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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Mother’s love Episode 25 & 26

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I wore a white work out outfit and black Nike hoodie then tied my hair in a ponytail, I took my phone and headphones then went out and found Austin in the kitchen grey sweatpants and a black T-shirt and I couldn’t help but admire him until dad who hadn’t gone to work walked in

Dad: you two look good

Me: thanks for the compliment daddy dearest and you’re all dressed up, going somewhere?

Dad: remember what we talked about?

Me: ohh no, not that

Dad was going to get Florence back since she had been away for 3 months, he said it showed no respect to her and her family for them to live separately besides she said she was only giving me time to heal and I guess it was working because I had started being optimistic about the surgery. Kindly Hi NovelsRepublic on +2348055889183 on WhatsApp to get added to our novels group and get PDF links . I wasn’t in so much objection regarding his idea of bringing her back to the house not because I’d undergone counselling and dad always talked to me about my actions but because I knew I was taking a risk at life and had to make sure she was completely gone, I strongly believed in the saying “keep

your friends close but keep your enemies closer ” so she had to be closer

Dad: how did your last session go?

He interrupted me from my thoughts

Me: great

He was driving me to the cardiac rehabilitation centre since I was told to join a cardiac rehabilitation, a program of exercise and education which was designed to improve health before and after the heart transplant. Austin supported me by always going with me and he’d drag me if I didn’t want to go, he dropped us and went to fetch his wife. He had offered to come and fetch us but I declined his offer saying we’d walk home when we were done and he drove off. Austin and I had made friends there who we mingled with until the session began and they were great company maybe because we all would undergo the same thing, the session was and we walked home afterwards talking about silly stuff with Austin until we arrived. I opened the door and was welcomed by a loud laughter from Florence who was in the kitchen speaking on the phone and we looked at her

Me: she has lost weight because she wasn’t feeding properly

I whispered to Austin

Austin: Lucy

He smacked my mouth and tried holding his laughter but failed dismally as he was in stitches and he ran away, she turned and saw me then a smile immediately crept on her face

Me: hey Florence, so good to see you

I smiled and I could see that I got her confused


hey Lucy, I missed you

She opened her arms as she approached me and I froze, she hugged me and there was something strange about her, the hug was warm, I wanted to stay in that state forever because what I felt was something I only felt when I was in mom’s arms. We stayed like that for a long time and she brushed my back, we were both in tears by the time I pulled out and I quickly ran to my bedroom where I locked the door and sank on the floor

“Is that mom?”

I asked myself

“No, no, no Lucy you can’t love that woman, you shouldn’t love that woman, you mustn’t, she’s not real, get back to your right senses”

Something inside of me told me and I shook my head countless times and I started having a headache……..




I had finally decided what I was going to do, I was not going to let some fake hug deceive me so I continued with the torture which even got worse coz I was trying to fight what I felt that day. Dad once invited his colleague and his family and I took her illiteracy to my advantage by embarrassing her in front of them, we never spoke to each other for weeks ever since then until she decided to be the bigger person and greeted me one morning which I never expected and I felt ashamed for some reason. Austin had gone back to his house a few weeks after Florence returned and told me to avoid quarrels with her and treat her like any other elderly person since I couldn’t accept her as my mother.

I was preparing myself to go to the rehabilitation centre when someone knocked on the door and them in only to find that it was Florence, I tried to walk out but she blocked my way

Florence: Lucy stop, I felt the need to tell you this but I think I’ll have to tell you today

Me: I’m running late and can’t stay long

I was indeed running late

Florence: I won’t take much of your time, please Lucy you have to listen to me

Me: you can talk to me when I’m back coz I really don’t have time for you

I attempted to walk out but she got on her knees and held both my legs tightly so I couldn’t move

Florence: Lucy please

I decided to spare her some of time and hear what made her act that way while I sized her

Me: landa (talk)

Florence: you and I have never had peace ever since we met and I ask for your forgiveness in whatever way I’ve offended you but I want you to know that I mean no harm to any of you.

Me: is that all you wanted to say?

Florence: I had a heavy heart always wanting to tell you this but now I leave it up to you

“Boring speech” I said to myself as I rolled my eyes and Austin immediately called cutting Florence from whatever it was that she wanted to say, I picked up his call and he told me that he had started off so I walked out leaving Florence still on her knees and off I went. The session was greater than usual and as we were about to end it I suddenly developed a dull feeling, one which I only experienced when mom passed away and I tried to fight it but it got the best out of me and decided I’d visit mom. I walked with Austin to the mall to do my shopping and didn’t notice that I hadn’t gotten anything but was just walking around the store until Austin touched my shoulder

Austin: Lucy, you’re okay?

Me: no I’m not

I felt the need to cry but for a reason I didn’t know

Austin: what’s the problem?

Me: I…. I….I really…. don’t know

I threw myself in his arms and cried there, my sobs were so loud that they got the attention of people. I was so hysterical that one would blame it on hormones if I were pregnant, Austin led me out of the shop to a park that was nearby and he let me cry while brushing my back until I was calm and he took me to the tap where u washed my face and sat on a bench

Austin: what’s the matter Lucy?

He asked starring right into my eyes

“Why was I crying?” I asked myself too but couldn’t find the answer so I just shrugged my shoulders and he looked at me in disbelief, I had to quickly come up with a lie or I’d seem like I wasn’t right upstairs

Me: ummm…..I’m hungry

Austin: alright

We went to a certain restaurant and placed our order while we waited for it in a comfortable silence….. I couldn’t get anything down my throat so I just played with the food, Austin looked at me and I knew that look but I couldn’t help it coz I still had that dull feeling

Me: I need to visit mom

Austin: alright, finish up so we can leave

Me: I’ve lost my appetite

I got up and left while he settled the bill and came running after me, we walked without saying anything to each other until we got to some shop which had Nike sneakers

Austin: these sneakers are the best, I think I’ve got a little something back home and will return for them

Me: no, no, no, no please don’t

Austin: why?

I didn’t know why I didn’t want him to return for them but found myself speaking against his decision

Me: I don’t want you going out without me

He chuckled which got me annoyed


I lashed out at him

Austin: I get you, you don’t have to yell

Me: promise me

Austin: I promise

We got a taxi going to the cemetery and he remained in it when we got there……I told mom everything I felt and just sat there starring at her grave until I felt someone’s presence, my heart started beating fast, I looked around and saw no one then I tried to compose myself, I felt shivers down my spine and my back hair felt funny, the rhythmic heart beats weren’t an exception so I got up and left. I asked the driver to drop Austin first so I ensured that he never went to the mall and he also drove me home where I found the whole family in the lounge, I passed them all and went to my bedroom where I took a long shower trying to relax but it didn’t work, I wore comfortable clothes and took my phone and headphones listening to loud music as I went to join everyone coz I wasn’t interested in listening to them play happy family. I got to the door when my phone rang and it was Austin’s mother so I smiled widely while picking up m…my…baby

She was crying

Me: aunt!! Austin has been hit by a car and is in hospi……..

I didn’t hear her finish her sentence coz darkness took over me……..



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