Florence: I’m blood group A and I’ll donate mine………





*** Florence suddenly felt at ease and they both looked at each other, Mr Mulenga thought it was one of those imaginations he was having

Mr M: pardon?

Florence: yes, she’s my daughter and I won’t be able to live with the fact that she’s no more, she’s just a little girl who has big dreams that need to be achieved, my love for her has caused me to make this decision. Think of Monica, who needs her sister now more than ever, I’m just doing what any mother would do for their child

Doctor: are you sure?

He interrupted Mr Mulenga who was about to say something

Florence: yes I’m sure but I’ll first speak to my family

Doctor: you’ll have to be fast about it coz time is not on her side, can we first run tests to see what else matches?

She nodded

Mr M: Florence no, you don’t h…..

Florence: it’s for the best sweetheart, trust me

Doctor: can we?

She nodded and took her out where they ran some tests on her and went to join her husband in the waiting room as he tried to talk her out of it but she convinced him otherwise, the doctor then approached them with the results and they stood up meeting him halfway

Doctor: you’re the perfect match

Florence nodded with a huge smile on her face which she couldn’t hide then the doctor walked away and she turned to look at her husband who was shocked by everything that was happening

Mr M: This is just too much, you don’t have to do this

Florence: it’s what has to be done but know that even in death I’ll still love you

Mr Mulenga was at the verge of shedding tears but he had to stay strong so he just hugged Florence for a long period of time until she decided that she had to go to her parent’s house were she asked them to gather, he drove her there and he went to his house to shower coz his in-laws would meet him there afterwards. Florence went got in the live room and the looks she received just freaked her out coz she knew that the news she was about to deliver would shock them all, she greeted everyone and took a seat next to her mother then she took a deep breath as everyone was anxious to know why she had summoned them

Florence: I’m really glad that you’re all here and thank you for sparing some time from your busy schedules just to be here. I want to tell you all that I’m leaving and will no longer be with you

F.Mom: leaving? As in leaving the country?

She slowly shook her head as tears fell from her face

Florence: I’m donating my heart to my daughter

F.Uncle: what’s this nonsense? So you called us to come and okay games, right?

Florence: I’m not playing games

F.Mom: so you want yo give your heart away?

Florence: yes mom

F.Mom: to who?

Florence: My daughter

F.Mom: which daughter coz as far as I know you’ve got no daughter, Kelvin is your only child

Florence: Monica and Lucy are my own just like Kelvin

F.Mom: you still haven’t told me who you’re giving your heart away to

Florence: Lucy


F.Uncle: we mwipwa bushe fyonse filifye bwino? (My niece, is everything okay?)

Florence: yes uncle

F.Mom: if it was someone else I would have accepted but that girl has been nothing but disrespectful to our family, you’re not doing that awe

Florence tried convincing her mother with the help of her uncle who understood why she took that decision and her mother finally accepted, she then asked for some time alone before they could leave and she went to her old bedroom which was really messed up and closed the door behind her and she cried as she took out a piece of paper and pen then she wrote whatever she felt and left when she was done.

They went to her house to notify Mr Mulenga of their decision and they went to the hospital……they got there and were met by the doctor who was ready to get started with Florence then she turned to look at her husband

Florence: I loved you from the first day I set my eyes on you and death won’t stop me from doing so, please give this to our daughter when she wakes up

She handed the piece of paper to him

Florence: please take care of Kelvin like the son he is to you and never stop loving him and play this recording to him and Monica, I couldn’t get the chance to tell them my final goodbye and don’t worry our daughter will make it coz she’s a fighter

She smiled between her tears

She then turned to her mother

Florence: Mom, take care of my siblings I know some won’t understand why I’ve done this but they will as time goes on, I want you to bury me when Lucy us awake so she can have the chance to talk to me and don’t take it on her just forget all that’s happening and live on, love her like your granddaughter and put the past behind. I love you mom

They hugged tightly and did the same to her husband then she took one last look at her husband and mother as she was led by the doctor………



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